Kuma – Chapter 7

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Bear-san Goes To The Weapon Store.

I confirmed my status before I left with Fina.
I had a feeling that my level had risen during the fight with the adventurers from a little while ago.
The power of Bear Punch has increased.

Name: Yuna
Age: 15
Level: 8
Skills: Language from a Different World, Letters from a Different World, Dimensional Box of the Bear, Observing Eyes of the Bear

Black Bear’s Hand (Non-transferable)
White Bear’s Hand (Non-transferable)
Black Bear’s Foot (Non-transferable)
White Bear’s Foot (Non-transferable)
Bear Suit (Non-transferable)
Bear Underwear (Non-transferable)

As I thought, my level increased.
Also, another weird skill appeared.

Observing Eyes of the Bear
The Bear’s hood can see the effects of tools and weapons.
When the Bear’s hood is not worn, the skill does not activate.

It’s a ve~~~~ry useful skill, but…
Why is it that when I level up, the bear gets the skill and not me!
Geez, if I want to live in this world, I might have to wear this bear for my entire life.

「Big sis Yuna?」

「Ah, sorry. It’s nothing. Well then, let’s go.」

I headed to the weapons shop, with Fina’s guidance.

「What kind of weapon are you buying, Big sis Yuna?」

「Umm, I haven’t decided yet, but I want a sword and a knife for now.」

「Speaking of which, you don’t have a weapon?」

「I do. (The Cypress stick)」

「Of course. It’s not like you can walk around the forest without a weapon. If that’s the case, why are you going to the weapon shop?」

「That, that is, because there may be a bargain. There also might be a weapon that suits me more. So, what kind of place are you taking me to?」

Secret technique! If you get in trouble, change the subject!

「It is a shop owned by a person called Gordes-san.」


「He is the one who manages the weapons that are kept in the guild. My knife was given to me by Gordes-san.」

「Given? What a kind person.」

「He said 『I’m throwing this away. You take it』, and gave it to me.」


「When I went to see the weapons kept in the guild, he said 『It is a special occasion』 and sharpened the knife.」

Tsundere confirmed.

「It’s here.」

Fina was standing in front of a building that had a picture of a sword on its sign.
They don’t sell armor?
When we got closer to the store, a *kankan kan* sound could be heard.
I wonder if a weapon is being made?
Fina entered the store first.
When we got inside, a short girl welcomed us.
When it comes to weapons, it had to be dwarves. Was this a dwarf or a normal child?
I felt troubled.

「Ara, Fina-chan, welcome. Did you come to sharpen your knife?」

「No, I’m Big sis Yuna’s guide today. She wanted a weapon, so I decided to introduce her to Gordes-san.」

「Ara, you brought a customer. Thank you.」

「Big sis Yuna, this is Gordes-san’s wife, Neruto-san.」

Yes, dwarf spotted!
Or alternatively, a criminal with a lolita complex.

「You, why are you looking at me like that?」

「No, I was wondering if, by any chance, you are a dwarf?」

「That’s right. I’m a dwarf. Have you possibly never seen a dwarf?」

「Yes, it’s my first time.」

It’s legal.
Lolicons are rejoicing.
I’m a woman, so it’s unrelated to me, but if a lolicon had been transferred instead of me, the dwarves would have been in danger.

「Then it’s inevitable. You are wearing unusual clothes, Miss.」

「It’s Yuna. Pleased to meet you.」

「Then, what kind of weapon are you looking for?」

「I have not decided yet. Is it okay to look around first?」

「Are you beginner? Of course, it’s okay. My husband has his hands full at the moment so you can’t meet him, but it’s alright to take your time and look around.」

The sound *kankan* could be heard from all over the place.
He was probably working.
Well, I was just here to buy a sword, so it wasn’t necessary to meet him.
Fina looked disappointed.
She probably wanted to see him.
Since I had received permission, I began looking at the weapons in the store.
I tried picking up the sword closest to me.
It’s heavy…not?
Is it because of the Bear?
I took off the Bear hand to experiment.
Yes! It wasn’t possible!
I could lift it, but only that. It wasn’t possible for me to swing it.
I put the Bear hand back on and picked up the sword.
It’s light…
Geez, I can’t live without the Bear anymore.
I tried using the Observing Eyes of the Bear next.

Iron sword, Skills: None

I similarly inspected the other swords.

Copper sword, Skills: None

Iron sword, Skills : None

I wonder if iron swords are the main items sold by the shop.
Bad items weren’t being sold, but there were no bargains.
If this was a game or a novel, there would be a legendary sword here.
For the time being, I chose a sword that was easy to hold with one hand.

Iron sword, Skills: None

I didn’t know which sword was the best, so I picked this one.

「I also want to look at some knives.」

「For skinning?」

「There is also that, but can I see some throwing knives?」

I want to throw knives instead of stones.
Neruto-san showed me a small knife.

「Do you have 100 of these?」

「That much?」

「If you don’t, then please give me as much as you can.」

「We have them, so wait for a minute. I will bring them out from the back. However, are you going to use all one hundred of them?」

「Isn’t it useful for defeating monsters?」

「No matter how cheap throwing knives are, if you buy that much it will end up costing lot.」


「Throwing knives are a basic disposable item. They are made from iron scraps. Try imagining a fight against a monster in the forest while you’re moving. When you use a throwing knife, you won’t know where the knife will end up if you miss. Even if it hits, it may fall off while the monster is running. Therefore, throwing knives are disposable. That’s why I asked you if it was for skinning. Of course, we also have combat knives.」

She explained in detail after learning that I was a beginner adventurer.
I was very grateful.

「Well then, I will also take a knife for skinning.」

I don’t know if I will use it though.


A bigger, sharper knife was presented with the throwing knives.
It might be unnecessary, but I will buy it, just in case I fall into an embarrassing situation later.

「Umm, altogether…」

I took the payment out of the Bear box.
No one commented when I used the Bear as a wallet.
After Neruto-san received the money, she brought out several knives from a room in the back.

「So, when will you come to pick them up?」

「I will take them now.」

I stuffed a hundred knives into the white bear’s mouth.
Then I stored the sword and the skinning knife.

「Is that bear doll an item bag?」

She asked, while watching the bear in amazement.

「Item bag?」

I tilted my head on hearing the unfamiliar words.
In the game world, you could carry items without being restricted by quantity or weight.

「An item bag is a bag that can store items. It’s a convenient bag that can carry many things and allows merchants to deal with heavy items.」

「Are item bags rare items?」

「Do you not even know that?」

「It was a gift from a friend (the god), so I only know a little bit.」

「You met a generous person. They aren’t really rare or uncommon. The value of an item bag depends on the amount that it can store. It’s my first time seeing an item bag in form of a bear, so I was surprised.」

I wonder what this Bear box’s limit is.
Well, if it gets full, I just have to buy another item bag.

「But, Big sis Yuna, if you had something so useful, why didn’t you use it to store the wolfe material?」

At the time, I hadn’t known about the Bear box, so the wolfe material had to be carried.

「At that time, I was lost and confused, so I forgot about it.」

So, a good excuse would come out of me when I tried to lie.
The fact that I was confused was actually true though, because, back then, I had just come to a different world.

Now that I had purchased a sword, throwing knives, and a skinning knife, we left the weapon shop.
The next objective is to go buy some clothes (underwear).

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