Wife is Outrageous Chapter 183

It felt like a long time had passed, but it also seemed no longer than a flash.

Finally, Qi Luoer felt both feet touch the floor.

A breeze blew by, bringing with it a faint, salty flavor.

The sounds of waves crashing against the coasts rang in her ear……

She stared blankly, her eyes opened wide.

Just where did we suddenly teleport to?!

In front of her were huge seas.

The seas gently kissed the banks, producing a ‘hua’, ‘hua’ sound.

And on the water’s surface were layers upon layers of dense, white fog. It slowly cleared under the dawn wind, leaving behind some light fog, and some thick.

A tower was faintly discernible within the fog, mysterious and beautiful.

A mirage?! It must be a mirage!

Qi Luoer’s eyes were wide. Although she didn’t know how she came here, the fascinating sights now almost made her intoxicated.

Yue Wushang watched her silently from the side. The twinkling rays of excitement in her widened eyes, her small face illuminated by the rising sunrise, the radiance dazzled his eyes.

His heart suddenly shook as a soft feeling seemed to melt in his heart.

“Little Luoer, how is it? Isn’t my Water Dragon Palace [footnote] I mean technically its sea-serpent but water dragon sounds cooler amirite [/footnote] beautiful? It’s pretty good compared to Yun Hua’s Floating Cloud Palace, right?”

Qi Luoer was startled. She thought that the demon’s palace would be strange stones and mountains, the whole area covered by dark clouds and cold winds.

She didn’t think it’d actually be so amazing and magnificent!

Although she was inwardly exclaiming in admiration, she didn’t want to make Yue Wushang happy and just said indifferently: “So this is actually your nest. I heard that it was very difficult to find the demonic cultivator’s nests. Taking me here and showing me all the steps to it, aren’t you afraid I’ll leak it?”  

Yue Wushang nodded in deadly earnest, stroking his chin: “En, what you said can’t be ignored—— it seems I need a way to keep your mouth shut.”

Qi Luoer’s heart shook as she stared at him: “A dead person’s mouth isn’t trustworthy. Could it be that you now want to silence me?”

Yue Wushang shook his head: “Dead people’s mouths also aren’t trustworthy. If you die, you can still become a ghost and to my knowledge, Yun Hua apparently has a pretty good relationship with that old man Yama. If he asks to take a few souls, Yama that old man probably wouldn’t refuse……”

“Then how do you plan to deal with me? Scare me to death?”

QI Luoer’s small face was slightly pale.

“Oh, that’s actually a great idea! Only–”

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  1. LadyCrow83 says:

    Thank you. Thank you. x 1000000000

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    Scare her to death????? Nah! he wants to love her to death

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