Girl Who Ate Death Chapter 26

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Chapter 26: The Royal Capital’s Confectionery is Too Delicious!

Schera’s Cavalry of 3,000 that had departed from Cyrus Fortress were maintaining their spirits in the City of Canaan for the decisive battle that was expected to arrive.
Orders hadn’t been given yet, but a rumor had been spreading throughout the entire army that troops were gradually being dispatched to recapture Belta.
No matter how thick-headed the person, if they witnessed the 50,000 elite troops being dispatched from the Royal Capital and supplies being further stockpiled, they would probably figure it out even if they didn’t want to. All the more because Barbora, the commandant of the First Army, was declaring the destruction of the rebel army more than usual.

While the entire First Army Corps was all in a hurry, Schera had been summoned by Yalder, and she boredly headed towards the castle.
Today, she wasn’t wearing the black armor that she habitually wore, but a tailored uniform reserved for high-ranking officers of the Kingdom’s Army. On her white keynote military uniform, all the medals she had been conferred thus far were boastfully attached.
Schera had complained that there was no need, but Katarina had forcefully persuaded her, saying that “formalities were important,” so she had begrudgingly put on the stupid medals.
The castle guards that passed her, after being fixated by her vast numbers of medals and insignia of rank, hastily saluted… with cold sweat dripping down their backs.
A short, female officer. Medals, proof of magnificent military achievements. And with an insignia of Colonel rank, there was no doubt. This was the rumored god of death who even village children knew about.
The number of enemy generals that she had killed were countless. She was a monster who could slay thousands alone. The cavalry under her banner were all stalwart men who didn’t fear death. Disrespect her and be perpetually haunted, etc., etc.
The rumors were embellished, and she was feared as a symbol of awe and terror by the noncommissioned officers.
Expressionless, she gave the men with stiff smiles a glance and headed for Yalder’s room.
Before long, she stood in front of her destination’s door. She slightly tidied her wrinkleless uniform, firmly knocked, and announced her arrival in a carrying voice.

“This is Schera. Please excuse me.”

“Enter,” was the only thing said from inside. It was the voice of that staff officer who was skilled in giving long lectures.

While thinking the voice somehow nostalgic, Schera quickly entered the room. There was General Yalder with an upbeat smile, and Staff Officer Sidamo with a frown.

“It’s been awhile, Colonel Schera. I have heard of your exploits. To have caught up to me so quickly, my god you’re an ominous woman.”

Sidamo’s official rank was Colonel, and merely a year after Belta had fallen, Schera had caught up to Sidamo.

“Sir, thank you very much. Your words are encouraging. From hereon as well, I will do my best, I regret to say.”

“Put more emotion into your speech. Also, that’s not how you use the words, ‘I regret to say.’ Use your head a bit more.”

“Sir. Please excuse me.”

‘He’s going to start lecturing again?’, Schera had thought and furrowed her brows, but she would be troubled if it got even longer, so she immediately apologized.

“There’s this constant sense of discomfort when you speak formally because your speech doesn’t coincide with your expression. As an officer, you must have an appropriate attitude and a conscious conduct. All the more so because you’re a Colonel now.”

“Please forgive me, I will be careful from now on-!”

She said in a loud voice, but it was apparent that she was childishly incompliant. Now able to read Schera’s feelings better than before, Sidamo deeply sighed.
What this woman before him was thinking right now was simple. —-‘This is boring. I’m tired. Hungry.’
Sidamo pinched the wrinkles between his eyebrows and was about to let out a torrent of criticisms, but Yalder interrupted him while laughing.

“Hahaha-, oh come now. It’s so very like her, and I think it’s great. It’s fine to let that disrespectful attitude go on. If anything happens, I’ll take responsibility!”

“Thank you very much, Your Excellency!”

“Your Excellency, you cannot be soft on her. We might even hear slander towards Your Excellency from this imbecile.”

“I don’t really mind. The Colonel’s activities more than compensate for this trifle of a fault. Also, we didn’t call the Colonel here today to teach her respect. Got it? Staff Officer Sidamo.”


Yalder tapped his desk with a finger a couple times, and Sidamo produced two packages from deeper in the room. He put these slowly in front of Schera on the table, and returned to beside his boss.

“Colonel, the left package was sent from His Majesty to you. Open it.”

“—-Sir-! Excuse me!”

