Singing Spring Melody Chapter 8

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Hell King Sect Series/Yan Wang Sect Series

Singing Spring Melody 咏春曲 Chapter Eight

By: Jue Ming 决明

By Huangfu’s orders, Nineteen headed off to Suzhou to seek out the whereabouts of Bao Chun’s father and sister.

Walking along the orderly street markets, there were inns, teahouses and performance stages standing along either side of the street. Tavern banners were flowing in the wind, against the backdrop of a sunny sky. The shouting of peddlers and menial servants were mixed with endless streams of people, making for quite a bustling scene.

As for Nineteen, he must find two “needles” he’s never seen before out of this haystack.

It’s been said that food is the primary necessity of the people. Since eating is a must for everybody, Nineteen has decided to start his search at the restaurants and inns. Of course, the first place that came to mind was the most famous one in Suzhou, “Food Destiny Pavilion”.

Nineteen picked a place on the second floor that’s closest to the streets, it just so happens that he could see the entire street from where he was sitting.

“Hi there sir, what would you like to order?” As soon as he sat down, he was greeted by a warm and friendly restaurant worker.

“I’ll take a pot of scented tea and a few side dishes.” Nineteen’s gaze was on the streets outside, it was quite awhile before he looked over at the server. It was the kind and gentle face of a good man, his smiley face made him feel a sense of familiarity. Nineteen put away his cold looks and tried to make the expression on his face seem kind.

Due to influences from the incredibly kind Bao Chun, he too was starting to show expressions of kindness.

“Yes, right away.”

“Hold on. I’d like to ask you about two people, a father and daughter with the family name Liu. They’ve only just settled in Suzhou recently.” Seeing how the server seemed like a good person, Nineteen was finally willing to ask regarding the whereabouts of the Liu family father and daughter duo.

The server’s eyes widened. Father and daughter, family name Liu, not from around these parts …. Isn’t he referring to him?

That’s right, this server right here was Bao Chun’s father, Liu Dai Gui.

It’s been a month since they’ve gone their separate ways and split up with Bao Chun, Qiu Yue and Liu Dai Gui has since made a living and settled down in Suzhou, and it just so happens that he’s working at “Food Destiny Pavilion” as a server. The young Qiu Yue couldn’t do much except for some odd jobs to help out with the family expenses, but under a strange combination of circumstances, she showed the shopkeeper her exceptional abilities to balance accounts, and was immediately hired as one of the bookkeepers at Food Destiny Pavilion.

“Well sir, I think you are looking for—” Before Liu Dai Gui could admit anything, the sound of a man and a girl fighting out on the streets can be heard. The girl’s voice was strong and powerful, shouting fluently at the man twice her size standing in front of her.

Nineteen turned his head to check out the girl.

It was a little girl of around ten years old in age, the pale yellow silk clothes she wore did quite a job bringing out her cute and loveliness. With her two hands on her hips, she was exactly what Bao Chun had described to him as “mother hen” like. Nineteen smiled slowly.

“No need. I think I’ve found her.”

“Huh?” Amid Liu Dai Gui’s stunned amazement, Nineteen leaped down from the second floor of the restaurant.

Qiu Yue had just finished teaching an unscrupulous businessman a lesson or two about not messing with the scales, and was just getting ready to go back to work at Food Destiny Pavilion.

“Liu Qiu Yue?”

Hearing her name being called by a cold voice from behind, she turned her head and was faced with a man who looked like he hasn’t smiled in almost eight hundred years.

“That’s me. Who are you?” She had a great memory and has never forgotten a person she’s met before, and she was absolutely sure that she’d never seen this cold, handsome, and icy man behind her.

“Is Liu Bao Chun your big sister? I’m here about her—”

Nineteen was just about to state his purpose, Qiu Yue suddenly screamed, picked up the hem of her skirt and bolted inside Food Destiny Pavilion, all the while not forgetting to call out, “Papa! Oh no, oh no! Big sister Bao Chun’s in trouble! A bad guy came looking for us, Papa!”

Bad guy?! She wasn’t goddamn talking about him was she? Nineteen cursed under his breath and followed her.

Nineteen suddenly understood everything when she saw Qiu Yue trotting up to the server that he had just met. No wonder he kept on getting a familiar vibe from that server, it’s the same vibe of silliness that Bao Chun had.

