Chapter 50: My Beloved Little Sister

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My beloved little sister

“Shit, Shit!!

Currently, I was cursing in a long corridor, shrouded in darkness.

“……Princess, we have secured the criminal suspected of treason. We’re waiting for your next order.”


Suddenly, a part of the darkness was distorted, and out of it, my own subordinate appeared and reported.

“I’ll head there immediately.”

In the room I was brought to by my subordinate, there was a single man constricted by sturdy chains.

“Hey you, where did you take my little sister.”

I grabbed that man by the lapels and shook him with force.

“Like hell I’m going to tell you!”

I lifted up the man’s body while giving him a chilling glare to show that I could kill him any time I wanted.

“…..I-I just did it because I was ordered to……”
“I didn’t ask about that!! Hurry up an’ tell me where my little sister is!!”
“S-she’s in the humans’ country!!”

In front of the enraged me, the man all too quickly leaked the information and desperately struggled to distance himself from me, but on top of being restrained, he had been grabbed by the collar so it was all in vain.

“The humans’ country, you say……?”

In the past, I have been brought along several times to the humans’ country.
Even now, I remember the good public order they had despite the huge amount of people there. Upon hearing that my little sister was located there, it was only a little but I was able to feel relief.
If it’s the humans’ country, even my oblivious and innocent little sister is likely to be safe.

“……And so, you sent her to the humans’ country?”
“Ehh…… Ah……uU.”

However, the man seemed hesitant to say any more, he tried to talk but by no means did anything come out afterwards.

“Aren’t ya gonna hurry up and speak!!!!”

At that time, the man’s collar rips.
I probably put too much power in my grip by mistake, losing my patience at the man who seemed to continue not talking like that indefinitely.

“A-actually, when I sent her to the humans’ country, I.. I made her take a poison designed to put her to death……”
“What’d ya say!?”

Then I don’t have the time to be doing this now, do I!?

As fast as possible, I must locate her and somehow cure her.

“Princess, what shall I do with this fellow.”
“……We might still be able to get some information from him. Leave him as he is for a while. After this, I must head to the humans’ country for a while.”

After I left word with my subordinate who was handling the treatment of the man, I made my preparations and departed from the castle towards the humans’ country within the day.



I’m coming to save you soon, so just wait a little bit longer!!


My beloved little sister, Lily――

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  1. barbaricbob says:

    started reading this today…it is amazing, in the quote of a famous actor and with twice the amount of cheesiness ”I’ll be back!” for sure 😀

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