Girl Who Ate Death Chapter 17

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Chapter 17: More than Pretty Medals, I Want Food That’s Delicious

Liberation Army Campground, Front Line.
The generals’ morale was soaring, and everyone galvanized themselves, saying tomorrow would be the day they bring down Belta.
Diener estimated that the siege operation would end after one week.
If they ignored casualties and sieged zealously day and night, it might even fall immediately, he thought, but there was no need to push themselves. Now that they’d come this far, even if he erred at the very end, it would not change anything.
The moat was being filled in while the catapults were backing the infantry. Then, once they were able to use the siege towers and battering rams, they would instantly have superiority.
With no sign that enemy reinforcements were coming right now, they were incessantly only making a frontal attack. It would pressure the enemy soldiers’ wills, bring out internal collapse, and make them open the gates from the inside. Now that they succeeding in converting numerous traitors, the surrender of the castle was only a matter of time.

“Sir Diener, seems the siege operation is progressing as you firstly planned. Our subordinates are also rising in energy.”

The veteran general Behrouz greeted Diener. Excelling at clever tactics, Behrouz was the center of all the Liberation Army generals.

“Mmm. Everything is according to keikaku.* In the not so distant future, maybe, the doors will be thrown open.”

Belta Castle shown on the map… was completely surrounded by Liberation Army pieces from all four sides.

“Afterwards, we just have to pay attention for a desperate attack from the enemy. What the cornered enemy will do, we do not know. We have to keep sustained surveillance.”

“That is true however. In a little while, I plan on weakening just one place in our encirclement. If we venture to show an opening, we will lure out the enemy.”

The pieces arranged on the eastern side were pulled back.

“I see. You intend on deploying ambush troops to their path of retreat. Even if they know, the enemy planning to escape will have to take their chances. Staying is just waiting to be destroyed.”

“……Here, I plan on killing the rumored Death God. Because she has steadily become a dangerous existence, even if I have to resort to force, I will have her leave the castle. That cavalry unit will definitely plan to escape at the fall of the castle. On their path of retreat, they may conceal themselves and march, but there is a perfect woodlands area. They should be passing through it. I will accost them there.”

He guided with his hand to be understood; he hit that hand. He would lay an ambush for the soldiers on their path of retreat, and kill in one fell swoop the defenseless cavalry that could only progress forwards. The enemy would doubtlessly move at night. Their field of vision would be obscured, and they would not notice the troops in ambush. No matter how stalwart she may be according to the rumors, she was limited to being human. If he crushed her with numbers, he could undeniably kill her. No matter what kind of Hero she was.

“Death God. Going by the name of, Schera Zade, if I recall. A daring and resolute, young, female general I heard. I would love to see her once.”

Behrouz jokingly played around.
However, his eyes weren’t laughing. Many of his colleagues had been killed, and he was inwardly grinding his teeth. Losing Borjek and Voleur was painful. As officers with a plethora of experiences, they carried the important role of guiding the next generation. That Death God, had simply clipped that away.

“While unfortunate, that opportunity may never visit you I believe. I will have the Death God urgently return home to her former world. The perishing Kingdom doesn’t need something like a Hero.”

Diener declared, and he sent his gaze towards Belta Castle.
The severe hail of stones were continuing even now. The enemy’s counterattacks were gradually dropping in severity.
—-Everything was going well.





Six days passed since the start of the siege. As usual, reinforcements hadn’t come. The moat was being filled up hour by hour.
Belta Castle, under such a hopeless situation, VIP Room.
Schera had received an invitation from David and was festively enjoying an extravagant, fancy dinner. It was thanks for undertaking a certain duty for him, and to show that he valued her labor the other day. When he asked her what she wanted, she had unashamedly responded, delicious food.
David who had no appetite was watching the female commissioned officer consuming the meal before his eyes and unintentionally, wryly smiled.

“Major Schera, is it delicious?”

“Yes. Tasty.”

She responded without raising her face. She was not wearing her armor or gauntlets right now. Though, her weapon was left under her.

“That so. That’s good. It’s something our finest chef made. You should slowly taste it.”

“Sir-! Understood.”

“It’s fine if you don’t talk while eating. You calm down and eat.”

She nodded, and cut the meat using the knife. It was the meat of the rare Cologne cow taken from the Kingdom’s northwest region. Food made using it was something commoners could never even dream of eating.
While tasting the trickling blood sauce, Schera’s was throwing steak into her flapping mouth. In addition, things like fruit taken from the Union and Empire-brand wine were laid out. It was, so to speak, a dinner table of high class nobility. Schera was insatiably wolfing everything down.
This little girl who looked to be the same age as his own daughter did not at all appear to him as a feared Death God.
David was gazing at this supper scene with profound interest.

