Chapter 8: Wash the front as well….?

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Wash the front as well….?

Tré, who I thought was a boy, turned out to be a girl – a so-called ‘tomboy’.
I didn’t expect to spend an hour in this derangement but I want to just forget it.


Today is a day off from working at the guild. As expected, casting in succession is harsh on the mind so we have decided to take a break once every three days.
Female clothing is expensive. For guys, you can get something for 1000 En but it’s considered good if it comes to 10,000 En for girls. And now more money is going to vanish from my wallet again.


“Master, how did you learn recovery magic…..?”

I think Tré’s been more talkative lately. Now, she will inquire like this, but she hardly spoke in the beginning.
I asked about Tré’s circumstances before and therein I also found out how she learnt recovery magic.

“Hm, I suppose.. through willpower!”

I wasn’t actually taught by the church so it shouldn’t be a lie. I even cut my arm and stuff…
We proceed to the clothes story while chatting. They only had clothes made by professionals so I thought every one of them was good.
I had the shop assistant pick out some clothes and chose from those.

“Master, does this suit me….?”

Tré emerged from the dressing room shyly. I think the cute red & black dress she’s wearing suits her a lot.

“Yeah, it’s cute.”
“Then, I’ll take this…”
“Eh, but you haven’t tried them all yet?”

There were a lot picked out but she only tried on one.

“This is.. good.”

In the end, I bought the dress that Tré wanted. She didn’t want to dirty it so I didn’t forget to get it in a bag.

Now then, next is the hairdressers. Tré’s hair had become unkempt, likely because she lived as a slave for so long.
I wander around the store until Tré’s haircut is over. I saw a stylish accessory shop en route so I bought some bracelets as souvenirs for Aura and Lily.
When I returned to the hairdressers, Tré had turned into a girl. No, she was a girl from the beginning but now she was adorned with the feeling of THE girl.
Her unkempt hair was now adjusted and she looked very feminine.
Tré herself looked very pleased with the change and had a small smile on her face.

Sure enough, Aura and Lily were surprised by Tré’s transformation when we returned to the inn but their attention switches to the bracelets when I bring them out. Then Tré grabs my sleeve.

“Hm, what’s up?”
“M-mine is….?”

Ah, crap. I thought she’d be satisfied with the clothing so I didn’t prepare anything.

“I-I’m sorry! I forgot to prepare one! ….In exchange, I’ll do anything you want so please forgive me!”

Having avoided a repeat of Aura’s situation, I felt relieved.

“Then, I want to enter the bath.. together….. Because I didn’t get to be washed last time……”

A larger bombshell dropped. But I can’t refuse because I did say ‘anything’.


So now Tré and I were in the bathroom.

“I’ll wash you so p-please undress…..”
“Mn, I got it..”

Saying that, Tré stripped without hesitation. I was careful to avert my eyes as much as possible.
Directly touching her would be unreasonable so I wash her body through a towel.
During tha time, Tré, whose back I had been washing, suddenly turns her body this way.

“Wash the front as well….?”

In that situation, I would naturally see Tré’s chest…. It was a child’s, but there were hints of the curves of women….. Uwaahhhh!

“As expected, today is no good!!”

I ran out of the bathroom, my nose dripping with blood.

――――――[Tré POV]―――――――――――――――――――――――――――――――

I couldn’t get him to wash me again…..


With this and that, I managed to get Master to wash me.
Because I didn’t get washed last time, I felt really good when he washed my back.
Soon, he will finish washing my back. I turned my body to face Master when his hand stopped for a moment.
Master washed my back so I thought it was natural that he wash the front as well but he left while screaming.
I wonder if it really is my chest….
After my chest grows a little more, I wonder if he will wash me then….?
While washing my body, I massage my breasts so they’ll grow a little bigger.
Wait for it, Master…..! I’ll soon grow bigger and show you……!

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7 Responses to Chapter 8: Wash the front as well….?

  1. Cupcake ninja says:

    No, no matter what isn’t that progression too fast? I mean this is pretty common in harem type stuff, but…
    Well whatever.

    • Cyber says:

      Don’t question it, just don’t. “It makes sense if you don’t think about it”, a person once said.

      • Sylvia says:

        just use “slave logic” as the basis and everything starts to add up a bit.

        slaves often get anywhere from downright terrible treatment to being treated as air (even if apart from that they are similar to serf’s)

        there is a difference in social stature which both sides are aware of and unconsciously abide in their behaviour and actions.

        then along come an innocent naive virgin with little experience of the opposite sex, and suddenly the slave is being treated as just another person. :3

        each slave likely has a dark history from since they became one or the event that caused it so receiving such treatment is like a miracle :3

      • svnhddbst says:

        it actually makes more sense here, he’s literally the embodiment of healing.

        normal people have difficulty healing more than scratches and he can restore lost limbs.

      • junior says:

        Wait? But… didn’t I say that?

      • Kei says:

        Breaking commonsense-chan in the real world…

  2. Anonymous says:

    This is shameless! Absolutely shameless, oh my god.

    “Master, how did you learn healing? You know, that THING THIS WHOLE STORY IS ABOUT?”
    “Ah, well, somehow. Anyway, more importantly, this dress is totally cute on you…”

    And then shameless shower scene!?
    I’m laughing my ass off, but for the wrong reasons. The author really brute-forces these chapters.. xD

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