World Record Chapter 122

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122. Origin of Digital

Humans are foolish creatures.
I thought so since the moment I am aware of the things around myself.
Humans are creatures that adapt.
Humans are stupid creatures.
Humans are the mass of ego.
Therefore, the word 【gruesome】 exists.
When animals were attacked by humans.
When humans die in accidents.
Instead of those times, that word is only used when humans were soaked in a massive amount of blood due to an artificial massacre.

Humans are foolish.

I think of why am I so smart.
I don’t think of why am I wrong.
Intellectual creatures. If that is humans, then probably, not even 80% of humans are within the current definition of 『humans』.
In short, trashes.
Since I was a child, I thought so deep in my heart when I saw my parents.

My father is a foreigner.
My mother was a Japanese.
My father grew up as a noble who thinks people other than nobles are nothing but miscellaneous. A great trash.
My mother went abroad casually, caught that trash’s attention, abducted and confined her, and finally, was threaten to be one of his wife. She became the trash’s concubine helplessly.
My mother told me when I was young.

『……Akane. Don’t be like your father……don’t be like myself. I want you to grab your own happiness』

That was my mother’s favorite phrase.
Don’t be like my father and mother.
That was my mother’s……no, that 『trash’s』 favorite phrase.
My mother probably didn’t think of anything at all at the beginning.
No, the expression of didn’t think of anything at all is not appropriate.
In a noble family, a plebeian means a slave. In fact, those who became slaves by slave trade, had to serve the nobles frequently.
Therefore, my mother fell ill in her mind.
An impossible situation. The worst hell without any ally.
In that hell, she fell ill, and ill, and ill.

–And she got used to it.

Since the moment when I am aware of the things around me, my mother was already broken.
Venting anger on the slave repeatedly, her life didn’t just scatter once or twice. In order to release stress, my father and relatives hit the slave with a whip in front of me every time.
She told me to not be like my father.
Don’t walk a sorrowful life–like herself.
However, it sounded in a different way for me.

–Don’t be like myself.

Those words’ meaning was just as it is.
Don’t be a fanatical trash like my father.
Don’t be a brokenly ill trash like my mother.
I could only think that way.

Therefore, I thought since then.

–Why these guys didn’t doubt themselves?

Why didn’t they doubt their righteousness?
Why they think they are right?
Righteousness will change with just change of point of view. Even the noble’s point of view in righteousness, looks to be wrong for the plebeians. And it is the same thing for plebeians’ point of view in righteousness.
The boundary line of both justice and evil is very vague.
Therefore, I asked them.

『Otou-sama, Okaa-sama, how can you take actions under the impression that you are the righteous one?』

–Then, I was confined the next day.
Severely beaten and kicked by my father and mother.
It was a pure question.
How can they have such a blind belief?
It was a mystery. Therefore, I asked.
……But they didn’t give me an answer.
Therefore, I was convinced.

『……Humans are foolish creatures』

That was my conclusion.
Humans are a mass of ego.
Creatures that think that they themselves, are the righteous one.
Foolish creatures who will never doubt their own righteousness at all.
On top of that, they are convinced that they are intellectual, so they will go insane when others deny their justice. They will try to affirm that doubtful justice with all their abilities by themselves.

Well, I probably felt hopeless.
At that time, I felt hopeless to the life while I was young.
I felt hopeless to the world.
That was the day before I become 6 years old.

And the next day, my superpower manifested.

–And I killed my parents.




There is no other way to express it other than bizarre.
Larger than a baseball ground, a very large room.
There are many electrical appliances on the ground. Judging from the latest leaflets of an electric goods shop, this room was used before the Unknowns overflowed. At a glance, there are even old models in the room.
Even so, I can’t let my guard down.

「……I see, no wonder she failed to catch her」

The greatest criminal who is still yet to be caught which Esashi Sana, the King of Heroes failed to catch her many times.
……If I’m not mistaken, the man who was defeated just now, had some strength in him. I’m pretty sure that his physical ability is way higher than mine. Most likely a monster to the extent that only Sana-san and I can put up a good fight.
–But this guy is a 『level』 different.

「……Now, you’re the mastermind, right?」

I ask an undeniable thing.
If there’s a monster more powerful than this woman in this building……then, I’m probably the only one who can beat it.

「Nice to meet you, Black Coffin. I am the person who calls myself as 『Digital Ruler』. Well, it looks like you didn’t know about my name until recently」

The woman–Digital Ruler smiles.
Although the green hair means a 『weak superpower』 in this era, I know it very well because I dyed my hair. That’s a fake.
If a person walks around with a white hair, the person would be oddly conspicuous.
Even if it’s the world’s wanted criminal or the famous hero, I’m sure no one wants that.
That’s the reason of dying the hair.
I did it……and probably this woman too.

「……I have one question. Where is Shuten’s daughter?」

I ask her after taking a breath.
The one and only reason why I raid this organization.
I don’t wish for a dull war of words or a meaningless probing.
I just want them to return her. Otherwise–

「Ah, the girl. Now, I wonder where–」

Saying that far, a scar appeared on her cheek.
Her laughing eyes glares at the muzzle.

「I won’t ask twice. If you don’t want to die, then answer quickly」

Sorry, but right now, I’m not in a good mood.
The anger towards the foolish people who stole my precious one.
And the fury towards my pathetic self.
Anger and regret is overflowing inside me.
Say, Digital Ruler.
I don’t care what you have to be standing there.
But if you stop me now–

「–The next one will kill you」

Say, I hope that you’re prepared to die.
Hearing my implicit words, she smiles greatly.

「Yes, looks like you are worth the expectation. You are the greatest. Even though you tasted all the despair of killing, you are trying to expose yourself to that despair again just to protect your precious one. That simple honesty without thinking of the consequences–makes me want to wreck you so much」

The next moment, the building shook greatly.

「Being young sure is great. Murdering the innocent Shutendouji, resented by the daughter, exposed to despair, lamenting and sobbing that all was your fault as if saying that it is the world’s fault……」

She extends her arms left and right.
The next moment, a large tower manifested from her feet.
It’s a crooked tower that countless machines joined together.
A dangerous red light coming out from deep inside the black lustre metal. Her eyes are looking down on me.

「My objective is straightforward and clear. That is to present a question to the world. I want everyone to think once more whether they are right or not by giving them a present of cruel and relentless reality」

She said that.

「Do you know the word 【gruesome】? In my opinion, I think the word is the word that is created because of the humans’ ego and intelligence. The result of blindly believing on their own justice, is the number of death of the enemy nation. Because they didn’t doubt their own justice, the tragic accident happened. Abandoning thoughts–that’s right, just like the foolish despair of yours」

I point the muzzle at her.
Abandoning thoughts. What a painfully-true thing to say.
Sorry, but looks like we will never understand each other.

「I agree. But I haven’t abandon my thoughts yet. I think properly, consider, and stand her on my own will. No matter what gruesome thing I must face, I have someone I want to protect. That’s why, your words have no effect」

I’m already finished as a human.
I don’t plan to live as a human anymore.
I will only live for her sake.
Not for someone or myself.
I decided to live only for her sake.
Then, even if I have to taste despair in order to protect her, I will advance without hesitation.
Even if my heart screams.
Even if the world hates me.

I will just risk my life for my sister.

「I will do anything for my sister to smile. If she can be happy, I will laugh away all the unhappiness. Say, Digital Ruler. That’s what a brother is」

I smiled and she shows a smile again.

「–I see, how foolish」

Thus, killing intent surges.
There’s no point of talking anymore.
Masses of steels attack me from all directions.

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