Kuma – Chapter 31

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Bear-san Goes To See Fina’s Sick Mother

Today is a holiday.
Like Fina, I’m also taking the day off.
A lot of things were established during this one month.

First of all, when a skill levels up, it is learned automatically.
Right now, I have learned six skills.

  • Different World’s Spoken Language:
    Can understand a different world’s language. (If I didn’t have this, it’d be bad.)
  • Different World’s Written Language:
    Can read and write the letters of a different world. (I can work in the guild because I have this.)
  • Bear’s Dimensional Box:
    Can store inanimate objects. (Experiment result: infinite size)
  • Bear’s Eyes of Observation:
    Can see the effects of items and weapons. (Well, you can normally do this in a typical game.)
  • Bear’s Sense of Danger Perception:
    Can discover the location of dangerous monsters and thieves. (It’s convenient to know the locations of monsters, yeah.)
  • Bear’s Map:
    Creates a map of previously visited locations. (It’s a basic mapping system from RPGs.)

Magic was categorized separately from skills.
There seemed to be certain rules for magic in this world.
I had to make a personal effort to learn magic.
However, in my situation, I was able to learn magic much more easily, thanks to the Bear.
In reality, when I inserted magic power into the Bear, the Bear would activate the magic for me.
For that reason, if I didn’t have the Bear, I wouldn’t be able to use magic.
In this world, the power of magic relies on the creativity of the mental image used.
Knowledge, imagination, that sort of thing.
For example, if I used the image of a gas burner when using fire magic, a flame that was capable of melting iron would come out.
It’s likely that even if I showed this magic to the inhabitants of this world, they wouldn’t be able to activate this magic, because they wouldn’t know about gas burners.
As for ice, it was impossible for them to use an image of stopping the movement of water molecules.
That was why, when people in this world wanted to create ice, they would use ice magic.
Not to mention, the incident when Fina collapsed.
Wound healing magic was also influenced by an image.
When I imagined the wound closing up, I was able to seal the wound.
I had not verified it yet but, in the case of healing severe wounds, I would probably be able to heal it if I imagined blood vessels connecting together.
Moreover, the fever-lowering magic.
If this were in a game, it would be categorized as a status-ailment curing magic.
Erasing the germs, or poisons, inside the body seems possible.

While I was thinking about things like this world’s skill system, the doorway became rather noisy.
There was a barrier covering the Bear House.
When the Bear House was built, it automatically activated.
It was set so that people I had not authorized could not enter the barrier.
Unapproved people were absolutely unable to enter the house.
Currently, the only person who could enter the Bear House was Fina.
I thought of going down to the first floor, but the moment I opened the door and stepped out into the hallway, Fina came flying in.

「Big sis Yuna!」

Somehow, her appearance was strange.
Fina’s body was trembling as she hugged me.

「What’s wrong?」

I separated from Fina and lifted her head to look at her face.
Her eyes were red from crying.

「B-Big sis Yuna, m-my mother has…!」

「Calm down first.」

「My mother was in pain, and…even though she drank medicine…it was no good…I went to see Uncle Gentz, but…he went out to look for medicine and hasn’t come back…I-I, what should I do?」

It seemed like her mother’s condition was dangerous.

「Un, I understand, so can you guide me to your house?」

There was a possibility that the status ailment curing magic could be used to treat her mother.
I headed to Fina’s house together with her.
It was a small house, with three people living in it.
After entering the house, we went to the room Fina’s mother was lying in.
The woman lying in the bed seemed to be suffering from pain.
A small girl was crying next to the bed, and Gentz-san was standing next to her.

「Fina. Bear missy, you’re also here.」

「Uncle Gentz, what about the medicine?」


Gentz-san muttered one word and looked down at the ground.
Fina’s mother, while suffering, reached out her hand with as much strength as she could muster and stroked her daughter’s head feebly.

「Gentz…if…something…happens…to me…my daughters…please…」

「What are you doing?! Saying things like that!」

「I…sure gave you…a lot of…trouble…the medicine…and Fina…」

Fina’s mother talked while enduring her pain.

「Thank you…」

「Don’t worry about that! If you sleep, you’ll get better, so don’t talk any more!」

「Shuri, Fina, come here, let me see your faces one last time.」


The two girls rushed over to their mother’s bed.

「I’m sorry that I couldn’t give you anything. And, thank you, Shuri, Fina.」

Although both of them were trying their best to smile, their smiles seemed strained.

「Gentz, please look after the two of them.」

「I get it, so don’t say any more. Looking after these two will be troublesome for me, so you just rest and recover from your illness.」

「Gentz, thank you.」

She closed her eyes as she endured the pain, apparently having reached her limit.

