Chapter 47: The Jet-Black Saviour has Arrived!!

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The Jet-Black Saviour has Arrived!!

“In commemoration of the ogre subjugation, Cheers!!”

Right now, I was participating in the party held at the guild.
When I first returned to the guild after the battle with Weiss, I was scolded by Asha-san for following the enemy to a place we would be alone. After that, I healed all those injured, not as the [Jet-Black Saviour], but as [Arnest].
Then, we cleaned up the blood-stained guild and have now reached this point.
In reality, the matter with Weiss is yet to be settled, but we should just enjoy ourselves for now.

“Hell yeah guys, let’s do a lotta drinkinggggg!!”

As expected of adventurers, the way they get excited at these times is different.
Ah, by the way, although I said I’m participating in the guild’s party, I still haven’t eaten or drunken anything.
……What am I doing then? That would be [cooking].
The events this time were unknown to almost everyone but the adventurers, so they weren’t invited.
Thus, the number of people who could cook were inevitably few so…..
It’s true that sort of thing would be considered typical in regards to whether it is adventurer-like though.
The ones cooking were two groups: Lily and I, and Aura and Asha-san.
Asha-san was quick in sensing the awkward atmosphere between Aura and I, and made these groups.
T-Tré’s inability to cook was.. well, it’s like that. She’s currently at home.
In other words, Lily and I were cooking as a pair but……

“Together with Nest~”

I didn’t know what there was to be so happy about, but she stuck to me every time she found spare moment when cooking. Well when I think about it, it might be that I’ve been too busy lately and haven’t been playing with her much.

“Lily is a cute one.”

I pat Lily’s head, who was sticking to me.
She was being obedient like this, unlike a certain somebody.

“Lily isn’t holding a knife behind her back, right~?”

Her little head tilts at my words.
That action is also very adorable!!
After that, having enjoyed myself patting Lily’s head, I resume cooking together with Lily.

We finally managed to obtain food when the cooking was almost finished.

“Oh Nest!! I heard you made this!! It’s super delicious!!”

Yup, that’s the one Asha-san made.


Gradually, all the adventurers drunk themselves into a stupor, and started laying down on the floor of the guild.
Lily was also taken away by Asha-san and Aura.
At last, staying awake was just me alone, so I decided to go sleep soon.

“Before sleeping, toilet……”

If I remember correctly, I saw one in the middle of the guild corridor.
When I walk down the dark hallway, I saw the room I thought to be the restroom.


I think I heard it from the room next to the lavatory.
……Did Weiss return perhaps?
If so, it would be trouble. I timidly extend my hand to the door.
Inside the room was.. [a black cloak]――
However, it was dark so I couldn’t see any more than that.


“The Jet-black saviour has arrived!!”
“Hey, who are you!!??”

Who could blame me for unintentionally retorting.


When the self-proclaimed [Jet-Black Saviour] realised I was there, he tried to hide himself in great haste but honestly, I couldn’t help thinking it was too late.


I should catch him and check his identity just in case.

“……Your Majesty!?”

The identity of the self-proclaimed [Jet-Black Saviour] turned out to be the king.

“I-I’m sorry!!”

In a panic, I lower my head and apologise. However, the king also seems to be in a fluster.

“N-no, you’re mistaken!! I-it’s not like I was trying to pretend to be the [Jet-Black Saviour] or anything!!”

If he’s trying to hide it then I should probably start with not attaching -sama……
Perhaps the king also didn’t think he concealed it well now, but his face was pale.

“……Shall we head outside for the time being?”

If someone was to see us when we’re discussing here, it might trouble the king who had apparently come incognito.
Luckily, it was now late at night, and if we
speak outside then we shouldn’t wake anyone with our talking either.
With me in the lead, we were able to come to
the vicinity of my house without anyone seeing.

“……Er, first of all, do you remember me, Your Majesty? We’ve met once before.”
“Yeah, I remember. You were one of the
healers brought along to heal my daughter.”

I’ve only met with the king once, so I thought for sure he would have forgotten me but, unexpectedly, he remembered.

“Yes, we met there. And as far as it goes, I’m also Aura’s master.”

I heard from Asha-san that Aura guided the king when I was away, so I added that as well.

“Oh, so you’re Aura’s master. Please tell her I’m indebted to her this time. Also, I also said this to Aura, but it’s fine not to use honorifics when it’s just the two of us.”

It looks like he said it in passing, but that’s usually no good.
Well, I’m poor at using
polite language so I won’t if I don’t have to.
Using it with Asha-san
is because it has already become a habit so it can’t be helped though……

“Understood…….And so, just what did your majesty come to the guild to do!?”

When I ask that, the king comes before me and grasps me strongly.

“This is my once-in-a-lifetime request!! Please don’t tell anyone about the thing just now!!”

With the king pressing closely in desperation, I nod in a panic.

“I-I understand. So please let go for now.”

However, the king’s state seemed to be strange for some reason. Sinking into silence, he was staring at me with his eyes wide open
……No, that’s wrong. Certainly, it’s true that he turned this way, but our eyes didn’t meet.
Then where was he looking……?
If I follow the king’s line of sight then.. my [ear]?

“Umm.. Your majesty?”

Despite being surprised by his abrupt change, I call out to the king.

“………I-I’m sorry but may I make another once-in-a-lifetime request?”
“Uh, well it’s fine but……?”

The king still had his gaze resting on my ear as he said that.
I wonder just what that second once-in-a-lifetime request is.
I didn’t think that he’d say something difficult, but I was still a little nervous anyway.
……Several seconds later, the king finally gave me his request.

“P-please shake my hand!!”

Bending his waist deeply, he held out both his hands before me, while―――

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