Girl Who Ate Death Chapter 34

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Chapter 34

—-Report to Altura
The Liberation Army force sent to Cyrus has successfully captured the fortress. The enemy general Larus and Death God Schera were killed.
Also, during the confusion, Major Vander has gone missing.
End of transmission.





In the Chronicles of the Liberation War, Schera was said to have died in this battle.
She abandoned her subordinates and devised to escape alone, whereupon she was surrounded by militiamen, and in the end, was torn limb from limb.
It was said that Altura mourned Schera’s bloodstained life, and she erected a tombstone in Cyrus.
That the tombstone was nameless was proof of the weight of Schera’s sins.
Until the fear of “Death” would vanish from the people’s memories, there would be no forgiveness for her—-and with this sentence, the story can come to a close.







The Liberation Army that had captured Cyrus and Sayeh marched towards their ultimate goal,
Royal Capital Blanca, with Altura in tow.
With complete control over the court, Farzam had in essence staged a coup d’etat and confined King Kristoff. The Royal Capital Blanca surrendered without resistance.
On which occasion, Barbora committed suicide. He was appalled that he couldn’t keep his promise with Yalder, and he ended his life. Barbora, who had pursued promotions and had his ambitions granted exactly as he desired, in his final moments, was deprived of his power and died without anyone to care for him.
The Liberation Army was welcomed amidst whole-hearted cheers from the capital’s citizens. There was no one who called them the rebel army. Everyone ushered them in, brimming with the feeling of liberation.
The Kingdom was forsaken by the citizens at their very own doorstep. The streets teemed with cheers welcoming heroes.

“We have been waiting for you, Princess Altura. We vassals all present swear our allegiance.”

Bringing along his personal retainers, Farzam greeted Altura’s company.
Diener coldly stared at him, and ordered for the man in front of him to be restrained.

“Arrest the wicked retainer Farzam and his gang. He’s the culprit behind the misgovernment. There’s no need to listen to his excuses.”

“W, this is different from what we agreed on! Diener!”

“Did you think only you would be forgiven after all you’ve done? Your sins deserve a thousand deaths.”

“D, don’t screw around! Do you know what’ll happen if you kill me-!? Princess! Do you mean to drag this country into another war!?”

Deciding that speaking with Diener was useless, Farzam looked to Altura, his expression desperate.
Altura glared at Farzam, and said,

“General Borbon and General Octavio weren’t like you; we have exchanged messages that say they would work with us. Same with the dignitaries of the Royal Capital. Thanks to your unsightly desire for self-protection, we were able to avoid shedding unnecessary blood. For that, I thank you.”

“You, you planned on using me from the start!?”

“It’s the deceived fault for being deceived. Wasn’t that the very ideal which you acted upon? General Octavio, please restrain this fool at once.”

Apathetically threw out Diener, and Octavio put his hand on his sword.

“Leave it to me. Prime Minister Farzam, you’ve prepared yourself?”

“O, Octavio, you bastard, have you forgotten who helped you!?”

“I’m not sure what you mean. I’ve only sworn loyalty to Princess Altura, the rightful successor to the throne. What reason could I have to be scorned by a ‘rebel’ who wielded tyranny? None.”

Octavio snickered. While Farzam had been buying time, Diener iconically had been advancing his schemes in the Kingdom’s Army.
Farzam was nothing more than clown manipulated by one man.
This man who had crawled up by using other people collapsed. Armed Liberation Army soldiers crowded around him.

“Your crimes for driving several tens of thousands of civilians to their deaths will never be forgiven. Prime Minister Farzam. Until judgement day, repent your own doings.”

“T, this won’t be forgiven! Octavio! Diener! One day, you will become just like me! Remember this-! And you Altura, don’t think you can live in your pretty fantasies forever-!”

“……What are you talking about?”

Altura had a dubious expression on her face, and Farzam slandered more, losing his temper.

“You probably don’t know all the things your soldiers have done under the name of Justice-! You foolish little girl—–”

“Guards! Take this man away-! Don’t let him tell anymore lies!”

Diener ordered the guards, butting in, and Farzam was dragged away.

“Sir-! Come along-!”