Poof, poof.
I clapped my hands in an attempt to get everyone to calm down, but even though my Bear Hands smacked together, no sound came out.

「For starters, the three of you, please calm down.」

「Big sis?」

「I don’t know if I can do anything, but I’ll take a look, so let me through.」

Fina tugged on her younger sister’s hand and moved away from the bed.
The sister cried and held onto Fina.
Meanwhile, I stood next to the bed and examined Fina’s mother.
She was a young woman who had yet to reach her late twenties.
However, her body had lost weight and was wasting away.
She probably wasn’t eating very much.

「Please hold on a little longer.」

I placed both of my hands on top of the dying mother’s body.
I inserted magic power into the Bear with both hands.
I tried to use an image of eradicating the malignant virus from her entire body.


A light covered the mother’s body, and she gradually lost the pained expression on her face.
Her breathing also started to calm down.
It seems like a success.
Though, she still seemed considerably weakened.


I chanted a different magic.
Her physical strength recovered.
Fina’s mother slowly opened her eyes.
Then, she got up from the bed as if nothing had happened.

「…There’s no pain.」


The two daughters rushed over to their mother.

「Looks like I succeeded somehow.」

「Miss, what did you do? It was as if you were a priestess from the heavens. No, never mind that, miss, thank you.」

Gentz-san’s eyes slightly teared up as he grabbed onto my Bear Hands while thanking me profusely.

「Big sis Yuna, thank you.」

「Um, thank you very much. You’re the person who cured my illness, right?」

「I did it because Fina was crying. Even so, you should rest a while longer. I don’t know if you’ve completely recovered, and your physical strength might have decreased from lying down for so long.」

「How should I return my gratitude for saving my life? As you can see, I don’t have anything valuable to pay you back with.」

「Wait a minute, I’ll do it. Miss, I can’t do it immediately, but I will definitely repay you for this favor. That’s why, please don’t do anything to this mother and her children!」

Somehow, I feel like I became a villain.
I cured your illness, so pay me money! If you can’t pay, I’m taking your daughter away!
…and with that sort of feeling, I would kidnap the daughter; that’s the feeling I had.
If there was a lolicon protagonist,
『Uhehehe, if you can’t pay, don’t you still have two cute daughters?』
Would that line be said, I wonder.
That’s why, I have to clear up this misunderstanding.

「I don’t particularly need money or anything. I only wanted to protect Fina’s smile.」

After I said that, I patted Fina’s head.
Oh, I said a really good line just now.
Fina was moved by my words and came over to hug me.
Somehow, I feel a little guilty…

「But, in that case-」

「That’s right, if there’s anything that I can do, please say it!」

「Once I’ve recovered, I’ll do anything!」

She said it. Anything, that is.

「In that case, I have a favor for the two of you, one that you cannot decline.」



An unpleasant atmosphere filled the room.

They glanced at Fina and her little sister.

「Fina, please go with your sister to buy some delicious food, as well as something nutritious for your mother to eat.」

I took out money from the Bear Box and gave it to Fina.


「It’s okay, mother is fine now, so go on ahead.」

「Un, I understand. Let’s go, Shuri.」

Fina took her sister’s hand and left the house.
After sending the two of them off, I once again looked at Gentz-san and Fina’s mother.

「What are you going to make us do?」

「It’s simple. Both of you, please get married.」



Both of them were stunned and had their mouths wide open.

「I know that Gentz-san loves Fina’s mother.」


「There’s no point in denying it, even Fina knows about it. Besides, since Fina’s mother trusts Gentz-san enough to entrust her children to you, she probably doesn’t dislike you.」


「Also, it’s not good to increase the children’s hardships, right? Gentz-san is a guild staff member, so your income is stable, and it would be difficult for these three females to live peacefully forever.」


「Gentz-san, do you hate Fina’s mother? Is it unacceptable that Fina’s mother married those children’s father first?」


Gentz-san swallowed loudly.
Then, he looked towards Fina’s mother.

「Tirumina, p-please marry me! I-I’ve loved you from a long time ago! It’s disrespectful to Roy, but I really love you!」

「…Thank you.」

I tried to quietly step out of the room and leave the house.
Let’s leave it to the two of them.

「Where are you going?」

But, there was an old guy who betrayed those feelings of mine.

「I’m going home, since the current situation is a family issue.」

「Is that so, erm, thank you.」

「Be sure to look after Fina and the others carefully.」

「Ah, leave it to me.」

「If the mother’s condition worsens again, call me.」

Leaving Fina’s house behind me, I returned to the Bear House.

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