Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 63

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Volume 1 Chapter 63: Hall of Heroic Spirits (II)

“Hey! What are you bunch of old dogs following for!” Taking only two steps the warrior trainer discovered that behind him wasn’t just Ling Chen following, but also the other 6 class trainers.

“Of course we’re going to see together! Who said that only you can go. Besides right now it’s impossible for any other players to come here, leaving isn’t a problem.”


In the end, it was the 7 class trainers together bringing Ling Chen heading straight for the Hall of Heroic Spirits. Ling Chen is probably the only person amongst players that can gain such an honour. After all the 7 class trainers all developed relatively big interest towards Ling Chen.

The Hall of Heroic Spirits is located at a quiet area, not too far away from the Lord’s hall. Just getting close Ling Chen felt an unspeakable aura of heaviness and austerity. When getting near to here, the class trainers that were all joking around on the way here all zipped their lips, their faces all exposing a serious and solemn expression. When standing in front of the Hall of Heroic Souls. their expressions became even more serious, even being mixed with slight nervousness.

Compared to Azure Dragon City’s many buildings that could be called extravagant, the Hall of Heroic Spirits is old and unremarkable, it’s size is also a lot smaller than Ling Chen had predicted. Looking over, the figures of other people cannot be seen around here, the atmosphere is also a bit overly deserted and silent. The class trainers said that this is Azure Dragon City’s most sacred place and that regular people are not allowed to get close, looks like it is indeed so.

“This is the place.” Outside the hall entrance, the warrior trainer stopped his footsteps and said quietly towards Ling Chen.

Just finishing speaking, the tightly closed hall doors suddenly slightly opened. A man clothed entirely in black, his gaze like an eagle’s slowly walked out, coldly saying: “What are you guys doing here.”

When he talked, without needing to purposely make any movements, a pressing aura blew over. This aura also told Ling Chen that this person should be the Hall of Heroic Souls’ guardian, a person whose strength is powerful to the point that it is terrifying… And how could the strength of a person who is qualified to guard Azure Dragon City’s most sacred place not be strong.

“He is the first otherworld human to arrive at Azure Dragon City, he has the qualifications to enter the Hall of Heroic Souls. You can test his qualifications right now.” The warrior trainer shifted aside his body, pointing at Ling Chen while speaking to him.

“No need, since you guys brought him, you, come in.” The black-clothed middle aged person was unexpectedly straightforward, using his eyes to stare straight at Ling Chen for a moment.

Towards his straightforwardness, the 7 main class trainers did not feel surprised. Because they have been given spaces to suggest at most 10 players to enter the Hall of Heroic Souls. Being able to be selected by them, the testing of talent is basically unnecessary.

“Go ahead… Inside there are many powerful forces left behind by previous masters, with your spiritual ability, it is enough for you to gain the recognition of any power. And then you’ll be able to obtain the inheritance for the respective power, changing into an even more powerful class… But remember, you absolutely must not pick that one in the very middle…”

“Enter now.” The black clothed middle aged person said with a frown, seemingly rather discontent towards their dawdling.

Ling Chen glanced at the warrior trainer in uncertainty, randomly nodding his head and walking up the stairs. Standing at the entrance of the Hall of Heroic Souls, he directly stepped inside after slightly pausing outside.

“Only he alone can go in, you guys are not allowed to enter.” His cold gaze sweeping across the 7 class trainers, the black clothed middle aged person expressionlessly left behind this sentence, and then turned around walking into the Hall of Heroic Souls. Following, in a heavy sound the entrance door for the Hall of Heroic Souls tightly closed.

“What should we do?”

“What do you mean what do we do? Wait here of course! Didn’t we follow over to see exactly whose inheritance that youngster can obtain. Do you want to go back?”

“To hell with going back! There won’t be anyone else coming to change classes in the next two days, you think everyone is as monstrous that that guy just now.”

“What kind of power inheritance do you guys feel that he’ll pick?”

“Does that even need to be said, of course it’ll be a warrior type!”

“Bullshit! Such high spiritual talent, it should evidently be an archer type!”

“F*ck off! He’ll definitely pick an elementalist type!”

“What the hell are you guys arguing about! Whether or not he can obtain a power inheritance is still unknown.”

“There’s no need to worry about this. With his spiritual strength that can unlock [Soul Sacrifice], meeting him the powers those past masters left behind will definitely approach him on their own, they’ll probably even beg him to inherit them.”

“But, what if he isn’t thinking straight and chooses that one in the middle?”

Once this line was said, all of the class trainers immediately became silent.

“Cough cough, there’s no need to worry about this. Just now I specially warned him telling him not to touch the one in the very middle, he should have an idea in his heart.” The warrior trainer said with a face of assurance.

“That’s good.” The other class trainers all immediately breathed a sigh of relief. In their knowledge, with Ling Chen’s terrifying spiritual ability, obtaining the recognition of those powerful forces should virtually be as easy as pie. When the time comes it probably won’t be Ling Chen going to search for powers that will approve of him, but instead those powers scrambling to compete for his approval, only that one in the middle… That is the strongest power, but also the power that is impossible for Ling Chen to obtain approval of. Because that power is not just a test of spirit, there are also trials of strength. That test of strength is very difficult… or it can be said to be cruel to the extreme. Since the appearance of the Hall of Heroic Souls, there has not been a single person that could pass. Before when they saw Ling Chen’s skill page, they also saw Ling Chen’s stats. With his current level and strength, it is simply impossible for him to pass that strength trial… not a single sliver of chance.

