Kuma – Chapter 20

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Bear-san’s Summoned Beast Is A Bear, And Bear-san’s House Is A Bear House

I received the request from an open reception desk and left the guild.

「Big sis Yuna, what request did you accept?」

「Tiger Wolf subjugation.」

「Big sis!」

「What is it?」

「I heard that Tiger Wolves are bigger and stronger than normal Wolves. Will you be okay?」

She anxiously held onto my Bear dress.

「Isn’t it fine?」

It was only a slightly bigger Wolf, right?
I stroked Fina’s head, since she seemed worried, and we went to leave the city together.
At the gate, there were two lines of people leaving; a slower line of merchants and a faster line of adventurers.
We also lined up. I displayed my guild card and we left the city.
We went through the gate and, after straying from the road and walking for a few minutes, arrived at a relatively unpopulated area.
Some adventurers were looking at us from a distance.

Without worrying about them, we stopped.

「Big sis?」

「I’m taking out something that we can ride on, so wait a moment.」

I told Fina to move back a little before extending both the white bear and the black bear out as far as I could.
Magic power flowed through them.
When the bears’ mouths were fully open, a white object and a black object came flying out.
Those objects started moving sluggishly.
They slowly stood up on four legs.
Yes, it’s a summoned bear beast!
A white bear and a black bear came to a stop in front of me.
They nestled up against me, so I rubbed their faces and stroked their chins.
It looks like it felt really good, since their eyes narrowed.
They were fluffy, so it felt really good to touch them.
They’re gently rubbing against my cheeks.

「Big sis!」

Fina took a step back.

「Don’t worry. They’re my summons, so it’s safe. Come on Fina, you try touching them too.」

Fina gingerly approached and cautiously touched a bear.
After understanding that the bears wouldn’t do anything, a smile appeared on her face.

「Now then, get on Hugging Bear, Fina.」

「Hugging Bear?」

「The white bear’s name is Hugging Bear, and the black bear’s name is Swaying Bear.」

After getting on top of Hugging Bear, Fina carefully sat down.

「It’s fine, you don’t need to worry.」

Fina anxiously sat on top of Hugging Bear.
After Fina settled in, Hugging Bear slowly stood up again.


「If you grab on tightly, it’ll be fine. Well, Hugging Bear also has an ability that makes it impossible for you to accidentally fall off.」

Though, it might be startling if your line of vision is suddenly raised so high.

「For example, even if you fall asleep and let go, you still won’t fall.」

After Fina calmed down, I got onto Swaying Bear.

「We’ll start moving slowly at first. Once you’re used to it, we can move more quickly.」


The two of us rode the bears at a running pace, towards the mountain that the Tiger Wolves inhabited.
Needless to say, the adventurers, merchants, and travelers who saw us along the way looked at us curiously.
At first, I was worried about the curious stares I was getting every time I summoned the bears, but since it was troublesome to summon them far away from the town every time, I ended up not caring about their stares.

The bears we were riding gradually sped up.
We headed even further, past the mountain where the Goblin King had been.
It would have taken us six hours if we were walking, but we arrived in 30 minutes with the bears.


Fina seemed to be having fun.
I didn’t know how many kilometers per hour we were moving at, since there wasn’t a speedometer attached to the bear.
I had never ridden on a car or a motorcycle before, so I couldn’t comprehend its speed just from the feeling.
However, I understood that our speed had increased considerably.
Although we were speeding up, there was no corresponding increase in wind pressure.
The bears generated a power that wrapped their whole body, so the wind pressure couldn’t be felt.
Therefore, it was even possible to sleep during the journey.
I increased the speed even further, so we arrived at the village that had requested the goblin subjugation in the past in about 30 minutes.
It’ll be troublesome if they see us and raise a fuss about the bears, so we headed into the mountains without entering the village.
Our speed fell after we entered the mountains.
Let’s enjoy a carefree climb up from here on.

