Chapter 31: ……Truly sorry.

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……Truly sorry.

We continued shopping after leaving the grocery store.

“Then next are [Items], right?”
“Uh.. What items should we buy?”

I’ve been to the store selling items before but I’ve never really bought anything.

“Restorative medicine, of course. If we don’t have any, we’ll be in trouble when someone gets injured.”
“That’s right, I’m also thinking of buying some.”

………Oh, come to think of it, they don’t know about me using recovery magic.

“……Er.. I’m able to use recovery magic so I think it’s okay not to buy any.”
“I often treat people at the guild, and I also helped the shopkeeper from before so that’s why I received such a service before.”
“I-I see, so that’s how it is. At any rate, it’s pretty amazing of you to be able to use recovery magic despite being an adventurer.”
“I don’t really think so though… Well, that’s why I don’t think we need any restorative medicine but……”

Even if someone gets injured, it can be healed immediately if I’m there.

“But I still think it’s better to buy some.”

But according to Gale, we should still buy some items.

“I think we should carry several apiece in case we sustain an injury and Nest-san is unable to use recovery magic or we’ve been separated.”

It might be because I’ve been fighting goblins on my own all this time but I’ve never been concerned about that sort of situation.
Certainly, we should probably buy some for an emergency…..


We ended up buying restorative medicine as per Gale’s suggestion.
However, there is one thing I’d like to say…… Isn’t restorative medicine too expensive!!

“Was restorative medicine really this expensive?”

After all, it’s 10 000 En for one.. That’s 10 times the cost of my treatment fee though!?

“Eh, I’m actually surprised that its quite cheaper than the guys selling it in the capital…… Right, Nii-san?”
“Yeah, it really is cheaper.”
“I’m also surprised it’s so cheap!”

If 10 000 En is cheap, how expensive is it in the capital!?
The reward for the Goblin King subjugation this time was 1 million. Normally it’s not an opponent a bunch of rookies like us can defeat, and the quest should be undertaken by someone with more skill, but we’re covering that with numbers.
So by simple calculation, it comes to 250 000 per person. Buying 5 pieces of restorative medicine each is 50 000, so deducting that from the profit means we gain 200 000 each.

“……Could restorative medicine have an amazing effect by any chance?”

I can understand if that’s the case. I heard that Heal is limited to closing wounds at any rate, so it might be slightly more effective.

“Er.. I haven’t seen it firsthand and only heard about it, but apparently it rivals the Heal from recovery magic.”
“O-oh, i-is that so…… By the way, h-how much would it cost to be treated with recovery magic?”

Incidentally, my Heal was approximately 1 000 En per cast.

“From the treatments I saw in the capital, [Heal] is 10 000.”
“A Heal is 10 000!!??”

Wai.. But mine is one tenth of that!?

“[Poison Heal] is 50 000, [Refresh] is 10 000, and [High Heal] should be 100 000 according to the market price.”
“……What’s [Poison Heal] and [Refresh]?”

Unfortunately, I only know [Heal] and [High Heal].

“Eh, didn’t the association teach you when you learnt recovery magic……?”
“N-no, I somehow managed to do it through self-study.. Hahaha……”
“Is that so…… Nest-san might have had the talent for recovery magic from the start, if you were able to learn through self-study.”

It’s really lucky if I really had the talent. Because I was able to learn to use the recovery magic I was taken with at first sight.

“So regarding [Poison Heal] and [Refresh], they are――”


………My goodness.
I’ve been misunderstanding all this time. I had thought that [Heal] was effective on all injuries and illnesses.
But even though recovery magic is recovery magic, in actuality, [Heal] and [High Heal] only have an effect on wounds, and [Poison Heal] only affects illnesses and poison.
And apparently [Refresh] only shows effect on fatigue and weariness.
However, my [Heal] was able to heal the servants’ disease during the case at the castle. They also appeared to have lost their fatigue as well.
……That’s how it was. I used [Heal] in a situation where one needed to use [Poison Heal] and [Refresh].
And what’s more, they were still effective.
It might still be fine because I hid my face back then but from now on, I must use it properly when healing ill people.
It’s fortunate that I’m aware of it now.
I need to pay more attention to my actions………

“I’d like you to tell me about other varieties of recovery magic if there are any but……”
“I’m sorry, it’s not my specialty so that’s all I know…… I’m sorry that I can’t be of more help.”
“No, no!! You’ve already helped so much.”

But it’s bad that there might be other recovery magic. I don’t know where I might mess up again.
Well, I guess I can get Tré to teach me when I return……


That mister I first treated..
It was that mister’s fault that my medical treatment was at such a low price……
Well, it was true though? That it was thanks to that that so many people came!!

When we were buying items, I had thought that there was an awfully large amount of restorative medicine left over……
That’s definitely my fault……
……………Truly sorry.

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