“Excuse me sir, what did you say happened to our Bao Chun?” Liu Dai Gui was shaken up by Qiu Yue’s words and regarded Nineteen like he was some sort of monster or demon, and asked shakily.

Nineteen was silent at first, but suddenly out of nowhere decided that he was feeling especially humorous, and answered with a straight face, “Miss Bao Chun is over at the Godly Doctor’s place and owes him an enormous amount of money, my Master has especially instructed me to invite the both of you over to—pay the bill.” He emphasized as he said pay the bill, and tried to hold back his urge to laugh.

“What?! Liu Bao Chun’s in a buttload of debt?!” Qiu Yue looked up suddenly with wide eyes, she’s back to her little tigress self again.

“Yes.” Nineteen was amused by Qiu Yue’s angry puffy cheeks.

“Qiu Yue, what do we do now?” Liu Dai Gui leaned against his precious daughter, trying to find some sort of solution.

“What CAN we do? Aside from heading over to his Master’s place and chopping that Liu Bao Chun up to make steamed buns!”


A lively family reunion scene is currently at play in full swing inside the main hall of Huangfu’s mansion.

A tearful Bao Chun ran towards the direction of her father and younger sister, getting ready to give the two of them a huge sweet hug.

“Papa! Qiu Yue!!”

“Bao Chun, my daughter!” Liu Dai Gui and Bao Chun ran towards each other in the same exact manner, but just before they could run into each other’s embrace, a loud piercing cry punctuated the air, stopping them amidst their joyous steps.

“Liu Bao Chun, you wasteful spendthrift of a daughter!” Qiu Yue rushed over and quickly stepped between the two, then pointed a finger at Bao Chun’s nose and shouted, “How much do you owe him?! I’ve reminded you a million times, if the Godly Doctor’s fees are too high, then we’d rather swallow poison and kill ourselves. But you, you, YOU—”

As Qiu Yue approached her step by step, the frightened Bao Chun could only run in the other direction, cowering behind Huangfu.

“You can’t blame me for that! How am I supposed to know that he charges so much? Don’t yell at me! If you want to yell then … yell at him!” Bao Chun directed all of Qiu Yue’s attention to Huangfu.

The tall man stood before Qiu Yue, shielding Bao Chun from her. Qiu Yue had to try hard to be able to look Huangfu in the eyes. The Godly Doctor had rare good looks, but his eyes revealed a hint of intelligence that differed from his outer appearance.

“Tell me! How much does my sister owe you?” Qiu Yue asked straight away. Since their purpose today was to come and pay the bill, they might as well find out how much they owe.

“It’s not that much. Granny Li, do you have the abacus?”[1] He asked Granny Li, who was standing on the side looking forward to a good show.

Granny Li nodded and Huangfu started, spouting out hundreds of ginseng, Dang Gui, and countless other precious medicinal herbs.

“That’s it for the medicinal herbs, now for the room and board fees.” Huangfu sat on the chair and smiled as Granny Li calculated all the fees.

Qiu Yue had enough of seeing Granny Li slowly working the abacus, and demanded, “Give it here, let me do the calculating.”

The clattering sound of abacus beads rang out in the hallway, mixed with the sound of Qiu Yue’s light cursing. Qiu Yue knew very well the most reasonable price of things sold on the market so it didn’t take her long to finish calculating the fees. When she saw the number, Qiu Yue’s face grew pale. Even if their whole family sold themselves off, it won’t cover the amount of money they owe him.

“Is one abacus enough? Do you want me to bring you another one?” Huangfu smiled wickedly and asked.

Qiu Yue felt a blanket of dark clouds hovering over her, she finally knew what it means when a person wants to cry but can’t shed a single tear.

“Wait!” The brain in her little head was still functioning so she made a desperate last attempt, “When my sister was staying here did she ever help with cooking or cleaning?”

“Yeah yeah yeah!” Bao Chun hurried to raise her hand and answer, “I’ve helped with boiling medicine, weeding, washing clothes, and ….”

Qiu Yue raised her right hand to stop her from talking, and Bao Chun obediently closed her mouth.

