Kuma – Chapter 59

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Bear-san Makes Flower Beds With Maid-san

「Yuna-san! Why did you go out and leave me behind?!」

When we returned to the mansion, an angry Noa was waiting.

「Why, you ask? I ate breakfast and even waited for a while, but you didn’t wake up and come downstairs.」


「So, when did you get up?」

「…Just slightly before noon.」

「So then, just where am I at fault?」

「You could have just come and woken me up, right?」

She said while sulking.

「Although I did wake you up during the trip, there shouldn’t be a need for that anymore, right? In addition, wasn’t your body tired during the whole trip because you only slept that much?」

「Un-, I understand. So then, where did Yuna-san and Fina end up going?」

「We went out to look for an inn.」

「An inn?」

「You see, the bodyguard work is over, so it wouldn’t be good for us to stay here and take advantage of your hospitality indefinitely.」

「Even though it’s fine for you to stay here as long as you want?」

「It’s not like I’ve received Cliff’s permission for that, okay? Besides, the place we’re staying at is nearby, so you can come to play at anytime.」


「Noire-sama, Big Sis Yuna bought some land in the Royal Capital and built a Bear House there, you know.」

「Erm, a Bear House exactly like the one back in town?」

「Yes. It’s pretty close, along the way to the middle-class area.」

「But…Fina is also going to leave, right?」

「Yes, since Big Sis Yuna brought me here.」

「But, if Yuna-san leaves, then the bear-sans will…」

As Noa understood, more or less, she grew depressed.
It’s not me, but Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear that you don’t want to separate from, huh.

「In that case, do you want to play with Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear for the afternoon?」

「Really?! Then, let’s go to the garden immediately!」

Noa took me to the garden.
It was wider than the garden of the feudal lord’s manor in town.

「Noa-sama, is something wrong?」

When we arrived at the garden, we found the maid-san who was always taking care of me.

「Suririna, what are you doing?」

「Yes, I was thinking of planting flowers in this garden, with the madam’s permission.」

「But, are you troubled by something?」

She certainly looked like she was worrying about something.

「Yes, what should I call this rock…this ‘boulder’ is in the way.」

Certainly, there was a boulder several times larger than Swaying Bear in the garden.

「Why is there such a boulder in the estate’s garden?」

「I’m not sure, it was already here when I started serving here.」

「So, what do you plan to do?」

「I was thinking of placing a request for its removal somewhere, but I was wondering where would be a good place to ask.」

「Shall I do it?」

「Yuna-sama will?」

She looked me over from top to bottom, then again from bottom to top.

「Erm, it might be impossible, though?」

How rude.
Didn’t you learn from your parents that it’s bad to judge people based on appearances?

「Not really. If it’s just removing it, then using an item bag should be fine.」

I approached the boulder and put it into the Bear Box.
The buried boulder disappeared.

「That’s a-amazing. It’s my first time seeing an item bag you can put boulders into.」

「What should I do with this boulder? If it’s disposable, then I’ll throw it away the next time I go outside.」

「Yes, if it’s not too inconvenient, may I ask you to do so?」


「Then, I need to prepare for the creation of the flower beds, so please excuse me.」

Suririna-san lowered her head and headed off.

「Yuna-san, the bear-sans please!」

In response to Noa’s request, I summoned Swaying Bear and Hugging Bear.
Noa and Fina started to play with them. Though I said that, they were just hugging them, riding on top of them, and running around the grounds.
While I was watching them play, Suririna-san returned while carrying a shovel.
Was she planning to do it alone, by any chance?
I had thought that she was going to submit a request to some traders somewhere, but that didn’t seem to be the case.
I went over to Suririna-san.

「Should I lend a hand?」

「Is that alright with you?」

「The two of them are like that, so I have some free time.」

「Are those Yuna-sama’s bear-sans? Docile, aren’t they?」

「Well, they are summoned beasts after all.」

I began to make the flower beds with Suririna-san.
First, we filled in the hole that was created when I removed the boulder.

「Roughly how much space will the flower beds take?」

「Ah, that’s right. I was planning for it to be from here to somewhere over there.」

Unexpectedly wide.

「In that case, please give me instructions. I’ll do it using magic.」

「Yuna-sama is capable of using earth magic, hmm.」

「Can you stop with that ‘Yuna-sama’? Just Yuna is fine.」

「Then, is ‘Yuna-san’ alright with you?」

「Un, that’s fine.」

As expected, -sama didn’t suit me.

With that kind of feeling, Suririna the maid-san and I began making the flower beds.
We lined the border of the flower beds with bricks, improved the drainage, and prepped the soil for use.
While we were making the flower beds, it became noisy behind us.

「Noa! What are you doing?!」

「Elder sister.」

Shia had apparently returned from school.

「Hurry and come over here.」


「Why is there a bear here? What are the soldiers doing?!」

「Elder sister, it’s alright. This bear-san is Yuna-san’s summoned beast.」

「A summoned beast?」

「Yes. That’s why it’s obedient and cute, you know.」

Noa wrapped her arms around Swaying Bear’s neck in a hug.

「Is it really safe?」

「Yes, I journeyed all the way from town to the Royal Capital on this bear-san’s back, you know.」

Noa rode on Swaying Bear’s back to show her.

「These children are very smart, so they won’t harm people.」

「Is that so?」

「Elder sister, won’t you try touching it too? It’s alright.」

Shia timidly touched Swaying Bear.
When she understood that Swaying Bear was docile, she tried patting it gently.

「It sure is soft.」

「Yes, it is very pleasant to the touch.」

「It’s also such beautiful fur. I’ve never seen fur like this before.」

Once Shia understood that the bears were safe, she also started frolicking with them.
Suririna-san and I resumed our work on the flower beds.
Following Suririna-san’s instructions, I made them using magic.
Magic sure was convenient.
Doing something that I wasn’t able to do before was fun.
I lost many things after coming to this world, but I also gained a lot.
I made the flower beds one by one with magic, but Suririna-san was unexpectedly sensitive to details with her instructions, so it took longer than I had anticipated.

「Yuna-san, thank you very much. I didn’t think that this would be finished in one day.」

「Do you have seeds?」

「Yes, I have prepared seeds of the flowers that the madam loves.」

「I hope it is beautiful when it blooms.」

「Yes, I shall do my best to raise them.」

When I looked around the garden, two bears and three girls were comfortably asleep.

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