—-There, the latest intruder barged in.
It was a man of nobility leading ten of his own troops. He was a human who curried favor with David and had the position of Staff Officer.
Triumphantly pointing his unsheathed sword, he had a vulgar smile. Schera paid him no mind and continued eating. From their perspective, they could only see her small back.

“I wondered who it was; if it isn’t Staff Officer Asar. How rare of you to hold something like a sword, what happened?”

David asked with blank eyes, and the man called Asar snorted.

“Hmph, that’s evident. I’ll surrender to the Liberation Army and present Your Excellency’s head. Princess Altura was originally connected to the Royal Family. Going to serve her has no demerits.”

“And so you came all the way over here? I’ve truly troubled you.”

David tipped the wine bottle. Schera stabbed a fruit using her fork. The fruit was green with a vascular pattern, and it had been cut it into uniform, perfectly-sized pieces. She ate it, and it was really sweet.

“How unlike you, Your Excellency. For this little girl from God knows where to be shown this amount of compassion. As the perpetrator behind the Tenang Atrocity, you have to behave so until the end for me.”

Asar gave the signal, and a soldier approached the table.

“Yo, this ain’t the situation to be carefreely eating-!”

After strong poking Schera’s head, he overbearingly pulled out the tablecloth. The tidily arranged silverware, as well as the food, fell and scattered on the floor. The wine bottles broke, and the liquids streamed to Schera’s feet. In Schera’s hands were left only a fork and knife.

“I was made extremely despondent by you, Your Excellency David. I had, risking my own life, served you up until here because I was sure that would be walking the road to success. There is no value in a ruined noble. Nevertheless, your head still has value I heard. Therefore, as consolation for serving you until now, I have come asking for such. If you can sympathize, Sir David, will you submit that head to me, without any pointless resistance?”

Joked Asar, making a motion cutting his own neck. Up until gathering his own troops, he’d thought he had been slow, but his target was still lingering, and he was relieved. He had been worried that those other guys had gotten ahead of him
But, that was needless anxiety. The other staff officers also unexpectedly had their hands full it seemed. In that case, he wouldn’t hold back, and he, Asar, would claim his prize. He would instruct his soldiers to ‘Kill.’ After that was done with, he would have to open the gates and get inside the Liberation Army. There was still work to be done, as there were in no small numbers fellows who would devote themselves to the Kingdom until the end.

“Sir Asar. What do we do about this little girl? She would be a setback, so can I kill her?”

That one soldier gripped Schera’s slightly shivering hair. She was quaking in fear it seemed. It aroused the soldier’s sadistic heart.

“It seems like His Excellency favors her. We was probably lonely all by himself. Blast ‘em both off.”

“—-Sir-! Yo, you heard eh? He said I could kill ya. Hehe, what kinda face will ya die with—-na-!!”

This moment the soldier’s face drew near, Schera turned and drilled the knife into his face and gouged deeply. Not caring how much he struggled, she stabbed, over, and over again. Grisly howls echoed throughout the room.

“hey… my food has become a mess thanks to you. hey, you listening?”

Basking in the blood spray, Schera asked close to his ears. Because he was doing nothing but screaming, she rammed the fork into the crown of his head and threw him at the wall. After a light, mushy sound, the room finally became silent. David, rubbing his beard in exasperation, had also gotten embroiled and was spattered with blood.

“W, what’s with you-! N, no wait. Y, you’re Major Schera?!?”

“That’s right. It’s over with you it appears. I was ordered to by His Excellency David you know. He told me to deal with the scum who decided to betray the Kingdom. As thanks, he served me this meal.”

She picked up a piece of meat that had fallen to the ground, and ate it. The meat juices poured out inside her mouth, and then, a rich, iron taste.

“It’s De-death God Schera. Hey, I didn’t hear about this! Whaddya mean this guy hates bodyguards! You shitty noble-! Ain’t this different from what you said!!?”

Indignant, a commanding officer-like man shouted. He knew of Schera’s strength. He had been in David’s unit on the retreat. They surely could not win. Terror coursed through him just by confronting her.
Before he was seized by Death, he had to escape. Immediately.

“S, Silence! Do you know who you are questioning!! Anyway, our opponent is alone. Surround and kill her-!”

“Ya retard-! You can say that crap cause ya dunno her strength! Even if we had a hundred we couldn’t win. Ain’t no way we can win against a monster-! Screw this, I’m out. Yo, we’re leavin’ quickly.”