“Since my sister worked while she was here, then the cost of employment should be deducted from the total amount owed.” She started to get into the nitty-gritty details with Huangfu, at this point, if they could pay a bit less, then they’re going to try to pay a bit less.

“That’s fine, I’ll pay her one hundred taels of silver for the past month, but as for Liu Ruo Xia’s treatment fees ….”

Huangfu shrugged, his face looking quite harmless as he sneered. Even if they deducted one hundred taels of silver from the total amount that they owe him, the remaining amount was still terrifyingly large, not to mention the treatment fees.

Qiu Yue wiped her face, looking like a defeated little hen.

Why did Dong Xue starve to death and not her?! If it was her that died two years ago, then she won’t have to be faced with this bleak situation.

“Seeing how we owe you such a large amount of money, can you give us a discount on poison for four?” Qiu Yue asked Huangfu half-heartedly, she would have never expected her good name to be tarnished by this gigantic debt!

Huangfu laughed as he watched the miserable expression on the family’s faces. Is it really necessary to do that? What he wanted was really simple.

“Yeah, why don’t we just give Bao Chun over to you, and you can decide whether you want to kill her or cook her ….” Qiu Yue mumbled hopelessly.

“Deal!” Huangfu suddenly closed his fan, and the smile on his face turned into a wicked grin. He was just waiting for someone in the Liu family to suggest this. It’s a good thing that this miniature head of the family was sensible enough to have said it. “Not only will I write off the money you owe me from before, I’ll also have Nineteen bring you the medicine Liu Ruo Xia needs each month.” He was quite straightforward, and openly made them a generous offer.

Qiu Yue blinked. How did they go from being in a disadvantaged position to being in an advantageous position? It was just some nonsense she was mumbling, who knew that they could pay the debt by giving him Bao Chun?

“No you can’t! I, Liu Dai Gui, will not sell my daughter!” Liu Dai Gui pulled Bao Chun away from behind Huangfu and shielded her behind himself instead. They’ve pulled through all those tough times, so no matter what, he can’t sell his daughter like some sort of item. “If … if worse comes to worst then I’ll take Bao Chun’s place, and work for you for the rest of my life.”

“Papa ….” Bao Chun said quietly, feeling touched.

Huangfu twitched his lips. What would he want an old man for? He can’t flirt with him, touch his little hands or tease him.

“Now Uncle Liu, don’t be so tense. Have a seat here and drink some tea, we can take some time and discuss things.” Huangfu flashed his signature smile that he often uses with Bao Chun, all bright and gleaming.

“As long as I don’t have to sell my daughter, we can talk.” Liu Dai Gui named his condition, then let his guard down slightly after seeing Huangfu’s kind looking smile.

Like daughter like father. He didn’t think that his honey trap would work with him as well.

“I’m not actually trying to buy your daughter from you. I mean, Little Bao Chun isn’t that young anymore, right?”

“Yes, she isn’t young anymore, but I’m still not selling.” Liu Dai Gui insisted.

“Alright, so you don’t have to sell. But you’ve got to find her a husband to marry, right?” Huangfu tried for an emotionally moving approach, and treated Liu Dai Gui in the same manner that he treats Bao Chun.

“Yes, it’s all my fault as her father, I kept on pushing back and delaying her marriage ….”

Huangfu flicked his hand upwards and unfolded his fan with a sharp upward flick, interrupting Liu Dai Gui’s self-blame session.

“Well then, Little Bao Chun and I just so happen to be in love …. And I think I won’t make such a lousy son-in-law, right?”

In love? Liu Dai Gui saw the rare blushing cheeks of his eldest daughter and asked delicately, “Bao Chun, is what he’s saying true?”

Bao Chun’s cheeks were flushed, suddenly being faced with Huangfu half “forcing” her to marry him, she felt a slight sense of happiness.

“And, Little Bao Chun and I have done all the deeds that we should have, and shouldn’t have done. So I think aside from me, you’ll never be able to find another husband for Little Bao Chun.” Huangfu simply decided to mislead Liu Dai Gui with his words, and winked at Bao Chun somewhat vaguely.

“Should have done? Shouldn’t have done? You, you laid fingers on my Bao Chun?!” Liu Dai Gui was angry and fierce, holding on to Bao Chun’s arm again. “Is what he’s saying true?!” No no no, wait a moment, he has to trust his own baby daughter.

