Shen Mu – Volume 2 Chapter 8

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Volume 2 Chapter 8: Shooting Down Heavenly Dragons

No one expected the formidable magus to be defeated in the blink of an eye. The dragon rider’s martial glory shone as he displayed his valour in the sky. The faces of the Emperor of Chu and his ministers all turned remarkably hideous.

At the moment, perhaps only the Little Princess was still smiling. She gazed at the Flying Dragon in the sky and muttered, “I never thought that ugly thing would actually be this awesome. If I had one of those mounts, that’d be great. I’d be able to fly anywhere I want. Ai, but I’m afraid this dragon is out of luck. When it’s that degenerate Chen Nan’s turn to go up on stage, it’ll definitely be shot down with just a single arrow.”

Remembering that Chen Nan had recovered his power, the princess’s mood was strangely complex. At the start, it could be said that she hadn’t held any good opinions of Chen Nan whatsoever. Later, she had sapped him of all his power until there was none remaining. It was only then did she begin to feel a bit of guilt in her heart. But the instant she recalled how Chen Nan had captured her and the events that unfolded as a result, she turned resentful and too ashamed to show herself.

“That hateful, smelly thief, sooner or later, I’ll properly put you in your place. Don’t believe I’ve forgotten about all those past affairs.”

If Chen Nan knew the princess was planning on going after him again, he wouldn’t know what to think of it.

The empress asked, “Yu’er, what are you muttering about?”

“Oh, nothing.”

At the moment, Sima Lingkong had already mounted his Flying Dragon and had flown to the arena from the imperial palace. Everyone watching in the crowd cheered. Sima Lingkong was extremely happy in his heart. He felt like he was similar to the embodiment of an exceptional hero pulling strongly against the crazy tide to save the desperate, lost crisis.

He carefully scanned the crowd and finally found Nalan Ruoshui, but he was disappointed. Nalan Ruoshui was basically not looking at him. This made him incredibly angered. He turned his head again and looked towards Chen Nan. Chen Nan currently had on his face a smile that wasn’t a smile as he looked back at him. The fury in his heart began to boil turbulently. He hated not being able to immediately smash that guy into pieces for making him feeling utterly disgusted.

In the sky, two dragon riders faced each other from afar. Their Flying Dragons were viciously staring at their counterpart.

Suddenly, a long cry roared from the ground to the clouds. Another Flying Dragon could be heard flying towards them from the distance. The Flying Dragon circled the practice arena once before landing on the ground. Another dragon rider from the State of Tianyang leapt on top of his Flying Dragon and soared into the sky.

“Younger apprentice brother, go take a rest. Let me handle this person.”

“Second apprentice brother, I’m not tired. Let me finish this guy before I rest.”

“That won’t do. Immediately go down and rest. This one is mine.”

Sima Lingkong quickly turned his nose up at this in anger. These two people actually regarded him as nothing. They were not worried about him at all. He loudly intervened, “Are the two of you finished being long-winded? Which one of you is coming to taste death first?”

The dragon rider that had just finished his battle with the magus turned and gave him a glance. Afterwards, he turned his head back to that other dragon rider and said, “Second apprentice brother, I’ll let you have this one. Make sure you lay waste to his dragon, too.” With that said, he rode his Flying Dragon to the ground.

Sima Lingkong nearly blew up in rage. With a sneer, he said, “Let’s see who ends up as waste!”

The weapons of both dragon riders in the sky were western giant swords that were both long and broad. The eerie, cold flickering of light from the blades intimidated one’s very soul.



Simultaneously, the two of them propelled their Flying Dragons soaring forward. The two Flying Dragons blew up a fierce gale as they flew at one another. Battle qi from both dragon riders excited their respective giant swords. With the boost from the splendid, bright battle qi, the swords resembled lightning. A low rumble resounded through the sky.

The ministers of the Chu court watching the battle were all on the edges of their seats, as if they were the ones who were currently battling.