“C, commanding officer, please wait for us-!”

The soldiers were scrambling to leave the room. Despite them defecting to survive, Death lying in wait was nothing to sneeze at. Life over merit. This was a shared thought for them.

“Wait! Hey! You disobeying my orders-!!? I said to wait!”

He went to run after them, when something was thrown at his back. His posture destroyed, he fell to his knees on the floor, and his eyes met that something: it was a staff officer, who had been his colleague until a while ago. Also, an opponent that he was fiercely competing against for promotions in David’s clique.

“Hi, hiiii-!”

“Staff Officer Asar. You were the slowest you know. Others had come even earlier. I didn’t expect you to do the same overused actions and achieve the same result though. You actually disappointed me. Come, take a look. The end of the betrayers.”

David stood up and kicked numerous spheres that were hidden under the table.
Seeing them, Asar soiled himself from unmeasurable fear. They were human heads.

Schera grabbed her scythe left on the floor and started walking to Asar–while cracking her neck, very irritated.

“Wa, wait please. S, spare me. If it’s money I can give it. Major Schera, I beg you-! Oh, yeah, kill David, not me! And together to the Liberation Army—-”

“Go together to the Liberation Army you say? Ahaha-, what amusing things you say. Well then, since I was able to hear an interesting chat, I guess it’s about time?”

She smiled with a blood-smeared face, aimed for the bawling Asar, and swung it down. David nodded, seemingly satisfied, and gulped down his wine that had something red mixed in.

“Major Schera. My apologies troubling you. ……Also, I’m going to apologize for my rash remarks before. Just like this, I apologize.

David lowered his head. Schera was watching him with no strong feelings in particular.

“You, escape from this castle. Sidamo has also requested you to do so. I dare say that the moat will be filled in tomorrow. If that happens, we won’t be able to hold out.”

“Sir-, understood.”

“I will remain here, but I plan on making an escape with the soldiers that can move. Command has been entrusted to Major Konrad. The plan will include both you and him. Carry it out tomorrow night.”

“I, Major Schera, understand!”

“Dismissed. May the fortunes of war be with you.”

Schera saluted, swung the blood off her scythe, and departed. In the room where the smell of blood permeated, David closed his eyes for a short while.


—-Next day.
The moat was completely filled. The real siege would begin.


The siege towers advanced until point black range of Belta Castle and started a furious assault.

“Draw bowss-!! Fire-!!”

From inside the tower while hiding their bodies, they started shooting at the rampart archers. Having lost the high ground advantage, the soldiers of the Kingdom were dying one by one. Still, they could not take refuge. If they descended from the castle walls, the siege towers would send out planks. Infantry would break in from there in succession. They wouldn’t be able to stop them if that happened. Hence, they absolutely had to defend the castle walls to the death.

The besieged side not only had to pay attention to the siege towers, but also to below them. There was also the possibility of the enemy setting up rope ladders and scaling the walls by force. There was further need to concentrate fire so the gates wouldn’t be broken by battering rams.


The garrison commander’s voice rang in vain. The spirit of the defenders was already on the verge of collapse. In such situations, there were cases where the soldiers roused themselves from the commander’s sternness.
But, that would be difficult due to the ex-noble David. More important than anything, was that he had not once come out from the main building. There was no way morale would rise.
Schera had entrusted the job of commander to Katarina, and she was discussing with Major Konrad. It was concerning the escape plan that would be executed this evening. Konrad was the very picture of a boorish man, and he spoke nothing but what was needed.

“Major Schera. I’m Konrad, newly appointed to commander of the Fourth Army. As for the plan, we’ll carry it out at the same time the day changes this evening. As far as I can see from up high, it appears the encirclement of the east gate is thin. Accordingly, we’ll break through from the east gate and aim for Roshanak Stronghold of the Canaan Area.”

Interposed between the Belta Area and the Royal Capital Area was the Canaan Area.
It was surrounded by steep mountains, and one had to pass this Canaan to reach the Royal Capital. After traversing the single, plying main road, the expansive Great Plains stretched out, and in its center stood the Royal Capital Blanca.
Canaan itself was a barren land, and agriculture could not be expected from it. As it had no special industry to speak of, it was a poor area with a low population. Even if one attacked it, there would be no benefit. However, one had to pass through if aiming for the Royal Capital.
“And so, what should my cavalry do I wonder?”

As Konrad was of the same rank as her, Schera stopped with the tiring formalities. She was swinging her feet while chewing beans. Konrad didn’t particularly care.

“Stand as the vanguard, or be the rear guard. Either way, it’ll probably be a harsh battle. I’ll go with whatever’s left. I don’t care which.”

