Shura’s Wrath Volume 1 Chapter 12

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Volume 1 Chapter 12: The Lost Amethyst Ring

[Head Wild Boar]: Type: Beast, Level: LV5, Grade: 2 Star Elite, HP: 750, a small leader of the mountain wild boars. possesses a larger body and stronger charging power. When struck by its sharp tusks there is a certain chance to add the bleeding effect.

The newly born head boar’s front hooves dug at the ground, raising its boar head, letting out a series of unpleasant cries. Ling Chen directly charged at it, the novice sword continuously striking its body… he despised these small bosses that the first thing they did when appearing was make a show of themselves, because this incredibly idiotic act would only hasten their death.

MISS, MISS, -9, -8.

4 attacks, taking away a total of 17 HP. only then did the head wild boar’s demonstration end, and letting out a strange cry, charging towards Ling Chen.

Even though its running speed is the same as a regular wild boar’s, but the pressure brought by its extra large body was a lot greater.

The damage dealt towards the head boar made Ling Chen slightly crease his eyebrows, facing the head boar’s brute charge, he paused for half a second, turned around and ran. The head boar following closely behind. Running a dozen steps, Ling Chen set his eyes on a half a meter thick tree in front, his speed not lowering, charging towards the tree.


The one who hit the tree wasn’t Ling Chen, but the head boar. When almost at the tree, Ling Chen lightly jumped, stepping on a tree branch and doing a spectacular back-flip. flipping over the head boar’s head. as for the head boar whose slow mind couldn’t comprehend what was happening, it smashed directly into the tree. Its entire body flopping onto the ground, little stars spinning above its head representing the stun condition.

Under the stun condition, no attack can be dodged. But Ling Chen didn’t take the chance to charge forward, instead quickly distancing himself from the head boar, leaving the recovered boars aggro area.

Quickly, a regular wild boar appeared in his line of sight, he charged forward, cutting at its body.

Against this group of wild boars, Ling Chen was already well adept. Because they only had one form of attack, and that is a body charge. If he was touched by such an attack, even he would feel like he had no face to continue living in this world. Casually tangling with this wild boar for a minute, following another stab from the novice sword, this wild boar like many of its kind fell down. Ling Chen’s experience bar instantly filled up, the level-up halo floating up from his head.

“*DING*… Congratulations you leveled up, now LV2, HP+10, MP+10, gained 5 AP.”

Finally reaching LV2, Ling Chen still put all his AP into strength without hesitating, his attack strength once again going up 10 points. He then turned around, charging back to the head wild boar’s location.

The head boar was still staying under the big tree, digging at the ground in boredom. The moment it saw Ling Chen approaching, it charged over with a loud cry as if seeing his mortal enemy. Ling Chen surveyed the area, laughing with a “Hehe”, turning around and quickly running towards another big tree. The head boar vigorously chased behind, and then…


The same back-flip, Ling Chen landed behind the head boar, and the head boar once again smashed into the tree becoming stunned… besides bumping into a different tree, the entire process was exactly the same as the first time.

Ling Chen charged forward, using “Full Power Strike” to unceremoniously greet its body.

-22, -21, -42!

Because the head boar was currently stunned, all of Ling Chen’s attacks hit, a spectacular critical hit on the third strike. 3 attacks, directly taking away over one-tenth of the head boar’s HP. Suffering from three strikes the head boar at last recovered from his stunned condition, and then with flames of anger, charged again at Ling Chen. And Ling Chen had already started running the moment the head boar recovered.

The wild boar’s running speed was greater than a player’s initial running speed, so under the head boar’s full on chase, it was getting closer and closer to Ling Chen, and then…

BAM!! Smashing into the tree from the first time.

This time, the head boar was directly knocked over, falling on the ground with its four feet facing the sky.

Ling Chen calmly walked forward, attacking 3 times, taking away another one-tenths of its life, and then turning around, using his fastest speed to run towards the other tree.

7 seconds later, the head boar once again hit the previous tree.

If this head boar had the slightest bit of intelligence, it would not be lead in circles by Ling Chen using such an easy method. But if it had enough intelligence then it couldn’t be called a pig then. In a short amount of time, the head boar had already been brought 4 rounds between the 2 trees. accurately being stunned by the 2 trees 8 times. The last time, Ling Chen took the opportunity to attack 4 times, clearing its HP.

“*DING*… You have successfully killed LV5 2 star elite head wild boar, Fame +10, gained 10 SP.”