Huangfu’s face looked like he was looking forward to a good show, and started embellishing his story lazily.

“We’ve slept together. Haven’t we, Little Bao Chun?” He was referring to the time when the two of them slept in the same place in the lavender garden, just a few days ago.

Bao Chun nodded her head honestly, confirming that this was indeed true.

“Touched lips?” He was referring to the time when he stole the mint leaf from her, and that was the only time he truly got some “sugar” from her.

Bao Chun nodded her head again, Huangfu wasn’t lying.

“And took off your clothes?” He was referring to the time that he got really angry.

Bao Chun nodded for the third time, she remembered that incident quite well.

Tears started streaming down Liu Dai Gui’s aged face. His innocent little Bao Chun was deflowered by a big bad wolf, and that big bad wolf is currently beaming with a very smack-worthy smile.

“Which is why, for the sake of Bao Chun’s honour, I’m willing to pay full responsibility. Unless you guys have a better idea?”

“Sniff … Qiu Yue, he laid fingers on Bao Chun ….” The only saviour Liu Dai Gui could think of right now was the head of the Liu household.

Qiu Yue patted her poor crying father on the back and said, “It’s ok, it’s alright, be good now, don’t cry ok? Don’t cry. Big sister Bao Chun, come over here.”

With her arm around Bao Chun’s neck, Qiu Yue glanced over at Huangfu and the three of them talked secretively in the corner of the room.

“Does he treat you well?” Qiu Yue was only a ten-year-old little girl, keeping everything in the house in order was her specialty, but when it comes to relationships, she knew nothing. As the situation quickly took a turn for the worse, and judging by Huangfu’s attitude, things seem to be in their favour.

“Very well, extremely well.” Bao Chun answered quietly, her cheeks pink from blushing.

“Do you want to marry him?” Qiu Yue got straight to the point.

“I do, but I’m afraid that I might not be good enough for him ….” Bao Chun looked shy and nodded her head slightly, feeling quite self-conscious.

Whether it’s appearance or family background, Huangfu was totally out of her league.

“I could tell that the young man over there really wants to marry Bao Chun.” Liu Dai Gui interrupted and said.

“Let’s set the whole marriage thing aside, the most important thing right now is whether or not we have the money to pay back this Godly Doctor—”

“His name’s Huangfu.” Bao Chun kindly provided Huangfu’s name to Qiu Yue.

Qiu Yue rolled her eyes at her sister, unhappy that Bao Chun interrupted her big speech. “Yeah, Huangfu, whatever. Don’t interrupt me. The most important thing right now is whether or not we can repay the debt, and he’s made it clear that he wants Bao Chun in return for clearing our debt, so they are screwed either way. Big sister Bao Chun, let me teach you something ….” She whispered into Bao Chun’s ear.

“Would it be ok if we did that?” Bao Chun listened to Qiu Yue’s idea, feeling quite hesitant.

“Rest assured, there won’t be any problems.” Qiu Yue patted Bao Chun on her hand reassuringly, “Papa, do you have any other questions?”

“No I don’t, it’s all up to you.”

“Very well!”

After a while, the three of them finally stood up after their secret chat, all three had the same smile on their faces.

“We’ve finished our discussion, ‘brother-in-law’.” Qiu Yue sounded quite endearing with that last bit there. “What Papa meant was that he wants to wait until the end of the year to marry big sister Bao Chun off. But during the meantime, my sister will of course be living with you, my brother-in-law!” Having just “sold off” her sister, a sneaky grin was now hanging on Qiu Yue’s face.

“I see no problem in that.” Huangfu was quite satisfied, “I’ll do everything in my power to take care of her.”

“Where’s Ruo Xia?” Liu Dai Gui finally realized that one of his precious daughters was missing from the scene.

“I’m over here.” Ruo Xia had been standing outside the doors up until now, walking in as she spoke.

Seeing Ruo Xia’s rosy cheeks, Liu Dai Gui smiled delightedly. “You look so healthy!” So the large debt that they owe the Godly Doctor wasn’t for nothing.

“You can take Miss Liu back home as well.” Huangfu said indifferently. He wasn’t interested in feeding an annoying extra mouth, the best thing she could do was to get the hell out of his way and skedaddle.