Urged by Yalder, Schera began opening the small package that was on her left. ‘I hope it’s delicious food,’ she expectantly thought.
Carefully and gently opening the package, what jumped into Schera’s vision, was an even gaudier, shiny, gold, fat medal than the ones already on her. Schera didn’t hide her crushed, disappointed expression, and she silently put the lid back on the box, closing it.

“Colonel Schera, do you have something to complain about? As surprising as it sounds, it’s a medal awarded by His Majesty the King. How about looking happier?”

“I have no complaints whatsoever. This is too great an honor.”

Her words didn’t match her demeanor. A feeling of gloominess oozed from her body.

“In that case, hurry up and try putting on the medal. If you parade around the town wearing that Star of the Patriot Knight, everyone will acknowledge your greatness. It’s a marvelous medal suitable for a hero. This is honestly a special occasion.”

The people’s evaluation of Schera probably wouldn’t change much upon her medals increasing even further. No matter how numerous her medals became, she didn’t have that special something.
Schera put the small box gently into the vegetable pouch at her waist and decided she saw nothing. The vegetables had all been eaten, so now it was just an empty pouch with the smell stuck to it.


“Cheer up, Colonel Schera. Sidamo, you have a terrible personality. When did that happen to you?”

Yalder asked with a sarcastic smile, and Sidamo plainly replied,

“Ever since working under Your Excellency, I became like this all of a sudden.”

“That so, that so. Well my bad for troubling you. Go polish up that mean personality some more. I don’t need a goody two-shoes staff officer after all. I expect you to do it, Staff Officer Sidamo.”

“Thank you very much, Your Excellency.”

“Umu. Well then, Colonel. Try opening the next box. The thing you desire should be in there. I specifically called an artisan from the Royal Capital to make it. It’s my personal, custom order.”


Schera opened the big box on the center of the table. Inside, was an absolutely delicious-looking confectionary, decorated with generous amounts of multicolored fruits. The instant she took off the cover, sweet and sour smells tickled Schera’s nose and accentuated her hunger. Crusted in melted sugar, this round confectionary let off an enticing glitter; its appearance made one want to gobble it up immediately.
It looked like someone almost haphazardly dumped many species and many varieties of fruit on a pie base. Yalder’s custom order pie had a strange look to it, but the satisfaction it would give was unmatched.
Schera gingerly poked it with her finger, and then licked the syrup stuck to her hand. It was sweet and extremely delicious. It couldn’t be expressed in words. She couldn’t hold back any longer; she grabbed the “Yalder Pie” with an eagle grip, when,

“—-Colonel Schera. Do you know where you are?”


Schera froze with her hand inside the box. Sidamo repeated his question.

“Colonel. I’m asking you, do you know where you are?”

“…………Excuse my discourtesy.”

Crestfallen, Schera withdrew her hand. Seeing her despondency, Yalder desperately held back his laughter.
He felt like he was at another place, watching two disobedient siblings arguing.

“Good. Now close the lid, and convey the correct words you ought to say to His Excellency. Now.”

Schera held the lid aloft as told, and … with a never before seen sluggishness, she closed the box.
Then, in an all too apparent sullen manner, she turned to Yalder and saluted.

“……Thank you very much. Your Excellency.”

“Umu. You should enjoy it later. I don’t really mind, but there’s a noisy-mouthed Sir Staff Officer right next to us. Sorry, but be patient for now.”

“It’s upsetting to be called noisy. You cannot be soft on her. This imbecile is a woman who would likely even eat in the middle of a war council. This is a good chance, so we have to firmly train her here.”

Schera was about to say that she did eat during war council in Belta, but she stopped herself. Since she felt like the sweets would go even farther away. While pacifying Sidamo who started ranting, Yalder turned back to Schera.

“Colonel, our business is concluded. Probably soon, the orders to depart will come. I’m not exaggerating when I say the next battle will decide the fate of the Kingdom. Give everything you have. Of course, we will also fight to the death. I expect much more greatness from you.”

“Sir, please leave it to me! I will absolutely massacre the rebel army!”

“Very well. In the event of our victory, I will invite you to my estate in the Royal Capital. I’ve hired many skilled chefs, so you’ll surely be satisfied.”

“Thank you very much, Your Excellency!”

Schera had actually not even once entered the Royal Capital. No matter what, she had to win the battle–she wanted to get delicious treats.
These were chefs employed by a high ranking general. No doubt, there would be some foods she had never seen before. Just imagining them made her mouth water.

“…….Save imaging the luxurious food for after we win, Colonel. Before you drool, put preparations for the battle in order first.”