“Sh, Shit-! I’m the Prime Minister! The Prime Minister I’ll have you know!”

Not a single man stood up for Farzam, and only death awaited this man who was abandoned even by his own direct followers.
Before carrying out his execution, Diener next to his ear revealed everything about his identity to the bawling, struggling Farzam.
Who he was, why he deceived him, and why he had to die.
Farzam’s eyes opened wide in shock, and he looked hard at the man who had once been his subordinate and had now taken the name of Diener.
In his daze, Farzam was put to the guillotine, and executed.
For the man who had risen up to Prime Minister from a simple page, it was too quick an end considering his selfish use of authority.


As for King Kristoff, he stayed silent, saying nothing, and he awaited his judgement day without any resistance.
Despite being in a position that ought to have governed the country, he hadn’t concerned himself with politics, oppressed the people, and was convicted as a criminal who killed several tens of thousands of people.
It was impossible for his verdict to be anything other than death.
Two weeks after the Royal Capital’s liberation, Kristoff was publicly put to the guillotine, and he passed away together with his infamy.
It was also the moment Diener’s revenge was complete.
Having treated him, a man who worked his body to the bone as part of their spy network, as a disposable piece and throwing him away, were Farzam and Kristoff.
In the name of Justice, Diener had admirably slain these two evil sinners.
After the King’s execution, the Royal Capital broke out into a large-scale celebratory festival. It was the advent of a new age–a future overflowing with hope. Everyone’s eyes were glittering, and they all had grand smiles. It proclaimed the end of their days of suffering, and that the war was over. All that was left was to rebuild.

The First Imperial Prince Alexander Keyland who had become hostage was released. Afterwards, due to the efforts of Alan, a peace treaty was signed.
The Kingdom would change. Under their beautiful hope, Altura, the Kingdom would be newly reborn.
It was the birth of Queen Altura and the New Yuze Kingdom.
The whole Kingdom was greatly excited, and they celebrated the birth of the New Kingdom and their new Queen.

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    New Yuze Kingdom, History Compilation Room.
    By Diener’s order, this established department was given the duty of accurately conveying the New Kingdom’s rise for future generations.
    Aiming for a Kingdom which would last even a thousand years, Diener had to properly leave a record of the Liberation War. He gave instructions for all the events from their uprising to the Royal Capital’s liberation to be put together as “The Chronicles of the Liberation War.”
    In the Compilation Room, the chief secretary was hollering at an aged, obstinate man. He wanted his own personal opinion put in, so he was making the man do some retouching.

    “How many times are you going to make me say it. I told you not to write down your own opinions. Correct every passage that I’ve marked.”

    “Chief Secretary. I have been writing down the correct history. There are no errors.”

    “Whether or not it’s correct is up to me to decide. All you have to do is write down the ‘Truth.’”

    “Then there is no need for amendment. I have not written any fabrications.”

    “For the Death God, everything besides that she was a female officer should be left unclear. Unnecessary matters like she was a girl born in a farming village doesn’t need to be written.”

    “But that is fact. I have found that in documents and have also conducted interviews.”

    “You fool. All the leaders of the Kingdom fought only in their self-interests. We don’t have to leave a record of anything else. You should describe in detail how marvelous the leaders of the Liberation Army fought instead.”

    “That would be too one-sided. I don’t approve of the necessity of these amendments. There’s no point in records if they aren’t compiled from a neutral standpoint.”

    The Chief Secretary brought up another passage he demanded be revised: [The Liberation Army aimed for the opening created by the skirmish between the Kingdom and the Empire and made an armed uprising in Salvador Fortress.]

    “This is false. The Liberation Army was desperately begged by the people, and revolted reluctantly. They didn’t exercise armed might for personal desires. Don’t be mistaken.”

    “The truth is the truth. Furthermore, about the Tenang Rebellion, the actual event is still unclear. We have to investigate the details more.”

    Stated the old Secretary, and the Chief let out that it wasn’t required.

    “The actual happenings are clear. It’s evident that the thieving commander of Belta at that time, David, gave the instructions for it. There are plenty of witnesses too”

    “There is no precise evidence that David gave the instructions for it.”

