Girl Who Ate Death Chapter 19

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Chapter 19: Well Boiled Tomato Soup is Wonderfully Delicious

Yalder’s United Legion had been ordered to reposition to the Royal Capital. Taking along the defeated soldiers from Antigua and Belta, Yalder headed towards his destination with heavy steps. After having been demoted, he had lost his appetite, and his face had become pale. Since Yalder was rather overweight, Sidamo inwardly thought that this was a good thing.
An express messenger from Sharov visited this depressed Yalder.
‘Stand by and wait for orders.’
Hearing that, Yalder was exasperated, thinking, ‘is he harassing me now?’ Sidamo went to comfort him. ‘This is a unique chance to rid yourself of the dishonor,’ he said. Yalder, not understanding what Sidamo meant, had a question mark above his head. ‘Let’s just follow instructions right now,’ strongly counselled Sidamo without answering Yalder’s confusion.
Also, as to carry out one more secret order, Sidamo gave instructions to Schera’s Cavalry. She was the strongest card in his hand–the card of Death. ‘Flush out the colluding feudal lords, and gather information.’

In the Kingdom’s southern area, the feudal lords’ movements reeked of conspiracy–this had reached Sharov through his scouts. Through investigation, he understood that they were gathering an excessive supply of goods and mercenaries. Judging that the possibility they would rise to action in concert with the enemy was high, he had feigned dismissing Yalder, and sent them in as a covert squadron. Pity for the person concerned, but Yalder’s personality was one that couldn’t put up an act, so he had no choice. Since he had a suitable reason to be dismissed, and it wouldn’t give the colluders misgivings, Yalder was chosen. Sharov needed to put on the act since they were in a situation where even the contents of the war council would be passed to the enemy through their spies.

Sharov had sensed signs that an enemy surprise attack was probable, but he couldn’t read as far as their route of invasion: Cyrus, Sayeh, there was also the possibility they would outwit them and assault Roshanak Stronghold. Currently, the enemy’s main force was heading towards the front of Canaan’s main road, and a division of Sharov’s First Army had taken formation to meet them. Normally, he wouldn’t be concerned about losing. The enemy was also just confronting them, and an assertive offensive wouldn’t come. Only sporadic skirmishes were occuring.

“I knew it. They’re waiting for something, that much is obvious…”

“I feel no will to attack from the enemy. I think it is as you say, Field Marshal. We ought to increase the number of scouts and strengthen our lookouts.”

Sharov muttered while looking at the map. Major General Larus agreed with him. He was a general barely approaching 40, and he didn’t particularly excel in military prowess, but he had steady leadership. His personality was very cooperative, and he was a good commander to work with from Sharov’s point of view. As these kinds of people had become scarce, Sharov was desperate to have him. He didn’t mind comrades who had desire for promotions, but there were too many of them who behaved based on their own judgement.

He didn’t want to speak ill of David, who had died in battle, but losing Belta had definitely been devastating. Even if they protected Canaan, it was not unlikely the Liberation Army would aim for the Royal Capital via the Kingdom’s south. Before the Kingdom would gradually fall to ruin, he had to take some kinds of measures. But, his pieces were too few for that. His own First Army couldn’t even move freely. ‘Wasn’t there any way to eliminate that parasitic fiend, Farzam?’ He inwardly thought.

“We will not make any progress at this rate. We should might as well launch an attack. Has not a request from the Royal Capital come, saying to annihilate them?”

Lieutenant General Barbora called for a proactive offensive. This man, a lump of desire for promotion, was absurdly strong when the wind was behind his back, but was weak when beaten down. He was the type of person unsuited towards defense. For the most part, it would be this kind of recklessness that would cause a firm formation to be broken. Sharov hadn’t wanted to appoint him, but there were political nepotism circumstances, so there was nothing he could do about it.

“Ignore the request of the man who doesn’t know the actual situation. Now isn’t the time for incautious movements.”

“What are you saying!? That may have been the Field Marshal’s words, but that is disrespect towards His Majesty!”

“Myself was talking about Farzam. The foolish instructions all came from that man. Some youngster who hasn’t ever been in the Army shouldn’t boldly meddle in a war. Grief, what a terrible era it has become. How he lived this long is a mystery.”

“Your Excellency. Any more is”

“You’re right. Myself talking is of no help. We should just consider how to successfully defend Canaan.”