Schera cheerfully responded to the exasperated Sidamo, preciously hugged the box with the confectionary in it, and left in hasty steps. She planned on eating it immediately after returning to her room. This was a matter of utmost precedence.
Yalder saw her off with a fond expression. Sidamo lightly cleared his throat, and he addressed Yalder.

“Your Excellency. Actually, there is a formal matter of such gravity which I must discuss with you.”

“What, standing on ceremony all of a sudden. Don’t tell me, you’ve fallen in love with Schera and want to establish a formal marriage interview!? Sorry, but it won’t work out. I must have Colonel Schera marry into my Gael family. Sorry, but restrain yourself for me.”

Said Yalder in a tone that didn’t make one think he was joking, and Sidamo scowled at him with an expression as if to say, “What nonsense are you spouting?”
He cleared his throat louder than before, and continued talking with a displeased demeanor.

“That is an unnecessary worry. I wouldn’t, come hell or high water.”

“I see, I see! That’s a relief then. …….So, what is it?”

“Sir, actually, I have obtained a strange piece of intelligence from those that have returned from the north. The members of the rebel army have provisioned a large quantity of Cologne cows from the northern region.”

Said Sidamo, and Yalder rubbed his jaw, intrigued.

“Speaking of Cologne cows, they’re a famous livestock known for their delicious taste. But they have one more peculiar trait…”

“Yes. Those cattle have a brutal and ferocious personality, and if they were somehow so inclined, their disposition would make them endlessly run towards a target. If a large quantity of them were thrown onto the battlefield……”

“So that’s the case. That would be somewhat troublesome. Soldiers who knew nothing would probably be thrown into chaos if they were attacked suddenly by a relentless herd. ……Very well, tell Barbora for me that I want him to make it common knowledge amongst the soldiers beforehand. He might not like it, but that’s preferable to losing. If he says no, I will arrange for it.”

“Thank you very much, Your Excellency. ……Also, about that used at the Alucia Engagement—-”

“……Ahh, the sorcery mines right? I know without you telling me. Even now, I still have bad dreams about that defeat. If only my character had just been a bit more prudent. I can’t express how much regret I feel.”

Yalder’s gaze dropped, and Sidamo was a little worried, but Yalder bitterly smiled, saying his worry wasn’t needed.

“……Your Excellency.”

“ ……We have to warn them about that too. We cannot repeat the same mistake. Send out droves of scouts and have them constantly observe the plains. We won’t fall into that rut again-!”

Agitated, Yalder hit his desk. Sidamo deeply lowered his head and departed from the room.
He had taken measures for the situations he could think of. He had devised a counter-plan for the sorcery mines, and had advised caution against the schemed Cologne cows.
But, he had a bad feeling. Like he had overlooked something. That kind of unease scrambled through Sidamo’s mind.

“……I should consolidate my thoughts one more time. There isn’t much time until departure for the front, but we must have perfect preparations. We cannot permit anymore defeats.”




Next week, Barbora, the Army Corps Commander of the First Army, gave his orders to all the soldiers gathered in Canaan.
“Take back Belta, and destroy the rebel army in its entirety,” he triumphantly and loudly said. Leaving behind 20,000 guards for Canaan and Roshanak, a large army consisting of all 150,000 departed for Belta.

The Supreme Commander of the Kingdom’s Army was General Barbora. Yalder’s United Legion was incorporated into the First Army, and Yalder was placed under the command of Barbora, who was younger than him.
Yalder had once been an Army Corps Commander himself, but victory of all things was more important than his own useless pride, so he obediently followed. That sounded splendid when it came out of his mouth, but his face was flushed, and a blood vessel was furiously bulging out, said Sidamo waiting next to him.
Leading the other divisions were Octavio and Borbon, Barbora’s confided generals. There was also Major General Larus who had displayed solid talent under Sharov.
Favoring discretion, Larus had opposed the dispatch this time until the end. The words the passed-away Sharov had left Larus were to “never move from Canaan. Thoroughly fortify the defenses and wait for the enemy to destroy themselves.”
Aggressively assertive for quite awhile, Barbora had rejected that policy and endlessly stated his own cherished opinion at the war council.
Now that they had won the war against the Empire, taking back Belta was the same as deciding the war. If they didn’t make an offensive here, then just when would they?
That opinion was supported by the staff officers and generals, but even so, Larus showed his disapproval, and in the end, he was silenced by a royal edict.