After the battle qi collided in the sky, a dazzling brilliance exploded out. An intense wave of energy erupted from the collision.

The two Flying Dragons endured the wave of energy. They flew past each other a few times before flying back to their respective sides.

The chests of Sima Lingkong and the other dragon rider were heaving up and down. There was not much of a discrepancy in power between the initial attacks from both parties. Their strength was more or less equal.

Again, they propelled their Flying Dragons forward. Battle qi raged haphazardly in the sky. The two of them battled fiercely.

The practitioners with profound cultivation of the Residence of Eccentrics all began discussing the brawl with one another. Someone sighed, “Dragon riders are indeed incomparably powerful. With the support of a dragon’s might, they’re like tigers that sprouted wings. They possess great offensive strength, and they’re capable of flight. The strength of dragon riders is much more tyrannical than other practitioners of equal rank.”

Everyone nodded in agreement.

Meanwhile, the battle in the sky was turning blazingly intense. The Flying Dragons snarled, the battle qi raged in the sky, and the practice arena was filled with brilliant flashes of light. Battle qi was violently launched in every direction in the sky.

Sima Lingkong’s emerald battle qi faced off against the Tianyang dragon rider’s blue battle qi. Endless ‘chichi’ sounds erupted as their fierce strikes cleaved through the air.

The Emperor of Chu sighed in praise, “What a great battle. It has already been a long time since I’ve seen ranked experts battle. Not only that, but this is a battle between dragon riders. It is indeed marvelous. Dragon riders are worthy of being called the fighters of practitioners.”

The empress nodded in agreement. “Yes, dragon riders really are incomparably tyrannical. They’re much more suited for battle than other practitioners.”

The several princes and two princesses were also on the edges of their seats. In particular was the Little Princess. Her hands and feet were dancing in excitement. If not for Chu Yue holding onto her, perhaps she may have even fallen off the viewing terrace.

Under the violent attacks of battle qi, the clothing of both dragon riders were shredded into pieces, exposing their muscular builds. Under the effect of battle qi, the giant swords in their hands were even more magnificent. Accompanied by the low sound of thundering wind, there appeared to be a wild dance of lightning in the sky.

Sima Lingkong suddenly roared wildly. Man and dragon transformed into a green arrow as they shot towards the Tianyang dragon rider. Not to be outdone, the Tianyang dragon rider let out a long cry to the sky and willed his Flying Dragon onward to meet Sima Lingkong head on.

All the onlookers watching the battle became impassioned with boiling blood at the scene. They all got up to their feet. Everyone knew that the final confrontation was approaching.

Shining brilliance erupted from the dragon riders’ entire bodies. Like two balls of torrential flames, the giant swords hacked down at one another with resplendent battle qi. The blades collided.


With an accompanying rumble of thunder, a ball of dazzling radiance, like the sun, exploded in midair. An incredible wave of energy left the hearts of all the onlookers pounding in fear.

The two Flying Dragons wailed. Their bodies were littered with many great wounds. Watery blood continuously rained down. Ultimately, after a bit of swaying, they fell from the sky.

The two dragon riders mounted atop the Flying Dragons had already became bloody men. Their giant swords had already snapped into fragments. Their hands gripped the remaining halves of their respective swords. They both suffered major injuries and were equally too powerless to continue battling. With a mutual glance at one another, they finally fainted on top of their dragons’ backs. The Flying Dragons also fell towards the ground.



The two Flying Dragons hit the floor.

This battle had been incomparably desperate. Both dragon riders and their Flying Dragons were equally too injured to stand up again. It was judged to be a draw.

One loss and one draw. From the point of view of the Empire of Chu, the situation wasn’t looking too optimistic.

The State of Tianyang still had two dragon riders remaining, while the Empire of Chu now only had Chen Nan.

Carrying Houyi Bow on his back, Chen Nan advanced towards the arena. He found Nalan Ruoshui within the crowd. A look of concern covered her face, warming Chen Nan’s heart.

