Chapter 59: Touching that fair skin

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Touching that fair skin

“……I don’t get it.”

At present, I have been continuously thinking inside my room.
Needless to say, I was thinking about Lily.
Just the other day at the arm wrestling competition, I suffered a defeat before Lily’s overwhelming strength.

“……No wait, it’s strange.”

I’m talking about Lily’s overwhelming strength……

“The beginning was strange so I haven’t understood it until now, huh……”

I stayed in my room for the whole day before I finally managed to arrive at a conclusion regarding the matter.


So, what was this overwhelming strength?
I had been a little sneaky, but this force was strong enough to throw me, who had reached the top for one round as the arm wrestling champion, down and split the table in two.
I wonder where such a strength was hiding in that slender arm of hers……
I.. have no idea……
Anyway, I must now investigate about Lily.

“Alright, no one’s here…….”

Having decided that, I immediately make my move. Confirming that there was no one in the corridor, I head to where Lily was likely to be.
Sure enough, Lily was right in the middle of cooking.


Despite being a little nervous, I call out to Lily.

“Hm, Nest finally came out~?”
“I-I have some business with you, Lily……”

Lily wasn’t the only one who knew about me hiding inside my room, Aura and Tré naturally knew as well.

“With Lily~?”
“Ah, yeah. So won’t you come to my room for a bit?”

After hearing my words, the confused Lily puts her cooking on hold temporarily.

“Ah, it’s perfectly fine if you come after you finish cooking too, you know?”

I didn’t expect her to come immediately, and I said so to Lily.

“Mn, Nest is more important than cooking~!!”

Saying that, Lily hugs my waist.
T-too cute…….!!

“I-I see. Then let’s go.”

Calming down my flustered voice, I head to my room while leading Lily by the hand.


“Err… So, what I wanted you for is, you see……”

Arriving at my room, I first had Lily sit on the bed and then began to talk.

“… talk about Lily’s constitution.”
“Lily’s constitution?”

Lily asks, repeating my words as if she didn’t understand their meaning very well.

“Yeah, there are things that must be investigated……”

Right, I need to investigate the cause of my loss to Lily, a little girl, in the arm wrestling competition.

“Then first of all, could you show me your arm?”

The first thing I investigate is her arm, the likely cause.
Lily follows my request and extends her arm towards me.
I thoroughly touch the arm that was presented.
As should be expected, that arm was ordinary, just a simple, soft arm.
I had never examined or felt a girl’s arm so seriously before so I don’t know how it was different from normal girls’, but I dare say that Aura and the others’ arms would feel like this too.
……It feels good.
I believe that I could touch continue touching it like this forever.

“……nn……it tickles~!”

While I was enjoying the softness of Lily’s arm, Lily retracts her arm as if she had been enduring it.

“Ah, sorry, sorry.”

It felt so good that I lost control and touched it too much.
That won’t do, I’m not here to play around.

“W-well then, can you turn around and take off your clothes for a short while?”

If Lily’s strength doesn’t originate from her arm, then I have no idea where in that body it comes from.
Seeing her front would obviously be too demanding, so I should check her back.

“Kay, I got it~!!”

Without any hesitation, Lily removes the clothes she is currently wearing.


Moreover, she removed them while facing this way so I hurriedly avert my eyes.

“I’m done~”

Before long, Lily states that she has finished.
Glancing in Lily’s direction fleetingly, I see that she has neatly removed her clothes and turned her back this way, so I can inspect Lily’s body at ease.
My fingers touch the pale skin on Lily’s back.


Lily lets out a sound, maybe because she’s feeling ticklish.
However, for the investigation, being a victim is unavoidable. I feel bad for Lily but I’ll have her endure for now.
Lily’s back was very soft.
I slowly move my fingers down from the top, brushing her soft, fair skin.


Along with that, Lily’s voice becomes increasingly louder.
Despite this, I continued my examination of her back.


“………Nest, just what might you be doing……?”

The chilly voice of a terrifying demon resounded in my room――


Having been engrossed with examining Lily’s back, I timidly turn my gaze towards the entrance of my room.
There, Aura was facing me with eyes like she was looking at trash.
I then tried imagining how this would look to an outsider.
……A man had a girl’s clothes removed and was assaulting her from behind, is all that I could see this as.

“N-no wait, you’re mistaken!!”

Perhaps there might be insufficient time to resolve this misunderstanding, but I clung to a little bit of hope even so.

“……I came because there was a letter addressed to Nest, but……”

Aura’s hand was indeed grasping some kind of letter-like object as she said that.


And then, Aura’s angry voice echoed throughout my room――



Me holing myself up inside my room for a while scarcely needs to be said, I suppose.

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