Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 47

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Volume 1 Chapter 47: Tao Tie’s Trust

“How is it little master, is the Gemini Orb’s ability to your satisfaction?” Soft ripples flowed out of her eyes like water as she said smilingly towards Ling Chen. She was very pleased with the change in his facial expression the moment he saw the Gemini Orb’s stats.

Ling Chen nods his head: “Truly very strong, it can even be said to be a bit overly powerful.”

“This is just the ability of one orb. Currently you are at the lowest ring of Forgotten Continent’s ability ladder. But even if it’s the current you, if you are able to find 5 of the above exclusive orbs it would be enough for you to become a force to be reckoned with. If you are able to find any of the Saint Orbs then your power would be enough to overlook the entire world. If you are able to collect all of the God Orbs and Saint Orbs, then even if the entire Moon God clan moves out against you they would be unable to do anything to you. At that time little master will be truly invincible. Little master, right now are you very eager to obtain the rest of the orbs?” Qi Yue said with a slight smile, in her smile there is a hint of unspeakable mysteriousness.

Ling Chen: “…”

He did not answer Qi Yue. Ling Chen is not an idiot, from Qi Yue’s slightly peculiar expression along with what Tao Tie said before, he vaguely detected something that made him faintly puzzled and uneasy. But what these things are he had no way of finding and clarifying them. If he can collect all of the Saint Orbs and God Orbs he will become invincible, even the Moon God clan would be nothing in his eyes. This kind of future and achievement is certainly what any being yearns for… But, this kind of thing occurring in a virtual game world is a little too absurd. Would this kind of situation really be allowed to appear in the Mystic Moon game settings? In the same respect, Lunar Scourge and things like the Gemini Orb are without a doubt equipment and orbs that completely break the balance of the game. Their existence is already slightly unusual.

Also, that deeply hidden unusualness is Tao Tie’s voice and eye expression, exactly what is it?

He lifted his left hand and looked at Lunar Scourge that now has the Gemini Orb, checking out the newly unlocked skill.

[Moon Shadow]: Lunar Scourge’s exclusive lunar skill, when cast it will release silver moonlight illuminating the target’s shadow, forcibly freezing all shadows under the moonlight, suppressing all movement of the shadow and its owner. Effect: All targets in a X meter radius will be forcibly stunned (X = Current Level) for 5 seconds. MP Consumption: 0. Cooldown Time: 60 secs.

Using the reflection of the moonlight, and then through fixating the shadow suppressing all of the target’s movements. This is actually an extremely peculiar stun skill! The stun time lasts for 5 seconds, it’s also an AoE stun skill that’s area increases with level! At the same time, this kind of method that achieves the goal of stunning through freezing the target’s shadow is absolute, it does not add an abnormal status. And so this kind of stun condition can even work on super bosses that are completely immune to all abnormal statuses!

A forced stun for 5 seconds, what is the meaning of this? Against players of the same power level, 5 seconds is enough to defeat the opponent while they are completely defenseless. Against opponents stronger than himself, 5 seconds is enough to reverse the situation. Against opponents that cannot be competed with, 5 seconds can give himself an abundant amount of time to run away. Moon Shadow’s effect is definitely not as simple as stunning, Ling Chen very clearly understands how powerful this skill actually is.

Lunar Scourge not only can equip 15 energy orbs, it even adds such a powerful skill, and from the looks of it there appears to be more than one. This kind of cheat item, no wonder it would bring about “Heaven’s Jealousy” and “Heaven’s Wrath”!

“Very good! Making the Gemini Orb return to Lunar Scourge has always been my greatest desire for these 10000 years. Because the arrival of this moment means that Lunar Scourge is about resurface in the world. Human, even though you surely possess a spirit that can considered terrifying, but your power, your strength is truly too weak. Even with the Gemini Orb you cannot defeat even the weakest martial artists on Forgotten continent. What you need to do is hide the Lunar Scourge on your body, and then increase your strength and find the rest of the God Orbs and Saint Orbs… And among this, there is also an even more important affair. That is to not allow the Moon God clan to discover any traces of the appearance of Lunar Scourge, or else you will definitely be destroyed and Lunar Scourge will once again suffer disaster. You must remember my words. A portion of Lunar Scourge’s strength originates from the strength and soul of my ancestor, I will not allow it to be destroyed, absolutely not!”

Tao Tie’s deep voice made Ling Chen lift his head. He thought for a bit and then slightly nodded his head.

Speaking of it, does this count as god level hidden quest?

Why is this kind of feeling not like a game world that seeks “balance” but instead like being in a movie with a strange setting.

How come after entering the Mystic Moon world, a lot of things that I’ve  encountered are so different from the virtual game worlds that I know of.