Yalder had not given his own opinion and followed the war council’s plan. Even if they defended and followed Sharov’s advice, it was hard to think their prospects would change for the better. But making a large offensive to take back Belta carried with it the risk of not being able to recover if they lost.
If they won, fine. But, if they lost, it was all over. If Canaan fell, the Liberation Army would gradually get their hands on the Royal Capital. In that case, the feudal lords who decided to wait and see would unanimously turn towards the rebel army.

“……This is the only battle we absolutely cannot lose. We will win no matter what. I, Yalder Gael, will wager my life, and wipe out my disgrace from before-!”

Yalder steeled his resolve, and strongly gripped the flag of the Third Army, blotted by mud and blood. He would once again obtain the glory of victory, and this flag would flutter for his now deceased subordinates. This was a duty he ought to carry out, for shamelessly living on as a defeated general, Yalder thought.



Mid-march, a grim-faced man approached next to Schera. Schera disinterestedly turned her head, and inclined her head quizzically, since she remembered that face from somewhere.

“……Who were you again, I wonder? I feel like I remember you from somewhere.”

“Congratulations on your promotion, Colonel Schera.”

The man casually handed over a small bag to Schera. When she took it and checked inside, the bag was full of roasted beans.
These were the strange tasting beans that were Belta’s specialty. Schera’s memories began steadily clearing.

“Ahh, I remember. You, you’re Major Konrad that was at Belta right? So your wounds have healed. I thought that they were serious enough that you couldn’t move now though.”

“Yes, Colonel Schera. Thanks to the Colonel’s hard fight, this life was saved. In this battle, to repay that debt, I intend to work with the resolve to work my body to the bone-!”

Konrad spoke in bits and pieces as if checking each and every phrase.

“……Respectful language almost deathly doesn’t suit you. Can you speak like you always do without pushing yourself?”

With a self-satisfied face, she said words that had been said to her once before.
Konrad shook his head side to side, saying he couldn’t abide by Schera’s advice.

“Rank is absolute in an army. Please excuse me, but, I cannot do that!”

“I see. Doesn’t really matter to me. Well, you were finally saved, so don’t overexert yourself. This time, you’ll probably die. That’s just my intuition though.”

Konrad was blatantly informed of his death, but he responded to Schera without a change in expression.
If he was afraid of death, he wouldn’t have brushed away the doctor restraining him and participated in this battle.
Konrad had something he had to carry out, even at the cost of his life.

“In this battle, I have to kill the enemies of His Excellency, David. If I can accomplish that, this petty life is worth it.”

His once superior officer David had died at Belta. He was a noble who valued him despite his poor socializing skills. David’s reputation among others was unfavorable, but for Konrad, David was a man who he owed a debt of gratitude.
He himself would clear up David’s regret without fail. With just that tenacity, Konrad had made a recovery from wounds so serious he couldn’t move.

“……I see. I can’t stop you then. I expect great things from you this battle. For the Kingdom’s victory, let us expend all our power, together.”

“Sir, understood-!”

The conversation between both of them, both unsuited towards respectful language, ended shortly.
Konrad once again saluted atop his horse, and he returned to his own unit. Schera expressionlessly saw him off, took out a bean from the pouch, and threw it into her mouth.


The seasoning on today’s beans were so spicy that even Schera grimaced.




The Liberation Army received news that ‘the Kingdom’s Army of 150,000 are in the middle of marching towards Belta.’ As they had obtained intelligence that forces were gathering in Canaan beforehand, their war preparations were already complete.
It was the same for the Liberation Army too–they couldn’t lose this battle. Now that the Empire couldn’t take action, they had to let the world know that the Liberation Army could take control of the Royal Capital by itself. For that sake, they also had to achieve victory no matter what.
The commander of the Liberation Army, Altura, gave her orders to her gathered Liberation Army comrades.

“This battle will decide the fate of the Liberation War. Even now while we’re doing this, innocent people are starving and suffering. We are not permitted to fail. We must overthrow the current monarchy, spreading its harsh tyranny, no matter the costs. For that sake, much blood may be spilled, and many comrades may lose their lives. I will carry all those sins, and then, we will undoubtedly kill Kristoff, the source of this misgovernment, this, I swear to you. To build a world where no one has to suffer, where everyone can live in smiles, please, I want you to lend me your strength-!!”

Altura unsheathed her sword and majestically raised it towards the heavens. Cheers rang out like an explosion, and shouts of ‘Long Live the Liberation Army’ roared.
Gazing at them with a triumphant expression, Altura lived up to everyone’s cheers.

