World Record Chapter 32

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32. Unpleasant premonition

Genius scientist, Albert shook his shoulder when he watched the video on the screen.
The feeling shown on his face is–surely irritation.

[Impossible!? 『Rocking Star』 and even my machine army that have been placed to guard this laboratory, were defeated!?]


What shown on the screen was the strong Unknown’s corpse and the destroyed machine army. And, a huge hole connected to the laboratory.
That was the hole opened by the subject of research. And, Albert who thought that it can even withstand a direct hit from a ballistic missile, became flustered.

『T-This is bad, Boss!』

[Shut up! I know it already!]


He shouted so to the assistant Unknown, 『Kenjin』, and he slammed both his fists onto the table.
At the same time as that, the stack of documents on the table falls.

[Damn! If I know this will happen, I should have saved that guy for it!]


That’s right. That guy.
One of this laboratory’s masterpiece that was sent to a certain place about 2 hours ago.
Since he sent that guy, complete destruction is a matter of course, but in other words, it means that this laboratory is short in defence right now.
He clenches his teeth, and stops being irritated.

[At any rate, he’s just a human! On top of that, his movement speed is not so fast! Set traps in the laboratory at once, and use whatever you can to catch him before he can reach here!]


That’s surely the right choice.
However, his brain is telling him to 『run away』.




[You sure have absurd physical strength as usual]


Nakajima who muttered so, looked up at the huge hole.
It was created with one punch together with a non-serious voice 『heave-ho』 just now. And, the person who did it was of course, Iwato.
Although Nakajima-sensei herself is also specialized in physical strength, still, she falls far short of Iwato’s strength.
This huge hole shows it. If Iwato were to unleash a serious attack, I wonder what would happen……

[The stars will be smashed unexpectedly]
[……Nn? What are you saying?]


When she turned towards the voice, there’s a destroyed army of mechanized soldier.
She thinks. “Huh? The battle ended before I sensed anything. What’s going on?”.
In addition, “Come to think of it, I have never saw Iwato fight before”. Nakajima-sensei thought so, but

[……Aren’t these mechanized soldiers at least a Monster class?]


That’s right. The soldiers defeated by Iwato just now, were all Monster classes. Among them, there’s clearly a Mythical Beast class. Regarding its Battle Rank, it’s probably around 40.
Although Iwato defeated them easily as usual, if by any chance, this Mythical Beast class soldier is just an underling, then……
Nakajima-sensei thought so, and she felt the chill on her spine.

(If by any chance that it’s true, then this laboratory is more dangerous than what the Special Forces think…… Well, probability wise, it’s unlikely to be true)


That’s right. Even if it’s 10000 to 1, such thing is impossible.
If such thing is possible, that means this laboratory has Divine Beast class. Then, even Iwato would need to be serious at that point……
Upon thinking that far, she still think that “Can a Divine Beast class be a worthy opponent for Iwato?”.
There are several reasons for it, but

[Now’s not the time to think. Looks like we have company]


Nakajima-sensei grips her bamboo sword.
The sound of breathing can be heard ahead of the passage, and Iwato also turned towards the sound upon realizing it.
5…10…About 20?
Relying on the lights set up throughout the passage, and they can see lower Monster class among it. With this, the worst thought was crushed for now.
With the uneasiness gone, there’s only one thing to do now.

[I’ll take on 7. I leave the rest to you]
[……Why am I doing the most?]


While exchanging words, they started to run to the pack.




[What are those two monsters!?]


Such shout full of grief resounded.
Of course, the owner of the voice is Albert.
What he saw on the screen was this laboratory’s guards were literally instant killed. The time for those two to annihilate the guards is approximately less than 4 seconds.

(Ku, as expected, brute force approach is difficult……!)


When Albert was clenching his teeth while thinking so, he showed a stiff smile as he ignores the warning from his brain.

[How about this!?]


At the same time as those words, changes happen on the screen.
The Unknowns that were barely alive, start to put their hands on their throat, and at the same time as that, one of the two–the red haired woman wrinkles up her eyebrows.
Albert who saw that, snickered as the two who were steadily advancing, begin to slow down.