The Old Poison Devil yelled from behind him, “Be careful!”

The Old Witch also yelled, “Youngster, land the finishing blow early!”

One after another, everyone from the Residence of Eccentrics encouraged him as he advanced forward.

Chen Nan was dressed in the manner of an eastern martial artist. His outward appearance was seemingly quite ordinary. He didn’t have a very sturdy or robust physique, nor did he have a lofty stature. This left the civil and military officials very disappointed. They had thought that if Chen Nan were a powerful dragon rider, or possibly even a mysterious Daoist, then perhaps there would still be hope for a victory in this competition. The court ministers of Chu had already lost confidence in him. They really weren’t too optimistic as the battle was about to begin.

With great strides, Chen Nan walked to the center of the arena.

After the dragon rider who had yet to battle took a look at him, his eyes emitted a cold light. He began having misgivings, because he was unable to see how profound Chen Nan’s cultivation was.

The dragon rider who had battled in the first bout said, “Eldest apprentice brother, you better let me take this one. This man isn’t even worthy of sparring with you.”

The dragon rider who was the so-called eldest apprentice brother gave Chen Nan another look, and then nodded his head.

The dragon rider rode his Flying Dragon into the sky, arriving overhead Chen Nan.

“Haha! Could it be that the Empire of Chu has run out of fighters and is resigned to send you up onto the stage? Do you think you can rely on your eastern martial skills to win a victory over me, a dragon rider? Haha!” The dragon rider laughed wildly.

Chen Nan calmly said, “That’s right. Eastern martial study has gradually declined in recent years, but you best not insult the prodigy my ancestors have left behind. Eastern martial study is extensive and profound. The reason it has declined is because the later generations have failed to comprehend its essence. If all its practitioners were remarkable geniuses, battle qi and magic would find it extremely difficult to strive in the face of such fierce opposition. Today, I’ll have you experience the true meaning of eastern martial arts. On behalf of my martial ancestors, I’ll teach you a lesson, you unworthy child who has forgotten your own origins.”

In the sky, the dragon rider’s face turned red in anger. He furiously said, “Boy, it isn’t your turn to teach me a lesson. If you do not lose your life under my Dragon Slaughtering Lance within ten moves, this match will be considered my loss!”

Chen Nan said, “Fine, I’ll also use a spear to accompany you.”

He walked over to the nearby weapons rack and collected a long spear forged from steel essence. With a light shake of his hands, he demonstrated ten spear tricks.

Up in the viewing terrace, the Emperor of Chu asked Chu Yue who was at his side, “What the hell is he doing? Why is he still carrying Houyi Bow on his back? Does he wish to use a spear to duel the dragon rider?”

Chu Yue furrowed her elegant eyebrows and said, “I also cannot tell what he’s doing.”

At the side, the Little Princess said, “Isn’t this guy’s martial arts as crappy as possible? Isn’t he just going off to his death?”

Just then, the dragon rider yelled out, “Boy, are you ready?”

With the long spear in his hands, Chen Nan walked over to the center of the arena. In a split second, the tremendous power within his body violently surged out. A faint golden glow surrounded his body. With every step he took, the practice arena would slightly quake.

The dragon rider turned pale in fright. At this moment, he was finally able to sense the incredible power within Chen Nan’s body.

Everyone watching also found that Chen Nan had undergone a transformation.

The Little Princess was the first to cry out, “Holy! How did this degenerate transform into someone else? When did he become this awesome? Aiyah, I better not bother him anymore.”

A bright light flashed through Chu Yue’s eyes as she smiled. “It seems a pleasant surprise will occur today!”

Chen Nan seemed like a monstrous mountain. The earth lightly quaked with every step he took. His formidable imposing manner even made the Flying Dragon that was up in the sky feel a sense of uneasiness, repeatedly letting out whines. When Chen Nan arrived at the center of the arena, he pointed the spear squarely at the Dragon Rider. “Come, I need to show you the true essence of eastern martial arts!”

