Ugh, Next Chapter’s Delay

I said I would post five chapters last time, but unfortunately I made a rather stupid mistake. Despite knowing better, I walked down a long flight of stairs while reading on my phone… at night too. And as you might have guessed with me mentioning all of these things, I fell down and suffered a rather painful injury to my ankle. The worst part is that I’m living alone so it took a considerable amount of time before I recovered enough to move. Right now, I’m not sure when my ankle can recover enough to the point where I can move comfortably, so it might take another several days or so before I release any chapters at all. 

6 thoughts on “Ugh, Next Chapter’s Delay”

  1. With such an accident,luckily only you’re ankle is hurt. Please rest well to recover.
    You might consider seeking treatment with a tradicional Chinese doctor if your area have access to one if it is a sprain or dislocation
    An x-ray is also important to make sure that there is no fracture. Good luck

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