If they were to make the best of their mobility, it would be correct to be the vanguard and instantly dash away, but regrettably, the enemy would for a fact be waiting for them. Due to ambushing soldiers, casualties might be enormous.
Then, as for if they were to leave as the rear guard, that would be another hell, since there was a high chance of being surrounded by reinforcements from the north and south. It would be the end for them if they stopped moving, and they would definitely be annihilated. It goes without saying that the rear guard had a very high probability of dying.

“Then shall we decide it like this? I’m fine with either.”

Either way, she would do nothing but pummel the Liberation Army. What she would do wouldn’t change. On one of the beans in her hand, she drew and ‘x’ mark with her nail. Another one was left unmarked. After mixing them around, she took one in each hand, and held them out to Konrad.

“……The heck.”

“The one with the x is the vanguard. Your luck will be tested. Good luck.”

Entertained, Schera brightly smiled, and presented two separate fates.



The sun set, and the Liberation Army withdrew their soldiers. No assertive offense came. Most likely, that they planned to escape had been seen through. The Liberation Army did not want to waste soldiers it seemed.
Dazzlingly casting light, the torches began to swathe the silent Belta Castle. The final night had come. Looking over the surroundings from the intensely damaged castle wall, the torches on the east side did look lacking. Beyond them were woodlands, and a road that continued to Canaan. It would be a thorny path.

Under Konrad and Schera’s command, 5,000 soldiers of Belta Castle were gathered. With injured but able to move as the minimum, this amount was all that could be gathered. People who did not feel like escaping remained inside the castle.
The Fourth Army that boasted of its majesty was now a shadow of its former self. There were now no other soldiers besides these that could move. As soon as the escape was successful, the ones that couldn’t planned to open the gates and surrender.
David had strongly refused to escape, and he remained alone in the main building. The Chief Staff Officer took it upon himself to burn important documents. He threw all their past glory into the fireplace, and in the end he would probably take poison.

Konrad sent Schera the signal. Schera raised her scythe in response. Someone could be heard gulping. If they were to run, this was their last chance. They absolutely must not stop.
—-But, at that time, an explosion roared inside the castle. From the main building, tendrils of flame began rising.
Except the East Gate, all the gates were thrown open, and the Liberation Army that was tired of waiting flooded inside. It seemed a turncoat did this. There was no other timing to earn achievements than this.

“—-Open the castle gates-!!”

Konrad roared from on top his horse, and the final gate was opened.

“Konrad’s Unit, begin the advance-! All members charge! Forwarddddddd-!!”


Infantry raising the flag of the Fourth Army began the charge. Each and everyone was fatigued. There were people who soon planned on throwing down their swords and deserting in the other direction. From the East Gate, everyone had different thoughts, and they scattered in every direction. Command had already disappeared.
The ones following Konrad’s directions were merely 1,000 men. It was the unit directly under him that he had been leading way before. That they somehow maintained their morale was Konrad’s skill. With their commander leading, they decisively charged, aiming for the woodlands..



Schera saw off that unshapely procession. Her cavalry did not leave at the same time. Schera had a sudden premonition, and for some reason had stopped.

“Major, will we not be going?”

The cavalryman with archery experience asked composedly. Schera’s Cavalry, under their black flag with white crow, maintained high morale. They numbered 2,300. The somewhat smaller number was due to deaths during the siege. Schera thought that the deaths of her comrades was very unfortunate. That the people who would eat a meal together with her decreased, definitely made her feel lonely. But, that was war after all; it was inevitable. Schera ate the portions they would’ve eaten.

“It’s about time, shall we go? It’s gotten considerably brighter.”

Flames blazed fiercely from the main building inside the castle, the place where David was. Tendrils of flames rose from every caste gate. There was now nothing anyone could do; Belta had fallen.
Katarina reported.

“Major. As I thought, Second Lieutenant Vander is not here. I fear that, no, I am certain that he was the turncoat. Will we weed him out and deal with him? If you will it, I will absolutely kill him.”

“Let’s leave that for next time. There are other things were must do right now.”


Schera held out the scythe that was perched on her shoulder sideways. They would sortie.

“Then, are we going too?”

Asked one cavalryman, and Schera nodded. The cavalry members lowered the visors of their helmets. Schera did not like the heavy helmets that they were wearing. Not heeding her group members’ warnings, she equipped a lighter made one that she liked.

“Major Schera, your orders.”

Prompted Katarina, pushing up her glasses. In her hand was her ready cane.

“—-Schera’s Cavalry, will change course-!! Follow after me-!!”

“Follow Major Schera-!! Raise the flags-!!”