The dragon rider was furious. Wielding the Dragon Slaughtering Lance, he dove straight down. A violent wind blew up the sand off the arena’s ground. With only one hand holding onto the spear, Chen Nan titled it towards the sky, standing calmly in the middle of the sandstorm.

“Boy, die!” The dragon rider’s Dragon Slaughtering Lance shot out ten spears of light in quick thrusts in blinding succession. The bright spears of light directly shot at Chen Nan.

Chen Nan wasn’t the least bit rushed. The long spear in his hand lightly trembled. The length of the spear suffused a splendid golden light. It seemed to combust into raging flames. The spearhead seemed to suffuse a tangible blade of light. This blade of light was brilliantly splendid. An indeterminate number of cold strikes flashed out towards its opponent. Watching the splendidly dazzling battle qi and the violently moving Flying Dragon soaring towards him, he shouted, “Spear of the Hegemonic God!”

In the air, the long spear transformed into ten spear images. Every spear image transformed into a spear made of light rising up. The sound of the air splitting, ‘chichi’, tore through the air incessantly.

Every single person watching displayed astounded expressions. Cries of surprise immediately began erupting from the crowd.

“Heavens! It’s really a spear made out of light1!”

“This is the sword qi of eastern martial artists!”

“He’s truly reached the level of Sword Qi Beyond the Body!”

“Only eastern martial artists who have reached the third rank can do something like this!”

At this instant, Chen Nan truly appeared like an unrivalled hegemon. He was domineering and made others revere him. The spear struck the sky. With one strike by the golden spear of light, the flying battle qi was scattered. The nub of the spear of light was directly aimed at the Flying Dragon.

The dragon rider turned pale in fright. He urgently tried to stop his Flying Dragon’s downward descent, quickly dodging to the side.

The golden spear brushed past the Flying Dragon, ripping open its steel-hard draconic scales. A faint, bloody scar was left on the Flying Dragon’s flank.

The Flying Dragon let out a terrible wail. Ignoring its rider’s commands, it flew back into the sky disobediently.

Outside the arena, cheers of joy thundered. Everyone was excited. From the beginning when the magus had fought up until now, this was the first time the Empire of Chu was winning.

Seeing the raving crowd and that lonesome figure holding the spear standing in the middle of the arena below him, the dragon rider grew furious. Even with the aid of the Flying Dragon’s power, he was actually pushed back by a single spear strike. He felt like he had received the greatest insult. Again, he willed the Flying Dragon to dive down.

The dragon rider furiously and wildly shrouded his entire body with scarlet battle qi. Like a pulsing ball of flames, he gripped the Dragon Slaughtering Lance with both hands and rocketed towards Chen Nan.

This time, Chen Nan used both hands to grasp the spear. He had already concentrated all of his body’s power into the length of the spear. This was a risky maneuver. He wanted to end this battle as soon as possible—defeat the opponent with a single spear strike.

The spear seemed to be alive. The entire body of the spear was enveloped inside a golden glow. The length of the spear lightly trembled. A glowing spear of light, at least half a zhang long, erupted out from the actual spearhead. Its terrible might chilled everyone’s hearts.

In the blink of an eye, the dragon rider and his Flying Dragon arrived. Chen Nan held up the long spear and used it in a manner similar to that of a club. He called out, “One Spear Skyward!”

This powerful attack produced another thundering of the wind. The long spear swept up a dazzling brilliance as it slashed down towards the Flying Dragon and its dragon rider.

The dragon rider had already gathered all of his energy into his Dragon Slaughtering Lance. The blinding battle qi was equally as bright and magnificent. With the aid of his dragon’s power, he fiercely flew towards Chen Nan.

“Younger apprentice brother, quickly avoid it!” shouted the dragon rider who had yet to go on stage. He had only been watching the battles proceed the entire time.