Ruo Xia raised her chin proudly, “Papa, I’ll leave with you guys.” That Huangfu has absolutely no taste, setting aside a beauty like herself and instead choosing the plain looking Bao Chun.

Liu Dai Gui saw how displeased his future son-in-law was with his second daughter, and vice versa, so he tugged at Qiu Yue’s sleeve and asked, “How come future son-in-law doesn’t seem to like Ruo Xia that much?”

Generally speaking, men always pay more attention to beautiful women!

“But once they get to know big sister Bao Chun, they will always like her better. My future brother-in-law has good taste.”

Qiu Yue was secretly rooting for Huangfu, even though she’s Ruo Xia’s little sister, she has some complaints about Ruo Xia’s bad temper.

Hearing Qiu Yue calling Huangfu brother-in-law left and right made Liu Dai Gui feel sad as a father ….

Liu Dai Gui sniffled, and finally had to accept the truth that Bao Chun was getting married!

“When I think about … Bao Chun being married off, I just don’t want to let her go ….” Every father wants to keep their little girl around them forever, but now I’ve got to hand Bao Chun over to another man, and …. Who will have mercy on the aching heart of parents everywhere?

“But when the time comes, marriage is a must![2] What is there to be sad about? When you have time, just make that Twenty guy bring you over to see Bao Chun more often.” Qiu Yue comforted her father like some old lady.

“Twenty?” Liu Dai Gui mumbled, feeling uncertain.

“Yeah, that ice cube face over there.” Qiu Yue gestured with her little chin, pointing towards where Nineteen was standing, and just so happens to meet his glance.

“Isn’t his name Eighteen?” Liu Dai Gui thought as he tilted his head, he thought he heard his future son-in-law calling him like that!

“No, his name’s Twenty. I’ve got superb memory, if I say it’s Twenty then it’s Twenty.”

“Eighteen sounds better, it also sounds like a gambling terminology.”

Their whisperings evolved into a full blown debate, Bao Chun saw how the poor Nineteen was being renamed and volunteered to step in and correct their mistake. “His name’s Nineteen. Although it’s a pretty strange name, but it’s his name, so you guys can just stop debating!”

“It’s his fault for having such a strange name.” Qiu Yue grumbled.

Her minor complaints certainly did not escape Nineteen’s ears, but strange enough, a faint smile crept up Nineteen’s face, so faint that it was almost undetectable.


“Do you really want to marry me?” Bao Chun asked in a tiny uncertain voice. After seeing her family off, she was finally able to ask the question she’s been meaning to ask him.

“What do you think?”

“But I don’t understand ….”

“Don’t understand what? The fact that I want to marry you?”

“Well, I don’t look very good, and my personality is the type that you hate …. And all in all, I feel like that I’m not good enough for you.” Bao Chun hung her head and twisted at her sleeves.

Huangfu took her hands in his and asked casually, “Little Bao Chun, do you know how to cook?”

Bao Chun didn’t understand why Huangfu would all of a sudden ask such an unrelated question, but still listened to him and nodded.

“And you have no problems with sewing clothes?” Huangfu added.


“What about boiling medicine, washing clothes, and planting vegetables?”

Bao Chun nodded her head for every single one of them. Huangfu was asking about insignificant little things that most people are able to do.

“But I don’t know how to do them.” Huangfu smiled and said, “I burn the rice when I cook, prick my fingers when I sew, I’m alright when it comes to boiling medicine, but I shred my clothes into tiny pieces when I wash them, and if I plant things, I will forget to water and fertilize them. Given all of that, it seems that you are smarter than I am. So in what way are you not good enough for me?” It was only for the sake of Bao Chun did he willingly bring up his own past embarrassments.

“But you know how to cure people, you are the Godly Doctor.”

“Why didn’t you say that the only thing I knew how to do was curing people, and that I could do nothing else besides that? And according to your line of reasoning, it’s me who isn’t good enough for you. So now, Little Bao Chun, do you want me?” Huangfu pretended to be all sad and pitiful looking, trying to win Bao Chun’s sympathy.


Bao Chun answered firmly without thinking.

When she saw the wicked grin on Huangfu’s face, she hurried and lowered her head, her face hot enough to boil an egg.