Inside the Hall of Heroic Souls.

The moment the entrance door closed, the overly silent atmosphere made Ling Chen practically have a feeling of walking into the Hall of Yanwang. Looking across, the Hall of Heroic Spirits is very big, but it is also overly spacious. Right now besides him and the expressionless black clothed middle aged person beside him, there are no other living things inside this hall that is as big as half a soccer field. The ground is a cold marble floor, the walls have no grains, on top is also a plain, unadorned flat ceiling… The only thing in the entire hall that can make people look at it, is that row of dim pillars in front. (TL: Yanwang, Chinese god of death so to speak, but think of him more as a judge.)

Is it that the powers left behind by those past masters that they mentioned, are in those pillars. This hall doesn’t seem to have any other things.

“Stand in front, and then let them automatically sense your strength. If your talent can gain any power’s approval, the respective pillar will glow. If not, that says that your talent is not enough to gain the approval of any of the powers, you can only head back. Go up… Although, don’t have too much hope. The origins of these powers are all at the very least Heaven End level masters. Being approved by them is definitely not something that average talent can achieve. There are countless people on Forgotten Continent with high talent, but in 1000 years there have only been 15 people that could gain the approval of these powers!”

Finishing speaking, the black clothed middle aged person stopped talking, a pair of dead fish eyes indifferently staring at his movements.

15 people? Didn’t those class trainers say there were only a total of 9 people? Ling Chen was slightly confused for a moment but did not say anything, moving his feet and walking forward, walking to the front of the pillars… Scanning across, there are a total of 11 pillars here, hidden within are inevitably the powers left behind by 11 of Forgotten Continent’s peerless masters before they died. The thickness of these pillars are all essentially the same… Only that pillar in the very middle, it’s thickness is at least triple of the rest of the pillars. Standing proudly in the middle like the bright moon encircled by stars.

He remembers that before entering, the warrior trainer told him that he must not pick the pillar in the very middle, is he talking about this one…

“Stand on that white tile.” A cold voice came from behind him.

Not too far in front of Ling Chen, there is a one meter square tile presenting a dazzling pure white color. Ling Chen walked over, standing on top of it. Immediately, he felt multiple auras travel over from different directions, all locking onto his body.

This kind of feeling… are the 11 powers testing me…

“Relax your mind, when standing on top of this tile, these powers left behind by masters will all go to inspect your talent. If your talent is enough to gain approval, then the respective pillar will light up and you will be able to obtain that power’s inheritance.”

The black clothed middle aged person had just finished talking when a sudden “Zheng” sound travelled to his ears. The pillar at the very left suddenly released a light red glow. Ling Chen’s gaze immediately shifted over to that pillar… My talent has gained its approval?”

The black clothed middle aged person’s face revealed a hard to cover astonishment. He simply didn’t think that this human who comes from another world that did not make him feel anything special about him and whose aura was instead pitifully weak would actually gain the approval of one of the powers! It needs to be known that in these past dozens of years, there have been countless people with extremely high talent from Azure Dragon City and even from Forgotten City, but no none could trigger resonance!

He started to re-examine this young man, at the same time unable but to speak out complimenting: “Very good! Congratulations! Looks like you possess shocking talent, actually gaining the recognition of the power left behind by a master!”

This middle aged person’s expression and voice all eased up a lot, because any person that had the qualifications to obtain one of the strength inheritances, later on all became world famous masters, no exceptions! Because the talent of people that can gain the recognition of the powers left behind in the Hall of Heroic Souls is very frightening, being able to become a peerless master is not too surprising. This person that can obtain recognition, maybe… No, it’s definitely, In the future he will definitely be a figure whose name will move the world!


The black clothed middle aged person had just finished speaking when a second pillar also lit up in a series of low noises, shining a pale white colour.

“Wh… What!?” The black clothed middle aged person’s face suddenly revealed an utterly shocked expression. Even his eyes instantly widened a bit…

“T… Two! You actually gained the recognition of two pillars at the same time!” The black clothed middle aged person yelled out in shock, even taking a few steps closer to confirm if he saw wrong.

Ling Chen: “…”


Almost right after the second pillar, a third pillar also suddenly lit up, what it released was a light blue glow.

The black clothed middle aged person’s entire body froze, his eyes once again widening a bit more: “Th… Three… This, this is impossible!! Since the appearance of the Hall of Heroic Souls… there have only been 4 peerless geniuses who once simultaneously gained the recognition of two pillars, but there has never been a person who gained the recognition of three pillars… These powers are all different, how can there be a person who simultaneously possesses extremely high talent in three different kinds of power…”

Zheng… Zheng…

During the black clothed middle aged person’s mutterings of disbelief, a fourth and fifth pillar brightened at the same time, respectively releasing a light grey glow and a light purple glow.

The black clothed middle aged person was completely stunned, in his trembling gaze flashed 5 different colour… 5 colours that he could not believe.

Zheng… Zheng… Zheng… Zheng… Zheng…… Zheng…

Yet, the shock and disbelief that he bore did not stop there, in his pupils that had widened to the extreme, a sixth, seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth… and finally, even the eleventh pillar in the very middle, also flashed a light white colour.

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