    “What’s for sure is that there were victims and that the soldiers of the Kingdom committed the massacre. There’s all your objective evidence.”

    “In the first place, the beginnings are obscure. Why would the feudal lord of Tenang attack the peasants? The marching peasants were large in number, and he should’ve known what would happen if he used violence on them. Furthermore, there should have been a temporary levy going on, but there exists no records of that. Just where did all the stolen goods go? There are too many points of uncertainty.”

    “Hmph, not a problem. The feudal lord probably used it all to enrich his own lifestyle. That man only thought about himself.”

    The Secretary didn’t agree, and he threw down the documents, unable to keep up with the Chief Secretary’s farce.

    “The biggest point of doubt is why the peasants raised the flag of the Liberation Army in Tenang after the uprising. Who had possession of a battleflag? The events went too favorable. It’s almost like the Liberation Army went into Belta knowing that—-”

    The Chief violently slapped the desk, cutting off the Secretary’s words.

    “Shut up! Listen, I don’t care if you’re here or not, I have plenty of replacements for you. If you won’t agree, then leave this job right now. I need don’t people like you who still have attachments to the former Kingdom!”

    “How stupid. I’d prefer that a hundred times over writing a fabricated history. I’ll be excusing myself. Good for you that you can write your fabled history then. Aim for a country that stands a thousand years? It’ll be lucky to even survive a hundred.”

    “You bastard, you know what’s going to happen to you right-!?”

    “Please feel free. At this age, I don’t have any attachments to this world. Your threats don’t scare me.”

    Tearing and throwing away the compiled documents, the old Secretary departed from the room.
    After violently closing the door, he sighed with a somber expression on his face.

    “History is written by the winners–and so nothing will change. It’s important to study from and reflect on history, and not repeat the same mistakes. Why can’t that be understood.”

    The expressions of passing officers were all cheerful. All was good and fine now, but one day, they would probably repeat the same mistakes once more.
    That was why an accurate history had to be written, to also leave a warning. Why didn’t they understand that.
    They didn’t try to understand.

    “……Perhaps it’s not that they won’t change, it’s that they can’t change. And so they foolishly repeat their mistakes. How absolutely futile.”

    A portrait of Altura decorated the Royal Palace’s hall.
    —-Would nothing really change in the end? While praying that his own fears would end as needless anxiety, he gazed at the painting of their symbol of hope.


    During the celebratory festival, Diener had conducted a meeting with the influentials of Royal Capital Blanca.
    He was returning back to the Royal Palace, and nearby he had brought along his armed agents. There was a reason why it was so risky that he even had to attach guards to himself.
    The other day, the hideous corpse of the turncoat general Octavio was discovered.
    In addition, in the barracks teeming with soldiers, he was found in his office which was under strict guard.
    It seemed Octavio had suffered agonizing torture, and he had died a horrifying death beyond description.
    Diener imposed a strict gag order and searched for the criminal. But, the investigation wasn’t going well.
    There was no human in the New Kingdom who would seem to benefit from killing Octavio now that he had lost his political power. Was it a murderer killing indiscriminately under the grips of madness? Or was there some kind of grudge? Either way, this was a worrying matter.
    Consequently, the guards attached to key figures of the New Kingdom were further reinforced as a precautionary measure.

    “……I don’t where that lunatic came from, but that way of killing is unlike the work of a human’s. Was it the Devil or—-


    Whispered Diener, and sudden chills ran down his spine.
    This was the main street of the Royal Capital. The figures of people that had been here earlier were no longer. Late at night though it may be, it was unnatural.
    The taverns were still open, and there should be customers. There had even been a depressing amount of inviting prostitutes. The current situation was one that would never happen in the pleasure quarters late at night. So why.
    The fog deepened. Before he knew it, a heavy fog that couldn’t be thought natural had sprung forth all around him.
    The disguised Diener was wearing light clothes a merchant would wear. For weapons, he only had a dagger concealed between under his clothes.
    Sensing himself in peril, Diener snapped his fingers, giving the signal to the agents hidden nearby.
    He looked around, and gave the signal once more.

    “Someone! Respond!”

