Sword of the Emperor Volume 1 Chapter 10

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Chapter 10. Who is she?


It was the sound of a door opening. A faint womanly silhouette could be seen in the darkness. Pa Chun opened his eyes slightly. To him, darkness did not mean anything at all.

Wait! That woman is…!

He closed his eyes again hurriedly, pretending to be asleep. He had trouble finding the right breathing tempo, as he waited nervously.

The woman walked towards Pa Chun silently, stopping next to his bed. After staring at him for a moment, she took a step backwards.



[What the hell is she doing?]

-Keke, isn’t it obvious? We can have some fun thanks to you too.

=Amitabul. How would that be fun? Shizhu, please tell the girl to leave.

From Huineng’s trembling voice, Pa Chun could tell how flustered he was.

Placing a hand on the bed, she lowered her head and entrusted her weight onto the bed. Pa Chun was taken aback by this sudden move.

What should I do? Pretend to wake up? Or just stay still?

But it wouldn’t make sense for an ultimate expert such as himself to not notice a trespasser. Pa Chun knew that the woman knew this as well, as her movements became bolder.


The feeling of bare skin could be felt on his body, making all the cells in his body focus on this feeling. He unknowingly twitched, and immediately, soft lips attacked him.

The woman’s soft lips sent a shiver down his spine, as her tongue pierced through his lips and entered his mouth.


Pa Chun turned his body the other way, but the woman would not let her lips depart from his own. Because of this, the woman’s body fell deeper into his bed…

-Uhuhuhu, this is f*cking great…

=Amitabul. Amitabul.

Huineng was busy chanting a sutra.

Is this woman crazy? How is she so persistent?! Pa Chun turned his body away several times, but the woman still did not separate herself. She was not secretive at all. She pushed one of her hands on top of his chest, and the other on the back of his neck.

In the end, she was fully on top of Pa Chun’s body, and he could fully feel the curves of her body. She was skilled. Her lips seemed to suck in Pa Chun’s soul as her hands undressed him unceasingly. As this happened, Pa Chun grew more frantic. He had to make a decision. Either refuse her respectfully, or accept the situation and be more forward….

As Pa Chun was contemplating, his clothes had been fully undressed with only his underwear left on him.

-This woman’s amazing. Fuhuhuhu.

=Amitabul, Shizhu. What are you doing? Amitabul, make up your mind.

Pa Chun could see Huineng was on the verge of falling into depravity.

Agh, I can’t let this continue. What face will I have after letting a girl force herself on me?

With both his hands, he tightly grabbed onto her hands.

“Miss, what is the meaning of this?”

The hell am I saying, I know exactly what she means by this.

“Sir! Ever since the first time I’ve seen you I… I thought I’d lose you if I did not summon the courage to embrace you. I’m sorry.”

Sorry? No, I’m grateful~~

“No, it’s not that I’m reprimanding you. It was just a bit unexpected, that’s all.”

She was still on top of Pa Chun, staring down onto his face, slowly taking her hands out from his. She placed them on his face and caressed it gently.

“Hoho, you are too handsome and charming. Please don’t think too badly of me for behaving in such lewd ways. I’m simply more honest about my feelings than others. I have no choice if you do not want me, but otherwise, please don’t stop my advances.”


Temptation engulfs me like a flowing river and my internal struggle makes me unable to think clearly. Ah, what am I supposed to do? I had decided to live like a lone crane.

-Cmon, Pa Chun. What are you waiting for?

=Please, shizhu. Find a way to refuse her, amitabul.

[Can you two ever shut up? I can’t do this right now. We’ve only just met today. I can’t have her thinking I’m easy to get.]

“Mm, miss. This isn’t proper, so I must ask you to leave. It’s not that I want to treat you harshly. If it’s your feelings alone, I will accept them gladly. Now, please get dressed and return to your quarters.”

He swallowed down the words ‘Today isn’t the only day’ from coming out.


He slapped her butt, and she threw herself onto him, seemingly unperturbed.

“Alright, fine. I will return for today. But don’t think I’ve given up on you. I won’t let you go so easily.”

How cute. I’d like that as well.

Climbing down from his bed, she started dressing herself in front of him, and Pa Chun watched this scene attentively.

-You idiot! You threw away your own bloody fortune. Are you crazy?

=Amitabul, shizhu. Please turn your head the other way. This is… embarrassing.

