World Record Chapter 57

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57. Blood awakening



A barrage unleashed together with Karen’s yell, and the Monster class Unknowns died.
The people behind cheer in the hall, but upon seeing that, Ayame approaches the hall, and raises her voice to the people.

[I’m Special Forces B rank member, Sumikawa Ayame! Because it’s dangerous, I will now block this door! This hall has toilets and emergency rations! I don’t think it will take a long time, but please don’t go out of this hall until the annihilation of the enemy forces is confirmed!]


The people who evacuated, nodded reluctantly upon hearing those words.
They saw Unknowns when they were escaping to here, and among them, there are some people who managed to defeat Monster class Unknowns.
Therefore, the fear engraved in them, restraint them from saying no.
Ayame nods when she saw that, and activates her superpower to close the door. On top of that, the door is locked from the inside.
With this, the people inside will not come out carelessly to see the situation, and because of that, it won’t be a handicap.
Above all–

[Karen! You can do it anytime you want!]


With this, there’s no witnesses.



In the next moment, along with the outrageous chant, light wraps Karen’s body, and Mahou Shoujo Karen shows up.

[Entering magnificently and lovely! Mahou Shoujo Karen! I’ll punish you in the place of Master!]


Such sound effect can be heard from her pose and words, and Ayame sighed in a somewhat tired way.

[A girl two years older than me cosplaying!……What made you so insane?]
[I’m not insane……okay!?]


At the same time as Karen’s shout resounded, she beat the nearby Monster class Unknowns to death with her blood dyed tonfas.
–Mahou Shoujo impression, zero.
A Mahou Shoujo that does not use magic at all, or rather, a Mahou Shoujo that suits the blood dyed tonfas, is quite rare.
Ayame thought of such thing while–looking at the huge shadow coming towards them.

[Well, I should prioritize here first]


In the next moment, the cottage nearby was smashed into pieces, and a huge monkey appeared.

『Fugigigigi! When I thought that there’s no one, you guys gathered in this kind of place, huh? Geez, you’re causing troubles to this Machinegun Monkey!』


Upon hearing the voice, Ayame muttered in a troubled way.

[A Sacred Beast class, after all……]


Race: Machinegun Monkey
Battle Rank: 51
Superpower: Storm Bullet[A]
Taijutsu: A


The huge monkey is carrying several barrels on its back, and on its waist, there are two pistols.
It’s clearly an all-rounder type that can deal with both long range and close range. An opponent that’s too hard for the current Karen and Ayame if fighting one-on-one.

[I wonder why this one looks cuter when compared to the polar bear……]
[Somehow, I can understand that]


That’s right, the 『Ultimate Polar Bear』 was stronger.
Due to its lack of battle experience, Karen who’s weaker, managed to fought against it, but still, its physical strength is a one hit kill. Even though the polar bear’s taijutsu is on par with Mahou Shoujo Karen’s taijutsu, the difference in physical strength was too obvious.

[Somehow……I feel like we can win against this guy]


The next moment, the tonfas in her hands disintegrated into light, and changed into a huge hammer.
Upon seeing that, even the Machinegun Monkey opened its eyes wide, but it sneered when looking Ayame standing still at the back.

『Fugigigigi! The frilly one is quite strong! But that chopping board looks extremely weak! You are too reckless to challenge someone stronger while carrying that burden!』


At the next moment, a sound of something broken, resounded.
Before Ayame realize it, red aura has already came out from her body, and upon seeing that, Karen opened her mouth while feeling the chill down her spine.

[Ah, err, um, Ayame-chan! You don’t need to mind what that guy says! Ayame-chan is more prettier than me, and you’re also quite cute……]
『Hey hey, you chopping board! If you’re frustrated, then why don’t you come attack me!?』


Saying that, he operates the scouter equipped on his eye.
And, the two girls’ Battle Rank appear.

『I see, I see. The frilly one is 42, while the chopping board is 35! Compared to me, the difference is 15! No way I would lose!』


And he turned his back to the two, and slapped his red buttocks.
An obvious provocation. It’s obvious to anyone.
Upon seeing that, Ayame starts walking while swaying, and at the same time, she takes out a small bottle from her jacket’s inner pocket.
Inside the bottle is–deep red blood.

[Karen……can you leave this to me?]
[He? But he’s a Sacred Be……]


As Karen was trying to say that, her words paused when she saw Ayame’s eyes.
Her red eyes are blazing and shining, and those eyes are telling this.
–If you make a move, I’ll kill you.
Karen bows to her, and Ayame turns her eyes towards the Machinegun Monkey.


[Fine. I will extinguish you without leaving a trash behind]


She said so with a ghastly smile.




Sumikawa Ayame is a vampire demi-human.
Although Iwato said that Ayame’s a 『Dhampir』 from her appearance, there’s no much difference between a vampire and a dhampir.
As for the features, there are two.
First, the capability of transforming.
Regarding this, what Ayame can do now are only concealing her wings and sharp fangs. Only changing the vampire body to look like a human body. But still, it’s quite a progress when compared to her early childhood.
And, the second–

[By taking in the blood of someone stronger, my strength increases]


Ayame mutters, and looks at the small bottle.
And recalls–the words Tsumugu told her a few days ago.

『Recently…silent warp hole is appearing. Ayame might encounter it…so at that time…a strong one may appear. That’s why…take this…just in case…it happens』


Saying that, she handed the small bottle to Ayame.

『Well…if it’s Nii-san’s one…you’ll for sure be…as strong as an Absolute. That’s why…use my blood』


In this bottle is–blood of 『Vorme Kaiser』, the World Recorder.
(TL note: Author is using Vorme instead of Verme)
Such thing can’t be obtained easily, but even if she requested it, she probably won’t give it easily.
Then, why Ayame received it from Tsumugu herself–the answer is simple and clear.

[I’m also, quite interested]


She uncorked the bottle, and gulped down the blood.
Upon seeing that, the Machinegun Monkey intuited.

『S-Shit! Die! You chopping board!』


The next moment, he thrusts both of his fists into the ground, and aimed the barrel on his back at Ayame.
Immediately after that–machine sound resounded.
The sound gets louder gradually, and light starts to gather in each barrels.

『Die! Storm Bullet!!』


At the next moment, beams fired towards Ayame from each barrels.
Karen opened her eyes wide upon seeing the power, and as she tries to save Ayame–


[As expected of a World Recorder. My future sister-in-law]


At the next moment, all of the beams were enveloped by red light, and froze on the spot.



Two people were surprised by that, and looked at Ayame.
Standing there is Ayame with a more denser red aura, and she pushed out her right hand, and made a fist.



Immediately after that, the beams change the shape as if they have their own will, and start to assemble in one place.
After a few seconds, the beams became one huge light ball, and upon seeing the ball floating above Ayame’s hand, the Machinegun Monkey felt a chill.
After all, the 『Storm Bullet』 has the power to even demolish a large truck in an instant.
To integrate–all of Machinegun Monkey’s full artillery shot. Just by thinking about it, chill runs down the spine.
And furthermore, it’s–aiming at himself.

『P-Please wait! I didn’t do this just because I wanted to! Yes, that’s right! I was threaten by that researcher–』


The Machinegun Monkey shouted so.
If she stops her attack to hear my circumstances, it’s my win. At any rate, if there’s a chance, I’ll approach her and smash her cranium.
The words that have such thought.

[Hee, I see]


He didn’t know–that the opponent has the ability to see through lies.
Ayame said that while smiling sweetly, and–


[You were trying to kill us. So of course, you are prepared of getting killed, right?]


waved her hand down mercilessly.

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