Swooping down, the dragon rider also sensed that the long spear contained an incredible burst of power. However, there was already not enough time to dodge. He braced himself and continued with his attack.

The ‘One Spear Skyward’ scattered the dragon rider’s battle qi, destroyed his Dragon Slaughtering Lance into pieces, and continued onwards towards his chest.

The dragon rider was so scared, it seemed like his soul had already left his body. He quickly leapt off the Flying Dragon and tumbled down off to the side. Although he had dodged the fatal blow, the golden spear of light coming out of the spearhead acted like a sharp blade as it slashed open a giant, bloody wound into his abdomen. Bright, fresh blood violently spurted out. The dragon rider let out a blood-curdling scream as he fell to the ground.

Although the ‘One Spear Skyward’ didn’t accurately hit the dragon rider, it still successfully smashed the Flying Dragon. The colossal creature was actually smashed back over ten zhang by the spear strike. Ultimately, it dropped to the ground with a loud boom.

The entire practice arena was void of the chirping of crows and sparrows. After about half a minute of absolute silence, everyone burst into cheers that shook the sky.

Merely two strikes from Chen Nan had caused the dragon rider to dismount and the Flying Dragon to be smashed. This left everyone from the Empire of Chu to grow impassioned with boiling blood. They couldn’t contain their wild cheers.

The several experts among the army said, “He’s truly an eastern martial artist of the third rank! Too powerful, he really is too powerful! Even if he didn’t want others to admire him, others would still revere him!”

Everyone from the Residence of Eccentrics was discussing what just happened with one another. A martial artist with profound cultivation said, “Although it’s thanks to his profound power for allowing him to be able to pull off this quick win, you cannot deny this boy’s cultivation is astonishing…”

From the center of the viewing terrace, Chu Yue had a look of contemplation. “His cultivation is actually this profound, but Yu’er was able to capture him before. How strange…”

At first, the Little Princess’s feet and hands were dancing, but now she was muttering, “How did this guy suddenly become so powerful? And how come he can draw back Houyi Bow? He truly is an eccentric bastard…”

If Chen Nan and the dragon rider had had an ordinary battle, perhaps a victor could only be decided after ten exchanges were exceeded, but the two of them had use all of their power in just a few attacks, resulting in two powerful strikes being enough to decide the victor. Chen Nan turned around and looked in Nalan Ruoshui’s direction, but he could only regretfully see her back. He didn’t know why she was leaving the arena.

All around the practice arena, the loud cheering of the crowd continued for a long time before finally settling down.

The remaining, final dragon rider slowly walked over to the center of the arena. The aura of a strong practitioner overflowed from his body. His formidable imposing manner caused everyone watching to feel heavily oppressed. The arena suddenly became extremely quiet. Even those civil officials that didn’t understand any practitioner ways found this dragon rider to be terrifying.

The dragon rider shed his upper garment, exposing his bronze, rugged, muscular flesh. He threw the garment to the side. It disintegrated into pieces in midair. The pieces fluttered about until they fell onto the ground.

Chen Nan calmly gazed at the opposing dragon rider and said, “You’re very strong, but you aren’t my match.”

“I know, but I still need to win.”

Chen Nan didn’t understand. He didn’t know why he would say such a thing.

The dragon rider let out a long howl to the sky. His voice shook the vast sky.

A gigantic shadow flew towards them from the distance. A Monolithic Dragon over thirty zhang long appeared at the practice arena. Like a black cloud, it shrouded the arena from the celestial sun. It cast a massive shadow onto the ground.

This was a black Monolithic Dragon. It had shiny, pitch-black scales; a frightening, gigantic tail; a pair of broad wings; and a fierce head. It intimidated one’s soul and left them utterly terrified.

Everyone present at the arena turned pale in fright. They never thought the final dragon rider would actually possess a Monolithic Dragon of the fourth rank. This was simply something insurmountable!

