Hitomishiri Onna 7

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Chapter 7 Beloved

I awoke to a raging heat in my body. Another fit of my Excessive Magic Disorder…? Ah, that’s right, I forgot to take my medicine.

My vision was dim from the fit, and it would do no good to blink in attempt to clear it up. I sighed in resignation. It’d been a long time since I last forgot to take it…

I couldn’t even tell if it was night or day, but since I hadn’t left the room, Mom should come in to check on me soon. It was lonely by yourself when you felt sick. Even so, I had no desire for Michella-san to keep me from my loneliness; that would just make me mentally ill as well.

I was certain my eyes would speak a thousand words. I was always bad at making eye contact in my previous life, so it was easier for me to understand people like my Aunt and Uncle just by glancing at their faces. I understood after seeing their eyes. Even if their faces looked normal, I could always tell from their eyes, whether they were unconcerned, disgusted, or curious. I gradually came to understand each of their emotions. I always did my best to not make eye contact, talk, or show my emotions. …Which led to a very lonely life.

I often thought of my past when I was weak like this. But it was nothing I wanted to remember, and I hoped my Mom would hurry and make me feel better. I wanted the warmth of her passionate heart.

As I worried endlessly in my thoughts, I heard the sound of heavy footsteps. It must be Solis. Dad always told him to be more careful, but it was a hard habit to break.

The footsteps were coming towards my room. Dinner was probably ready, and he was going to get me to come eat.

“Aaal! Time to eat!”

I knew it. But you’ll have to forgive me Solis, I’m unable to move at the moment.

“Al? Are you all right?”

Apparently Jörg was accompanying him. My brothers really did take good care of me.

“…Sor…ry. …Forgot, morning…medicine..”

My brothers were at my bedside, but it was still hard to talk and tell them about my fit due to my fever. Ugh, really hard…

“You forgot to take your medicine? If it hurts, don’t force yourself to speak. I’ll tell Mother to make you some Panus instead. Solis, could you get me a towel to wipe down Al’s sweat?”

“Got it, I’ll go get it.”

Solis took off like a shot out of the room. Normally, Solis was a chatterbox, but he always took on a very serious demeanor when it came to my disease. I suppose he was 16-years old after all.

“Hang in there, Al.”

The way Jörg gently stroked my head hadn’t changed. He had always been a gentleman. When Jörg was 18, Dad had asked him if he’d found a special someone yet, and I secretly listened in on their conversation. But Jörg said, somewhat happily, that he was looking after me for the time being. He may have had a bad Brother Complex…but it still made me happy.

Even though I knew they’d be right back, I was a little lonely when they both left the room.

Solis came back first. He had a fluffy white towel in each hand. Later I would wonder why he had one in each hand, but at present I was so feverish and out of it that I was simply happy he’d returned.

“Al, are you in pain? Are you okay?”

He asked while gently wiping the sweat from my forehead. I found myself grasping his kind outstretched hand, tightly gripping it. I found the human hand to be strangely comforting.

As always when I felt this way, my vision was unfocused, but to send Solis my thanks, I kissed his fingers. Being born into this world, I found kissing to be a normal matter of course, a way to communicate one’s feelings. In my previous life, rather than being embarrassing, kissing was something you only did with those beloved to you.

My heart put to ease, I once again closed my eyes.

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