Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 59

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Volume 1 Chapter 59: Azure Dragon City

“This kind of method of concealment isn’t perfect either. If little master uses the power of Lunar Scourge its original form will appear, and if it receives an overly powerful attack the illusion will also disappear. Although little master can relax, Lunar Scourge is not so easily detected by the Moon God clan because right now they don’t even know that Lunar Scourge still exists in this world. Moreover a hundred thousand years have already passed, maybe they’ve even forgotten about this evil item that they personally ‘destroyed’. After all, something that no longer ‘exists’ does not need to be remembered. Hee…”

Qi Yue started to smile, a hint of hard to detect darkness flitted across her smiling face that was like a beautiful flower. But it did not escape from Ling Chen’s eyes…

This witch, seems to have some kind of massive grudge with the Moon God clan. Is it because the Moon God clan wants to destroy Lunar Scourge?

“What do I have to do to find the rest of the exclusive orbs?” Ling Chen asked. The primary reason that Ling Chen desires to find the rest of the exclusive orbs is not for Lunar Scourge, but because the powerfulness of the Gemini Orb filled him with incredibly strong curiosity and desire towards the rest of the orbs. After all, with the powerfulness of the Gemini Orb the other orbs are definitely of the same level of strength, and the Saint Orbs will be even stronger beyond imagination. The great temptation that they carried was something that nobody would be able to resist… including Ling Chen.

“Very simple…” Qi Yue’s response made Ling Chen dazed for a moment, but then her following words made his face almost turn black: “Travel across every corner of Forgotten continent, including the surrounding waters. Lunar Scourge’s exclusive orbs will not leave Forgotten continent. If you search every place on Forgotten continent, of course you’ll be able to find them all.”

“You… That’s just rubbish!!” Ling Chen said while biting his teeth.

“But besides this, I don’t have any other ideas either.” Qi Yue pursed her lips smiling, seemingly very satisfied towards that expression filled with black lines on Ling Chen’s face: “Although, if you get particularly close to a God Orb or a Saint Orb, I might be able to sense it. But don’t have too much hope little master, a condition for me to sense the existence of an exclusive orb is that its power needs to be in an active state, in the middle of actively or passively releasing its power. Or else unless you get within a 10 meter radius of it, I will still not be able to sense it, little master, work hard. My future is entirely on you. Right now Lunar Scourge’s power is incomplete, so I have to stay in that dark place for long periods of time. The amount of time I can come out like this everyday is only 10 minutes, if you can find all of the orbs I’ll be be able to completely leave Lunar Scourge. At that time I will forever be little masters little servant, serving little master day and night, whatever little master wants to do to me is okay.”

Qi Yue’s voice stimulated Ling Chen’s mind like a series of electrical currents, making his entire body feel numb and forcibly igniting his flames of desire, the more it burned the stronger it became. Only until now did he understand why this witch constantly remained in Lunar Scourge… Turns out that she can only manifest outside of Lunar Scourge for 10 minutes a day. And it seems like she is sleeping most of the time in Lunar Scourge…

“If it’s like this then hurry up and return to Lunar Scourge!” Ling Chen said while holding his breath, avoiding her eyes that were like water and her enchantingly mesmerizing face… Thank god, thank god she can only stay outside for a max of 10 minutes a day. If she is constantly in front of me, then I really… will have a time where I won’t be able to resist.

The witch that can shorten people’s lives finally returned to Lunar Scourge. Ling Chen took a couples of breaths to calm down his heart before running forwards while taking in his surroundings. After only going the distance of a couple steps, another system notification sounded throughout every corner of the world.

“Ding… World announcement. The second person to leave the Novice Village has emerged, it is America Warzone player ‘Eve’. This event has been recorded into the World Hall of Fame, player ‘Eve’ has gained 100 Fame and 100 SP reward. Hope that all the players may continue to work hard and leave the Novice Village earlier, stepping into a new beginning.”

Ling Chen’s footsteps immediately stopped.

“Eve”…” He said this name under his breath, his eyes flashing and then continuing to move his feet walking forward.

The most important reason that he was able to reach LV10 so quickly and leave the Novice Village is that he killed a LV10 Faerie beast, making him jump 4 levels and reaching a level height that other players were unable to match from an unremarkable level, also pulling apart a long distance from those top players. If he did not encounter the Greedy Giant Toad and instead farmed regularly, with the amount of time he spends online it would take a lot more days to reach LV10.

And right now, it’s not even 3 minutes from when he left the Novice Village. You can pretty much say that him and Eve both left the Novice Village at the same time, a difference of 3 minutes really can’t be considered a difference — Ling Chen encountered a very fortuitous experience to lead far ahead of the rest of the players, and this Eve…

“Even though I don’t want to meet you again, but between us… there will still be a battle in the end. Or maybe, you’ve already guessed that ‘Ling Tian’ is me.” Ling Chen lightly muttered to himself.