Qi Yue glanced at Ling Chen, taking in the confusion in his eyes. In the depths of her eyes, a strange colour flashed across for a fleeting moment.

“The path towards collecting the other God Orbs and Saint Orbs will definitely be very difficult. It could take 100 years, 1000 years, or even a more distant time. But in possessing Lunar Scourge you need to fulfill this duty that must be carried. Because with every day that passes, there is an increased danger of being discovered by the Moon God clan. If when you are discovered you have still yet to find all of the God Orbs and Saint Orbs, then, your fate will only be death. I believe that you who possess such a gaze and is able to conquer Lunar Scourge, will not willingly be killed by any person. And all of this, I am unable to help you with. If I follow you after walking out of here, it will only increase the chances of Lunar Scourge being discovered. Not only that, after you leave here I will stay here for at least another 100 years. The Moon God clan knows my feelings towards Lunar Scourge. If I leave they will definitely find out and then find Lunar Scourge’s location through me.”

“Hee, big guy, before I thought that your appearance was a little scary, but now I suddenly feel that you’re actually pretty cute.” Qi Yue lifted her lips smiling.

Tao Tie’s deep voice came from all directions: “Every person has their own beliefs and persistence, beasts are the same. The reason I am willing to do such for Lunar Scourge, little girl, the most important reason, even you do not know.”

“Oh?” Qi Yue blinked her eyes, her face revealing puzzlement.

Tao Tie did not speak with her again, his mind focused on Ling Chen. Under his two armpits two massive eyes simultaneously flickered an instant of black-green light. At the same time, Ling Chen’s body also flickered for an instant a same black-green glow. Ling Chen looked at his own body puzzled, but did not have any strange feelings for changes.

“Human, on your body I have imprinted a very faint spiritual mark. This spiritual mark will not be discovered by the gods of the Moon God clan. Its effect is to allow me to sense when you encounter a hopeless situation in which there is absolutely no hope. Under that kind of unavoidable circumstance, I will appear. This is the last thing that I can do to help you. Of course, I hope that this kind of circumstance never appears. And before this, I have something that requires your aid.”

“My help?” Ling Chen paused, with his current ability what could he do to help this powerful Mysterious God beast.

Under his gaze, Tao Tie’s mouth gradually opened. The instant that massive mouth opened a creepy feeling crawled up in his heart. What a terrifying  mouth that is. Even though when opened it is only the size of a house, the feeling that it gives him is one where it can easily swallow an entire mountain. Two neat rows of teeth even sharper than knives made from steel reflected a cold light that made people’s hearts shiver.


In a gust of sharp air a dark grey item flew out from his mouth, heading straight towards Ling Chen. After it was about to land on the ground, its speed abruptly lowered and then gently floated downwards as if being held in a bubble, landing in front of Ling Chen.

This is a grey, oval shaped item, about the size of a football/soccer ball. At first glance it actually seems like… an egg.

Opening such a big mouth and just spewing out this little thing… Aren’t you embarrassed!

Qi Yue’s amorous eyes slightly narrowed, watching this grey sphere: “Hey big guy, what is this? Could it be your…”

“No, it is not my descendant. This was entrusted to me after that miserable war by a great beast before it died. It seems to be its child, but also seems like it’s not. Because even though it has its aura, its descendants’ unhatched status is not like this. Before handing it over to me, it told me to not ask about its origin, especially not allowing me to tell anyone who it came from. It’s last wish is that it can successfully hatch and then peacefully live the rest of its life, not bearing any more responsibilities and duties. Time has already passed an unknown number of years and it has finally reached the edge of hatching.” Tao Tie slowly explained.

“You mean?”

“Very simple, even though the great beast that entrusted it to me wished that it could live a peaceful life, its origin and ability have determined that its life cannot be peaceful. This is an unchangeable fate. If I continue to keep it, that will only slowly wear away its talent. Take it with you, and then find a non-elemental energy orb and give it to it. It only needs that last bit of power and it will be able to successfully hatch. Even though I do not know what his hatched status will be like, but after being born even if it’s at the infant stage, it will still provide you with strong assistance. This assistance is not powerful attack ability. Where its strength lies, you will naturally know once it hatches… Maybe, it will surpass my expectations.

Ling Chen now completely understood that what this Tao Tie handed over to him is shockingly an egg that can give birth to a powerful beast… From a player’s perspective, this is a — Pet egg!!

Although, the premise is that it can hatch. And the last condition for it to hatch is that it requires a non-elemental energy orb. An energy orb, not a crystal! With respect to players, especially at the early stage, this condition is truly harsh to the max. Right now Ling Chen does have a non-elemental orb — the Gemini Orb, but even if he had a problem with his brain he would not use it to hatch the unknown pet egg.

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