    He tried calling out directly in a loud voice.

    ……No response. Was there no one here? Diener heightened his vigilance.
    In the fog in front of him, a black silhouette began to appear.

    “It’s useless. I’ve killed everyone. You’re the only one left.”

    A high-pitched voice like a female’s addressed him.

    “W, who’s there!? Agents, kill this person! Someone! Can’t you hear me!?”

    Diener panicked and called out to the bodyguards around him. There was no response from anyone.

    “I’ve killed that trash Octavio, so I thought I’d get my revenge on you afterwards. I’ve come all the way here, just for you.”

    A short human silhouette appeared in the fog, and one more shadow–an inhuman monster, clad in black, tattered robes and carrying a large scythe.
    The girl and Death’s two shadows approached Diener.

    “D-D-Death God, Schera Zade! Y, you’re still living-!?”

    “I got something to eat again and got better. Ah, so delicious. A taste I’d never tire of no matter how many times I’ve had it. …… Come now, shall we start? Vander’s gone and waiting ahead for you.”

    “Va, Vander? Y-you, don’t tell me, you ate Vander!? You madwoman-!”

    Screamed Diener in question, and Schera smiled in rejection.

    “What I ate was a more different thing. Also, I don’t eat humans. Doesn’t that just sound all kinds of disgusting?”

    “D-Don’t fuck with me! Return to Hell, you cheater of death-!”

    Diener drew his dagger and pointed it at Death. He couldn’t die here.
    This was the beginning. He would aid Altura, carry out a righteous regime, and make the New Kingdom flourish.
    He didn’t want to die. He was scared of dying. Wasn’t this the start of where he would seize prosperity? It was for that sake he had worked and wagered his everything. He had smeared himself in filth and stuck it out to the end.
    Until he built the foundation, the foothold for his thousand-year Kingdom, he couldn’t die. There was no way he could die.

    “Fufu-, your face says you really don’t want to die. But, it’ll be alright. I’ll help you want to die.”

    The thrusted, naked blade was easily intercepted by Death. Diener put more strength in, desperately trying to make something happen. He clenched his teeth.

    “I can’t die yet! I will live until I build the foundation for the New Kingdom! So I will—-”

    “No-no. I had decided that I would to kill you. Don’t think you’ll die comfortably. I’ll take my time, and slo~wly finish you off. Cry as much as you want. You don’t need to hold back ‘kay?”

    “Don’t you get it!? If you kill me, all the paid sacrifices up until now will be rendered worthless! If it’s me, I can save several thousands, no, several tens of thousands-”


    As if to say he was hurting her ears, she grabbed Diener’s dagger, and took it away. Death dripped red blood.
    She stroke her prey’s face with wet hands. She stabbed a knife into his shoulder. Diener screamed in pain.


    “One dirtied, ten sacrificed, and a thousand saved, said Vander. That was your teaching right?”

    She brought her face as close as she could to Diener’s. She looked straight at him with “eyes” swirling with madness, hatred, and bloodthirst.


    “Just my opinion, but to end it was just one dirtied is kind of unfair. So…”

    “S, stop-!”

    Schera and Death’s shadow overlapped, and became one. She took out a crude, small sickle from her waist.
    She smiled at her sacrifice, and Death began her work.



    —-Several hours later, when the thick fog cleared from the main street, there was Diener, a ruin of what he once was.
    A manner of death exactly the same as Octavio. His face in death was far from peaceful.

    Tactician Diener, the key figure behind their victory in the Liberation War, died an unnatural death without witnessing the growth of the New Kingdom.
    Officially, he was treated as having died due to an accident, and Death never appeared in the Royal Capital afterwards.
    Altura mourned Diener’s death and held a large funeral ceremony. The seat of Prime Minister prepared for him would be left vacant for the time being.
    The death of their mastermind hit Altura extremely hard. In this most important time, a reliable person had disappeared.
    It was written in the Chronicles of the Liberation War that the tactician was rich in decisiveness, abundant in wit, and overflowing with loyalty, and was an exemplar counsellor who supported his Queen from the shadows.
    The reality aside, it was true that he was acknowledged by the people of that time.
    Whether the person himself was satisfied with that or not, only he would know.




