Kuma – Chapter 64

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Bear-san and The Little Girl Volume 1

In a certain village, there was a little girl. (Picture: A little girl like Fina.)

The girl had a mother that she really loved.

Unfortunately, her mother couldn’t move and just slept, due to an illness. (Picture: A mother like Terumi-san.)

The girl didn’t have a father.

The girl had to work to buy medicines to cure her mother’s illness.

However, there was no work for a little girl.

There was no one who wanted to employ a child, after all.

The girl decided to explore the forest to find the medicine herself. (Picture: A girl like Fina who is lost in the forest.)

There were a lot of terrifying goblins in the forest.

Even so, she had to go fetch the medicine for her beloved mother.

She searched and searched, but couldn’t find any herbs.

It was dangerous, but she decided to go further into the forest.

The girl lost her way, and then was surrounded by wolves.

The girl cried: 「Help me!」

Unfortunately, nobody came to help her.

「Mother, I am sorry…」 (Picture: A girl like Fina apologizing while looking towards the sky.)

「Sorry I couldn’t find your medicine…」


An apology that couldn’t reach anyone.

The moment she was going to be eaten by the wolves, she closed her eyes out of fear.

However, no matter how much time passed, she wasn’t struck down.

When she slowly opened her eyes, she saw dead wolves.


She looked around her.

There was a Bear-san. (Picture: A deformed bear.)

「Are you okay?」asked the Bear-san.

「Thank you very much.」responded the girl.

「Why are you in a place like this?」asked the Bear-san.

Since it was the bear that asked, she replied honestly.

The Bear-san listened attentively.

Afterwards, the Bear-san asked the girl to ride on her back.

The girl got on Bear-san’s back. (Picture: the girl on the deformed bear’s back.)

The Bear-san ran with great speed.

The Bear-san stopped in a place with lots of medicinal plants.

The girl, overjoyed, thanked the Bear-san and started to gather the plants.

「With this, I can make the medicine for mother!」

「Thanks a lot, Bear-san!」

The Bear-san gently smiled back.

The Bear-san gave a ride to the girl’s village while defeating the approaching goblins.

After arriving at the village, the Bear-san stroked the girl’s head. (Picture: Bear-san caressing the head of a girl like Fina.)

After bowing for the last time, the girl started to run towards the village, where her ill mother was.

In the meantime, the Bear-san returned to the forest.

After returning, the girl prepared the medicine she had brought home.

The mother smiled while thanking her.

That made the girl smile too. (Picture: a girl like Fina and a mother like Terumi-san smiling at each other.)

Thank you, Bear-san.

Author’s Note

I couldn’t think of what to write.

I thought of doing something like a big bear born from a peach, and then naming it something like Kumatarou Umashima.

Nevertheless, I couldn’t imagine a bear picture book.

Then finally, I wrote a picture book style story of the encounter of Fina and Yuna.

With that, maybe I will write a second or a third one.

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    Thanks for the chapter desu~

    And so, another little girl will cling to Yuna~ First commoner, second noble, and now the third is a royal. Ufufufu… Can’t wait for the next chapter!

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