The Emperor of Chu, Chu Han, had been confident the entire time up until now. He couldn’t help but tightly lock his brows. He didn’t know whether or not the wielder of Houyi Bow, Chen Nan, was capable of handling such a terrifying black dragon.

Although Chu Yue had seen Chen Nan in action and knew how incredibly powerful he was with Houyi Bow in hand, she also felt somewhat worried.

Princess Chu Yu wasn’t anxious at all as she watched the scene unfold before her. “Aiyah, degenerate will definitely become famous after this. If he shoots down a Monolithic Dragon, how could his name not move the continent? When that happens… how terribly bad it will be…”

Everyone from the Residence of Eccentrics was also in heated discussion.

The Old Poison Devil said, “This doesn’t make any sense. This youngster is only a second ranked Flying Dragon Rider. How can he have a forth ranked Monolithic Dragon?”

The Old Witch unblinkingly stared at that black Monolithic Dragon in the sky and said, “The owner of this black dragon is the fourth ranked Monolithic Dragon Rider Jason, that old ghost. I’ve seen it before. This kid must be Jason’s disciple. I never expected this kid to actually borrow that old ghost’s dragon.”

Chen Nan was carefully scanning through the crowd. Finally, he found Nalan Ruoshui. A warm current welled in his heart.

Regaining his state of mind, he gazed at the Monolithic Dragon overhead. He didn’t feel a single hint of fear. With a single hand holding the spear, he pointed it towards the sky. A fighting spirit erupted from his heart and shot to the sky.

When the dragon rider saw Chen Nan’s expression, a bewildered look appeared on his face. With a wave of his hand, the Monolithic Dragon began spiraling downwards into the arena. A fierce gale erupted, and a sandstorm blanketed the sky.

The dragon rider quickly climbed onto the black dragon’s back. The black dragon directly rocketed back into the sky. In the sky, it roared constantly. Its roars resembled rumbling, muffled thunder.

When everyone heard the deafening roar, they all felt dread. Up against a black dragon that was like a leviathan, even just watching the battle struck fear into their hearts, let alone actually battling it themselves.

A great battle broke out again. The dragon rider didn’t wield any weapons. He simply concentrated his entire heart and mind on steering the Monolithic Dragon.


Diving down, the black dragon opened its colossal mouth and breathed out a cloud of draconic breath to engulf Chen Nan.

The draconic breath possessed a strong toxic and corrosive attribute. Normally, only fourth ranked Monolithic Dragons and higher had the capability of breathing this out. If ordinary people were to come into contact with just a drop of the draconic breath, they would be poisoned to a violent death. Simultaneously, the infected places would be dissolved.

Chen Nan’s figure moved like a flash of lightning. He quickly dashed horizontally a distance of ten zhang. The place he was originally standing in was instantly corroded by the draconic breath.

The Monolithic Dragon bellowed and shot out another three draconic breaths, forcing Chen Nan to continuously dodge around the arena.

All the onlookers were utterly terrified.

Up in the sky, the dragon rider yelled, “Concede and I’ll spare your life. You simply cannot prevail over this Monolithic Dragon.”

After Chen Nan dodged the final draconic breath, he stood in place and said, “I won’t necessarily lose.”

He already decided to use Houyi Bow. If he only relied on his own cultivation, he absolutely wasn’t capable of prevailing over this Monolithic Dragon.

Just then, the black Monolithic Dragon swooped down like a bolt of lightning striking the earth. After shooting out an intense draconic breath, it suddenly swung its colossal tail. It shrouded the sky as it hacked down.

Chen Nan was greatly startled. Employing his ancestral profound skill to its limit, steaming, golden flames raged on his body. Like a golden arrow, he hastily retreated to the very edge of the practice arena.


The colossal draconic tail heavily struck the surface of the arena, and the earth fiercely quaked. Within the practice arena, dust and sand was blown into the air. When the smoke finally dispersed, a one zhang deep, two zhang wide, nearly ten zhang long ravine appeared within the arena.

