Slave Girl 3

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Chapter 3 – Riley got the goddess angry

It’s been five years since then. Riley was now eighteen.

As for Riley who’s grown up to be beautiful, she’s been spending her time in her forest home doing the things she likes. Reading books, or making sweets…… She was enjoying the peaceful life that she’s always longed for. Since the king highly valued her abilities, his servants visited her over and over to invite her to become a knight but, Riley rejected them every time. She was already sick of living a life where she was kept and raised for the sake of someone else.

However, her life that she had always dreamed of suddenly ended.

“……Riley, Riley -”

One day, while Riley was dreaming, she heard the pleasant voice of a woman that she had never heard before.

“Who are you?”

In the dream, Riley responded to the voice. The voice also replied back to Riley as well.

“Riley…… I have a request of you. Please, lend me your power……”

“Like I said, who are you? Something like suddenly wanting me to lend you my power, I’ll be troubled if you suddenly ask me such a thing.”

At that time, if only she had responded more politely, maybe such a thing wouldn’t have happened to her, is what she thought later. However, since Riley was finally living a life of freedom, something like a person she didn’t even know making a “request” of her, greatly irritated her. Since it was in a dream, her true feelings came out.

“I’m the goddess, the one that’s been guiding the Hero in this world. You’ve been chosen as well, to become the ‘savior’ of the next generation.”

The self-proclaimed goddess kept insisting so to Riley in an indifferent tone of voice.

However, Riley couldn’t see her anywhere. She could only hear her disembodied voice.

“The former Hero was just like you. He had been wasting his time in his room with his fantasy-riddled imagination only. That’s why I chose him to become a savior. He’s completed his ‘role’ successfully, so he’s been released from the role of the ‘savior.’”

“Even if you say something like that, why me…… What’s more, saying something like I’m just wasting my time indulging in fantasies, how rude! To me, the time I’m spending is quite meaningful!?”

“Those that are living a meaningless life while having the power to save the world, do not have the right to refuse.”

The goddess continued speaking.

“The former Hero does not have the power this time. However, you already have the ability within you. Even if I do not give you a gift, you’ll surely be fine.”

“Gift? What are you talking about…………?”

While she was still talking, Riley felt an uncomfortable feeling in her body.

“Right now, I’m going to transport you to another world.”

Riley’s vision suddenly became dark.

“Eh, for real? This isn’t a dream? Are you kidding me!?”

Her body started floating, and rotating around. At the strange sensation, Riley was about to get motion sickness. That’s what she thought, but gravity suddenly returned to normal again.

“- Now, drop down!!”

When she opened her eyes, while having the unpleasant sensation of almost wanting to throw up…… She was in the middle of the air. The stars in the dim night sky were above her, and she could feel cold air blowing up against her from below.


She was falling head first towards the ground at an increasing speed.

“So-called goddess! Are you trying to kill meeeee!!”

No matter how meaningless she thought my daily life was, to be suddenly punished like this was too cruel. Riley instantly used some magic to protect herself from the fall. After all, she had been a member of the Hero’s party, a magic swordsman. She wouldn’t have been able to be a member of his party if she wasn’t skilled in magic. However……

“Eh? Why can’t I use magic!?”

No matter what she tried, she couldn’t use magic. There was no magic reaction at all.

“What’s going on~~~~!?”

Riley’s only choice left was – to entrust her body to the force of gravity and continue falling.

After falling through the air for a bit, the ground finally approached…… is what she thought, but something suddenly wrapped around Riley’s body. It seemed to be some type of large cloth.

It seems that she’s fallen on top of a cloth that was covering the roof of a tall building. With a creaking sound, the cloth tore. Below it was yet another cloth. This repeated several times over, which finally managed to slow down her rate of falling.

“Thanks to the cloths, even if I land on the ground, I might get away with only light bruises.”

When Riley realized this, she closed her eyes and prepared herself for impact. However, the shock of her body hitting the ground didn’t come. Instead, she landed with a thud onto something soft. It wasn’t the same as the cloth from earlier. It was something firmer than that.

When she gingerly opened her eyes – there was a person underneath Riley.


A pair of clear blue eyes were staring straight at Riley. He was a young man. It seems that he had caught Riley as she was falling down.

“Are you alright? Are you…… not injured?”

The young man had pale blonde hair and a good looking face, and he seemingly had a gentle expression that was worrying about Riley’s well-being. Riley nodded in response to his words.

“Mmm…… I’m really sorry for falling down on top of you. You as well, are you injured anywhere?”

“I’m fine. But anyways, that was sure a surprise. Someone suddenly falling down from the sky…… By the way.”

The young man suddenly grabbed Riley’s arm, and spoke up happily.

“All this, isn’t this the crime of large-scale property destruction? Is it alright if I capture you now?”


With a nice smile, he took out something that looked like handcuffs from his pocket.

“Uhh, it was force majeure that caused me to break the roof……?”

(What should I do, for me to have done something like already committing a crime the moment I came to another world…… Goddess, help me please!)

In her mind, Riley prayed for help to the person in question that had brought her over to this world. However, nobody answered Riley’s prayers. Because of her indolent responses earlier, maybe the goddess had gotten angry.

Riley suddenly pushed the young man away, put some distance between them, and looked around the area. As expected, Riley saw nothing but sights she had never seen before. Huge, rectangular shaped buildings lined the streets of town. The roads were paved with stone, but were quite dirty. There was some garbage scattered on the street corners, and graffiti had been applied haphazardly on some of the walls.

She was in a place she didn’t know at all, she was being accused of something she didn’t understand, and she couldn’t even use magic. It seems that the goddess has sent Riley to quite an unbelievable place.

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