Kicking her horse, Schera dashed forward. The cavalry raised their spears equipped with the battleflag and orderly raced after her. Enemy soldiers in high spirits, not expecting there to be enemies, were trampled to death by horses, and mowed down by spears.
Into the darkness, white crows were unleashed.

A dogged pursuit of the Liberation Army had begun. Konrad’s soldiers were falling by the wayside, starting first from the people with no stamina, and they were dying at the hands of enemy soldiers. They slipped through the enemy’s offensive, and finally took refuge in the forest. Then, arrows were shot at them.

“I knew there would be an ambush-! Don’t confront them, keep running!”

“B, but! There are enemy soldiers everywhere-!!”

“Concentrate attack on one area! There should absolutely be an opening-!”

Konrad earnestly gave his orders. In the middle of doing so too, he was knocking down arrows while swinging his sword.
Would there really be something like an opening? Wasn’t this a dead end? Uneasiness was eroding him. Despite their numbers dwindling, Konrad’s unit continued the hard fight.
“Don’t let a single one escape! Massacre the Kingdom’s soldiers-!!”

“If we take the enemy commander’s head, we’ll get a bounty! They absolutely aren’t getting away-!”

“If it’s the rumored Death God, we’re promised a huge bounty, and a promotion to a general! We have to kill them, and avenge our fallen comrades!!”

They pursued the cavalry running in front of them. Their opponents were frantically running away, and a counterattack wouldn’t come. There was no battle this easy. Victory was assured. They chased after the enemy soldiers while their mouths bent cruelly. They would kill them, take their heads, and earn achievements.

—-That instant. The enemy cavalry faced them out of nowhere.
They had suddenly dropped their speed and turned their horses. Confused at what was going on, the pursuers halted.
Aiming for that lull, a rider wielding a scythe instantly assaulted them.

“It’s S, Schera. The Death God is—-”

The scythe bit into the throat of the shouting soldier at the front. His body itself was raised up. From his mouth came an unreal scream, and his limbs convulsed back and forth. Just how much intense pain was assailing him? The surrounding soldiers couldn’t even begin to describe it. After cheerfully, easily waving him around, she ripped him off, and licked her lips.
Death searched for its next prey, prowling, and pounced. It swung its scythe in all directions, and blood began to gush in tandem with its swings. Afterwards, the coordinated cavalry trampled the Liberation Army infantry that had been in pursuit.

“What are you doing-! The enemy is in the middle of retreat-! Spread out and surround them, Surround Them-!”

A heroic rider went to attack, but he was split from his head by a single blow. Helmet, armor, even the horse, was bisected vertically. Another man no longer had an upper body. The horse with the lower body on it began to wander about, as if looking for its master.

“Hi, hiiii-!”

“Next one won’t come? Anyone’s fine. Hurry, come at me!”

“Get her-! Exhaust her!”

“Permission to use bows! We can bring her down if we concentrate fire!”

“No! Do you want to friendly fire-!?”

Bows weren’t useful. They were too close. Stray arrows would hit their encircling allies.
Seeing that the pursuers had stayed their hand, Schera’s Cavalry began to change course again.
Marching at a deliberate speed that just begged to be attacked, the infantry would surround them again, and then a massacre would start.
Every time, the number of dead bodies increased. Perhaps they were seized with fear seeing this calamity, reinforcements didn’t come. No one wanted to do something like stand before Death. All the more as the battle had been won.
“—-E, enough. Any more is pointless. We’ll leave them to the guys in front-”
“Ha- ha. M, monster-!”
“Shit-! We weren’t told about dealing with the Death God-!”
After three massacres were repeated, the pursuit unit gave up. This was a battle they had won, why did they have to die? Why were they the only ones who had to face against this kind of monster? They helplessly watched white crows race into the woodlands.




“Major Schera-! Ahead of us in the woodlands, Konrad’s unit is in combat!”

“It seems they were ambushed. Well then, we shall hit them in the flanks. It’s a bit dark, so I guess we have to brighten it up. Katarina-!!”

Schera decided their objective while taking a stance with her scythe. On its blade was skewered a pitiful corpse of an enemy soldier.
Katarina sent magic power into that corpse using necromancy.

“I am ready whenever-!”

“—-Alright, take this-!”

Tensing up, she hurled the corpse. The corpse was thrown into a thicket, where it seemed ambushers were concealed.
Katarina snapped her fingers, and the corpse exploded, setting the thicket on fire. The surprised ambushers hastily jumped out, whereupon Schera’s Cavalry stormed and crushed them.
“Katarina-! Next-!”

