Time – Chapter 2.1

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 Chapter 2.1 – Someone else’s wedding

Sugar daddy?

Time passes especially fast on weekends. Play a few online games, sleep, and it’s already over.

On Monday, Yao Yuan went to work. In the afternoon, cousin Yao Xin Ran came to her school to meet her for lunch.

On the pair’s road to the cafeteria, the usually carefree Yao Xin Ran even laughingly said: “Recently you and the Great Master’s rumors are very hot. Our clan’s people are also talking about if you really married Jun Lin Tian Xia, then our clan will attain heavenly status by association.”

Yao Yuan was speechless, she objectively told her cousin approximately what happened in the last few days.

After listening, Yao Xin Ran chirped in: “You could see it as a fabricated rumour to recruit you into the clan or this Great Master is just too bored. Especially the 999 gold coins, is he completely playing with you?”

Yao Yuan could only sigh.

After eating lunch, Yao Xin Ran turned on her computer and ran towards her cousin and said: “Tonight I will go on Golden Age to play, you should also go on, there will be a ‘good show’.”

Yao Xin Ran didn’t say what kind of ’good show’.

But that night after Yao Yuan went online she immediately knew. Whether it was the world channel or her own clan’s channel, they were all discussing that night’s World Clan’s vice clan leader Ao Shi Cang Qiong and Prosperous Century’s number one beauty, Shui Diao Ge Yao’s extravagant wedding.

Actually this news was on the world channel last week, Yao Yuan just never gossiped, she saw it but never took it to heart.

This time Yao Xin Ran sent Yao Yuan a message: “It’s been said that the number one beauty used to be Jun Lin Tian Xia’s girlfriend but at that time the number one beauty still did not post a picture, so did not have the title, number one beauty. It’s been said, after the number one beauty started dumping photos, Jun Lin Tian Xia dumped her. So it has been said, Jun Lin Tian Xia  is not “gay” but a witch (female playing as a male). It has been said in the end, Jun Lin Tian Xia heard the ‘stories’, after a calm moment ,turned the rumour starter to dust.”

Yao Yuan: “…”

Naturally, other people also heard these stories. Ah Mi sighed in the clan chat and said: “You saw the pictures Shui Diao Ge Yao posted? What a beauty, and Jun Lian Tian Xia dumped her!”

Hua Kai: “Then number one beauty is pretty hilarious. Your sister, I, still haven’t posted my own photos, where does this number one come from?”

Ah Mi: “Ha ha ha next time Hua Hua goes to the chat to post a photo, I would definitely support you!”

Ya Xi Ya: “It’s been said, last time our clan leader said that her cousin is the actual beauty. So it is actually Sister Jun, he he!”

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Sigh, don’t speak nonsense.”

Duo La A Meng: “Sister Jun is online? Sister, you and Jun Lin Tian Xia clan leader….what is your actual relationship? In big clans, weddings of important people are conducted in Tian Xi Gong (Sky Palace). You need a wedding invitation to get in. If you and their clan leader are close, we can obtain the wedding invitation to go and join in the festivities. I really want to go. I have never been to a wedding. Besides, this time it is such a big wedding. I truly want to go observe.”

Yao Yuan saw the high spirits of little girl and really did not want to dampen her excitement, but… “Jun Lin Tian Xia and I are really not that close.”

As she just finished her sentence, a notification appeared in her personal chat, Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Ao Shi Cang Qiong and Shui Diao Ge Yao are having a wedding, do you want to attend?”

Yao Yuan thought, If this was sent on the world channel to ask her, he would have put her on the spot.

Ruo Wei Jun Gu: “Me? I am not that close to him though.”

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “No problem. I will be there.”

The problem is, brother, you and I are also not that close right?

This time, this moment’s turn of events made Yao Yuan lose her ability to speak, she could only send the expression: >__<)o ~~

Afterwards, a group of people entered Tian Xi Gong, including Ruo Wei Jun Gu.

Ruo Wei Jun Gu went in under attack from both sides, outside attacks such as —–  

Wen Ru Yu: “Before I thought it was weird, today clan leader even personally came out to to pick up a guest. It is actually because he is waiting for sister-in-law.”

Luo Shui: “Ru Yu you really aren’t afraid of death! Hi sister-in-law!”

Internal attacks such as —-

Hua Kai: “Sister-in-law?!”

Duo La A Meng: “Hahahahahaha!”

Ah Mi: “Sister Jun has actually become Mrs. Jun Lin Tian Xia? Oh my god!” etc.

And this is how in the chaos, Ruo Wei Jun Gu was controlled by Jun Lin Tian Xia and brought into Tian Xi Gong.

General control, Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Ruo, show your wedding invitation.”

Yao Yuan, felt like it was an out of body experience when she pressed the wedding invitation.

Jun Lin Tian Xia: “Press ‘OK’.”

Pressed ‘OK’

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