Chapter 65: This is how it is

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Chapter 65: This is how it is

“It suits you very well, Nest-san.”

“I-is that so…?”

After the measuring, I stood in front of the mirror dressed in the clothes given to me by the maids.

I’m wearing what’s known as ‘formalwear’, and I’m a little nervous since this is the first time that I’ve worn such clothing.

……Somehow the entire thing appears black-ish, but I wonder if that’s normal.

I don’t know if it’s because I’m not accustomed to being praised, but it’s a little embarrassing nevertheless.

Maybe it was simply because I was praised by a female, but then again, it could be because she was a maid…..


“Is Nest-dono there?”

With the preparations over, I hear a rather familiar voice slowly drift over from the other side of the door.

This is probably the king’s voice.

“He’s here. I’ll open the door now.”

A maid was in position, opening the door before I could. The one standing there was indeed the king.

“I have a little business with you, Nest-dono.”

The king spoke in a sterner tone compared to the last time we spoke.

Perhaps he’s forcing himself a little because the maids are here.


Having been called by him, I say a word of thanks to the maids before following the king who had gone on ahead.

The king led me to a certain room in the castle.

We walked quite a fair distance, so this might be the king’s private quarters or something.

“Please enter.”

The king opened the door himself and invited me inside.

“Isn’t it a little dark in here?”

When I entered, this was the first thought I had.

The windows of the room were covered by curtains, and there was even some kind of black fabric hanging on the walls.

“No, it doesn’t seem like it to me?”

However, the king didn’t seem to mind, as though he was accustomed to this environment.

“S-so that’s how it is normally?”

“This is how it is.”

If the king is saying that, it can’t be helped.

I also decided to stop caring about it any further.


“So, what did you want to discuss?”

Even coming to this room was because the king purposefully called me over.

“…Before that, I’d like to introduce myself. You told me yours previously, but I have yet to say my name.”

Certainly, I still don’t know the king’s name, and I’m also tired of always calling him Your Majesty, so I nod in response.

“My name is Ethique; please call me that from now on.”

“OK, Ethique.”

Immediately, I call him by his name.

Ethique smiles happily at that.

“……So, now we are through with self-introductions, let’s move onto the main issue. It’s…… ”

“It’s what?”

Ethique seems uncomfortable and rather worried about something.

“It’s about the girl with you, Lily……”

“Is there something wrong with Lily?”

Could he possible have some grudge regarding her pulling his hair back then?

No, but he said that he didn’t really mind back then……

“……That girl is a demon, isn’t she?”

Just then, what did he say…? Lily is a demon……?

Even a bumpkin like me knows about demons.

Or rather, they even came to the village to buy and sell food occasionally.

But for Lily to be a demon…..

It’s too sudden; I don’t know what to think.

“Actually, it seems the Princess’ sister has been kidnapped, and apparently the name of her sister is Lily. According to the information we received, that Lily girl was forced to ingest poison when she was kidnapped, and fell into a weakened state. Originally, human recovery magic is not very effective on demons, but it would probably be an easy task for you to heal her. Furthermore, the information about her appearance corresponds with that of your Lily.”


Certainly Lily’s physical condition was dire when I first met her.

And if Lily really was a demon, it would also explain her incredible physical strength.

“S-so, if Lily really is, uh, a demon… and is the demon princess’ younger sister then….?”

I timidly ask Ethique.

I just hope it is not what I think it is――


“I suppose she would take Lily back……”

Ethique’s response is merciless; it was also what I expected.

“…..Well, it can’t be helped, I guess….?”

“……I’m sorry….”

Seeing me so dejected, Ethique personally lowered his head.

“N-no, it’s not your fault, Ethique……”

Even while saying so, I could tell that my own feelings were steadily sinking even though I didn’t like it――


“In the midst of the party, we may be contacted by the demons, so please take note.”


It seems that Ethique’s business with me was about that, so I decide to return to the room from before now that the conversation is over.

……Nevertheless, to think that Lily might be a demon.

Of course, I know that’s it’s still just a possibility for now…

“Oh, speaking of which…”

While I was thinking of that, Ethique calls out to me as I was about to leave the room.

“I was wondering if you used that black cloak I gave you…?”

Ethique asks this while directing a gaze full of expectations towards me.

……I can’t say that I already threw it away.

If I said that, he might seriously become depressed.

So I calmly said this――


“…Ah, yeah, that. M-mhm. I’ve already used it, m-many times? Yeah, honestly.”

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