Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 15

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Volume 1 Chapter 15: The Novice Village’s Mysterious Old Man

Wolf Leader: Type: Beast, Level: 5, Grade: 3 Star Elite, HP: 1250. The leader of the wolves, possesses an even greater body and stronger biting power. Violent temperament, will attack any being of different race that gets close, but extremely proud, will not borrow the strength of its companions.

1 star elites are usually elite creature a bit stronger than regular creature, 2 star elites are usual the captain, 3 stars typically are leaders. Above, are the lords that can truly be called BOSS.

Seeing the last line in the description, Ling Chen who was about to retreat stopped, turning around and heading towards the wolf leader. Even though this is a tempting 3 star elite, initially Ling Chen did not plan on killing it. This is because right now it is almost approaching the usual dinner time with Shui Ruo, if he attacks it now, one howl calling over the surrounding wolves, he didn’t know how long it would take to kill the wolf leader under the entanglement of the wolf pack, Shui Ruo would probably already be starving. But… if it’s just it, the situation is a lot different.

Stepping into the wolf leader’s aggro. range, a pair of terrifying wolf eyes locked onto him, followed by a wolf howl, the wolf lead already charged over. Not only is it bigger, its movement speed is also faster than a regular wolf’s.

A huge air of pressure rushed at Ling Chen, if attacked by this LV5 3 star elite, even with the extra 100 HP from the red blood fruit, he would at least lose 1/3rd of his HP. Ling Chen glanced at the positions of him and the wolf leader, looking at the ground thinking of something, he then abruptly turned his body, running down the cliff.

The wolf leader closely followed the running target, its running speed slowly approaching its extreme. Ling Chen’s movement speed couldn’t even compare to a regular wolf’s, don’t mention the wolf leader. The wolf leader quickly caught up to him, arriving behind in the next moment. Then, he heard an explosive howl from behind, a massive wolf paw as big as his head under a massive cry claws towards his body, glaring cold lights flashing from the wolf’s paw.


Howling wind brushing past his face, Ling Chen just narrowly turned around avoiding the wolf leader’s attack, body also lying sideways on the ground. The wolf leader who missed maintaining its running speed landed on the ground, the moment its front foot landed on the ground, a cold light flashed across Ling Chen’s eyes, fiercely whippinf out his right leg from his side-lying position, heavily kicking the the front leg of the wolf leader.


His foot like kicking a metal board, made Ling Chen grimace in pain. Even though originally the strength of this kick couldn’t be considered much for the wolf leader, at most feeling a little pain, but, using its fast speed running down the slanted ground, and then making a pouncing motion under its high speed, after landing on the ground, under its momentum it’s very hard to stop in a short period of time, and if at this time an opposing force came from its leg

And so… the front half of the wolf leader’s body immediately lost its balance, heavily falling on the ground, due to the reason that the ground is slanted downwards, its body like a rubber ball rolled down the cliff, letting out savage cries as it rolled.

Ling Chen using his fastest speed got up from the ground, charging down the cliff. When the wolf leader’s body finally stopped, a large number of small stars circled around its head, clearly already dazed.

Ling Chen who ran down from the cliff jumped and sliced, “Full Power Strike” heavily cutting into the wolf leader who can’t avoid under the dazed condition.


The wolf leader’s defense is a lot greater than the regular wolves, taking the opportunity Ling Chen used his fastest speed to execute “Full Power Strike”, slowly hacking away at its health.

-51, -52, -104!


The wolf leader raised its body in fury, lethal wolf paw clawing towards Ling Chen. Ling Chen advanced instead of retreating, following the path of the attack and charging in front of it, cutting its neck with a swing, lowering his body before the wolf could attack again, borrowing the momentum to cross under the wolf’s body, directly coming behind it, continuously striking its leg another two times.

The wolf leader suffering from continuous attacks had however lost the whereabouts of its target, it turned around in a cry of anger, but at the moment it turned its body, Ling Chen also quickly moved, once again appearing behind the wolf’s body, and then following with a “Full Power Strike” cutting its leg, bringing up a furious wolf howl.

The wolf leader’s body is very big, its length almost 4 meters, not counting the head, just the body is already 2 meters tall, but right now its big body that made people shake with fear instead became a protective screen for Ling Chen to hide his location. He is always able to perfectly return behind its body either from below, from the left of from the right the instant the wolf is about to turn around, and then follow with an attack. Every time the wolf leader turns around it either misses Ling Chen or sees his vanishing afterimage.