[Fu,fuhaha! How’s it!? As expected, even you can’t withstand vacuum state……]





It happened in just a blink of an eye.
The loud sound of destruction resounds, and when he opened his eyes, there’s a hole opened up at the ceiling already. The vacuum state created after he secretly closed the shutter, has already vanish.
And, upon seeing that, Albert slams his fists onto the table.

[What are they!? It’s ridiculous to be able to move in vacuum state! Are they even humans!?]


Just as he said.
In fact, Nakajima-sensei was quite flustered by the vacuum state, but Iwato said 『Huh? Somehow, it’s suffocating』 and punched the ceiling. As a result, it became like this.
Albert desperately encouraged his heart that was going to break, and he begins to type at the nearby computer to set traps that are more lethal than the one before.

[Fu, fufufu, if vacuum state doesn’t work, then I can just mix in poison gas! If it still doesn’t work, then I can just create a lethal poison swamp at the bottom of the pitfall! If it still doesn’t work, I can just use physical attacks that can’t be dodged!]


He said so as he smiles forcefully.
That’s right. If he can withstand the vacuum state, that’s a good miscalculation for a researcher. That means that he just have that much power sleeping inside his body.
He persuade himself so as he pressed the Enter button, and turned his eyes to the screen.
Shown on the screen was the boy and the red haired woman who have advanced a lot.

[Kuku, the second trap! The super-lethal poison gas that can even kill a Mythical Beast class in 3 seconds!]


In an instant, poison gas spout out aiming at him.
This gas has a special trait that it will become harmless in less than 5 seconds if it touches the air, but that’s why, he can use it without any considerations like this.
–Did it got him?
He muttered so in his heart while looking at the screen.

『Nn? What’s this gas? This looks bad for body……HA! Is this what the so-called passive smoking!?』

[Are you really a human!?]


Albert shouted so upon seeing the boy breathing the gas like it’s just smoke.
“Are you really a human?”. What a perfectly fitting phrase.
While Albert clenching his teeth with frustration, the boy has fall for the next trap.



At the same time as the word, the floor he stepped collapsed, and he falls towards the poison swamp down below.

『Uoo, this looks like a swamp that can melt clothes』


He thrusts his arm to the diamond hard inner wall and avoided it. And, Albert who saw that, he abandoned various things.

[Yosh, you guys. From now, gather all the soldiers into the final room. Because the next one would probably be destroyed, act as fast as possible]


He said so, and looked at the screen.
What shown on the screen was the subject of research crawling out of the pitfall and the red haired woman who reach out her hand to him.
Upon seeing that, he prepared himself, and exhales.

[It’s inevitable. An all-out war]


He muttered so, and turned back.




Iwato who have crawled out of the poison swamp, stopped the falling ceiling with one hand, and knocked down every poison arrows shot from every direction with his hands. He also broke through other traps with physical.
That’s no longer an act of a human, and Nakajima-sensei who have been watching that from the back, showed a dry smile.

However, such relaxing atmosphere changed immediately.

[O-Oi, Iwato!]
[Yes? What is it……]


Without being able to say his words to the end, his body was hit by the passage’s wall, and the sound of a severe destruction resounded.
Although Nakajima-sensei was surprised that Iwato received an attack properly, there’s a figure standing with a stance of swinging the hand down on where he stood.
She felt the chill from the figure.

『Fumu……? The subject of research that Boss said was the man who I killed just now? If he is, then he’s too weak. He’s not worthy to be researched』


What stood there was a huge elephant.
But, it’s standing with two legs, and also wearing armor. And above all–the overwhelming strength that can be felt just by standing.
–Can’t win.
Nakajima-sensei had such intuition.
My Battle Rank now is just around 50. Comparing with this Unknown, it’s for sure a Sacred Beast class. On top of that, it’s probably between the medium and high rank. Stronger than the chain dragon from before–it seems to be on the same rank as Demon King Crabster.

(What should I do…Should I run away?)


She doesn’t worry about Iwato.
He won’t die with a surprise attack of that extent.
Therefore, she thought of running away,

[If you’re only this strong, I should have follow that guy to massacre the school’s students……]


Those words are more than enough to induce an unpleasant premonition.

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