Peace and Equality in an Ideal World

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Peace and Equality in an Ideal World
Translated by Oxy | Unedited

I was here when I realised it.

It was probably Earth in the distant future.

There was not a single person around.

While I was roaming around trying to search for people, there was a huge building.

I searched for the entrance and entered the building.

There was a lot of capsules lined up with each other.

Most of them were empty, but there were people in some capsules.

Everyone in the capsules was asleep.

All of their faces seem to be painted with the picture of [Happiness].

When I looked back, I saw a girl with a surprised expression on her face looking at me.

We stared at each other for a while, then the girl started to talk to me.

“Hello, I am Yume, the manager”

“Do you wish to be connected? Or do you want a guide on the facility?”

Since I was utterly confused as to what was going on, I requested for a guide.

With Yume accompanying me, she started to guide me about the facility.

According to her explanation, this was Earth in the future.

And all of the human beings which are still alive are asleep within the capsules in the facility.

“It is my duty to take care of everyone”

“I was created to realise a peaceful and equal ideal world”

“I offer everyone their ideal world”

Ideal? Is it ideal to be trapped in such a place? Humanity really wanted such a thing?

“The body is trapped. But the mind is in my [Dream]”

“I maintain the physical body, produce offspring, and manage the [Dream]”

Even a baby was contained in one of the capsules.

“People can live in the capsules for thousand of years. I think this would be impossible back in your time?”

“But it is possible here”

“Because this is the ideal world”

Yume spoke with a smile.

“For example…”

This person is a Hero in a different world, this man is a cat in a world where there are only cats, and as for this person, he is a baby, forever…

Yume pointed at each and every one of the capsules while speaking.

“Everyone in my [Dream] is a protagonist in their world. All other people, animals, and other things are managed by me”

“Every trial I give, are within the limits of everyone to overcome”

“I can make you a place to stay”

“You can have the perfect life you dream for, anything you wish for, you can get it.”

“This is an ideal world that is both equal and peaceful”

Yume stopped walking in front of an empty capsule.

“The explanation for the facility has come to an end”

“It is very warm and comfy inside of me. Don’t you want to connect to me?”

The capsule lifted its lid slowly…


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5 Responses to Peace and Equality in an Ideal World

  1. RxSniper007 says:

    thanks for translating this oxy 😀

    really looking forward to reading more of this story,
    and its interesting that a female author wrote this story 😛

    • BlurEyes says:

      I know it’s almost been a year, but please let me comment.

      It’s slightly different. The Simulation hypothesis posits that we ourselves are merely simulated beings, like NPCs in the Sims. In this case, it would be individual virtual reality simulators using superpowerful computers (like a Matrioshka brain). The consciousnesses are real, but each person has their own personal ideal world simulated. Seriously, this is one of the solutions to the Fermi Paradox.

      Anyway, have a good day.

  2. Mofumofu says:

    This feels like the first Matrix that Agent Smith talked about!

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