“Please leave it to me-!”

Schera had obtained many sacrifices. She was picking them out from the pile at her feet and lobbing them one after another.
Each time Katarina snapped her fingers, a tremendous explosion would thunder, and enemy soldiers were scorched. Each time, there would be screams and torn-off limbs flying in the air.

“—-My Cavalry, charge-! Kill them-!”

The cavalry unit began faithfully charging as per Schera’s order. Thrusted spears from the shadows skewered several cavalrymen. The skewered riders though vomiting blood still plunged into the mass of enemies.
“Kill the enemy.” Schera’s orders were absolute. Until they ceased to breathe, they would continue to kill. Even if five spears pierced their torsos, the cavalry continued to battle. They drove forward while pierced, and cut off the heads of enemy infantry before their eyes.
—-Then, they died while laughing.

“Major-! Enemy troops from behind us! Their numbers are 1,000!”

“Kill all of them-! Katarina, you take half and go ahead! Meet up with Konrad! Be brave and plunge through the fire! Come with me afterward-!! We will kill all of them entirely-!!”

She threw a corpse, and it exploded. The woodlands bursted into red flames. The ambushers escaped outside, unable to bear it.

“Sir-! Second Lieutenant Katarina, will advance forward!”

Katarina and the cavalrymen as instructed marched into the fire. Seeing them gone, Schera turned around and confronted the pursuit unit. A man who seemed to be the enemy’s commander postured with his sword and spoke up.

“Quietly surrender-! You can’t escape anymore! Throw down your swords and dismount-! Immediately!”

Behind Schera blazed evil fires of hell. The black flag was brilliantly illuminated by the flames’ brightness.
While baring its teeth, Death smiled ferociously. Next to her, the cavalrymen raised their spears and formed ranks.

“My cavalry will continue to fight even when dead. Of course I will too. Right, what do you say?”


All members brandished the battleflags even higher and chanted in unison. Seeing that bizarre spectacle, the pursuit soldiers stopped in their tracks.
There was something uncanny about these guys. Right, they were like soldiers who had resolved themselves to die.** They weren’t afraid of dying. Therefore, they resented the living, and would drag them to hell. Fighting against the the dying, repulsive. The pursuers didn’t want to die in this kind of place.
The soldiers’ hands were shaking, the Platoon Leader’s included. The trembling of their bodies wouldn’t stop. Oh why did come to chase these guys? They cursed their own misfortune.

“Very well-! Then we will not lose! Even if the Kingdom’s Army is defeated, I will continue to win! I’ll make you scum know your place-!”

“G, Go away!”
“They’re M-monsters-!! These guys are monsters-!!”
“It’s Death, Death is coming!! R, Run!!”

The pursuit unit that had been vastly superior was utterly demoralized, and they began to flee, fallen into a state of panic. From behind, the cavalry unit began to overrun them. The flags of the Liberation Army were trampled, and spears pierced into the back of soldiers’ heads.
A one-sided counterattack was beginning.

In the captured Belta Caste, sensing that there was a disaster, Diener had sent out the soldiers deployed to the north and south as a pursuit unit. Through pressure from overwhelming numbers, they had finally driven Schera and the others into the woodlands…while sustaining countless numbers of casualties. With this many sacrifices, it really didn’t seem like a mopping-up operation. There was no strategy. Through overwhelming violence, every pursuit was being repelled.

Diener recognized that he had misjudged Schera’s power, and thereupon, he was even more convinced that they had to kill her here.

“Kill the Death God-! She’ll be a source of evil if she gets away here! Make sure to kill her-!”

“S, sir Diener, please calm down!”

Diener’s follower restrained him. The nearby generals too were in mute amazement at this unfamiliar side of Diener.

“What is that!? Don’t screw with me-! I won’t recognize something like that-! I can’t recognize something like that-!”

“Sir Diener, calm down. Belta Castle has already fallen. Is this not according to your plan?”

Diener didn’t lend an ear to Behrouz either.

“That cannot be left alive! If that gets away here, even more blood of the Liberation Army will be shed-!”

When he thought they would withdraw while making the best use of cavalry’s mobility, they charged at him. Furthermore, it was a thoughtless method of attack with no regard to their own deaths. He would not accept such a method of fighting. He could not accept it. That’s why he necessarily would kill that thing here. The Liberation Army was Diener’s everything. Schera killing them like worms could not be left alive.

“Send in Fynn’s Lion Cavalry-! Strictly order him to unconditionally kill that thing!”

“Y, your will be done!”

The messenger ran away hastily.
While biting his nails, Diener continued with bloodshot eyes to look down on Death’s forces.


