Kuma – Chapter 37

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Bear-san Goes On A Snake Subjugation

I was delayed by the Guild Master and Cliff, but I finally managed to head to the request board.

Rank D Board:
Sword instructor wanted, females preferred.
Orc subjugation, bring back the meat.
Fresh clucker’s eggs wanted.
All of a tiger wolf’s raw materials wanted.
200 goblin magic stones, no time limit.
Gather Meru Meru Grass.
Subjugation of Rock Monkeys on Whale Mountain, number currently undecided.

There was nothing that stood out.
I was interested in the clucker’s eggs, but the location wasn’t written. Maybe the person who had requested it didn’t know either.
In addition, even if you asked for it to be fresh, wasn’t that impossible for a normal adventurer?
Without a time-stopping item bag like mine, that is.
Though I’d go if I knew the location, just so I could find eggs to eat.

After that were the Rock Monkeys on Whale Mountain, but the undetermined number was a problem. I don’t want to receive a request that has no end in sight.
If I hadn’t been caught by the Guild Master and Cliff, there might have been other requests, but now it can’t be helped.
I went to take a look at the rank C board next.

Rank C Board
A Wyvern’s raw materials wanted.
Private escort wanted, confidentiality required.
Mermaid’s scales wanted.
Request for the annihilation of the Zamon company of thieves.
Gather Histori Flowers.
Subjugate a water snake, bring back raw materials.
Subjugate a fire tiger, bring back raw materials.

The rank C requests seemed interesting, but I didn’t know how far away the locations were.
However, I was surprised to learn that mermaids existed.
It might be a good idea to go take a look someday.
There didn’t seem to be any interesting requests for a one-day trip, so I was thinking about heading back home, but I noticed that there was a lot of noise coming from the reception desk.

「Why is it no good?!」

「I’m not saying that it’s no good, just that it will take time.」

「There isn’t any time! My pops and mum and everyone else in the village will die!」

A short-statured boy was appealing to Helen while in tears.

「Like I said, there aren’t any adventurers who can defeat a Black Viper right now. Even if I call for one, it will have to wait until tomorrow.」

「My mum and pops will…」

The boy broke down and started crying.

「What’s the matter?」


I approached the two of them.

「It seems like a Black Viper has appeared at this child’s village.」

「Is the Black Viper a snake?」

「Yes, it’s larger than a normal viper. The especially large ones are over ten meters long. It seems that many villagers have already been eaten. This boy came into town on a horse, but the adventurers who can defeat something like a Black Viper already left earlier. The earliest that they could come back will be in a few days.」

A Black Viper, huh?
I looked at the crying boy.

「Then, what if I go?」

「You talk about going to the area with the snake so lightly. A Black Viper is not only big, but also a rank B monster, you know!」

「But if we don’t hurry, won’t the villagers be in danger?」

「Even so!」

「I’ll run away if the situation becomes dangerous, so it’s fine. Helen can follow the procedures for summoning adventurers to help, just in case, since I can at least stall for time.」

「Umm, are you coming by yourself, miss?」

The boy had been listening to our conversation and asked me anxiously.
It was no wonder that he was worried, since I had said that I would take care of the Black Viper subjugation alone.

「It’s fine to think of me as a scout. My role will be to gather information and pass it along to the adventurers who can defeat the Black Viper. So, where is the village?」

「It’s two days away by horse, to the southeast.」

I wonder if the distance you can cover by riding a horse for two days is a lot?
Though, I don’t know how many hours I would need to run each day.

「Are you really going?」

「Yeah, since I’m free.」

「In that case, please wait a moment while I go receive confirmation from the Guild Master.」

Helen left her post and headed to the Guild Master’s room, but soon returned together with him.

「You’re going to fight a Black Viper?」

「I’m only going to take a look at the situation. If it seems like I can defeat it, I will. If not, I’ll gather information, run away, and leave it to the adventurers Helen was talking about.」

「Helen, which adventurers?」

「It will be the rank C adventurer One-Eyed Rush and his party.」

「Rank C’s One-Eyed, huh? I’m worried if that’s the case. If you can arrange for others to go as well, do it.」

「I understand.」

「Okay then, let’s go, Yuna!」

「Go, you say…」

「I will also be going.」

「A Black Viper subjugation requires one to be, at the minimum, rank C. We would prefer sending a rank B adventurer, but since that seems impossible, please just confirm the situation and create some time for the villagers to evacuate if you can.」

「But, how does the Guild Master plan to get there?」

「I’ll use my fast horse, so I should arrive in two days.」

「If that’s the case, I’ll go on ahead. With my summoned beasts, it shouldn’t even take a day.」

「Wait, is that true?」

「I have two summoned beasts, so if I go while taking turns riding on them, it’s possible.」

「Summoned beasts, huh? I got it. You can go ahead, but be sure not to overexert yourself before I arrive.」


As soon as I tried to leave the guild, the boy pulled at me and stopped me.

「Hold on, you’re not taking me with you?」

「You’re a burden.」

「I’ll lead the way, so we should be able to get there faster.」

I looked at the boy’s physique.
He seemed light.
Was it still possible if the weight only increased by this much?

「Fine, but there won’t be any breaks.」

「I don’t care, it’s for the sake of the village. I don’t want to just wait by myself in this kind of place.」

「Then, since there’s no time to waste, let’s go, boy.」

「It’s Kai.」

「I’m Yuna. Then, let’s go, Kai.」

We left the city, and I summoned Swaying Bear.
Kai was surprised.

「Get on quickly. Aren’t you in a hurry?」

「Miss, who are you? Even though you have that kind of appearance.」

「That kind of thing doesn’t matter, right? Isn’t your family waiting?」

Kai nodded and got on Swaying Bear.
I got on behind him.

「Stay steady, look forward, and indicate the direction.」

Kai nodded.
Swaying Bear began to run in the direction that Kai indicated.
It was faster than a horse and had more endurance.
I’ll switch the bears after it has run for about three hours.
At that time, I’ll squeeze in a bit of time for a meal.

「Finish eating in five minutes.」

I handed Kai bread and juice from the Bear Box.
Kai expressed his thanks and ate the bread with large bites.

「How far have we come?」

「We are around halfway there.」

In that case, it would take about four more hours to arrive?

「Then, let’s go!」

We switched to Hugging Bear and headed out at a rapid pace.
Although Kai had just arrived this morning on a fast horse and was probably tired, he persevered and properly guided us to the village.

「If the direction is correct, it will be fine for you to sleep a little.」

Kai shook his head.

「It’s fine, I can’t sleep anyway. Also, if the direction shifts even a little, we would waste some time. At first, I thought that even if you came, it would be futile. But when I saw these summoned beasts, I thought, ‘Isn’t miss an amazing adventurer?’ Even if you can’t defeat the Black Viper, shouldn’t you be able to at least evacuate the villagers? That’s why I want to hurry and get to the village. I think that, at the very least, my role is to ensure that we don’t go in the wrong direction and shorten the distance it takes to get there.」

Kai firmly understood his situation.
This boy was too mature.
Fina was good, this child was good…What was going on with the children in this world?

「In that case, please guide us reliably.」

「Ahh, so please save the village, miss.」

「If it’s possible, I’ll do so.」

Hugging Bear ran quickly towards the village.

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