SLKD Volume 2 Chapter 4 – The brick is back!

Hi guys. I have good news and bad news.

As you all know, SLKD has been floating around for ages (a month or so?) and a new translator has joined our midst because of us being slackers (me) or us being just too busy (others). He goes by Valley Wulf and he’s willing to use his free time to help us out on SLKD. The good news is, he has just completed his editing and proofreading of Chapter 4 today and I have to say he seems like a swell guy.. I also looked it over and made some adjustments as well but never mind about me, go thank Valley Wulf for helping guys!! Chapter 4 is brought to you by reversewolf, JC, Valley Wulf, and alyschu.

And the bad news (to me) is… that nobody told me I misabbreviated SLKD into SKLD on the project page and all the chapter pages so I had to relink and rename all of them before uploading chapter 4. Well, I guess it’s not really bad news for you guys since it’s sort of my little rant, but you could’ve gotten this chapter sooner!


ps. Here’s a small gif from Valley Wulf that goes well with the chapter. Imprint it in your mind whilst reading the chapter, Enjoy.

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6 Responses to SLKD Volume 2 Chapter 4 – The brick is back!

  1. Kazekid says:

    Haha, i was panicking for a bit when you said bad news. Sorry about the extra work you had to do. Also, Thank you Valley Wolf for translating this!

    • Valley Wulf says:

      You’re welcome, Kazekid. 🙂

      I actually didn’t translate it. Just helped out with going over it and put in some revisions. A lot of it were already done (I assume by reversewolf, JC, and alyschu). I just helped with the final bit to push it across the finishing line.

  2. pothb says:

    Hooray! SLKD is back!

    Characters feel a bit forced, but it’s entertaining in a way.

  3. Enju says:


    It seems that your new website is not yet added on aho-updates. Haha.

  4. wolfgirl10126 says:

    Thanks for the chapter reversewolf, JC, Valley Wulf, and alyschu. This series is one of my favorites. It makes my day to see an update.

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