When Larus requested prudence, Sharov cleared his throat.
Barbora harrumphed in ill humor.

“……It is about time soon that General, I mean, Lieutenant General Yalder arrives at the Royal Capital.”

To change the subject, Larus spoke of Yalder’s case.

“He’ll probably arrive after a few more days. Sometime in the future, I plan on giving him another chance. His decisive personality is not displeasing to myself. What’s essential is that he becomes humble.”

Calmly fibbed Sharov while rubbing his facial hair. If everything went as planned, they should have already began work weeding out the conspirators. Also, that Death God who had recently become the talk of rumors was under Yalder. In such a critical situation, her presence was quite reassuring.
While gazing at the map of battle formations on top of the desk, Sharov racked his cob-webbed brain.





—-It was evening.
While basking in the red rays of the sun, 100 cavalrymen led by Schera were marching in rank.

“We met quite a bit of unforeseen difficulties. They had a strong sense of duty unexpectedly.”

Schera spurred on her horse while her scythe perched on her shoulder. Next to her was Katarina in parallel holding a sack.
The strangely bulky sack would be necessary “proof” in the next town. The thing held in the cloth sack was fresh, and its fluid was soaking through.

“However, due to the Lt. Col.’s superb questioning, we have gotten hold of most of the information. You were also able to extrapolate the principal offender, splendid.”

“Praising me won’t net you anything. Unfortunately. I don’t have anything anymore.”

Schera shrugged her shoulders. She looked back at the cavalrymen trailing behind her.

“Once we arrive, start preparations for food. I’m already so hungry I could die. I’ve eaten all that we have sadly.”

She turned over a small bag. All that fell out were crumbs of bread. Whether she liked it or not, there was nothing left. Even if she shouted, that wouldn’t fill her stomach. It would be a waste of stamina.

“Sir, please leave it to me. I have packed a set of cooking tools. I have also obtained ingredients some time ago, so I believe you will definitely be satisfied.”

A cavalryman smiled, showing his white teeth.

“Yo, when’d you buy them?”
“When you guys were languidly on guard duty.”
“Oh you trying to make yourself look good!”

The crowd of cavalry around her went into an uproar. Schera nodded a few times, and smiled cheerily.

“I’m looking forward to it. Let’s hurry up and finish our work, and then eat some good food. I hope this time won’t take too long.”

“Sir-, we will be arriving shortly!”

The town of Millard was in sight with its front gates tightly shut. This city was located west of the soon-to-be-completed Cyrus Fortress. Its feudal lord, Evjen, seemed to understand reason in comparison to other nobles, and his reputation amongst the soldiers and citizens was favorable. Moreover, he excelled in leadership, and they heard he often bore the role of mediator between neighboring feudal lords.
The Kingdom’s flag was waving over the town, but on its surrounding ramparts glinted the eyes of archers prepared for war. Schera’s mouth curved, thinking how helpful it was that he was truly easy to understand.

—-They exchanged a back and forth in front of the gate, and finally entered the town an hour after that.




Millard’s feudal lord, Baron Evjen, was distressed. Before long, a Liberation Army unit would cross over the ridge; yet, why at this timing would a unit of the Kingdom come along? There had only been a small crack in his discretion, that much was certain. But, there wasn’t enough time. Goods and personnel were necessary to rise up and hold out until winter would come. He had taken out funds for just that, employed mercenaries, and prepared goods to offer the Liberation Army. He had needed to coercively hasten things along..

“……What should I do?”

“Honored Father. The unit of the Kingdom has not yet entered the town. Let us immediately drive them away. They cannot come inside!”

Evjen’s eldest son suggested a hard-line policy. He was Evjen’s prided son, overflowing with wisdom and with a future to look forward to. He would someday be the successor of this Millard territory, and would maybe develop it further. But, he was still young. He lacked experience. For a 20 or so year old, it was impossible to escape from this situation.
If they chose to fight, the Kingdom’s Army would immediately march on them, and Millard would fall. In the plan, the Liberation Army would first aim for the barely occupied Cyrus Fortress. The Kingdom would probably ignore Millard, which would have “fallen.” The Kingdom doing that may seem heartless, but as a tactic, it was correct. This operation would come to naught if the main target, Cyrus, didn’t fall,.

“If we chase them away, our will to rebel would be clear, and their forces would immediately head towards us. That danger has to be taken into account. After all, we still don’t precisely know our opponent’s motives.”

