Story of a Careless Demon Volume 15 Chapter Release!

Hiya folks, we’ve got a new chapter out today! Sorry that it’s a little later than planned, got stuck with a migraine all day and couldn’t get the final edit done until now.

New chapter: HERE!

As an aside, did you know that there are Bleach light novels that the author published after the manga finished? I didn’t until recently, and somehow, he managed to make that universe even more insane and pointlessly cruel.

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4 Responses to Story of a Careless Demon Volume 15 Chapter Release!

  1. Kitty says:

    Wow, that’s news to me. Did he change the story a bit or is it the same? Also what do you mean by pointlessly cruel?

    • App says:

      It’s a world where your options for the afterlife are literal Hell, being a soul eating despair filled monster, being a more literal beast like doggo captain in that realm, or, if you’re *luckly* end up passing on peacefully, where you will more than likely (99%+) end up in the Japanese style murder slums. Kubo confirmed there were no other afterlives as well.

      • Kitty says:

        Well that blows. After passing on peacefully your choices are, stay in the slums or join the military. RIP in pieces

  2. You make that sound like a bad thing
    Thanks for the chapter
    & the Bleach update

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