Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 67

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Volume 1 Chapter 67: Holy Spirit Beast (II)

Is it…

Looking at the thin long crack that appeared on the grey eggshell, Ling Chen’s heart started to beat faster. Is the life form inside about to come out?

Crack… Crack…

Ling Chen took back his hand, his body getting close and staring at the eggshell that had already started rocking. In the light cracking sound, a second, third… Even more cracks closely followed appearing on the eggshell, painting the originally smooth eggshell with cracks. Finally, the eggshell started to break open from the center… A little grey paw slowly stretched out from the broken area. Following, in a series of light fiddling sounds another piece of the eggshell fell, a cute fluffy little grey head carefully stretching out from the eggshell.

Ling Chen: “…”

Following his aura, the newborn little life lifted up its delicate little head and looked towards Ling Chen who was staring straight at it. Immediately, its muddy eyes brightened up a lot, in its eyes a cleverness filled with affection and joy. It moved its body, throwing off the eggshell it was stuck in and then jumping up with a “Fwoosh”, jumping to Ling Chen’s feet. It’s small, delicate soft body gently and affectionately rubbed against his calf, its mouth releasing kitten like whining sounds.

Ling Chen’s gaze froze on its body, his mind wandering for a long time.

Normally speaking… The eyes of a newborn creature  should not be open and their hair/fur should not be fully grown. But this creature’s eyes are even brighter than a star, just now when it jumped out from the eggshell it was also faster than wind, the grey fur on its body is also long and soft… No matter how you look at it it doesn’t look like the condition of just being born from the egg.

Ok, this stuff isn’t important, what made Ling Chen stumped is its appearance, because… its appearance can only be summed up with one sentence…

This is just a damned grey puppy!

Less than 20 cm long, its entire body covered in grey, velvety fur, a slightly short tail, pointy ears, its overall appearance is pretty much the exact same as husky puppies that Ling Chen’s seen… Of course, there are also differences, and that is that on this “puppy’s” forehead there is a long, grey horn. Besides that, Ling Chen honestly couldn’t find any more differences about its appearance from a husky’s.

If you had to force him to say a difference, then that is… huskies from Earth are not born from eggs.

This is the descendant of the “great beast” Tao Tie talked about?

Is it that in this world if you place a horn on a husky that can be seen all over the place on Earth then it’ll freaking become an ancient mythical beast?

In Ling Chen’s expectations, the image of a “great beast’s” descendant should be domineering and imposing, even a bit scary, like Tao Tie making people afraid by taking a glance at him. Just like a newborn baby tiger will also give people a sort of king of the jungle feeling. But this newborn baby beast… grey and fluffy it’s honestly a little too cute. Don’t talk about giving people a sense of deterrence, it’s so cute that he’s already had the impulse to cuddle it a couple times… It simply has nothing to do with the name of ancient mythical beast.

The little creature has been lightly rubbing against his body the entire time, its black eyes also looked at him longingly and affectionately the whole time… The majority of creatures born from an egg will treat the first creature they see after birth as their parents or their closest person, this little creature is evidently also like so.

“Ding… You have hatched ‘Unknown Creature’, system has already named the creature based on its innate talent, named as ‘Holy Spirit Beast’.”

“Ding… ‘Holy Spirit Beast’ requests to become your pet. After a creature becomes your pet, you’ll be able to summon them at any time to help with combat. Under the condition that a pet has been summoned, a pet will split 10% of your experience to engage in personal growth. After pets die they need to be revived at the revival stone, they cannot be summoned again before revival, pets will also receive a death penalty of level dropping. A pet’s obedience is related to its loyalty, the higher the loyalty, the higher its degree of obedience towards the owner. If the owner treats the pet well, it can increase loyalty, if the owner treats the pet poorly, it will cause loyalty to drop. And when a pet dies once, its loyalty towards the owner will greatly drop. When obedience drops to a certain degree it will leave the owner and run away. You currently can have at most 3 pets at a time, each time you can only summon 2 pets at the same time, do you accept the self attachment of the ‘Holy Spirit Beast’.”

The little creature’s tale slowly wagged, its little eyes looking at him, a look on its face that it would cry if Ling Chen didn’t agree to it.

“Accept.” Even though he is a bit stumped about this baby beast’s appearance, Ling Chen still chose to accept. Right now he could only hope that it was just the appearance of this baby beast that was a bit deceiving, its stats… Ling Chen hoped that they could give him a surprise.

Holy Spirit Beast… No matter how you hear it it has a sort of domineering sense. Just like how his name is “Ling Tian”. (TL: Ling Tian, Above the Heavens)

The little creature’s eyes instantly became very bright. It whimpered twice excitedly, its body suddenly flashing a weak grey glow for an instant. The grey light detached from its body and then assimilated into Ling Chen’s body.

“Ding… ‘Holy Spirit Beast’ has successfully become your pet, please pick a nice nickname for your ‘Holy Spirit Beast’.”

“If it’s a nickname…” Ling Chen glanced at his fluffy grey body a couple times, randomly saying: “I’ll call it “Little Grey” then.” (TL: Or Grey, Greyie? Leave a suggestion.”

“Ding… Pet ‘Little Grey’ successfully named.”

“Ding… Congratulations you have gained the first Celestial grade pet in the world, the matter has been recorded into the World Hall of Fame, the pet ranking list of the China region you are in has been unlocked. You’ve gained Fame+200, SP+200, number of possessable pets+1, simultaneously summonable pets+1 as rewards. System will release a global announcement, do you wish to hide your personal information?”