This notification sound brought to Ling Chen a brief moment of sentiment, but what it brought to the world’s players instead was deep shock. Because they suddenly realised that… there is actually someone that moved ahead of “Eve”!!

This is something that no one could do ever since “Eve” appeared in the virtual game world.

A god-like existence among players, the only SSS rank player recognized in the word. A never before defeated or surpassed woman.

This Ling Tian… a never before heard of name, who exactly is he! Him being able to lead ahead of Eve, is it simply a moment of chance and luck, or does he truly possess that kind of strength…


Finding an NPC and asking where the class change location is, Ling Chen headed forward. The class change hall is not too far away from the center of the plaza, along the way you need to pass by Azure Dragon City’s biggest commercial street. Ling Chen did not continue moving forward, instead first strolling around the commercial street for some time.

“Boss Cang, I’d like to expand my bag.” Ling Chen said to that storehouse boss that looked even more like a pig than a pig when he walked into the central storehouse of Azure Dragon City.

With business coming a smile immediately spread across the storehouse boss’s face, his two already overly small eyes almost being buried by the fat on his face: “Oh… Could it be that you are a hero from an alternate world that we’ve heard about? Expansion to 100 spaces is 100 gold, expansion to 150 spaces is 300 gold, expansion to 200 spaces is 1000 gold.”

The space in a player’s initial inventory is 50 spaces, this is about just enough to use at the novice stage, but once you reach the capital city it is entirely not enough. But for players at the current stage this expansion fee is undoubtedly an astronomical number, although right now Ling Chen has a massive sum of 1798 gold. He did not hesitate, directly handing over 1000 gold.

Getting the 1000 gold coins, the storehouse boss’s two little eyes instantly lit up like lightbulbs. He hurriedly put away the gold coins, his mouth repeatedly muttering: “Holy crap, rich guy, wealthy, rich kid…”

A beam of light flickered across Ling Chen body, soon after Ling Chen gained the notification that his inventory had already been expanded to 200 spaces. The storehouse boss said smilingly: “All right, hero from another world, your inventory space has already been successfully expanded to the current space limit, come find me again when you reach LV50. At that time you’ll only need 3000 gold coins to expand to 300 spaces. Usually if you have any important items you can deposit them here, 20% discount and no extra fees, dear~~”

Ling Chen: “!@#¥%…”

Azure Dragon City’s weapon shop is also filled with White equipment, even an Iron equipment cannot be found. In the item shop is displayed a bunch of items that cannot be bought at the Novice Village, like higher grade potions and energy crystals.

[Green Potion]: Intermediate HP recovery potion, after use instantly recovers 800 HP, Cooldown Time: 5 secs, Price, 2 silver.

[Cyan Potion]: Advanced HP recovery potion, after use instantly recovers 1500 HP, Cooldown Time: 5 secs, Price, 5 silver.

[Deep Blue Potion]: Intermediate MP recovery potion, after use instantly recovers 200 HP, Cooldown Time: 5 secs, Price, 1 silver.

[Purple Potion]: Advanced MP recovery potion, after use instantly recovers 400 HP, Cooldown Time: 5 secs, Price, 5 silver.


[Elementary Strength Crystal]: Type: Energy Crystal: Grade: Elementary, Attribute: Fire, Effect: Physical Attack Strength+6%. Price: 200 gold.

[Elementary Magic Crystal]: Type: Energy Crystal: Grade: Elementary, Attribute: Water, Effect: Magic Attack Strength+6%. Price: 200 gold.

[Elementary Health Crystal]: Type: Energy Crystal: Grade: Elementary, Attribute: Water, Effect: HP+6%. Price: 200 gold.

[Elementary Dodge Crystal]: …

[Elementary Hit Crystal]: ..

[Elementary Speed Crystal]: …


The effect of elementary crystals is double of beginner crystals, but the price is 10 times of beginner crystals. And the highest grade crystals sold here are elementary, there is not even a shadow of intermediate energy crystals.

“Cough cough, hello young hero, if you have a luna chain the crystals can endow you with additional strength. The stronger your luna chain, the greater the help that they can give you. If one day you surpass LV50, you will be able to head to Forgotten City at the heart of the continent. There you can buy higher grade energy crystals. Of course, when killing monsters there is also a certain probability of higher grade crystals appearing.”  The middle aged item store boss said kindly.

An increase of 6% to an attribute is a relatively strong increase in strength, moreover his Lunar Scourge has a whole 12 sockets, of them 9 can be socketed with crystals and orbs of any grade. If he buys 9 different energy crystals and sockets them, his strength will increase greatly. Ling Chen looked at the 800 gold coins that remained after expanding his inventory, hesitating for a while, in the end he did not buy a single one. Walking out of the item store he headed straight for Azure Dragon City’s class change hall. In his knowledge, learning skills after changing classes seems to require gold coins to buy skill books from the trainer, and it could be a relatively big expense, there’s a need to first hold onto these gold coins.

Author’s note: [What will the MCs profession be? Why don’t you guys guess… warrior? Guess again…]]

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