The soldiers of the Liberation Army were not fools. They didn’t think they could live in complete harmony like the Princess described. But even so, it was hard to put into form their hatred and resentment towards the current Kingdom tormenting them. That outlet for their seething rage that turned it into a just cause: that was Altura and the Liberation Army.

General Behrouz received the signal from Altura, and with a roar unbefitting his age, he gave his orders to the lined up army.


The Liberation Army, totalling 130,000, departed from Belta to intercept the advancing Army of the Kingdom. They planned to annihilate the approaching enemy army, and instantly take Canaan lacking in men. If this went well, they could probably put an end to this war.
Both armies would crash in Bertusburg Plains spread between Belta and Canaan. The largest forces of the Kingdom’s Army and the Liberation Army would clash in this battle. The plains had good visibility and gentle-sloping terrain. Characteristically, there was a high ground called Carnas Plateau, and it rose up, looking down in every direction.
Diener, Tactician of the Liberation Army, had successfully deployed a formation quickly on that high ground. They built a quick encampment on it, and a division led by Ghamzeh was deployed for its defense. Ghamzeh was also a general who burned with the desire for revenge. He had quit his post as staff officer and now led an army unit.
Also, 2,000 Cologne cows provisioned by Vander from the north were firmly bound, covered, and stationed at the rear of the army. Half of them were attached to wagons with their canopies covered.

—-In these carts were stacked a certain something,



On the other hand, the Kingdom’s Army also spread out their forces and confronted the rebel army from the front. Having the advantage in numbers, the Kingdom’s Army roughly planned to take the momentum and suppress them with a frontal attack.
At the same time, an operation was worked out to take back the threat of Carnas Plateau.
Barbora and the main body of the army was the center wing. The left wing was Borbon’s division, and the right wing was Yalder’s Legion placed in the back. Schera’s Cavalry was entrusted with the role of advance guard for the center wing.
There would inevitably become the foremost front line and see the fiercest battle. Casualties would naturally be high, but there was also the honored duty of starting the battle.
Schera’s entrusted role was to drive a wedge between the enemy’s center and left wing. Highly valuing Schera’s prowess, Barbora had given Schera this important duty and had stifled his confident Octavio’s opposition.
Assigned as her support was Major Konrad formerly of the Fourth Army, who recently had recovered from his wounds, and Octavio, who had opposed until the end.
Barbora’s main body and Borbon’s division would be a decoy to stalemate the front, and the main duty lay with the right wing led by Yalder. Desiring experience and valor, Barbora had ventured to select Yalder who he had an dog-cat relationship with for this duty. Now that his desire for promotion had been satiated, he intended to do everything he could for victory. He also had reason to harbor doubts about the leadership ability of his confidant Octavio and the others.

After they divided and isolated Carnas Plateau, Yalder’s right wing would circle around, aim for the side thin in defenses, and annihilate them, which would bring the operation to its final stage. After gaining control of the high ground, they would use that momentum and descend on the enemy headquarters. This was Barbora’s drafted operation.
“Your Excellency Barbora! Why did you let General Yalder command the detached right wing-!? Not only that, I cannot believe you left the role of the wedge to that little girl! Please entrust such an important role to the senior generals of our First Army!”

Knowing the details of the operation, Octavio appealed to Barbora while sending spit flying. Why was Yalder entrusted with the detached right wing that seemed to have the most reward? Above all, he couldn’t accept that he, of such long service, was to be the rear guard of a little girl who recently became a Colonel.
If this operation went all, Schera would have the achievement of successfully dividing the enemy, and would be promoted to Major General, the same rank as Octavio, despite her humble birth. He couldn’t even laugh. Just imagining it made him dizzy.

“Octavio. We must win this battle no matter what. Colonel Schera’s almost terrifying prowess is known not only by our allies but also the enemy. I have deemed that she is the most suitable for the role of cutting in and breaking apart the enemy line; and, that you are the most suitable to back her up.”

Barbora level-headedly declared. Octavio persisted, but Barbora took no notice of him.

“Your Excellency!!”

“You’re annoying-! This is a decided matter! We cannot make changes now! You should obediently follow my orders-!”

“—-…. B, by your will.”

Barbora scolded, and Octavio was unwillingly cowed. Normally, he was very daring, but in crucial moments, he had a timid side to him, which Barbora had seen through.
Octavio left the pavilion, and took along his adjutant who was waiting outside for him back to his own camp.
Barbora rubbed his temples. He now finally realized Sharov’s troubles. He had been able to complain as much as he wanted precisely because Sharov was there to complain to. Now that Barbora was burdened with the lives of the entire First Army, he wasn’t allowed such behavior.