Everyone watching outside of the arena inhaled a breath of cold air. The Monolithic Dragon’s strength was too frightening.

The Monolithic Dragon spun circles in the sky. With a roar, the vibrating sound wave rumbled like thunder.

Chen Nan took great strides from the edge of the arena back to the center. He didn’t look scared at all. When he arrived at the center of the arena, he fetched Houyi Bow off his back. He fixed the spear from his hand into the bowstring. Specks of golden light and a faint golden glow suffused from the pitch-black Godly Bow.

Most of the civil and military officials watching had never seen Houyi Bow before. Seeing him unexpectedly use a nearly one zhang long spear as a plumed arrow amazed them tremendously.

The world’s original vital qi frantically surged from everywhere to the center of the arena. An immense wave of energy surged on like a monumental tsunami.

At that moment, even the civil officials who did not understand practitioner ways felt the turbulently surging wave of energy. Everyone was shivering endlessly.

The world’s original vital qi surged towards Chen Nan. Powerful energy continuously flowed towards him and Houyi Bow. This caused the duo to produce a dazzling radiance. With an unwavering expression, he coldly gazed at the Monolithic Dragon in the sky.

At the viewing terrace, the Emperor of Chu nodded his head. “This youngster is seriously outstanding. He’s so young, yet he already possesses a generational expert’s demeanour.”

The Little Princess murmured, “This guy is very devilish, but right now, he actually seems proper…”

Nalan Ruoshui’s mood was extremely complicated. She almost didn’t believe her own eyes. The Chen Nan in the arena and the youth she had become acquainted with were completely different. She currently couldn’t see even a trace of his former self. They seemed to be two utterly different individuals. She felt like the distance between herself and Chen Nan had drastically grown…

The boundless energy in the arena began violently fluctuating. An endless number of light rays exploded out from Chen Nan and Houyi Bow. A tyrannical, peerless imposingness sprang out from his body.

Everyone could feel this intense pressure. For a split second, that youth wielding Houyi Bow at the center of the arena seemed to transform into a giant capable of supporting both the heaven and the earth. It gave everyone the urge to prostrate themselves in front of him and worship him.

Chen Nan had already gathered enough power. The golden brilliance surrounding Houyi Bow flowed like water towards the long spear. The spear forged from steel essence turned completely golden.

The heavenly Monolithic Dragon seemed to sense the dangerous aura. Its body shuddered as it let out an unreconciled roar. It flew up vertically, quickly trying to escape.

But it was already too late. Chen Nan gently released the bowstring. A golden bolt of lightning took off into the sky. A fierce storm erupted in the arena. The thunder rumbled.

This fantastic scene shook the courage of the entire crowd. Many of the more timid people were already cowering on the ground, limp.

In the blink of an eye, the golden lightning overtook the Monolithic Dragon. A reverberating, mournful howl roared through the sky. A vast rain of blood sprayed down from the heavens. The Monolithic Dragon, like a kite that had its string cut, fell head first to the ground.

Chen Nan quickly sprinted away from the arena. The gigantic black dragon fell directly to the ground head first. The earth rocked. Its draconic body smashed a huge, deep crater into the ground.

The people watching outside the arena almost didn’t dare believe their own eyes. The scene that had unfolded before them seemed to have come straight out of a legend. A youth unexpectedly shot down a Monolithic Dragon!

With this matchless arrow, Chen Nan stunned everyone’s innermost beings.

1 So if you haven’t noticed, there’s a ton of light in basically every battle that happens. This spear of light thing is different than the actual spear. I am under the impression that they are using their qi to basically create qi projectiles that seem like weapons made out of light, so Chen Nan shot off ten spears made out of his brightly glowing qi from his actual spear. At other times, characters can also layer an edge made out of their qi onto their actual weapons to make it more damaging or whatever, as well as other effects.

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