“You knew all along.” Bao Chun’s face became hotter and hotter, feeling a little remorseful for her shameless reaction, because good girls don’t openly express their desires like that.

Huangfu was not shy about putting his arms around her thin shoulders, planting a big and loud kiss on her cheek. “You’re so adorable when you’re blushing.”

Bao Chun suddenly opened her eyes wide to watch his actions, then hurriedly jumping away from his side, and said in a panicky voice, “Wait! I’ll be back!” Then she quickly ran out of the room, leaving behind a stunned Huangfu.

After a long while, Bao Chun finally returned to his side and gave him a smile.

There was a black ink stain on her right cheek, but Bao Chun had absolutely no idea. Huangfu didn’t bother to point it out to her either, instead, he pulled Bao Chun back into an embrace and continued with his flirtatious touches.

“Hold on again ….” Bao Chun jumped away from him for the second time, “I’ll be back soon.”

It was the exact same thing, and exact same words, leaving behind an angry perverted cat, pissed off from not being able to get what he wants.

The same thing happened once, twice, three times, and the unsatisfied Huangfu finally erupted with anger.

When Bao Chun ditched him for the fourth time to go back to her room, Huangfu followed her inside as well. And what he saw was Bao Chun struggling to write at the desk, scribbling away while the floors were covered with piles of waste paper. Huangfu approached her from behind and leaned down with his hands placed on the table on either side of her, firmly locking her between his chest and the desk.

“What exactly are you busy doing?” As Huangfu opened his mouth to interrogate her, his gaze also happens to fall on the true culprit that ruined his happy time—the notebook on the table.

He snatched the “account book” away from Bao Chun and asked, grinding his teeth, “What is this?! Kissing cheeks, ten taels of silver. Biting two inches of the pinky on the right hand, five taels of silver. Three inches of the right index finger, six taels of silver. Both arms around the body, additional twenty taels of silver?” The more he read, the angrier he became, and his voice rose an octave higher.

She was actually noting down all of his flirtatious touches in detail and charging him?

“I think, you have some explaining to do, am I right?” Huangfu’s soft voice whispered trickery into her ears, his eyes narrowed in a cat-like manner.

“Qiu Yue said … that I can’t let you take advantage of me, so we have to note down and calculate everything precisely.” Bao Chun smiled her silly smile and attempted to justify her own actions, because the man standing in front of her looked like he was … umm, starting to turn hostile.

Huangfu furrowed his brows. Well!! If a touch on the cheek and a peck on the lips add up to a hundred something taels of silver, then the day that they consummate their marriage will be the day that he goes bankrupt! That profiteer Liu Qiu Yue! If he was the pot then she’s the kettle! Why doesn’t she just go and rob a bank!?

But Liu Qiu Yue forgot to take into account of an important factor, and that is, her partner in crime Bao Chun, was too easy to take care of.

Especially when faced with him.

Huangfu laid down the account book and gracefully brushed aside his hair, letting the bright and dazzling thin strands dance across his skin, his pupils slightly covered by his fan-like lashes, a faint smile hidden within his thin pink lips.

He, was honey trapping Bao Chun.

Bao Chun stared at him unblinkingly, watching as he moved slowly. Bao Chun gulped with difficulty, her breath was taken away by the beautiful sight in front of her.

Huangfu’s long fingers trailed up her pink cheeks, his touch somehow felt electrifying to Bao Chun.

“So, Little Bao Chun ….” Huangfu softened his voice, leaving the already defenceless Bao Chun to melt between his fingers.

“Wh, what?” Aren’t we just talking? Why are you leaning in closer and closer?

Huangfu unleashed his smiling attack, along with his body language, became a special move that could deal a huge amount of damage to Bao Chun. He played with her waist length raven hair, twirling around with it here and there, his handsome face deliberately leaning against her’s, so close that as soon as he opens his mouth, he would be able to touch her red lips. However, he was only leaning in very closely without actual physical contact, so they can’t charge him.

“Do you want to kiss me?” After a few seemingly long and agonizing moments, Huangfu finally gave her an answer.

“Kiss? You mean like the last time when we were eating the mint leaf?” Bao Chun opened her mouth with difficulty, because of what Huangfu was doing, she could only move her lips ever so slightly, fearing that if her movements were too big or too vigorous, she might come into contact with Huangfu’s thin lips.