A shining silver coin dropped from the head boar. Ling Chen picked up the silver coin, he then kicked the body aside, following the displacement of the wild boar’s body, two shining blue pieces of equipment appeared in front of him.

Iron equipment… two pieces too.

Ling Chen quickly picked them up. Of the two pieces of equipment of them one is a bracer made of iron, the other… was actually a ring!

[Iron Bracers]: Type: Handguard, Grade: Iron. Equipment Requirements: Any class LV5 or above. Sturdy bracers forged by iron. Attributes: Defense+5, Hit Rate+2.

Adding 2 points of hit rate, pretty good stats. If Ling Chen could have had these 2 points before, killing the mountain wild boars would’t result in so many “MISS”. To bad he can only equip it at LV5.

[Amethyst Ring]: Type: Ring, Grade: Iron. Equipment Requirement: None. A ring mounted with a beautiful amethyst, has a high ornamental value. Seems to be lost by the village item shop’s Boss Wang, and then obtained by the head wild boar, it will only drop when the head boar is killed the first time. Attributes: HP+100.

Ling Chen: “…”

Rings, are very rare accessory type equipment, even more rare at the novice stage. This ring is iron-grade, adding a whole 100 HP, and it doesn’t have any requirements. This at the novice stage, could be deemed as god-like attributes. If Ling Chen equips it, his HP would more than double.

Although, it is clearly written in the ring’s description that it very likely is the ring that the item shop’s shopkeeper lost. When the item store shopkeeper gave the quest to hunt the wild boars he did mention his lost ring, also saying that he didn’t expect to find it… holding the ring, Ling Chen hesitated.

Should I return it to the item shop shopkeeper?

If he keeps it, wearing it can allow him to greatly increase his safety when killing monsters, even if he sold it he could sell it for an astronomical price. If he returned it to the shopkeeper… a reward was certain, but whether or not the value of the reward surpassed the ring was an unknown.

Thinking for some time, Ling Chen put away the ring. heading in the direction back to the village. The Novice Village didn’t have a teleport scroll, you can only get there through walking.

The territories for LV4 and below creatures were still packed, inside the Novice Village it was already lively and bustling. Ling Chen went straight towards the item store, turning in the quest to the shopkeeper.

Seeing him return, the shopkeeper looked very surprised: “Hoh! Didn’t expect you to exterminate 30 mountain wild boars so quickly, it really is surprising. Thank you for helping me relieve my hatred, here, this is your reward.”

“*DING*… You have completed the quest ‘Wang Ji’s Request’, gained 500 EXP, 2 silver, orange potion 10, blue potion 10.”

The reward at hand, Ling Chen did not leave, instead taking out the amethyst ring, placing it before Wang Ji: “Boss Wang, do you recognize this ring?”

Seeing the violet light in Ling Chen’s hand, Wang Ji’s eyes widened. His expression became excited: “This… this is the amethyst ring that I lost a few day ago when I was chased by those accursed boars! Young hero, where did you find it?”

“It dropped from a head wild boar.” Ling Chen responded.

“No mistake, this is the amethyst ring that I dropped. This is a birthday gift my wife gave to me, yet I accidentally lost it, I was just in the middle of thinking how I am going to tell me wife. Young hero, can you return it to me? I will repay you generously.” Wang Ji closely stared at the ring in Ling Chen’s hand, saying excitedly.

Ling Chen didn’t hesitate, returning the amethyst ring to the shopkeeper’s hand.

Carefully putting away the amethyst ring, Wang Ji once again looked towards Ling Chen, slightly nodding his head saying: “The amethyst ring has some decent stats, towards you heroes from another world who have newly entered the world of Mystic Moon it has a lot of appeal. Yet you didn’t keep it but returned it, kind young ones like you who would return it are very few. Here, take this. In Forgotten continent, this is a priceless treasure, but in here that is separated from the outer-world, towards me it’s value is far less than my amethyst ring. I hope that it can provide you with a certain amount of help in your future adventures.

“*DING*… You have completed the unique hidden quest ‘The Lost Amethyst Ring’, Fame+10, gained quest reward ‘Red Blood Fruit’.”

What Wang Ji gave to Ling Chen, is a small red fruit about as big as a nail. Ling Chen carefully took hold of it, when he saw its stats, his hands slightly trembled a bit.

[Red Blood Fruit]: A fruit that grows on the Red Blood Tree in lava, incredibly valuable. After eating it HP permanently increased by 100.

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