Katarina had linked up with Konrad’s unit. Schera was toying with the Liberation Army while continuously hitting-and-running. Utilizing the darkness and their mobility, she repeatedly changed directions, conducting pincer attacks from the left and right as if the two groups were at a constant understanding. Despite suffering immense casualties, the Liberation Army continued their tenacious pursuit.
Now joined by cavalry spearheaded by Fynn, they finally began to regain composure. It was through this brave commander standing at the head of the army and admonishing them that they had regained calmness. While isolating and severing coordination, Fynn was crushing every soldier of the Kingdom.

“You men have fought well. You have done enough. Please throw down your swords and surrender. We will absolutely not treat you poorly. I guarantee it.”

Fynn advised surrender to the cornered enemy. In front of his eyes were ten cavalry covered in red. They had separated from Schera’s main group, and in such an unexpected situation, they had decided on their own to stand their ground. On their spears were skewered the corpses of the Liberation Army’s militiamen. Their black flag was soaked with blood, and it released a slimy, disgusting radiance.

“There’s no surrender for Schera’s Cavalry. There‘s no defeat for us.”

“Long live Major Schera. Death doesn’t exist for Schera’s cavalry. We will continue to live alongside Lord Schera.”

Replied the cavalrymen, unconcerned. They pulled out their spears from the corpses of the militiamen, and turned their bloodlust towards Fynn. Seeing that, Fynn’s adjutant Milla gave a warning.

“These guys, are mad in some respects. Persuasion is impossible I believe. They are dangerous.”

“So it does seem. There is no helping it, but let us do them in.”

When Fynn gave the signal, they formed ranks and surrounded the cavalrymen. The cavalrymen showing no fear commenced their final attack at Fynn.

“Colonel Fynn!”

“There is no problem.”


He exchanged sharp thrusts, and skewed with a counter. At the same time he pulled out, he sweeped, and knocked the rider off the horse. The other cavalrymen too were killed at the hands of the infantrymen’s spears.
Every enemy soldier gripped their spears tightly, showing their will to fight, until the end. As long as they had stamina left, they would probably continue to fight again.

“You- cut it out and die!”
“They’re still breathing! Soundly finish them!”
“Ha-, ha, are these guys monsters!?”

Having surely given them the final blow, Fynn and infantry decided to head towards the next place.

“Come, let us go towards the next—–!?”

From behind his back, a cavalryman who should have been killed leaped up and rushed forward, trying to sever his carotid artery. It was the cavalryman who had been stabbed in the heart earlier. He shouldn’t have been able to move, and yet.
Fynn struggled, trying to shake him off, but due to absurd strength, he didn’t as he would’ve liked to. Impatience showed on Fynn’s face for the first time.

“—-VictOry foR Major Schera-!!”

“Colonel Fynn!! You, let go of the Colonel-!!”

Milla forcibly tore him off and cut off the head with her sword.
Fynn’s breathing was ragged, and he stared at the corpse. The face of the corpse, freed from its helmet, had a ghastly smile on it.

“……You s, saved me, Milla. As an enemy, how dreadful. Battle instinct such that they try to kill the enemy even when dead. They do seem to be Death’s Cavalry.”

“……What spurs them on to such extents do you think? They do not appear to value the depraved Kingdom that much.”

“Who knows? I personally do not. Perhaps the commander’s charm?”

Fynn made a small sigh and resume pursuit. Warning bells were going off, his instincts telling him he ought not mess with Death. He stifled that, and advanced into the darkness with not a trace of light. Trepidation could be seen on the soldiers’ faces. They were under the daring and resolute insignia of the lion; however, the darkness stimulated their fear. They didn’t know when, from inside the darkness, a scythe would reach out for them. They held up torches as if performing an exorcism, and they marched inside stillness…while praying they wouldn’t be fascinated by Death.


Night expired, and the pursuit continued even after they crossed the woodlands. Konrad’s unit was totally exhausted and could no longer fight. On the other hand, Schera’s unit continued to march, not breaking rank. If an enemy appeared, they would change course and intercept them; after forcing them away, they would once again return to rank.
The Liberation Army had organized 5,000 as a pursuit unit, and they advanced to the Canaan Area to kill the Death God.
On the other side, Yalder in Roshanak Stronghold, heard news of the enemy movements via his deployed scouts.

“Repel the enemy troops, and immediately rescue the friendly soldiers.”

