Social Media Additions

Due to the issue we faced and the current downtimes we had, I have realized how important it is for us to have another way of contacting for our readers.

Moon Bunny Cafe now has a Twitter and Facebook.

Not only that, any posts made on MBC will also show up in both social medias as well (posts have already been in motion for twitter). To those of you who don’t like the RSS feeds, or don’t want to subscribe via email, this is your chance to follow MBC on your very own social media website. If anyone has any other suggestions, please suggest away!


ps. Please note that the three little buttons on the top and bottom right hand corner are for ALL posts from Moon Bunny Cafe. The RSS feed links on the project pages of each series are only for the specific series itself.

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  1. svnhddbst says:

    haven’t seen any other problems so far, congrats on working through a major ddos.

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