World of Murim

Murim: The Korean world of Martial Arts. Also Known as Gang Ho, or even Gang Ho Murim.

The three factions:
Jung Pa: (Lit. Justice Faction). As the name suggests, the faction promotes righteousness, justice, fairness, etc. (in name at least)
Sa Pa: (Lit. Evil Faction). The “dark” side of Murim, promoting violence, strength, etc.
Magyo: (Lit. Demon/Devil School/Sect). More or less the same as Sa Pa

The two paths (related to the three factions):
Jung Do: (lit. Justice Path/Way). More or less the same as Jung Pa. People from the Jung Do are referred to as Jung Do-in (lit. Justice Path/Way Man).
Ma Do: (lit. Evil Path/Way). People from Sa Pa or the Magyo (different novels use different factions, and it looks like SoE uses Magyo rather than Sa Pa… or at least so far it does). Similar to Jung Do, people from the Ma Do are referred to as Ma Do-in.

Murim’s Hierarchy:
Nine Great Schools (九派一幇): The nine huge schools representative of the Jung Pa Murim. It refers to the nine schools of the greatest authority. Of which, the Shaolin School, Wudang School, Emei School, Kunlun School, Huashan School, Diancang School, and Gae Bang are always included. The other three schools are chosen by the author of 6 names (which I am too lazy to put here for now). Additionally, Gae Bang is a school made up of beggars.
(note: the above information is straight out from a Murim wiki. I’m still slightly confused about how there’s 10 schools in a group called “nine”.)
The Noble Clans (世家): Usually next in authority to the Nine Great Schools.
Minor Schools*: Pretty much all the small/minor schools that’s not part of the above two.
(note: 군소방파; I couldn’t find the Chinese or any wiki for info, but it pops up quite frequently. If anyone knows a more accurate translation or more info on this, message me!)

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