Kuma – Chapter 24

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The Bear Works Before Going Home

I returned to the Bear House while riding on Swaying Bear.
Hugging Bear was curled up and sleeping comfortably in the garden.
Fina seemed to be in the Bear House.
After telling Swaying Bear to rest, I headed to the warehouse.
When I entered, I found Fina in the middle of skinning a monster.

「Ah, Big sis Yuna, welcome back.」

Fina noticed me when I entered the warehouse and greeted me.

「I’m back.」

「Big sis Yuna, you came back quickly. What about the Tiger Wolf?」

「Un, I defeated it. Sorry, but is it possible for you to take out just the magic stone to use for the proof of subjugation?」

The Tiger Wolf Subjugation request only required the magic stone as proof.

「That’s fine with me.」

I took out the two Tiger Wolves from the Bear Box.

「Big sis Yuna is amazing.」

Fina was surprised when she saw the corpses of the Tiger Wolves.

「I guess it was pretty strong. Normal magic didn’t work and its movements were quick, so I had to use my trump card.」

「Even so, Big sis Yuna is amazing, since you were still able to defeat it.」

「Thank you. So, Fina, did you go looking for medical herbs?」

「Yes, Hugging Bear helped me find some.」

「Hugging Bear did?」

「Yes, we were able to return quickly because Hugging Bear found some medical herbs immediately. When I asked if it knew any places with medical herbs, it took me to a place where they were growing.」

I didn’t know that Hugging Bear had that kind of ability.
I’ll give it a try next time.
Fina continued working while chatting with me.
Just by looking, I could tell that the pelts were stripped off beautifully.
She’s quite skilled.

「Is just the Tiger Wolf’s magic stone okay?」

「Un, just the stone is fine. I may ask for your help later, though.」

When she finished dismantling the Wolf, Fina started working on extracting the magic stone from the Tiger Wolves lying on the floor.
After cutting open their stomachs, she inserted her hand without hesitation and took out the magic stones.

「Do you know where the magic stones are located?」

She didn’t hesitate at all when she was inserting the knife or her hand into the large bodies.

「The magic stone is often located in the middle of a monster’s body.」

「Is that so?」

「Yes, though I can’t say for sure, since I haven’t dismantled every single monster before. However, I thought that the Tiger Wolf would have it in the same location as the Wolf.」

「Thanks. I’ll put the Tiger Wolves away for now.」

I put the two Tiger Wolves back into the Bear Box after their magic stones had been extracted.

「Well then, Fina, it’s a little late but let’s have lunch.」

「I…didn’t…prepare…anything…for lunch…」

Fina murmured quietly, with her head down.

「It’s fine. I bought lunch from the inn, so go wash your hands and come to the living room.」


I returned to the Bear House and prepared fruit juice from the fridge. Steam rose from the warm lunch boxes I took out of the Bear Box.
Thank you, Time-Stop-sama.
Fina entered the room right as I finished preparing the table.

「Let’s eat while the food is warm.」

I made Fina sit down on a chair.

「Yes, thank you very much.」

「So then, what do you want to do now?」

「What do I want to do?」

Fina tilted her head to the side.

「Do you want to go home, or do you want to continue working?」

「If possible, I want to keep working.」

「If that’s so, then let’s stay here until the last minute. I’ll be sleeping in the room upstairs. Let’s head out before the sun sets if you can finish working.」

「Okay, I don’t think it will take too long, so that should be fine.」

I headed up to the second floor and entered my room in the Bear House.
My room was a little wider than eight tatami mats.
There was a relatively large bed, a round table, and four chairs in my room. There was also an empty dresser and an empty bookshelf, but nothing else.
I hadn’t placed anything from the Bear Box in here yet.
For now, I reversed the bear clothes and crawled into bed as the white bear.
I’ll take a nap for several hours.

Shuffle, shuffle

「Big sis Yuna, Big sis Yuna!」

Shuffle, shuffle


「Please wake up.」

「Good morning. Did you finish dismantling?」

「Yes, I finished so I came here to wake you up.」

I yawned and got off the bed.

「Big sis Yuna?」

Fina’s eyes sparkled when she saw my appearance.
I wonder why?

「That white bear-san is super cute.」

Ah, my current appearance was a white bear.

「I wear this when I sleep.」

I took off the white bear, reversed it, and changed back into the usual black bear.

「Well then, let’s go back.」


On the way back, I rode on Hugging Bear while Fina rode Swaying Bear.
When I only spent time with one bear, the other bear’s mood would deteriorate.
Therefore, I had to take turns riding them.

When we arrived at the town, 30 minutes later, the sun was already setting.
We somehow managed to return before the sun set completely.
I wasn’t sure but, as expected, I shouldn’t keep a ten year old child out late in this world.

When we arrived in front of the gate, riding on the bears, the gate soldiers were surprised and readied their weapons.
After Fina and I got down from the bears, I released the summoning.
Then, I put on an innocent face, took out my guild card, and attempted to enter the city.

「Hey! What was that bear earlier?!」

「A summoned beast?」

「I see, a summoned beast.」

The gate soldier gave my card back to me without any further remarks.
I thought that he would want to say something, but he didn’t say anything.
We entered the town and headed to the guild to report the Tiger Wolf subjugation.

I apologize.
About the monster subjugation proof, I think I’ll make it so that adventurers only need to obtain the magic stone.
Even for the wolves and goblins, it won’t be the ears or the tails but the magic stones.
The guild can understand things such as when the magic stone was obtained or what monster it came from.
That way, a magic stone from the past cannot be used as evidence of subjugation.
For all the readers who read up to here, I apologize.
You don’t particularly need to go back and reread the previous chapters.
There is only this small change, so please continue to take care of me!

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