Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 42

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Volume 1 Chapter 42: Reversal(II)

The seductress brought her lips close, whispering warm, soft words beside his ears like a lover would, as she whispered, her two creamy, soft hands  each grabbed one of Ling Chen’s hands, and then carried his hands, slowly pressing towards her own chest… Yet, in the depths of her endlessly enchanting eyes, a flash of cold light appeared in her eyes. When she ripped apart the last layer of clothes, she already felt the momentary blankness of his mind. As long as she allows him to touch her skin, then, his mind will definitely… completely collapse!

“You~~~~” Two hands being seized by a pair of soft, white hands, gradually getting closer to that pair of massive breasts so perfect that they did not seem to belong to the human realm, Ling Chen virtually heard his own soul crumbling.

The seductress’s smile became more and more ambiguous, suddenly, the hands of the man in her grip broke free, grabbing towards her breasts on their own. While she was unprepared, a pair of giant breasts had already been gripped by Ling Chen’s hands, heavily rubbing them. Due to the excessive strength, her rich, firm breasts squeezed out to the sides of the spread out fingers. It was simply impossible to grasp the entire breast with one hand, his two hands enjoying the feeling in a wanton frenzy. No matter how his 10 fingers grabbed and rubbed, he was always able to grasp a full hand of soft, creamy breast. No matter how he held them he was always able feel the wonderful shape of the breasts that made people amazed.

The breasts of the seductress are extremely sensitive. Adding that her own body was also in a relatively weakened condition, through his frenzied actions, all of the strength in her body instantly left her. She bit her teeth resisting the feeling of numbness and slight pain from her breasts. The gaps of her lips actually unable to help but releasing slight sounds of whimpering and moaning. When she realised it, she abruptly covered her mouth, suppressing the moan that was about to leave her mouth.

Having a man touch my breasts… is actually this kind of feeling… it’s completely different, from when I touch them myself…

She did not take away Ling Chen’s hands, lightly biting her teeth and bearing it. The enchanting smile on her face remaining: “Heehee, little brother, are big sister’s breast pretty… Ah!”

Her voice stopped in a shout of surprise, she lifted her beautifully streaked, slender neck, her entire body trembling, a series of spasms travelling though her beautiful legs. The reason for this is because Ling Chen’s hands suddenly applied force, the strength of his originally rapidly rubbing hands suddenly increasing, mercilessly grabbing onto her breasts like two steel clamps, his clasped fingers also clamping those 2 pink gemstones at the tip in between his fingers.

“It hurts… lighter… it hurts… Ah!” The seductress’s body is too sensitive, the sharp pain and numbness that came at the same time made her release a sharp, trembling moan: Her flushed red dimples were especially like she had drank alcohol, her curved thick eyelashes shook violently, her legs grinded together like they were convulsing. Her two hands helplessly grabbed his wrists wanting to take away his hands, but her strength was too weak, she could not move his hands at all. Lifting her beautiful eyes, she was faced with a pair of terrifying eyes… Ling Chen’s eyes that had initially become blurred, are right now releasing a savage glow like that of a beast’s, the seductress immediately felt a series of chills in her heart.

He had not been captivated… not at all from the very beginning!



This is a roar of pain that practically shattered the seductress’s ear drums. Under the loud roar, the black space began to crack, more and more light penetrated in without any delay. That pair of hands grabbing onto her breasts once again tightened a bit, the severe pain practically made her eyes flow with tears. She saw that on his left hand wrist, the black light of Lunar Scourge had already become as dim as the evening stars… From attempting to engulf this human’s mind until now, a couple minutes have already passed. This time, had already reached the limit of the current Lunar Scourge. In between, there was also the strong interference towards his mind that she caused using her own seductiveness, but it still did not succeed… And this human, until now he is still maintaining a clear mind!

What a terrifying person…

Is he really human? Or is he a god or a demon… or even an ancient being that surpasses gods and demons!

“Let me go… Lunar Scourge will immediately stop your pain, and will never again try to engulf your mind… Let me go…” The seductress could no longer see any hope. She endured the sharp pain from her chest, using her quivering, lovely voice to beg for mercy towards this human. If things continued like this, Lunar Scourge… will instead be controlled by this human!


What answered her, was only Ling Chen’s loud roar.

Originally wanting to use her body to mesmerize him. Who knew that instead she was completely naked, and having her breasts tightly grabbed by him, using this incredibly humiliating position to beg for mercy towards him. Lunar Scourge that even gods and demons fear, has actually completely stumbled in the hands of a human. But right now, besides begging for mercy what else could she do? Lunar Scourge’s soul force has already reached its limit, it can no longer engulf his mind, she needs to beg for mercy to prevent that most terrifying consequence from appearing. How can she allow Lunar Scourge and herself, to fall under the control of a human.

“I beg you, let me go… I’m willing to fulfill all of your demands… I’m willing to help you become the world’s strongest human… I’m willing to become your slave… Let me go, do not continue!!”