Ling Chen was suddenly dazed for a moment.

He was shocked, not because he gained the first pet in the world, and not because he gained the reward of number of possessable pets increasing… But because what the system mentioned was clearly a “Celestial grade pet”!

The grades of the pets that players possess from lowest to highest can be split as grade 1, grade 2, grade 3, grade 4, grade 5, Celestial, Heaven End, Mysterious God and Saint Destroyer. Grade 1 pets are just to play with, they do not have any ability to help in battle, grade 2 are low grade pets. Grade 3 are intermediate pets, their overall strength is above low grade pets. Grade 4 are high-grade pets, they will have their own attack or assist skills. Grade 5 are mature pets with well rounded abilities. And grade 5 and above, are the super pets that players dream of but basically can’t appear. By possessing a pet thats grade surpasses grade 5, regardless if it’s overall ability or levelling speed they will all gain a huge upgrade. But due to these high grade pets being too strong, their numbers are also extremely few… Their chances of appearing are pretty much the same as hidden professions.

For a time, Ling Chen didn’t know if he should be thrilled or if he should be depressed. Thrilled… Any player that obtained a Celestial pet would probably be able to laugh even in their dreams, being thrilled is certain. But this is the descendant of the “great beast” Tao Tie talked about, he originally faintly hoped for the appearance of a Mysterious God level baby beast or something like that…

Truly it was just an overly glorious fantasy.

But he then let it go, crouching down and petting Little Grey’s head, slightly smiling. Regular players even if they tried for their entire lives might not even be able to touch a Celestial pet, and he gained one without wasting practically any effort, he should indeed be very satisfied.

“No need.” He lifted his head responding to the system’s question. Immediately, the skies rang with the system notification that covered the entire world.

“Ding… Global announcement! All players in the world please pay attention, China region player ‘Ling Tian’ as of 5:19 in the morning today obtained the first pet of all the warzones, at the same time obtaining the first Celestial pet of all the warzones. This matter has been recorded into the World Hall of Fame, China warzone pet ranking list unlocked. Player ‘Ling Tian’ has gained system rewards: Fame+200, SP+200, number of possessable and summonable pets limit+1. Pets can be obtained through capturing, hatching the pet eggs dropped from monsters, along with buying, trading, special missions, etc, hope that all of the players can continue working hard and obtain your own pet companion.”

“Ding… Global announcement…”

“Ding… Global announcement…”

“Ding… China warzone announcement, player ‘Ling Tian’ has honourably obtained China region’s first pet, at the same time obtaining the first Celestial pet, triggering the condition to unlock the pet ranking list. China region pet ranking list unlocked, players can now view it.”


Just a little over one hour ago, the entire world was just in an uproar because of the name “Ling Tian”. Because the player with the name “Ling Tian” was the first person to walk out of the Novice Village, and left behind the rest of the players by a large margin. And right now, the whole world is once again in an uproar because of this name.

If it was just him gaining the world’s first pet, it wouldn’t be too much of a shock, but the pet the system notification mentioned… was actually a Celestial grade!!

China Region Pet Ranking List

Holy Spirit Beast: Grade: Celestial, Level: LV0, Owner: Ling Tian.

“A Celestial grade pet… are you kidding!!” This was the shout of disbelief in the hearts of god knows how many players.

“Aren’t Celestial grade pets only in late game!! How is this possible!”

“Holy shit, is this real! Is there a problem with my ears!! I haven’t even seen a Celestial pet in my life yet!”

“Ling Tian again… Exactly where did this beast pop out from! Could it be some expert from the Heaven Ranking has changed his/her name? A Celestial pet, how are we supposed to live!”


The sound of the players’ discussion covered the Novice Villages’ land, and following the sound of this system notification, some people also started to truly focus their gaze on the name “Ling Tian”. Obtaining the first Celestial item can be explained as encountering incredible luck, being the first to leave the Novice Village can be explained as having a powerful Celestial item, adding farming like crazy which is why he can surpass the other players. But now, once more obtaining the first Celestial pet…

This time, can it really be attributed as luck?

“Ling Tian again, the first person in the world to obtain a Celestial item, the first person in the world to leave the Novice Village. Now when practically everyone is still at the Novice Village, he actually gained a Celestial pet. Looks like he’s already no longer a person we can’t pay attention to. How’s the investigation about his information?”

“Besides knowing that he clashed with the Black Flame Alliance before nothing else is known. Xiao Qiufeng seems to have seen him but he doesn’t wish to tell, only saying that he isn’t any person on the current Heaven Ranking and Earth Ranking. At the same time also saying a line… ‘He will be a very scary opponent’.”

“Someone Xiao Qiufeng calls a “scary opponent”, looks like that is indeed not a person who just depends on luck. Being able to take so many ‘number 1 persons’ also simply cannot be luck.”

“Young master, you mean?”

“Continue to track his location. Of course, its best if you can discover his real identity. Like before… This kind of person, either we control him in our hands, or completely strangle him before he can fully develop. Although, he… I actually hope he chooses not to be roped in by us, right now I am very interested in his ‘Soaring Cloud’ and the Celestial pet he just got!”

“He, young master, you might not be able to get your wish this time. If he hears the name ‘Yan Huang Alliance’ he’ll probably be scared half to death. I don’t believe that he has the balls to defy young master’s wish.”

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