“That’s right, so … since I can’t take advantage of you, I’ll be the good guy and let you take advantage of me.” Then, Huangfu somehow took out a piece of green mint leaf from behind him. Looks like the mint leaves he always carried with him can finally serve their purpose now. He thought delightedly.

Bao Chun was tempted. It was certainly an alluring opportunity.

“Okay.” Their blushing encounters in the lavender gardens danced in her dreams, to tell the truth, she did want to revisit what they did that day. So without much thinking, Bao Chun nodded her head and said yes.

Huangfu happily took one end of the mint leaf into his mouth, leaned his lips in close to hers, and waited for Bao Chun to make her move.

Her hands snaked up the back of Huangfu’s neck, enclosing her lips around the other exposed half of the mint leaf.

Oh, gods! He is so going to plant mint leaves everywhere in the mansion, for the sake of his own enjoyment later!

Their lips were no longer satisfied by mere touch, it was unsure as to who initiated the first move, their tongues danced and intertwined with each other’s. A moan escaped from their temporarily parted lips, it was hard to tell whether it came from her or him.

Sweetness turned into light pecking, no one knew who ended up swallowing the mint leaf.

Huangfu slightly distanced the two, his voice sounding innocent, yet unnoticeably intentional.

“Oh yes, Little Bao Chun, I forgot to tell you ….” Although Huangfu was still lingering in the soft sweetness of Bao Chun’s embrace, he did not forget his true business. He looked up at the groggy Bao Chun, who was still lost in their kiss and flashed her a sly smile. “For taking advantage of me, I’ll have to charge you.”

Translator’s Notes:

Happy 100th day anniversary!

Oh my goodness, I was laughing so hard towards the end, mostly due to my own imagination running wild. I could imagine Huangfu’s face going all trolololol and Qiu Yue’s face turning some scary shade of red from anger. ALSO, I kept on thinking about Huangfu singing Milkshake, you know, that song?

♬ Huangfu’s milkshake brings all the girls to the yard
And they’re like
I wanna kiss your lips
Damn right they wanna kiss my lips
I can let you
But I have to charge ♬

Because I was really bored while editing and this bit amused me 😀 Because umm you know, he has to charge? Ok explaining a joke ruins it, I’ll stop. Oh man, I wish I could draw, I would draw the HELL out of Huangfu dancing to this song! Aside from that, the bit about Nineteen’s name being debated over was quite funny as well!

Now for some UPDATES! I got a little sick the week before last, and I’m now finally all better. Some of you might have noticed that there were two new additions to the site, a “translation progress” widget being displayed in the sidebar. As well as a pool about BL/yaoi content. The progress bars will be updated regularly, so you can anticipate when the next chapter might come out.

As for the pool, it’s currently about 50/50 right now, and there is actually a reason behind why I’m asking. Aside from reader base interests and personal interests, one of the books in the series I’m translating actually reads a bit like a BL story but is, in fact, NOT a BL story. So I thought I might ask around and get a feel of how open everyone is about seeing that. Since I might feel a bit sad translating something and have people running away screaming “IT FEELS GAY, I’M SO TERRIFIED!” *roll eyes* Yeah, ok maybe no one would react like THAT. But now you know why I’m asking. And by what I’ve seen, IF I am going to post any BL/yaoi content I’ll label them clearly so if it’s not your cup of tea, then you can avoid reading it. (I doubt it will happen anytime soon, my hands are pretty full.) So, that’s it for updates. We cool?

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1 Ancient China’s version of a calculator click the link to see what it looks like —>LINK. It was mandatory to learn how to use this back when I was in elementary school math class in China. It’s either grade one or two, I don’t remember anymore.
2 The phrase in Chinese is “男大当婚,女大当嫁”, literally translating to “when a man is of age he marries, when a woman is of age she is married off”. You’ll hear this pretty often in drama’s.

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  1. dulcia says:

    I laughed way too hard at your joke in the end XD I really wish there was a story about Qiu Yue and Nineteen though…
    Thanks for the translations and really good explanations about Chinese terms. They’re very thorough.

  2. Thomas says:

    Great post! Have nice day ! 🙂 porfj

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