Sword of the Emperor Volume 1 Chapter 8

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Chapter 8. Shaolin Temple’s Ultimate Expert

“Hand over the girl.”


The Smiling Sword’s laughter rang out within the inn. After laughing for a while, he suddenly stopped, slightly grinning and his eyes twitching. It was a sign he had a strong urge to kill someone.

“Huhu, you really look down on my Law Enforcement Corp too much. You act arrogant based on the glory of your clans; try and take her from me!”

“Fine, you can have her. But we’ll be accompanying you in your investigation. You wouldn’t dare refuse this, would you? It does not matter whether her father is from the Ma Do or is the enemy of the whole world. If you refuse, we won’t just let this go.”

Nangong Hyuk Ryun’s words showed just how carefully he was handling the situation. His willingness to uphold his decision to save the girl was clearly shown, while he did not want to go against the law. Even so, he had already conceded quite a bit.

“That is for us to decide. Since when did the Five Clans Union become so interested in the internal affairs of our North Swords? Sorry to tell you… but I won’t be able to comply. Let’s go, men.”

He turned around, heading towards the stairs. However…


The 8 excluding Pa Chun surrounded him – a clear message that they were unwilling to give up.

“You… do you really want to continue this farce? 200 of the Law Enforcement Corp’s 500 swordsmen are waiting outside. You want to oppose us for this bitch? Truly foolish.”

He grabbed a hold of the girl’s hair, who had previously been in the hands of his vice-leader.




The 8 people from the Five Clans Union brought out their weapons.

“How’s this? I will kill the girl right here. Hahaha.”

“You fiend! You dare call yourself a Jung Do-in? Let her go right this instance.”

“Make me if you can. Try and kill me with that sword of yours.”

While his attidude was completely brazen, Nangong Hyuk Ryun was overly agitated.

“What about this?”


The girl finally started crying, as the Law Enforcement Corp’s leader put his hands inside the girl’s clothes. The hand of the Smiling Sword, Wu Hyun-Choong, reached the girl’s breasts. Nangong Hemi, unable to watch any further, abruptly charged at him.

“You bastard! Take that hand off of her!”

As expected of the Nangong Clan’s descendant, her attack was fierce and powerful. However, her sword was stopped in the mid-way, unable to go on any further.


It was the Law Enforcement Corp’s vice leader. His hand that was holding onto the girl was now holding onto his sword, as he faced off against Nangong Hemi. Nangong Hyuk Ryun shouted watching this scene.

“Kill them!”

As the young masters of the Five Clans Union charged, their hands and weapons were covered in their Qi. Even with 200 swordsmen supposedly surrounding the area, they did not hesitate in the slightest. They were only doing what they believed to be just. Nangong Hyuk Ryun stretched his swords to the Smiling Sword in a quick and flowing motion.



Still fondling the girl’s breast, Smiling Sword brought her forward in front of him.


Nangong Hyuk Ryun had no choice but to pull his sword back and retreat. His body blurred as he used the Soul Shadow Steps, trying to move behind Smiling Sword to attack. However, Smiling Sword continued to face him as he turned his body to face Nangong Hyuk Ryun.

“Everyone stop! One more step and  I’ll kill this bitch.”

With his open hand, he took out his beloved Snake Sword. Its twisted blade resembled a slithering snake, and its edge was giving off a dazzling light as it pointed at the girl’s neck. Naturally, everyone froze.

“Y-You bastard! Such a dirty act…”

“Hahaha, that’s how I’ve survived ‘til now. To complete a task, you have to be ready to use whatever means necessary! Do you understand the situation now? You are powerless. I know you are the sons and daughters of the Five Clans Union’s clan leaders, but I won’t let you off so easily… look forward to it.”

[Brother Nangong! What should we do?]

Iron Blood Fist Peng Jung-Hu whispered.

[No matter what we must save that girl. Even if we have to rely on the forces of our Five Clans Union.] [If he returns, who knows what he’ll do to the girl… but we have no other choice.]

“Looks like you understand the situation now. Men, we’re leaving.”

Following his orders, the Law Enforcement Corp’s swordsmen started making their way downstairs. In just a short while, only the vice-leader remained with Smiling Sword.

Confirming their men have left, the two leaders started making their way downstairs. Nangong Hyuk Ryun and his party followed behind and the crowd hurriedly followed in their steps.

-Pa Chun, you’re just gonna let them go?

=Shizhu, you must save the poor girl. Amitabul.

Their thoughts agreed for the first time, but Pa Chun was still reluctant. The girl really had nothing to do with him.

But at that moment, Pa Chun saw the eyes of the crying girl in the hands of Smiling Sword. Her anger and shame was clear as Smiling Sword’s hand was still on top of her bosom.

Damn it! Those eyes are bothering me!

The memory was still fresh in his mind. The eyes of the palace maids as they committed suicide in front of him! The eyes of the elders as they kowtowed to his departure! He could never forget those eyes.

F*ck it! That bastard, he’s dead!

Pa Chun had already lost his composure. His painful memories urged him on, and his rage was directed at Smiling Sword.

No one could detect the man standing behind Nangong Hyuk Ryun disappearing. Even the people looking directly ahead behind him was unable to realize he had disappeared. It was truly a mysterious technique.