-Please. You’ve already seen and felt everything. Huineng, if you are a lofty High Priest, shouldn’t you treat women with an iron will? How can you be so flustered just because you touched some skin?


Having finished dressing up, the young miss lowered her head slightly and gave Pa Chun a peck on his cheeks.

“Hehe, good night then. I’ll head out now.”

Sigh… if that guy found out about this, he won’t just let this go.

“Take care, miss. I apologize that I cannot see you out.”

She looked even more adorable as she sauntered out the door. Her swaying hips were just too enticing.

Ah, what the hell did I just do? I’m an idiot!

As soon as the girl disappeared past the door, Pa Chun grabbed his hair and rolled around in regret.

“Guess I’m not sleeping tonight… should I just barge into her room? No no, calm down. Calm. Down.”

Pa Chun was leaving his room. It was already past 6, but it was still dark outside. He used the Heavenly Demon’s Concealment Skill to go over the inn’s walls, and upon confirming that there was no one out on the streets, he started to use the Heavenly Demon’s Flying Technique.

In the outskirts of Eastern Gae Bong, there was a giant shrine. This was the headquarters of Gae Bang, in control of one hundred thousand martial artists across the Mid Lands. The ironclad rule of Murim was to not make Gae Bang an enemy. Not only did they have an incredible number of followers, but becoming enemies with them also meant becoming the enemy of the whole of Murim. Their connections were spread across the entirety of Murim. It would be hard to find a clan or Murim-in that did not receive help from Gae Bang at least once. From this, one could see the importance Gae Bang had in the world of Murim.

However, their headquarters was rather loosely guarded. Not only that, but the Shrine was rather small for headquarters of a hundred thousand men. This is only what it seemed like on the surface. The headquarters lied mostly underground. It contained over 900 stone rooms and over 5000 people stayed at any one time.

Pa Chun appeared from the darkness. His light baggage made it seem as if he was out on a stroll. However, he was heading straight towards the Shrine.


Two beggars wearing one and two knotted belts respectively spoke out. Their outer appearances were haggardly, befitting that of beggars, but their eyes shone with a certain light that ordinary beggars would not have. The statuses of men of Gae Bang were originally determined by the number of bags on their backs. However, 20 years ago, their head at that time, King Gae, found the bags to look cumbersome and changed the rules to wear knotted belts around their waists. Three knotted disciples were at least at the level of Division Leaders*.This place was the headquarters of Gae Bang! No one knotted disciples were here.

[TN: Traditional Gae Bang hierarchy: White-clothed Disciples à Division Leaders à Elders à more probably]

“Who are you and what business do you have here?”

Although polite, the question was strict and straightforward.

“My name is Munyun. I am here to visit the previous head, King Gae Poong Chun-Ho.”

Pa Chun answered politely.

“Mun…Munyun you said? Could you be Lord Munyun, the Jade Faced Divine Dragon…”

Jade Faced Divine Dragon? When did I get such a title?

“I am indeed Munyun, but this is the first time I’m hearing this title.”

“Could you be the one who had a conflict with the North Swords at China House yesterday…?”

“Yes, that is me.”

“Ah, as I thought. Welcome. It is a great honor for us to receive the Jade Faced Divine Dragon to our place.”

Although Pa Chun was confused at the title, the circumstances seemed to favor him. It looked like his feat at China House last night had spread throughout the entire Gae Bong Prefecture. Since Gae Bang should have been the first ones to have heard about it, he wasn’t too surprised.

“But why are you looking for head Tae Sang?”

Pa Chun took out a small emblem.

“Give this to King Gae and he’ll know why I’m here.”

“Understood. If you don’t mind, please come in and wait. We’ll deliver the message to the Master as soon as possible.”

Pa Chun then followed them into the reception room. As he walked, he couldn’t help but be amazed at the complex defense mechanisms and strict guards. It was designed so that even a small number of people defend against many.

The reception room was rather desolate, with a table, two chairs, and a cup of tea only. Pa Chun waited leisurely since he knew it would take some time for Master Tae Sang to get ahold of the news. About three hours had passed.


With an ear-piercing sound, someone barged into the room. It was a white-haired old man with a rope around his head. Around his waist was a belt with ten knots.  This was the supreme master of Gae Bang, King Dae Poong Chun-Ho. His face was filled with wrinkles and age spots. His crooked nose and thick lips gave an amiable impression. As soon as he entered the room, he started shaking, finally letting out some words carefully.

“Sir, are you the one who… brought this emblem?”

“Yes, it was me.”


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