“Still, I cannot believe that the Kingdom’s cavalry would come all the way out here at this time. It is obvious that they have gotten wind of something! Ushering them in would be suicidal!”

Evjen spoke up to calm his shouting son whose face was reddening.

“But, there’s still no way they know everything. Their forces are too few if they were coming to suppress a rebellion. It’s likely they’re here to descry the situation while showing off their might. It serves as both a check and a threat.”

Evjen’s decision would affect the lives of the neighboring feudal lords. Their lives were very much intertwined here. They had wagered all their chips into the Liberation Army. They could no longer backtrack.

“……Then, will you really let them in?”

“Making them wait anymore would probably make them suspicious. It’ll be fine if we play it off as vigilance against night burglars. As for their questioning, we shall adapt ourselves to the situation and respond. Leave the rest to me. You take the other things and go to the room.”

“……I understand. Honored Father, I beg you to take care of yourself.”

While having an expression that showed he didn’t agree, the eldest son returned to the room where the family was waiting. Evjen called the guards and fortified the perimeter of the reception room. He instructed the mercenaries outside to take up arms and ordered them to kill everyone immediately upon the signal. If by any chance the discussion were to break down, he had to kill the one hundred cavalry. It would be fatal if even one rider were to escape. He absolutely had to exterminate them.
“Well now, the rest depends on the opponent. Though I would love it if they somehow quietly went back. As of now, there’s no need for pointless bloodshed.”

Evjen took a big, deep breath to calm his nerves. Then, he steeled himself, straightened his back, and headed to the reception room.



Parlor, surrounded by guards.
There were two female officers. One of them was a short-statured girl who looked about 20, no, not even 18. She was clad in unbefitting black armor and had an intrepid smile on her face. The other female officer wore glasses and had silver-gray hair. A cute-looking pink ribbon gathered her hair behind her head. As soon as he entered the room, they turned their eyes towards him, as if surveying him.

“My my, thank you for taking the trouble of coming all the way to a place like this. I am called Evjen, the one governing this belt of Millard. I hope to make your acquaintance.”

While making a forced smile, he sat down across from them.
The small-statured girl was sitting with a smile on her face. The woman with the glasses stood beside her, and was whispering something into her ear. Somehow, it seemed the short girl was of a higher rank. When he squinted his eyes to check, her proof of rank was Lieutenant Colonel. The woman with the glasses was wearing one of a Second Lieutenant. How did this kind of girl who looked powerless become a Lieutenant Colonel? Was the Kingdom’s Army just in that much distress?
—-It seemed his decision hadn’t been wrong, Evjen inwardly thought.

“Good evening, Baron Evjen. I am Lieutenant Colonel Schera with a cavalry unit affiliated with Yalder’s United Legion of the Kingdom’s Army. This is my adjutant, Second Lieutenant Katarina.”

“I am Katarina. It is an honor to lay eyes upon the renowned Baron Evjen.”

The woman officer called Katarina very deeply lowered her head. At her feet was a sack wrapped in cloth. Maybe it was intended to be a visiting gift.

“Lieutenant Colonel Schera, and Second Lieutenant Katarina? Well, please make yourselves at home. It must certainly have taken great effort for someone so young to have made it up to Lieutenant Colonel.”

“You flatter me. After killing enemies, before I knew it, I made it up to this rank. I myself am bewildered. I have no handle of commanding after all.”

Responded Schera while laughing; her eyes weren’t laughing at all. She was continuing to observe Evjen’s behavior. Same with Katarina. Her feet were slightly apart, and she had a stance like she would unsheathe her sword at any moment.
They completely distrusted him. Sweat appeared on Evjen’s brow.

“……And so, just what business is there at this late hour? Recently, a kind of night burglar has been frequenting. I have taken labor to get validation. If I could, I would welcome any advance information.”

Evjen clapped his hands, sending the signal, and wine was poured into the glasses prepared in front of Schera and Katarina. Red wine. He instinctively thought it was an inauspicious color. When he clapped his hands one more time, that would be the signal for the guards to barge in. These pitiful officers would be caught in a bloodbath. If possible, he wanted this to end peacefully.
He prayed they were reasonable people. At the worst, he was fine with them taking money. Or maybe, if he got them on his side, these women’s futures would be bright too. There shouldn’t be any reason to stay with the Kingdom that was heading towards ruin.