The wolf leader’s howls became increasingly furious, its movements also increasingly violent, but no matter how savage, it could never touch Ling Chen’s figure. The majority of Ling Chen’s attacks are “MISS”, the resulting damage also very limiting, but using his ghost like positioning, he used exactly these feeble attacks to point by point cut down the wolf leader’s health, cutting down its full health bar to half, and then to one quarter…

Five minutes later, under a sorrowful wolf howl, this new-born 3 star elite’s life hit the bottom, powerlessly falling to the ground. Until death, it never even scraped the corners of Ling Chen’s clothes.

“DING… You successfully killed 3 star elite ‘Wolf Leader’, Fame+15, SP+15.”

5 silver colored coins dropped from the wolf leader’s corpse, beside the coins, surprisingly is a pair of shoes shining a yellow colour.

Is it a bronze equipment? Ling Chen rapidly picked it up.

[Wolf Skin Shoes]: Type: Boot, Grade: Bronze, Equipment Requirements: Any class LV5 or above, rough shoes sewn from wolf skin. Attributes: Defense+8, Constitution+2, Agility+2.

It is bronze equipment!

This is the first bronze equipment that Ling Chen gained in the Mystic Moon world. Truly a bronze equipment, just LV5 and adding 4 attributes. Too bad, like the iron bracers they can only be equipped at level 5. (TL: Not sure if typo or if a stat is missing)

This stingy 3 star elite only dropped this one item. In addition, it also dropped some dark white wolf fangs that look a lot bigger than regular wolf fangs.

[Sharp Wolf Fang]: Wolf fang from the wolf leader, hard as steel, razor sharp.

The wolf leader only dropped 9 of this kind of teeth, putting them all away, Ling Chen left Wolf’s Cliff, heading in the direction of the village.

After returning to the village, Ling Chen headed straight for the smithy. Right when he was about to enter, he suddenly saw, on top of the shabbiest wall in the village, there sat a filth covered person with disheveled hair and a dirty face. He could vaguely make out, that is a shriveled up old man, his clothes incredibly torn, his hair and beard like straw nests on his head. His hands clutching his body, curled at the corner of the wall. From so far away, Ling Chen could vaguely smell a foul stench wafting over.

Glancing at the straw house beside the old man that looks like it could collapse at any time, Ling Chen silently thought… His is the “madman” that the Village Chief said to never get close to?

The same warning, the Chief should have told it to any players that he talked to, but that didn’t mean that all the players would listen to him. On the contrary, people will think that he is a special existence, the Novice Village would not arrange for a useless NPC and place it here.The more the Chief warned not to get close, the more some player’s started to get jumpy. This strange old man, could very well be hiding some kind of amazing hidden quest.

And so…

A player carefully walked over. The instant he got close, his face twisted, clearly almost being knocked out by the foul smell. He finally resisted, going forward and eagerly saying to the old man: “Hello Old Mister, is there anything I can do for you?”

The old man as if not even hearing him, not even moving his eyebrows.

“How do you do, do you need help?”

The old man still did not move, sitting there like a broken statue.

“How about, I carry you back inside, the sun outside is very hot, being exposed isn’t too good.”


The old man still did not react. That player biting his teeth, actually went forward, attempting to lift up the old man.

“F*ck off!!!!”

The quiet old man finally let out a hoarse yell, his shriveled hand whipping out, slapping the player’s body.


A heavy sound, under a miserable cry, the player flew away as if a leaf in a fierce wind, flying from the village’s most western side, all the way to the village’s most eastern side. A damage number, slowly dimmed in the air.


Ling Chen’s eyes became huge, his throat moving, heavily taking in a cold breath.

If his brain wasn’t making illusions or his eye’s didn’t have a problem, the damage caused by that old man’s random slap… was actually a five-digit damage number!!

All the player’s on the side waiting to watch a good show became dumbstruck, some player’s even so surprised that they fell onto the ground, faces pale. 5-digits… wrong, accurately saying the damage almost reached 6-digits, this damage is absolutely terrifying.

The filthy old man retracted his hand, continuing his previous action of sitting there immobile. The surrounding players subconsciously took a step back… No one dared to get close anymore.

A few minutes later, posts of Novice Village 49554’s mysterious old man slapping out a damage of 90 thousand filled the front of the national China area forum…

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