Kuma – Chapter 45

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Bear-san Makes Pudding

I wonder if I can do it♪ I wonder if I can do it♪

I was able to obtain a lot of eggs, so I decided to make some pudding.

They should turn out to be cool and delicious if I succeeded.

A cool breeze brushed past my face when I opened the refrigerator door.

Delicious-looking pudding was lined up inside.

I picked one up and took it to the table.

With a spoon in hand, I tried sampling it.

「It’s delicious~」

The pudding was a success.

My spoon didn’t stop moving.

I ate two puddings, which I hadn’t had for a long time, before I was satisfied. Then, a visitor came to the house.

「Big Sis Yuna, we’re here!」

Fina and Shuri arrived together.

「Sit in a chair and wait for a moment.」

「So, what did you mean by “a delicious thing”?」

I had the two of them come be taste-testers.

「A snack made from eggs.」

I took out the chilled pudding and placed it in front of them.

They each grabbed a spoon and took a bite of the pudding.


Fina murmured her impression, while next to her, Shuri was shovelling pudding into her mouth nonstop.

「Shuri, eat more slowly.」

「But it’s so delicious!」

Bright smiles rose on both their faces.

「It’s good that both of you are satisfied.」

「It’s super delicious! How can something so delicious be made from eggs?!」

「This is still just a prototype. If you have any thoughts as you are eating it, please tell me. Things such as whether it is too sweet or not.」

「There’s nothing strange about it anywhere. It’s sweet and delicious.」

「Un. It’s delicious.」

Shuri was licking her spoon wistfully.
It couldn’t be helped, so I took out two more servings of pudding from the refrigerator and placed them in front of the two.

「These are the last ones, okay?」

Their spoons started moving.

As a last resort, I went to the refrigerator and put the remaining pudding inside the Bear Box.

I parted from the two after they finished eating. I headed to the orphanage, to the next person I had asked to taste-test.

The children were hard at work taking care of the birds when I arrived at the orphanage.

I call out a greeting to the children before heading into the orphanage.

「Well, if it isn’t Yuna-san. Welcome.」

Miss Director was preparing lunch with several other girls.

「Did I come at a bad time?」

「No, it’s all right. It’s not an important matter. Are you going to be eating lunch with us?」

It was a rare invitation, so I decide to accept.

The children sat in chairs in the large room and politely waited for everyone to gather for the meal.

When all of them had arrived,

「Thank you, Big Sis Bear! Thank you for the food!」

As soon as they finished speaking, the children started eating their meals.

「Are you still doing that?」

「Yes. It is thanks to Yuna-san that we can have meals like this. We must not forget this feeling of gratitude.」

The greeting for this meal,

『Thank you, Big Sis Yuna, thank you for the food!』

was supposed to be like that, but, as expected, it was too embarrassing when they said my name, so I asked them to stop.

However, the children didn’t plan to stop.

「I want to show my gratitude to Big Sis Yuna.」

「The fact that I am able to eat ‘till my stomach is full is thanks to Big Sis Yuna.」

「I can eat delicious food thanks to Big Sis Yuna.」

「I can wear beautiful clothes thanks to Big Sis Yuna.」

「I can live in a warm house thanks to Big Sis Yuna.」

「I can sleep in a warm bed thanks to Big Sis Yuna.」

「…………thanks to Big Sis Yuna.」

The children all spoke words of gratitude from their mouths.

However, it was embarrassing hearing my name come out whenever they ate a meal, so we compromised on Big Sis Bear.

Even that was still plenty embarrassing though.

The children were eating happily, even though lunch at the orphanage was just bread and vegetable soup. Seeing them like that made me glad, what a mysterious feeling.

I didn’t think I would take care of them to this extent.

I probably wouldn’t have done it when I was in Japan.

Even though I had money, I never did anything like donating.

As I was watching the children, lunch ended.
When I saw that they had finished eating, I took out pudding from the Bear Box.

「What’s this?」

A girl asked me.

「A dessert made from the eggs laid by the birds that everyone went through a lot of trouble to look after. It’s delicious, you know.」

I placed the pudding in front of the children.

Of course, there was also a portion for Miss Director.

「What. Is. this? So delicious!」

「It’s super delicious!」

「There’s only one for each person, so please savor it. Okay?」

It looked like it had received a favorable reception from the children.

「Yuna-san, this is really delicious.」

Liz praised the pudding.

「This is also due to the contributions from Liz and the children, who do their best to look after the birds. This pudding was made from eggs.」

「Is that so?」

「Then just selling eggs, what a waste!」

「Eggs are great, right? They can become money and such a delicious thing, yeah?」

「Though, it would be good if the number of birds and eggs would increase a bit more.」

「Yes! I’ll do my best!」

「If they multiply too much and it becomes a problem, tell me, okay? I’ll think of various things to do.」

「Okay. It’s still alright, since the children are working hard.」

While I was talking with Liz, the children’s pudding cups were emptied.

After I asked the children for their impressions of the pudding, I left the orphanage.

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