“That would be something you would know the best right? Baron Evjen.”

‘What are you saying?’, said Schera as she tilted the glass. Red fluid sloshed.

“Dear me, I am unable to understand what you are saying but…… It seems you harbor doubts about this humble me. I swear to the Star God that there is no such thing.”

He declared, sticking out his chest, and there was loud laughter.

“—-Ahaha-! What a cheap God, Baron Evjen. Please do not make me laugh so much. My stomach is rumbling.”

“Even if you say so, the truth is the truth. First, I would like you to clearly say, so that this humble Evjen can understand, what you want to enquire about.”

When Evjen feigned innocence, Schera exasperatedly shook her head. Katarina had her eye on him without so much as a blink.

“Simply put, Evjen. When and from where is the scum of the Liberation Army coming? If you confess everything right now, I’ll permit you only your life.”

Schera’s attitude took a completely change, and she threatened with an expression like a beast. Evjen was involuntarily lost for words, but he quickly pulled himself together. This was after all a threat. There was no way she could actually do it. He could not yield here.

“……What an impolite use of words for a Lieutenant Colonel. That was extremely, extremely discomforting. What a rash remark towards a man who swears absolute loyalty to the Kingdom!”

“Then, you won’t mind if I take that as you having no intention of speaking honestly?”

“I am not in a position to speak honestly; I do not know at all what matter you mean! If your business is just that, I would like you to immediately leave. I will sent a protest to the Kingdom in due form about this matter. You should resolve yourself as much as you can! Guards, take the Lieutenant Colonel back! See her off!”

Evjen shouted, but there was not a quiver from the guards waiting next to the doors. They were petrified on the spot, as if they were sculptures.

“Hey, didn’t you hear me! Guards!”

“……How noisy. Katarina, seize this fussy man.”


Katarina produced her cane and called for the guards. They grasped his arms and pressed his face onto the table. Evjen was restrained by strength not owned by humans.

“W, what are you doing-!? You bastards, have you gone mad!?”

He angrily shouted, but the guards didn’t move. Their eyes weren’t focused on anything. Their complexion was darkish, and out of their throats stuck out sharp knives. The blood had coagulated, and only that area was dark red.

“—-Wh, what’s that wound. Why can they m, move!? Y, you, just what”

“Evjen. This isn’t a situation to worry about others. I’ll give you just one more chance to choose. Think carefully. If you honestly speak everything now, I will kill only you. There’s also proof, so how about confessing I wonder.”

Schera tapped the table slowly with her finger and offered him the choice.

“P, proof!? There’s no way you would ha—-”

“We have it. Amazing proof that would absolutely satisfy you too. So fresh that it might still be living. Please take a good look with those eyes.”

Waiting beside nearby, Katarina placed the cloth sack at her feet on top the table. The bottom part of the cloth had changed color to black and was giving off a stench.
Katarina skillfully undid the knot, and there was…

“C, Czeslaw!?”

Czeslaw, the feudal lord of the town neighboring Millard. The two towns were nearby, and he had a close friendship with him.
He was the man Evjen had first revealed the plan to. Now looking however, he had become a tragic figure.

“The former sir feudal lord of the neighboring town. He had been quite stubborn, but in the end, he spoke his heart out. About the locations of the letters you two had exchanged. About what kind of plan it would be. Except, the most vital informations, are something only you know right? That was the reason we came all the way out here. Do you understand I wonder.”

Next to Czeslaw’s head, she threw a bundle of letters. Secret messages that had been strictly safekept inside of a vault.


“So, your answer?”

Schera asked the final question.
Evjen, after keeping silent, shook his head sideways.

“I, I don’t know. Even if you show me something like that, it means nothing to me! If you understand, hurry up and leave!”

He tried to squirm free from the guards restraining him. But, his body couldn’t move. Seeing that, Schera tiredly let out a sigh.

“I’m hungry, so I didn’t want this to be something troublesome. No matter, let’s get it over with.”

“Lieutenant Colonel., please leave it to me this time. I will make him spit everything out, absolutely.”

“……You’ll be okay? If it’s impossible, I’ll do it.”

“No, there will be no problem. I may look like this, but I have knowledge more or less. I will do it so that he will himself will want to talk, please allow me to show you .”