Regardless of how she pleaded, she was unable to see even a hint of change in Ling Chen’s ice cold eyes. Lunar Scourge’s light became increasingly dimmer while trembling, gradually reaching the edge of completely extinguishing.



“Over… It’s over…” Following Ling Chen’s final all out roar, the black space completely crumbled, all of the darkness rapidly vanished as if being forcibly pulled away by  some kind of massive aura. The seductress’s enchanting eyes became dim, all of her hard work, all of her begging did not have any effect. The result that she was afraid of seeing the most, has finally still arrived.

Suddenly, two beams of red light suddenly flashed across before her eyes. Her gaze immediately became wide awake, looking towards the source of those two rays of red light… What she saw are Ling Chen’s eyes. Right now,  his eyes actually appeared a colour like blood!

“Ha… Hametsusaigan!! You… You are…” (TL: Yeah about that, I couldn’t think of a good translation for this so I stuck it into a kanji to romaji converter and came up with this. 破灭杀瞳 is the original and I changed 瞳 to 眼. The general meaning is Killer Destruction Eyes… so yeah.)


Another muffled sound, all of the darkness vanished entirely. Everything, once more returned to the way when Ling Chen first stepped into here. In the air, countless little orbs releasing a green white glow continued to float, illuminating this space in a green white glow. On the ground there remained traces of where Ling Chen had rolled. Besides that, there is no other difference, as if nothing had ever happened.

Ling Chen’s hands finally released from the seductress’s chest, his eyes slowly shut together, and then like a wooden log he fell backwards. heavily falling onto the ground, completely unconscious. On his left hand, there is a black ring tightly wrapped around it, on the ring there is no longer any sort of light.

The seductress took a few steps backward, taking big, heavy breaths. Her two massive breasts shaking up and down due to her heavy panting, waves appearing on her breasts that made the blood of people boil. On top, there are also interchanging blue and red finger prints. She lifted her hand, with a shake of her fingers, a body of black clothing exactly like the one before had already covered her body that is enough to mesmerize the entire world. She then silently looked at Ling Chen who is on the ground, her expression incredibly complex.

Lunar Scourge is already wrapped around his wrist, unable to break away. Lunar Scourge cannot leave on its own, Ling Chen himself also cannot take it off. Because once it has been conquered, it will forcibly accompany the person controlling it until the day that person dies.

“Is this human… a monster? How can a human, possess such a powerful spirit… How can Hametsusaigan, appear on a human!” Rubbing her sore breasts, the seductress spoke to herself while panting.

“In legends, only gods or demons whose spirits have reached an extremely high degree can through their eyes, use their spirit to destroy all life. Their eyes at that time, are the terrifying ‘Hametsusaigan’. But Hametsusaigan has also only appeared in that far away age of gods and demons, after then it has never appeared… 10 000 years ago the gods and demons had already fallen and scattered about, right now they’ve especially fallen to a horrendous state. Hametsusaigan should not appear even more. But this human’s eyes at that time…”

“Could it be, it was just an illusion, or that wasn’t even Hametsusaigan?”

But no matter what, Lunar Scourge was unable to turn him into its own  puppet, instead it was subdued by his powerful, peerless spirit, becoming his possession. From today onwards, Lunar Scourge can only support him, subjecting itself to his control and commands, unable to resist.

The feeling of pain at her chest finally began to subside. The seductress walked over to Ling Chen, staring at his face and body, after a long time, she slowly said under her breath: “There’s already no other choice. Hope that he can bring me a surprise…”



“Brother, why are you always unwilling to tell me about your past? I really want to know. Everything about brother, I want to know.”

“Because, I used to be bad guy.”

“Bad guy? What kind of bad guy?”

“Very, very bad, the worst kind.”

“Hee, I don’t believe you, brother is clearly the best person in the world.”

“… What if, I really am a bad guy that everybody hates? Will Ruo Ruo hate me?”

“Of course not! I will never hate brother. If… Ya! If brother really is a bad person, then, I will become a bad person like brother. This way, I can still stay beside brother, not needing to separate from brother. Even if brother does something very wrong and is punished, I will also receive the punishment with brother.”


Ruo Ruo…

Ling Chen’s eyes opened. Not even waiting for his vision to clear, he immediately sat upwards. After a brief period of haziness, everything that had happened to him before rapidly replayed in his mind.

“My little master, you’ve finally awoken.”

A lovely voice came from beside his ears, making Ling Chen’s already numb body a little more softer. Immediately, he scrunched his eyebrows, jumping up from the ground, coldly looking towards the seductress: “You!!”

When talking, he lifted up his left hand. On his wrist, a black coloured new moon is wrapped around it. 15 holes distributed with 3 vertical and 12 horizontal. Only now, it did not bring him any hint of pain, instead it quietly attached itself to his wrist. Ling Chen could faintly feel the control he had over it.

This terrifying item that wanted to engulf my mind before… It belongs to me now?

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