「If I remember correctly, it should be somewhere around here.」

It was written on the request form that the Tiger Wolves came out around here.
I found a flat clearing in the middle of the mountains and got off of Swaying Bear.

「Is this place okay?」

I checked the surroundings for obstacles.
For now, I’ll take some things to set up out of the Bear Box.

「Big sis Yuna!」

Something came out so Fina shouted in surprise.
The Fina today is doing nothing but shouting.
What came out was a house. A Bear House.
There was a two story Bear House with a garden in front of us.
The outward appearance, from the front, looked like a giant bear that was standing on all fours.
The entrance was in the giant, opened mouth of the bear, and the second floor was inside the bear cub riding on top, which we could see from here.
There was also a warehouse attached next to the house.

「For the time being, let’s head inside and rest.」


Let’s have the bears wait in the garden.
It seemed like we were being eaten as we entered the bear’s mouth.

When we entered the Bear House, the inside was similar to a Japanese style home, since I was supposed to live here.

「Ah, please take your shoes off over there.」

I didn’t know the customs of this world so I told her, just in case.
After taking off our shoes at the entrance, we went to the living room.
The first floor consisted of a living room, a kitchen, a bathroom with a toilet, and a mini storage room.
The second floor had my room and a few prepared guest rooms.
There was a rooftop balcony located at the bear cub’s head, which I was thinking of using to dry laundry.

「Ah, please sit over there.」

I gestured towards the sofa-like chairs.

「Big sis Yuna.」


「What is this house?」

After looking around the room, she asked me.

「A house I built with magic.」

After I understood that the size of the Bear Box was infinite during one of my magic experiments, I built this house to use while traveling.
The house was built with earth magic while using the image of a bear. That way, it would become strong and durable.
I designed the interior as I wanted, using earth magic to make walls and allocate the rooms.
I bought and installed water magic stones for rooms that required water.
There was a refrigerator in the kitchen too.
I also installed light magic stones in each room, so it was bright even at night.
The only thing missing from this house was probably a TV and a computer.
If I had those, the hikikomori house would be complete.
I went to the kitchen and brought some chilled fruit juice for Fina.

「Is Big sis Yuna a noble from somewhere?」

「No, I’m not.」

「Then, a princess?」

「No princess would look like me, right? I’m just a normal adventurer.」

Fina looked like she wanted to say something but didn’t.

「Well then, after I take a break, I’ll head out to look for the Tiger Wolves.」

「What about me?」

「It’s fine for Fina to look for your mother’s medical herbs together with Hugging Bear. You’ll be safe with Hugging Bear. If you feel like you’re in danger, you can come back here. There’s a strong barrier here, so it’ll be safe.」


「In addition, monsters will be placed in the warehouse, so please skin and dismantle them when you have time.」

「Is it okay to dismantle them later?」

「Ten percent of the raw material sales will be Fina’s earnings, so isn’t it up to you? Whether you find medical herbs quickly and work on skinning or spend all your time looking for your mom’s medical herbs depends on you, Fina.」

「Un, I understand.」

「Then, let’s go to the warehouse next door so I can explain.」

It was possible to go to the warehouse from both inside and outside of the house.
The size of the warehouse was about 20 tatami mats large.
There was only water and a workbench placed in the warehouse. Nothing else had been placed inside.
For now, I took out and placed around ten horned rabbits and wolves next to the wall.

「You don’t really have to finish everything. When you’re finished skinning and dismantling, can you place them in this room and shut the door?」

The room next door had a freezer.
This place was created mainly for storing things that needed to be frozen in large quantities.
Time stops in the Bear Box, so things inside couldn’t be frozen.
That said, the Bear House was also frozen in time when it was placed in the Bear Box.

「Well then, I’ll be off, so take care. If something happens, it should be fine if you rely on Hugging Bear.」

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    3. where did all the objects inside come from? Is it just that she bought them all? THats probably the simple answer.
    4. why is she riding bears? There unneeded plus its cooler to read about her jumping around. or is it just that the author added it for fina and didn’t want her being princess carried?
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