Transmigrated into Another World with an Unparalleled System Chapter 1

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Chapter 1 – Transmigration
Translator: Oxy | Editor: TribeOfOne

Since the birth of the universe, the human race had been afflicted with the Five Heavenly Declines, forcing them to wander around in sickness and in death throughout their lives. The people of the Ancient Era were unwilling to be constrained by the confines of mortality. They travelled through the various mountains, rivers, oceans, and swamps, comprehending the nature of Heaven and Earth. Thus, the so-called Immortals began to emerge among mankind. In fact, an Immortal was just a mortal who had some success in cultivation.

Upon discovering the mysteries of the Dao, the entire world embarked upon the path of cultivation. However, when the Ancients attained enough power to be capable of destroying the world, wicked desires began to burst out from their hearts. As a result, the Ancients were divided into two opposing sides, the Divine and the Demonic. Finally, tens of thousands of years ago, both sides fought in the Great Ancient War. As a result of the war, both the Divine and Demonic cultivators were completely annihilated, leaving behind only remnants of their fragmented cultivation techniques in the world.

Over the years, there remnants were slowly discovered and pieced back together by fortunate individuals and clans. After dozens of generations of derivations and deductions, these cultivation techniques were eventually restored to their original states. In order to prevent the same fate that befell the world 10,000 years ago, new disciples of each sect were recruited only if they had an affinity in pursuing the Dao and, more importantly, had an indifferent and neutral view on life. However, no one is truly devoid of ideals and the desire to inflict their morality upon the world, especially when they have the power to. This has been an unbreakable law since time immemorial.

The Divine Dao consisted of four different factions: the Mystical Heaven Sect, the Heavenly Jade Sect, the Supreme Void Sect, and the Divine Alchemy Pagoda. The Demonic Dao, on the other hand, consisted of three different factions: the Firmament Devil Sect, the Soul Devourer Palace, and the Demonic Star Sect. The Divine Dao faction resided in the central plains of Dangxing, while the Demonic Dao faction resided in the barbaric wilderness of Nanjiang.

The city of Jingyu lay at the foot of a mountain that was said to house a Daoist sect. Within the city sat a child that looked to be about 6-7 years of age, wearing green clothes. He had a dazed expression on his face as he sat on the ground and watched the people bustling around the street. His name was Bai Cangqiong.

Bai Cangqiong continued staring at the busy street while wailing in grief in his mind, ‘God, aliens, that auntie I used to play with, anyone! I don’t want to stay in this damnable place anymore! Please send me back to Earth! Wu~~~’ (TL: Crying noise.)

As you might have guessed, Bai Cangqiong was not a person from this world. One sultry day during his summer vacation, Bai Cangqiong was at home playing a cultivation fantasy RPG on his computer.

While he was appreciating the scenery displayed on the computer screen, he said quietly to himself, “How great would it be if I was actually sent to a cultivation world?”

It was then that he found himself transported into another world, where he even became a 6-year-old orphan.

‘Ah forget it. No matter what world I live in, I’d just be wandering aimlessly anyway. Might as well make the best of the situation. Anyways, a world of cultivation is not really a bad place, it’s just a little dangerous.’

Bai Cangqiong brought out all his inner-’Ah Q’ in order to comfort himself. (TL: Ah Q means to comfort yourself, no matter how bad the situation is. Google Ah Q mentality if you want to know more.)

Bai Cangqiong stood up and walked into a dilapidated hut, which he had made his home. When Bai Cangqiong had first arrived in this world, he was astonished to discover that the language here was actually the Chinese language, which saved Bai Cangqiong the trouble of learning a new language.

Immediately after arriving, in order to understand the general situation of this world, Bai Cangqiong took full advantage of his age and borrowed a few books from a private school to read. He then understood that this world was indeed a world of cultivation. However, in order to be a cultivator, you needed to have the aptitude for it. Otherwise, you could only spend the rest of your life as an ordinary mortal.

Thinking up to this point, Bai Cangqiong began to shout at the heavens, “Hey God! Why are you bullying me like this? Whether or not I have the affinity to cultivate can only be decided by another cultivator? Even if I have the affinity, who knows what kind of aptitude this body possesses? Furthermore, aren’t the people who’re sent into another world supposed to be given some kind of cheat? Why wasn’t I given one? Ah, I feel so cheated!”

But who was Bai Cangqiong? He was an otaku. In a world where all kinds of web novels could easily be found, who had not read a few cultivation web novels? Furthermore, Bai Cangqiong was not just your average otaku, he was an ultra-otaku.

Over the following few months, Bai Cangqiong endured all kinds of hardships just to survive in this new world, until he finally managed to come across a rumour that a cultivator would come down to the city to buy some daily necessities. This was what Bai Cangqiong was waiting for.

Bai Cangqiong lay down within his shabby grass-roofed hut, the excitement bubbling up within him. While tossing and turning on the ground, he thought to himself, ‘Whether or not I can accomplish my goal, is all up to tomorrow.’ After a good while, Bai Cangqiong finally fell asleep.

The next day, Bai Cangqiong woke up early in the morning. He hastily ate his breakfast (a few kind folks who pitied him, seeing as he was a penniless orphan child, occasionally donated leftovers and clothes to him), and went to the market to wait for the so-called cultivator’s arrival.

At the peak of the mountain next to Jingyu city stood the Mystical Heaven Sect. Within the sect was one disgruntled Li Cang, who was one of the Seven Great Masters of the sect.

Li Cang sighed and thought to himself, ‘Didn’t I only just drink a tad too much and forget to attend the discussion at the main hall? Did you have to go so far as to punish me by making me go down to the city to buy supplies?’

However, even though Li Cang had such thoughts, he did not speak them out. Instead, he elegantly stood on his flying sword as he descended down from the mountain.

To not startle the common folks down in the city, Li Cang stopped flying outside of the city and placed his flying sword back into the scabbard on his back. He then calmly entered the city and walked towards the market.

Meanwhile, Bai Cangqiong, who was sitting on the sidewalk of the market, had a burst of excitement as he caught sight of Li Cang.

‘The cultivator is here! What should I do? Do I directly walk up to him and request him to accept me as a disciple? Or do I follow behind him until he asks me what I want?’

After some deep thinking, Bai Cangqiong finally decided on the latter and began following the cultivator.

With his mind made up, Bai Cangqiong waited until Li Cang had finished with shopping in the market. He then followed behind Li Cang, making sure to leave a distance of about ten metres between the two, until they reached the mountain road outside the city.

“Hey little guy, why have you been following me for so long?” Li Cang turned around and, being slightly suspicious, asked Bai Cangqiong. “You have been following me all the way here since I left the market, what do you want?”

Bai Cangqiong solemnly looked at Li Cang and sincerely said, “I want to be a cultivator and pursue the Dao.”

Li Cang was surprised when he heard what Bai Cangqiong had to say.

“Cultivating? Pursuing the Dao? What do you think the Dao is?”

Bai Cangqiong looked d