Smiling Sword had finally made his way downstairs and mocked the young masters of the Five Clans Union.

“Haha, proud young masters! I’ll see you later.”

He was heading for the door, but no one was able to stop him. At that moment, his smiling face became ugly.


His Snake Sword that had been pointing at the girl’s neck dropped onto the floor.

“I wasn’t planning on interfering, but your actions are too vile for me to ignore.”

There was a man standing mid-air. Everyone’s attention became focused on the mysterious man. They soon realized; it was the handsome young master that had been standing back just now! Nangong Hyuk Ryun and others in the room had their jaws dropped in surprised.

“Ce… Celestial Sky Ladder.”

“It’s the Shaolin’s technique.”

Celestial Sky Ladder, one of the secret Celestial Techniques. Using this technique, Pa Chun slowly walked down from the air.


Smiling looked at his hand. Before he could notice, a small coin-sized hole had been made on his wrist. Through the hole, his blood poured down, completely dousing his and the girl’s clothes. Seeing the mysterious man use one of Shaolin’s secret techniques, Smiling Sword could no longer act as he wanted. He could very well be one of Nine Jung Alliance’s mysterious experts.

“Who might you be, my lord?”

The change in his way of talking caused many people to frown. The way he cowered in face of the strong could only be disdainful in the spectators’ eyes.

“Let the girl go. Otherwise, you will see what slaughter truly means.”

-Ha! Slaughter? You made your first kill not too long ago and you think you know what slaughter is? Tsk, look at the admiration in their eyes.


“Why are you doing this? I’m the North Swords’…”

“I know that. I’ve heard more than enough of you being the dog of the North Swords, so shut up and let the girl go.”

“No, but this girl is…”

“Are you testing my patience? Let her go now, or you’ll be forced to do so after I cut your hand off.”

-Fuhahaha. Now that’s more like you.

His temper instilled fear on the spectators; not caring in the slightest, Pa Chun was making his move. No one could catch his movement as he used Buddha’s Immortal Cloud Steps. His hand pierced Smiling Sword’s abdomen, causing his hand to drop from the girl’s bosom. Smiling Sword’s head dropped at the same time, and Pa Chun kicked it up in quick succession.


Smiling Sword yelled out loud in pain, flying three Jangs before he crashed in the corner. From his mouth, streams of blood flowed down. Because everything happened so fast, the spectators were unable to understand what happened. The technique he used was called the Demon Conquering Chain Hammer, Shaolin’s ultimate technique. Without at least 10 years of careful study, it was impossible to show the might that Pa Chun had displayed. Swinging, pressing, or smashing attacks were chained together as they focused on the enemy’s blood veins. If just one connected, one’s defense would falter significantly.

Smiling Sword picked his body up. It seemed that his wounds weren’t light as he shook, unable to stand still. His eyes were filled with rage, and he shouted with a mouth full of blood.

“I command the Law Enforcement Corp to kill them all!!”



The door burst open as several tens of swordsmen rushed inside with swords in their hands. The girl was already in the hands of Nangong Hemi, but she was still shaking in fear. Nangong Hyuk Ryun did not stay still either as he readied himself for battle. As the obstacle blocking his way no longer existed, he had no reason to hesitate. But they didn’t know that they would not be fighting.

Pa Chun rose up in the air once again using the Celestial Sky Ladder technique. From his hands, endless number of Shaolin’s secret skills pours out.

Bamboo Leaf Hand, Celestial Palm, Man Catching Skill, Bodhisattva’s Palm, Vigorous Vajra’s Palm, 12 Separation of the Golden Dragon, Light Bound Finger. People stared in awe as legendary techniques of the 72 Shaolin Secret Arts were performed one by one.






Furniture inside the inn broke apart as endless screams erupted.

As soon as the swordsmen ran inside, they were sent flying back. Even going inside seemed to be impossible.

In an instant, the mysterious man suddenly disappeared, appearing near Smiling Sword.

His hand was already holding Smiling Sword’s neck.

[Listen up. With my current mood, I’d much rather kill every single one of you. I’ll give you oe more chance. Retreat and forget about this incident. If you don’t obey my orders, you will face a fate worse than death… understood?]

As Pa Chun’s back was facing the crowd, no one was able to see his facial expression. Because he was speaking through his mind, no one could understand what they talked about. The only thing they could make out was the pale expression of Smiling Sword as he nodded his head in fear. He was indeed madly nodding in fear that he would be killed otherwise. As their leader was held captive, the swordsmen of the Law Enforcement Corp were unable to do anything. They could only stare at the vice-leader, seeking help. But even he did not have a good solution.

“Haha, alright. Let’s stop and tidy up.”

His jest-filled tone caused the room to fall silent. No one could understand what he was thinking. Nangong Hyuk Ryun’s thoughts were especially in disarray. Someone he thought to be a scholar was actually a master-class expert, not to mention he was from the Shaolin Temple. His immeasurable power made some people feel betrayed. Why would someone like him act so humble and lie? At the same time, it was true that they felt endless admiration to this Munyun’s noble martial arts and many wondered who he really was.

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