Katarina made some toying motion with her hand. It gave an impression like something spherical was rolling in her palms. It was probably some bad habit. Schera, deciding well it’ll fine, entrusted everything to her.

“Well then, I’ll return back to beside everyone. The materials are shut up in the aforementioned room. It seems to be quite a large family. Use only what’s necessary. Freely to your heart’s content.”

“Sir-, please leave it to me! ……Well then, Baron Evjen, shall we go?”

Katarina approached Evjen and whispered quietly into his ear. At the tone of her voice, he reflexively got goosebumps.

“S, stop! I don’t know-! I really don’t know-!”

“It took three people for Baron Czeslaw. How many will you take? —-Ufufufu-”

Making the guards gag his screaming mouth, Katarina left with him on their shoulders.
After finishing the wine, Schera left the glass upside down. A red stain spread on the white tablecloth. In its center, some dark stain was spreading out. What a strange sight, thought Schera like it was none of her business.




Millard’s Central Plaza.
The cavalrymen were making a bonfire while cooking. Surrounding them were mercenaries revealing their bloodthirst.
Schera cheerfully spoke up.

“How’s cooking preparations?”

“Sir-, they are going well!”

“The menu?”

“Fish and vegetable soup. There are bread, cheese, and the usual dried meat. The centerpiece is the soup. The taste of seasoned vegetables has been brought out and is delicious.”

“I’m looking forward to it. Well then I wonder, let’s do some exercise first.

Schera grabbed her scythe that she had leaned on a wall. Except for the chef soldier, everyone took up their respective weapons.
“Y, you bitches! Wanna go-!?”
“You think you can win with this number of people!?”
“If you don’t want to die, drop your weapons!”

From the mercenaries’ mouths came words of intimidation. They were waiting for Evjen’s signal, but they had surrounded them without waiting. They were itching for a fight; they were men from collapsed bandit troupe. They wouldn’t wait for something like instructions of a noble.

“Lieutenant Colonel?”

“Kill everyone holding weapons. Treat the others as civilians. For now, this is a town in the Kingdom’s territory. If we make a mistake, that’ll be bad in all sorts of ways right?”


“—-Get them!”

At that signal, the soldiers rushed at the mercenaries. Schera had hurled small sickles and had already killed two. Around the bonfire unfolded a tragedy. There was no way a mish-mash of mercenaries could win against the cavalry members who had different training and higher morale. Their numbers were diminishing incredibly fast.
“H, hey. Shouldn’t we also back them up?”

“W, wait. Drop your sword. Absolutely do not get involved. You’ll be killed.”

The man trembling in fear threw his sword in front of him and warned the mercenary next to him to absolutely not get involved.

“W, why?”

“……Look at those guys’ flag. Black, with a white crow coat of arms. I’ve seen that on the battlefield. That’s bad news. It’s the Death God. Schera’s emblem. If you don’t want to die, hurry and throw away your sword!”

“I, I get it okay. I don’t really get it though. I just think your words are kinda true.”

Suppressed by the other man’s authority, he threw away his sword in front of him, not understanding what he meant. He didn’t agree, but the vicinity near the bonfire was already a sea of blood. Soldiers stepped on the backs of feeble breathing mercenaries and skewered them with spears. A girl not to be trifled with was bisecting humans while easily handling a scythe. He couldn’t understand what was what.

And so thus, the last man was thrown down, and his head was stepped on by the female officer. Along with an exhale at the point of effort, his head was exploded, smashed like a tomato. That scene was like watching some kind of bad dream.

“Lieutenant Colonel. We are done for the most part. The two over there are the only ones remaining.”

Reported a soldier while wiping off dust. No one had suffered any wounds it seemed. Everyone was checking their weapons.

“Good work. More importantly, is the soup okay? Did I go too overboard I wonder.”

Schera worriedly looked into the cauldron. Something red was mixed in. The chef soldier started mixing it, saying it was fine. He had been constantly cooking in the middle of the battlefield. Maybe as a result, a fragrant smell that tempted the appetite began wafting in the air.

“There is no problem. It has been awhile, so I tried throwing in tomatoes and mixing in spices. This will warm up your body when you eat it, as a result of the spiciness.”

“That sounds great. Probably thanks to the approaching winter, it’s been really cold recently. Let’s have everyone taste it. A meal is more enjoyable with everyone.”