    As the New Yuze Kingdom lead by Altura took an affirmative stance on polytheism, the Star Church gradually began to see her as hostile.
    The deciding factor came when the large amount of monetary donations started by Kristoff were put to an end. The Star Church announced the repealment of their protection.
    Thereafter, their relationship completely deteriorated. Altura found herself in an awkward situation, branded a heretic by the Star Church.
    Also, infighting between the bigwigs of the former Kingdom and the New Kingdom intensified, and Altura was forced to suffer at the helm all that.
    Those that Diener had forcefully suppressed instantly rose up.
    Politics was a choice of give-and-take. A world where everyone could be happy doesn’t even exist
    Caught between her dreams and reality, she distressed, suffered, and finally despaired, and she fell sick due to anxiety.
    She left the world at a young age of 30, and her young, eldest son under the guardianship of Alan became the new King after her.
    It seemed the disputes between fellow statesmen had settled for the meantime, but this was the era of intensifying antagonism towards national interests, religion, and race.
    What Altura aimed for, a world where no one had to suffer, where everyone could have hope, was a far off reality.

    After thirty years passed, when the memories of the Liberation War grew hazy, history repeated itself.
    The New Kingdom hadn’t reached that of a thousand years.
    After the death of Alan, who managed substantially government affairs, the Empire strengthened its activities and once again applied pressure that it would swallow up the Kingdom.
    The Kingdom gave into its threats and accepted various demands, and the finances of the Kingdom began to grow dire.
    To compensate, they were forced to once again raise the lowered taxes temporarily.
    Many lords took the opportunity to declare independence in opposition to the Kingdom’s effeminate policies, and the Kingdom was again thrown into a state of civil war.
    And the fatal blow was when the Kingdom arbitrarily carried out a policy oppressing the Star Church: they recklessly imposed a Religion Tax.
    “Every believer must offer a fixed amount of money to the Kingdom. Your faith in the Kingdom will then be guaranteed.”
    In response to the Kingdom’s called-upon persecution, the Star Church declared separation from the New Kingdom.
    “Oppose the the unjust persecution, and wipe out the heretics with armed force,” was the edict handed down to all believers.
    As a result, it became a frequent occurrence where adherents of the Star Church would make armed uprisings within the Kingdom. Influential lords also joined in their groups, and armed uprisings finally became a full-on revolution.
    This was the end of the temporary peace.





    —-Cyrus Castle, with black smoke rising from it.
    In front of a nameless tombstone covered in moss, was a lone female officer. She wasn’t there to pray. She merely observed it, staring unwaveringly, and seemingly very intrigued.
    A sorceror wrapped in pink robes approached the female officer. Her robe had the emblem of the Star Church emblazoned on it.
    As her face was concealed by the hood, it was hard to tell, but her sickly pale neck peeked through.

    “Your Excellency. You might you be looking at?”

    “Just looking at this. I heard there was something interesting here so I’ve been looking for it. It seems to be my grave, this thing.”

    The female officer took out a book and threw it to the sorceror. ‘Chronicles of the Liberation War’ was written on it.
    After having a look at its contents, the sorcerer hmph’ed in displeasure; flames welled up from her hands and incinerated the book in a second.

    “This kind of worthless book shouldn’t exist in this world. It’s a vulgar book with liberal fabrications. Please be at ease, I will put together Your Excellency’s history one day.”

    It would be something magnificent, glorious, and mind-boggling, she thought, but she didn’t vocalize it.
    If she accidentally let it out, before it became famous, it would all be over before it even began.

    “Despite being dead, you’re quite hot-blooded. Is that just how it is, I wonder?”

    “Sir. That is how it is. After I’ve gotten this body, my brutal side has more or less increased.”

    I see, whispered the female officer, and she stood up, swung her scythe, and pulverized the gravestone.
    She didn’t need such sham made by trash. There was something more appropriate for them after all.

    “Your face looks quite refreshed. And with your complexion so bad too.”

    “If Your Excellency weren’t here, I would’ve done it.”

    Under her hood, she pushed up her glasses. Here lips were sharply bent.

