Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 61

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Volume 1 Chapter 61: Fighting Over Ling Tian

“Um… Is there a problem?” That exaggerated to the extreme expression of theirs made Ling Chen unable but to think of some things. [Soul Sacrifice] this skill is a skill that he unlocked himself after that dire battle against the Greedy Giant Toad. It is an extremely dangerous impasse skill that after use puts the user at edge of death, but its effect can also be said to be incomparably terrifying. At just LV2 it can already instantly increase attack strength by 3 times the original… Those short 15 seconds that are endlessly close to death, will derive the possibility to create a miracle and turn the tides of battle.

This dangerous and scary skill evoked such an exaggerated reaction from these class trainers, is that within this skill it is also hiding something else?

“I say you guys, don’t be so pathetic please!! You’re all freaking acting like you lost your souls! The guy’s an alternate world hero coming here to change classes, this behaviour of you guys is shameful!” Seeing the 6 trainers all become sluggish like they had suddenly died, the warrior trainer immediately let out a series of roars… Completely forgetting that when he saw [Soul Sacrifice] he was also incredibly excited.

The warrior trainer’s voice was unusually loud, making Ling Chen almost unable to resist taking a step back. Although this voice also made the 6 class trainers return to their senses. They did not care about the spit that the warrior trainer had sprayed all over their faces, each of them staring straight at Ling Chen’s face as if looking at a creature that came from space, making Ling Chen’s hair stand on end. Hearing the warrior trainer call him an otherworld hero that came here to change classes, each of those shocked gazes all transformed into a fanaticism that made Ling Chen nervous.

The first one to burst out loud was the shield guard trainer. He took a step forward, his face filled with excitement and longing standing before Ling Chen, that expression was like Big Big Wolf that starved for 800 years suddenly seeing Pleasant Goat: “Kid… Ah no, hero from another world. That you can possess [Soul Sacrifice] this skill proves that you have a very huge spiritual force… With such talent, how can you waste it on warrior this garbage class that could not be more garbage. Come… become a shield guard.!! You who possesses a powerful spiritual force, after becoming a shield guard you will have the strongest guardian faith and guardian will, this is the most needed talent to become the ultimate shield guard! I believe that you who has such talent will definitely become Forgotten continent’s strongest shield guard! That’s right, shield guard is the profession that suits you the most! As long as you change your class to shield guard, I can convert your strength attribute into constitution, and will directly upgrade all of your shield guard class skills all to LV3! Young man, do not hesitate… After becoming a shield guard, you will absolutely not regret your decision.” (TL: Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, a very popular childrens cartoon, very very popular.)

“Piss off!! Stupid shield guards don’t have any attack ability, that’s simply stifling this genius… No, it’s godly talent!” The shield guard trainer that hadn’t even finished yelling was slapped away, a trainer wearing a green robe charged to Ling Chen’s face, his two eyes shining like lightbulbs: “Young man! You are tall, handsome and stately, very similar to the me in the past. The instant I saw you I knew that you were a natural born archer… Sure enough the reality is exactly like so! You have such powerful spiritual force, you can detect everything in an extremely short amount of time, homing in on the target and never missing an arrow, shooting with great precision… Those warriors, shield guards and whatnot would already have become beehives before they could even get close. Not becoming an archer is practically a waste of God’s gift. There’s nothing to think about, become Forgotten continent’s most powerful profession, the archer! As long as you are willing to become an archer, I can convert all of your strength attribute into agility, and will also directly upgrade all of your archer profession skills all to LV5! That’s right, you did not hear wrong, it’s upgrading all of your skills to LV5! Moving is better than being moved, hurry up and pick up the phone… Uh no, hurry up and become an archer, as long as you say a word…”

“Screw off to the side! Cough cough, young man, you must not listen to their blind sweet-talking, believe me, your most suitable profession is an assassin. With huge spiritual force, assassins can turn into the most terrifying death gods of the darkness, able to maintain the most acute senses in any environment, seeing through everything! At the same time as long as you don’t want, nobody will be able to discover your whereabouts, this is the ultimate level pursued by assassins! With your talent, you’ll definitely be able to become a top-class assassin in a short period of time, at that time killing and robbing, being sneaky, getting chicks and acting cool, will all be ever successful…. Hey hey hey, what’s that expression. Don’t hesitate anymore, let me turn you into an assassin right now, I will also directly upgrade all of you assassin skills all to LV10 for free…”

“All of you shut up!! You guys are harming him, do you understand!! Cough cough, young man, look at my eyes. That’s right, this kindly gaze of mine proves that I am a great priest. What does a powerful priest need the most? That’s right, it’s spiritual force! As long as you have strong spiritual force, you’ll be able to make the most perfect judgements on the battlefield, healing at the most precise moments. With your talent, I believe that healing efficiency can reach the legendary 90%… No, it’s 95% and above!! Believe me, you will become the world’s most powerful priest, becoming world famous. At that time there will be countless players who want to challenge powerful bosses coming to plead for your protection… Become a great priest. As long as you nod your head and agree, I will directly add to you an extra 500 MP, and will also upgrade all of your priest skills all to max level, max level!!”

