Transcending The Nine Heavens – Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Eldest Martial Brother Has A Stomach Cramp?

Chu Yang slowly opened his eyes.

“Younger Martial Brother Chu, how was it?” Shi Qian Shan asked hurriedly, since he did not notice any sign of Chu Yang having his martial powers raised.

Without knowing why, when people typically achieved a breakthrough, even for their slightest reaction, their entire body would momentarily tremble violently. However, after the Nine Tribulations Sword had transformed the effects of that Elixir, Chu Yang had actually broke through a grade without any indication……

Chu Yang’s gaze was calm, but he could not help considering secretly: This, this is definitely a good method to hide things from people! If other people are to treat me as if I am at Third Grade, while I am in actual fact going to be Fifth Grade, Sixth Grade, Seventh or Eighth Grade…… ah, how invigorating would it be to fight against them.

“It appears to be of not much use…… I am still a Third Grade Martial Pupil. Moreover, the effects of the Elixir were too potent, and I could not control them. A lot of the Elixir’s effects were wasted.” Chu Yang endured the pleasantly surprised emotion within his heart, then frowned and sighed. Only after using all of his strength to control his emotions could Chu Yang begin to speak in a frustrated tone, “Ah, it is really a waste. If I had known that it would be this useless for me to eat it, it would still have been a lot better for Eldest Martial Brother, you to eat it……”

Shi Qian Shan widened his eyes, and it was as if his eyeballs were about to pop out, then opened his mouth, “Hurhur.” After those two sounds, his face momentarily turned red, then white, and he finally stood up. With a very unsightly facial expression, he said, “I will go out for a walk.”

*Sou* Shi Qian Shan walked out.

“Eldest Martial Brother seemed quite uncomfortable……” Both of Tan Tan’s weird eyebrows moved up and down. While looking at the figure of Shi Qian Shan’s back with a little doubt, he said,” What happened to him?”

“Eldest Martial Brother appears to be very tired these few days,” Chu Yang rubbed his chin, and profoundly said, “His mind is very tired. Looking at his facial expression, it is very likely that he has a stomach cramp. Can it be that those few days in each month actually came……”

“Orh…… Eldest Martial Brother is overly worried; Ai, the same goes for this Purple Bamboo Garden of ours. Teacher does not care about anything, and everything is handled by Eldest Martial Brother. It is no wonder that his mind is fatigued.” Tan Tan’s conspicuous ears actually fanned up and down momentarily, and while deeply believing that he was right, said, “That is definitely hard on him. Stomach cramps…… it is also possible. Mmm, Chu Yang, those few days in each month…… which days are those? Why do I not know that Eldest Martial Brother has this kind of a problem?”

Tan Tan asked curiously.

“Erm, for this…… you will know after you have grown up. Little children should not eavesdrop on people, especially if they are affairs related to adults. Do you understand?” Chu Yang cocked his head, seemingly lecturing in a decent manner.

Both of Tan Tan’s eyebrows, one of which was higher while the other was lower, trembled a few times as if they were dancing, expressing the doubt within his mind. He resentfully muttered two sentences, and no one knew what he had said, then stopped speaking.

Chu Yang rolled his eyes, and another idea came into his mind.

He remembered that in his past life, Shi Qian Shan had once discovered a Golden Blood Ningpo Figwort Root. He also remembered that Shi Qian Shan had complacently said, on the walls of the rocky cliff at the back mountains……

Although the Golden Blood Ningpo Figwort Root could not exactly increase martial powers, it could instead broaden meridian channels! Moreover, after consuming Golden Blood Ningpo Figwort Roots which were of at least fifty years old, the medicinal effects would remain on the meridian channels, and for people who were below the rank of Martial Artist, whenever they gain a grade, their meridian channels would broaden significantly!

No matter the martial skills, energy and strength would always flow through the meridian channels. With broader meridian channels, a person would be able to exhibit even stronger powers. Even if there were two people of the same rank, nothing could make up for the deficiencies between them if the width of their meridian channels were different……

Although the Golden Blood Ningpo Figwort Root would only be useful for people beneath the rank of Martial Artist, a person’s meridian channels was instead ingrained during that period of time; that might seem to be nothing remarkable, but it would directly determine a person’s lifetime accomplishments!

In Chu Yang’s previous life, it was due to the Golden Blood Ningpo Figwort Root that Shi Qian Shan was able to distinguish himself from all the Disciples of Beyond The Heavens Storey……

Chu Yang rubbed his chin and secretly thought: I do not know if that Golden Blood Ningpo Figwort Root has been discovered by Shi Qian Shan. If he hasn’t yet discovered it, ah, why don’t I gather it and have a taste……


The sky outside was still dark, and Chu Yang secretly crawled up. Looking at the bed opposite, Tan Tan was sprawled across the bed, rhythmically making modulated snoring sounds as if he was singing. Momentarily hiding a smile, Chu Yang swiftly got dressed and walked out of the door.