Kicking a staff officer stopping him, he personally led 4,000 out and launched a surprise attack on the flanks of the Liberation Army in a column formation in hot pursuit. As their file extended in a line, they were divided and fell into disorder.
Matching them, Schera’s unit also decisively charged again. They thoroughly beat up the pursuit unit and routed them.
The surviving forces of the Fourth Army was 2,000. When leaving the castle, the soldiers that had numbered 5,000 was diminished to 2,000.
These men who had gone through hell finally stepped into Roshanak Stronghold while receiving Yalder’s assistance.
Everyone had suffered some wound, and their personal appearance was run-down. It was a miracle they made it this far.

“Without Major Schera’s actions, these men probably would not have reached Canaan. This strenuous labor, is very befitting of a Death God.”

General Yalder sang praises of Major Schera’s laborious battle. Although bearing wounds, Konrad who had survived stated his thanks. He had chosen correctly at Death’s choice, and had seized his good fortune.
At the same time Schera’s promotion to Lieutenant Colonel was decided, she was conferred the Knight of the Kingdom Medal. That was unprecedented in this kind of defeat.

Schera appropriately received it. She didn’t care for medals, and what she wanted right now was something completely different. Afterwards, she received special feast that Yalder had prepared, and she finally had a contented smile.

“everyone, you all have truly fought well. the soldiers not here with us, are always with me. thus I have to eat their share.”

Schera murmured to herself while moving her knife and fork. The only one who could hear her was Adjutant Katarina beside her.

“Major Schera?”

Curious, Katarina asked Schera.

“No, nothing. Eat, don’t mind me. This is a privilege of the living.”

“S, sir.”

1,500 remained of Schera’s Cavalry. All the forces of Roshanak Stronghold: 7,000.
General Yalder, when he decided to meet the Liberation Army here at Canaan, received a messenger from the Royal Capital.
Field Marshal Sharov directly appealed to the Kingdom, and made them approve to dispatch half of the First Army, 50,000, to the Canaan Area. They would divide each corps into smaller units, and continuously send in forces.
Incidentally, Staff Officer Sidamo had escaped from Belta Castle, and once again took his place as Yalder’s assistant at Roshanak. He had disguised himself as a plain soldier, and finding an opening, he had escaped.
Witnessing the fall of Belta, the Empire, deeming the time had come, proclaimed a declaration of war against the Kingdom. They began marching towards the Kingdom’s northwest. They set about capturing the line of forts in their way. The season was already early autumn, and they sought to capture them in the early stages before the harsh winter set in.
Meeting them was the Kingdom’s Fifth Army. They were a solid Army Corps with men born in the Kingdom’s northwest, and their unity was extraordinarily tough.
They had strong anti-Empire sentiments, and an envoy coming to advise surrender was executed on the spot before he opened his mouth.

In the Kingdom’s southern area adjacent to the Union was the Kingdom’s Second Army rooted to the spot. It was by nature an area with strong feelings of independence, and the instant the Second Army were to leave, it was certain for the feudal lords to revolt.
The tied-down commandant of the Second Army could only grind his teeth, watching the strife everywhere else.



The other party, the Liberation Army who had taken control of the Belta Area, was faced with a choice. Do they seek to capture Canaan and make a beeline for the Royal Capital? Or do they look past subjugation of the Royal Capital and seek to capture the southern area, where there were dangers of independence.
Or maybe, do they go ahead and do both?
Everything, would depend on the decision of the Liberation Army’s young leader, Altura.


—-Having turned traitor to the Kingdom’s Army, Vander had thrown open the castle gates, and taking advantage of the confusion, he had been successful in taking the head of General David. Recognizing this success, he was welcomed by the Liberation Army and received as a Captain. He entered under Diener’s command, and it was decided he would lead the former soldiers of the Kingdom who had surrendered.

“Captain Vander. I heard that you were under Major Schera’s command, and her adjutant.”

“Sir-, that is correct.”

“……There is something I would like to ask you. Do not lie, and tell me the truth. Okay?”

“I am already a man of the Liberation Army. I will tell everything I know.”
Diener decided to obtain information regarding Schera. He wanted even the most trivial of details. The Death God’s personality, thinking, leadership method–he would grasp and understand those, and in the next battle, he would bring them together. Sure, Belta Castle had fallen, but individually, he had lost this battle.
He hadn’t been perfect; he had let Schera escape. He had wanted to kill that annoying Death God.
—-He would kill her next time. Without fail. Diener interrogated Vander, while concealing his surging desire to murder.

*TL Note: Keikaku means plan. (I’m sorry I had to. )

**死兵 From what little research I did, this term is used for soldiers who go or are sent to battle with the intention of dying. Kind of like martyrs, but more general; anytime when someone is resolved to die. I couldn’t find an official english translation, so I used a phrase instead.

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