“F*ck!! Such monstrous talent and you actually want him to go be a healer! I think your head’s been clipped by a door! Ah, young man, don’t listen to them, elementalist is the most correct choice for you. With such powerful spiritual force talent, if you become an elementalist, your chanting speed for magic could even be multiple times faster than other people! Magic that you release will also release an even stronger power. At that time, you will become the most terrifying destruction machine, you’d just need to casually wave your hands, and whatever warriors, shield guards, archers, assassins, priests, you can kill as many as you want… In front of your powerful magic they will all be nothing. Ya, I believe that your decision will definitely be very wise. Come, become a powerful elementalist. I will add an extra 1000 MP to you, and will also directly upgrade all of your elementalist skills all to max level… Oh, and I will also give a full set of LV15 Silver equipment!! Do you still have a reason to hesitate!!”

“Max level… giving additional stats… giving a set of equipment… Are you bunch of old dogs crazy!! Have you guys forgotten the trainer rules and work ethic that we should comply with? You guys are honestly too outrageous! Each of you guys not even wanting face anymore, isn’t it just a person with strong spiritual talent. Young man, don’t mind them! Actually, the profession that you are most suitable for is summoner! Other beginner summoners will reach their spiritual limit after summoning at most 3 summoned beasts, but with your spiritual force maybe you’ll be able to summon 5, or even 8, 10! And you’ll also be able to summon powerful beings that other people wouldn’t be able to summon. At that time, you yourself will be equivalent to the strength of a dozen people, who cares what classes the opponents are you don’t need to put them in your eyes. Cough cough cough cough… Don’t hesitate, please don’t hesitate, believe me, this is your most correct choice!! As long as you choose to become a summoner right now, whatever max level skill and giving a set of Silver equipment is all a piece of cake, I will also give you an unique summoner skill book… Oh right, I also have a daughter, 18 years of age this year, she is a gorgeous beauty and is also a LV50 light summoner, she is still not wed yet…”

“Bullshit! You shameless person, he’s clearly most suited to be a shield guard!!”

“Screw off!! He has to become an archer!!”

“All of you f*ck off, he’s most suited to be an elementalist!”

“… Assassin!!”

“Shield Guard!!”



“Shield guard!!”




Ling Chen: “!@#¥%……”

The six trainers were like vendors at a market working hard to promote their classes to Ling Chen and giving all kinds of incentives, arguing with each other red in the face, just missing actually fighting. And the voices of these 6 guys were each one louder than the other, the vibrations making Ling Chen’s eardrums hum and almost unable to resist turning around and running. Although he also came to understand why these trainers would be so moved… An important condition of unlocking Soul Sacrifice is possessing powerful spiritual force. At the time when Ling Chen fought the Greedy Giant Toad, he lasted for a whole 9 hours under extremely high mental pressure. This is a terrifying mental fortitude that normal people can definitely not possess, and because of it he automatically unlocked [Soul Sacrifice] after defeating the Greedy Giant Toad. These class trainers evidently all know [Soul Sacrifice] this skill and know that a person that possesses [Soul Sacrifice] definitely has extremely high spiritual strength. And for every profession, stats can be increased, equipment can be changed, skills can be learned… but spiritual strength, that is the most important talent that is hard to change. With powerful spiritual strength, regardless if it’s warriors, shield guards, archers, assassins, elementalists, priests and summoners, the strength of the professions can all be brought out to the limit. That is to say no matter what class they change to, they will be able to easily become an apex master of this class.

As a result, these class trainers were all fighting over him, if they continue to argue they might actually start to fight.

The warrior trainer that hadn’t spoken the whole time stood there his face green at one moment and white at another, the muscles of his face were especially twitching like he’d pulled a muscle. Finally, he could no longer bear it, a loud roar releasing from his mouth: “All of you shut up!!!!!!”

Like thunder that came from nowhere, that loud voice shook the entire class change hall making the dust on the ceiling fall down. Ling Chen was directly shocked dizzy, the 6 class trainers all finally all stopped, each of them stretching their necks and staring at him.

“What the f*ck are you old fools fighting about!!”

“F*ck!! I’m telling you, even though he came to become a warrior but don’t you think of hogging him…”

“Hogging him my ass, even if he wants to become a warrior right now I won’t let him!!” The warrior trainer roared.

After saying this the other 6 class trainers were all dazed there, even Ling Chen was dazed.

The warrior trainer rubbed his throat that was sore from yelling, turning his face looking towards Ling Chen, saying with a serious face: “Young man, being able to unlock [Soul Sacrifice] says that you have extremely terrifying spiritual force. But, you definitely do know what this skill means, right?”

Ling Chen slightly nodded his head, quietly awaiting his explanation.

The class trainer explained with a severe countenance: “The people that know this skill right now are very few. Besides us there should only be those people who are at the peak of strength or authority that know. Because the last time this skill appeared is 10000 years ago, and after that, there was never again the appearance of this skill. Which is to say, since the death of that person from 10000 years ago, you are the first person whose spiritual force was strong enough to unlock [Soul Sacrifice], at least on Forgotten continent it is like so. That’s why we would be so excited.”

The other 6 class trainers all nodded their heads.

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