“It will be about time soon for Second Lieutenant Katarina to return. I will properly finish up before them.”

“I leave it to you. I will greet the remaining humans.”

While waving her scythe to get rid of the clots of blood, the character who played the leading role in causing this tragedy approached.
The two survivors didn’t do anything but stand stock still while shivering in terror. Schera approached, to scythe range, and further to point blank range, and she smiled, showing her white teeth, while her palm, wet with red, brushed the cheek of a mercenary.
The slimy feeling made the man feel Death.

“You guys, have made the correct choice. Very fortunate of you. You should happily live out your life from hereon. It’ll be a waste if you die in vain.”

“Hih, h—–”

Schera rubbed his cheek. Red thickly painted his face. Mixed in with the blood was some kind of piece of meat that stuck to him. The man didn’t want to know what that something was.

“Fufu, I’m not going to eat you or anything. There’s tasty soup over there after all. If it’s alright with you, wanna eat together?”

“—-N, no well, I”

“If you change your mind, come talk. Tonight, we’ll spend the night here.* See yah.”

Schera removed her hand, and returned to the bonfire in good humor. The man had gotten over his fear, and was gazing at Schera’s face before he knew it. The mercenary neighboring him tried to get his attention, concerned, but his words didn’t reach the man’s ears.



One hour later.
Katarina came out from the feudal lord’s mansion.
The soup was simmering pleasantly. It would soon be time to eat.

“Katarina, how’d it go? Were you properly able to do it I wonder.”

“Sir, he spilled out everything. I used four people. He was quite obstinate, but in the end, he said, ‘I’ll say everything, so please forgive me.’ He should have just said that from the beginning; that stupid man.”

Reported Katarina with a smiling face. Her entire body was covered in blood, and some unrecognizable things were sticking to her. The person herself showed no signs of caring. The cavalrymen were also composedly chatting.
Schera wiped the filth off Katarina’s face with a towel, and then wiped the filth stuck to her armor. While that was happening, Katarina muttered, ‘extremely sorry for causing you trouble.’ During that time, she was making a toying-with-something gesture as always. This time, her hand wasn’t empty, but had the actual item in it. They bumped around, and she skillfully rotated them with her hand. They looked much like walnuts, Schera thought.

“Second Lieutenant, even if you hold those kind of things, they won’t fill your belly. I’ll give you these, so throw those away.”

Schera tossed two walnuts that she kept hidden on her to Katarina.

“—-Eh, o, okay! W-whew. I was about to drop them. Thank you very much!”

Flustered in case she dropped them, she caught them and dropped the two things she had held up until now towards her feet. They were dirtied by the soil, so she *squish*, stepped on them while they were on the ground. It seemed she was much more taken by the present from her superior officer. She started rolling them around again. The walnuts made clacking sounds.

“Come, let’s have our long awaited dinner. We’ve been waiting for you. As for the report to Staff Officer Sidamo, let’s tell him we left right after finishing eating.”


Katarina saluted and approached the open fire in a jog.

“Now, let us eat. There’s a great smell. The person who made this must be skilled I wonder.”

“I am honored to receive your praise!”

When she praised the soldier, he shouted, standing up from his spot and saluting. The surrounding soldiers were throwing complaints that he was too loud. They were also throwing pebbles.

In order, the soup, bread, and dried meat were distributed, and everyone gave praise to the white crow of the black flag. This wasn’t something someone had started. It just naturally became like this–since they felt like they would be blessed somehow.

To where they were having the meal, hesitatingly came the mercenary that had thrown away his sword earlier. When Schera handed him soup, he said his thanks and started drinking. At the large plaza littered with corpses, the cavalrymen spent their time very enjoyably.



—-Report from Schera’s Cavalry.

The rebel army will cross Golbahar Ridge, designing to assault Cyrus Fortress.
They will number 3,000 light infantry as the vanguard, and 5,000 as the rearguard.
Their estimated arrival is three days from this day, in the morning during the coming of dense fog.
The neighboring feudal lords will merge with them and rebel.
Consult the enclosed documents for the conspiring feudal lords.

In addition, as two men, Evjen and Czeslaw, have been recognized as of the rebel army, they have been judged.

End of Transmission.

* 夜を明かす A possible wordplay by the author. Literally this can mean to spend the night, but overall it can mean to do an all-nighter. Maybe suggesting that Schera’s Cavalry will not rest?

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