    “If I left it to you, even the fortress would’ve been blown away, so I did it. This is my treasured home after all.”

    She brushed back her brownish hair that was longer than before and stretched. The wind was refreshing, and the sunlight warm.
    Good produce would surely grow. Even if they were to wither, even if they were burned to the ground, they could just plant more.

    “……You’ll stay here, after the battles end?”

    “Mhm. I have to keep my promise with them. I’ll make a field of potatoes that’ll cover the fortress. The harvested potatoes will be enjoyed by me and my comrades. Since you’re dead, I wonder if you won’t partake?”

    She made an impish smile, and the sorcerer looked sour.

    “I am Your Excellency’s adjutant. Of course I would love to partake. I would follow you to the ends of the earth.”

    “But, the dead don’t feel hungry right? I heard that long ago.”

    “No, they do. I get even more hungry because I’m dead. I know, because I’ve died.”

    “Is that so. That’s a new discovery. Then I’ll give you these.”

    She took out two walnuts from a cloth bag and handed them to the sorcerer—-a sorcerer of the dead.

    “T, thank you very much!”

    The sickly looking woman happily began rolling them in her hand with a smile on her face.

    “If I’m not careful, you’ll be rolling something else immediately. I thought I told you to stop; it’s a bad habit.”

    “P-please excuse me.”

    “How many times do I have to say it I wonder.”

    A messenger clothed in black priest’s robes came along to these two who were having a light-hearted conversation.

    “Your Excellency! Preparations to sortie are in order!”

    “—-Got it. Tell Veloce we’ll be there shortly.” (Note: Pronounciation)


    Veloce Gael lead black heavy infantry and was a female officer who had inherited her grandfather’s rough disposition.
    She would probably have a large influence in this battle too, as the successor of the Indomitable Yalder.

    Seeing the messenger run off, the necromancer spoke up.

    “And so it ends, maybe.”

    “No, it only begins. The massacre of those guys of the ‘rebel army.’ We’ll be busy.”

    “Please leave it to me. I’ll make it up to you for that time.”

    “I’m expectant. If you want, you should take command with Veloce. I’m not suited towards such things.”

    “……I will decline. I feel like I excused myself before too though.”

    “Really? Can’t be helped then.”

    Her mantle fluttering, Death shouldered her scythe and began calmly walking.
    After her followed the necromancer reverentially. And behind them, their bodies covered in black armor, marched ranks of her Martyrs.

    Death casually looked at the sky, and a white crow was circling the top tower.
    A black battleflag with a white crow coat of arms triumphantly waved atop it.

    “It seems like, there won’t be a third time.”



    Death smiled in sheer happiness.

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    The New Yuze Kingdom wasn’t as strong as their days in the Liberation War, and the families of the chief generals and the royal family were all killed.
    The bloodline of the Yuze Kingdom had completely come to an end.
    The families of heroes too, chiefly Behrouz and Fynn, were practically wiped out.
    The grandchildren of the heroes who fought for the people, were ironically killed by those very people.
    The armed uprising of adherents of the Star Church spread to the Empire and the Union too, and the Mundo Novo continent fell into a state much like a cauldron of hell.
    Conflict over hegemony broke out under the banner of the Star Church, and it became an era where rival warlords sought to expand their territory. It seemed there was still some way to go before the advent of a peaceful era.

    Also, in a group of the Star Believers’ Revolution, there was someone said to have looked like the ‘Death God,’ but details are entirely unclear.
    It was only written down in Star Church documents that a young female general weilding a scythe and her black cavalry had made accomplishments none other could match.
    After obtaining control over the Royal Capital, it was only recorded that she and her troops disappeared somewhere. The name of the female general was not left behind.
    Though, a strange anecdote remained that the night before all news of them was cut off, there was a bustling celebration held in the ruins of a certain estate.

    That’s the cutoff portion

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    Death, keeps her promises.

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    Wonderful story.

    It was too short, but it was a greateful ending.

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    I seriously though when I noticed the chapter are midway incomplete, if the canon aftermath doesn’t end in a fucking bloodbath I would write a very short novel loosely based from this novel

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