“Sir Octavio. Are you fine with this?”

The adjutant who had been listening asked Octavio whose face was red. ‘Was it really fine having the role of a little girl’s rear guard?’, he reminded. Octavio’s promotion went hand in hand with his.

“Hmph. War, is something that once started, judgement on-scene takes priority. Commanders who adapt themselves to the situation are who we need to be our generals. Besides, that Colonel Schera will sadly overextend, too hasty for merit, is another situation we can consider. If that happens, then there will be nothing we can do.”

“……I understand. It cannot be helped if that happens. It is a common story where someone dies in battle, too impatient to distinguish themselves and too lustful for promotion.”

The adjutant had a seedy smile. Octavio continued further.

“In fact, it might be better to abandon that little girl, and when the enemy is negligent, we cut into them. Kukuh-, if she has as much prowess as the rumors say, she’ll probably survive. There’s absolutely no need for us to support. I’ll win this battle, and the nuisances will disappear.”

It goes without saying that Schera, who had been promoted with frightening speed, was included in those nuisances.
The nail that sticks out gets hammered down. He had to quickly deal with this dangerous sprout that was likely to threaten his position, and he would nip it in the bud.
It was these kinds of pointless political disputes that had been corroding the Kingdom’s Army, but the persons themselves didn’t care at all.

Leading her cavalry and standing on the front lines, Schera took out a package she had fastened to her horse and devoured the final slice of the Yalder Pie.
Mixes of fruit juices gushed in her mouth, and Schera had a beaming, happy smile. To be able to enjoy the tastes of so many fruits in just one pie–perhaps Yalder who had thought of this was a genius.
Schera’s impression of Yalder improved.
The surrounding soldiers were watching her affectionately. There was an alluring, “gap” feeling about Death who everyone feared stuffing her cheeks with sweets like a plain village girl.

“Colonel, you saved His Excellency Yalder’s present for this day? I thought you had ate it all. You had seemed much captivated by it.”

Enquired Katarina, and Schera shook her head up and down while slowly chewing.

“Today is a special day. I’ll be able to kill tons of the rebel scum to my heart’s content. That’s why, you know, I thought to eat something good before the important battle.”

Schera had prepared the tastiest food she could, and that was this Yalder Pie.
If she could go to the Royal Capital, she intended on using all the money she had and going on a shopping spree.
Yalder’s feast, this delicious treat, she thought about going to the Royal Capital right now immediately, but she held back.
Eating was important, but dealing with these scum was just as paramount.

“So that is the case; I understand now.”

“Actually, I wanted to share some with you, but I ate all of it and there’s nothing left. Sorry. If we go to the Royal Capital, I’ll buy you all your share. Look forward to it.”

“Not at all! Your feelings are enough for me.”

Katarina courteously declined. To be honest, she didn’t like sweet things that much.
‘Oh?’, said Schera. She licked her fingertips and stretched.

“……Ahh, dogs of the rebel army as far as the eye can see. Annoying trash in swarms. Infestation to the extreme. Don’t you think so, Katarina?”

The vexatious forces of the rebel army were spread out far in front of them, and their green flag that made her irritated just by looking at it was fluttering.
Genuinely displeased, Schera narrowed her eyes and grimaced. Her happy feelings instantly changed to something darkish.
When Katarina handed her a hard candy, she threw it into her mouth without saying anything and pulverized it savagely.
Thick killing intent began radiating from her small body, and her expression changed to something feral.
“—-Your orders, Colonel Schera.”

“Kill everything within reach. Don’t overlook a single rebel army scum. Kill all of them, whether they be civilian soldiers or young soldiers. No buts, kill them.”

“Slaughter the rebel army-! The Colonel’s orders are absolute, you must carry them out-!! If you understand, let’s hear the Colonel’s orders-!”

Katarina raised her voice, and all the cavalrymen lifted their spears and yelled,


They shouted praise towards Schera, not loyalty towards the Kingdom. Soldiers not of Schera’s Cavalry were petrified and overwhelmed by their spirit.
Schera smiled contentedly at her cavalry, then glanced at the flock of prey spread out before her, and deliciously licked her lips.

“Well then, let us conquer.”

Schera easily rotated her scythe above her head and began galloping with all her energy, taking the lead. Her cavalry hoisting their black flags, a step behind, followed after her, kicking up a furious cloud of dust.


—-The Battle of Bertusburg, the fight to decide the fate of the Kingdom’s Army and the Liberation Army, began.


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