Welcome Overseer, MBC’s first OEL Novel!

Hello all, my name is Solistia, author of the novel Overseer. Aly has been courting me for a number of months to bring my story of a proto-God watching over an evolving society of lizard-creatures to Moon Bunny Cafe, and here it finally is! Overseer ranked in the Top 5 on RoyalRoadL before moving here, and has been praised as emotional, and caused even some manly men to sweat through their eyes. Be prepared for the feels train.

Thank you Alyschu for the opportunity to bring Overseer to MBC. It updates weekly on Tuesday (PDT)…or at least before I go to bed that night. I look forward to meeting all my new MBC readers, let’s have a fun ride as Overseer races towards the finish line (in the next 20 or so chapters)!

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5 Responses to Welcome Overseer, MBC’s first OEL Novel!

  1. Datvibe says:

    Oh, I just say your announcement on RoyalRoadL, and I came to this website before I checked it out, only to see this is where you were moving.

  2. Xant says:

    No. Get out. Stop.


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