To desire becoming a man amongst men, a person has to suffer the hardest of hardships!

His own aptitude was not exactly the best! Moreover, he did not exactly put in much effort when he was a youth in his previous life, and there was already quite a distance between him and his peers. If he did not work off twice the amount of sweat as compared to others, how would he obtain accomplishments that were twice that of others?

Within several breaths, Chu Yang arrived at the top of the rocky cliff beyond the Purple Bamboo Garden, and he quietly stood still; his two feet were a shoulder-width’s length apart, and his body was in an absolutely harmonious pose. After a moment’s silence, he began to take action!

Chu Yang’s movements were very simple, yet difficult. It was as if both his feet had grown roots, and they did not move, while his legs were straight; his arms were also drooping and stationary. Only his upper body was moving.

His head slowly leaned towards the left, then his waist slowly bent downwards to the left, and after forming a right angle, recovered his position; after that, he leaned towards the right; once again, he recovered his position, and then bent forward. Promptly, for his last movement, he bent backwards.

It was only those four movements, and he continued to repeat them. However, his bends became even lower after every cycle, and after the time it took to burn a joss stick, Chu Yang’s body was bent like a bow which had been completely pulled back, his head was already touching the surface of the ground!

Those were waist exercises!

The strength of the waist was the most critical part of a person’s body, and was therefore placed at the forefront.

After doing those four movements, Chu Yang immediately began to exercise his legs, followed by exercising his ankles, thighs, elbows, wrists and shoulders, to the point that his movements also became faster. Finally, his entire body was like a blade of grass in the midst of a violent storm, and was already lurching between the various range of his body’s movements……

After completing six repetitions, Chu Yang’s head and body were already giving off heat. His entire body was trickling with sweat, soaking his clothes, and droplets of sweat dripped downwards from his hair.

However, he did not even pause to rest. Turning over a hand, a chilling ray of light reflected off the item in his palm — it was a cyan steel long sword.

It was only after completely exercising the entire body’s critical muscles, that practising with the sword would produce the best results. If he were to rest, the muscles and bones would return to their original taut condition, and he would not be able to perform many positions during his practise with the sword.

That was part of a minimum general knowledge that a martial artist would be required to know, and for martial artists who were capable of doing that for every single practise, there were only a rare few. Those actions represented perseverance and willpower that was capable of sustaining for a long period of time.

However, Chu Yang knew how important those kind of exercises before practise were. If any single little detail or small piece of muscle is to be neglected during practise, then if he was to face against enemies of the martial society in the future, during the time when he needed to use those complex and powerful techniques, he would taste the result of not practising properly.

The initial difference might be slight, but there would be a significantly large difference from the final result. On the morality behind protecting a person’s own life, regardless if it was only a slight difference, that could also be the difference between life and death! At the very moment before their deaths, how many people had regretted their initial decisions of not practising their martial skills properly? That number of people was extremely large, and it was as if there were quite a few tens of thousands, or even several tens of thousands of people who regretted every year. However, during those final moments of regret, it was already completely useless!

Chu Yang did not wish for himself to have that kind of a regretful moment.

That was why he never dared to negligent or careless during the time when he was practising! No matter which kind of martial technique, even if they were considered to be the most fundamental movements, he would also practise until it was most suitable and perfect.

Sword techniques, fist techniques, leg techniques and palm techniques, after Chu Yang had completely practised them several times, a slight bit of brightness then slowly began to rise from the east.

Chu Yang strolled to the top of the rocky cliff. Facing the east, he overlapped both his hands and placed them above his Dantian, then sat down cross-legged and began to breathe out stale air while breathing in fresh air!

It was only purely breathing out stale air and breathing in clean air, but between each intake and output of air, there was something rather unusual. When he breathed in, it was as if there was a slight trace of purple in the air from the Heavens and Earth being breathed into his mouth. Then, with his mouth closed, his Dantian spiralled a complete rotation. After that, the breath of air slowly permeated into the five viscera and six bowels within his body. When everything was still, Chu Yang then opened his mouth and violently exhaled!

A long exhalation of that mouthful of air!

From within his mouth, a slight hint of dull colour in the air could be vaguely seen as Chu Yang exhaled that mouthful of air out. After completely exhaling his breath, he closed his mouth; his Dantian again spiralled a complete rotation……

Immediately, he once again continued to begin breathing in and breathing out……

That kind of breathing technique, as well as Chu Yang’s earlier method of exercising his body, they were both engraved on the body of the Nine Tribulations Sword in Chu Yang’s previous life. Performing them would completely get rid of the body’s impurities, and absorb from the innate true flames of the Sun!

To prepare for his practise of the Nine Tribulations Of The Nine Heavens Divine Technique in the future, he was training his foundations!


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