Chapter 24: I AM.. LOLICON

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Finished with our lunch, we leave the restaurant.
The unpleasant atmosphere from before faded and we resumed our sightseeing once again.
……Nothing particular happened and we just conversed as usual.

“Ah! You’re finally back!!”
“Oh, Lily.”

When we arrived back at the inn, it seemed Lily and Tré had already returned. When I opened the door, Lily came flying at me.

“Jeez! To think the two adults would both get lost!!

No matter how I think about it, Lily is the one who got lost. I almost said these immature words, but I’ll endure. I apologise with a strained laugh.

“I’m sorry master, Lily dragged me away…..”
“No, it’s fine. Aura and I were able to talk about a lot of things.”

Tré looked downcast at my words.
……Huh? Did I say something bad?

“Y-yes? What’s the matter?”
“……You slept with Lily last night and today you spent the day together with Aura, right…?”
“That’s right?”

Uh-oh, I have a bad feeling about thisー

“Then next should be my turn……?”

Tré looks at me with anticipation.

“…………Yeah.. It’s Tré’s turn.”

Tré may be smart, but she’s still a child and should also have times when she wants to be spoiled by an adult. I was a little worried but Tré shouldn’t be that bad……

“Err… Then what do you want to do?”

Tré answers with no hesitation.

“……eh, what?”

I must have heard wrong. I’ve been tired out from all the trouble today, I’m sure… Yeah.

“I want to enter the bath together. Besides, this is the third time I’ve asked……”

Of course, I haven’t heard those words before, but I can’t really turn her down now.
Huh? I feel like this has happened before……

“Then let’s go, Master.”

She dragged me to the dressing room.
The inn was spacious so naturally the baths were huge as well, but I never thought that would backfire on me now….!!
…….Wait, I did sleep with Lily today so maybe I can do it!?
While I was pondering, Tré finished removing her clothes and headed into the bathroom.


I saw Tré’s hair and back. But my gaze didn’t just stop there……
I saw two mounds――




Stripping off my clothes, I slowly make my way to the bathroom where Tré was waiting.

“Tré, I’m coming in~”

I wore a towel around my waist of course, but Tré didn’t care about that as a child and didn’t have anything to cover her body. I approach Tré while trying my hardest not to look.

“Master, please wash until the end today, okay?”

Tré hands me a towel which I wet, then lather with soap.
That’s right, I can just cover Tré’s body in bubbles!!
With that decided, all that’s left is to do my best to create bubbles. Tré stood there waiting, wondering when I would start.

“Then let’s go.”

Thanks to my efforts, there were now quite a lot of bubbles. I start to wash Tré, covering her in them.


Tré let out an embarrassing voice. My soul was wounded with just that one sound.

――And then I finally managed to finish washing.
Everything had been washed, except for one part of her body. I was fully satisfied and proceeded to rinse off her body.

“How was it, Tré? Did it feel good?”
“Yeah, Master’s washing technique was good and it felt really nice……”
“I see, I see. Then I’ll wash you again some.. time…. ah?”

The bubbles covering Tré’s body had disappeared. Or rather, I washed them all away while being praised.
I tried to look away in a fluster but it was already too late. Unlike the hills I saw just then, before my eyes were two small mounds, but they were definitely there.

“What’s wrong, Master……?”

With me in a daze, Tré moved her body even closer in concern. Naturally, the two mounds also drew nearer……





By the time I realised, I had already fallen asleep on the bed.




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  1. Sylvia says:

    pffff…..HAHAHAHAHAHAaahahahahahaa xD

  2. Frogspoison says:

    Good translation quality, but I’m a bit thrown off by the constant insertions of the animated things. Maybe just add them at the bottom of the chapter with a footnote?

  3. heliocat says:

    Thank you for the chapters!

    I actually kinda like the gifs, but if they are bothersome you can do what the translator of Parallel world Pharmacy does with the mouseover links. Idk how to do it but I think it’s pretty neat.

    On another note im sick of pedo’s who claim they aren’t. I guess it’s just the awkwardness of virgins but i wish authors would stop inserting loli sexual tension scenes into their novels. It might just be a girl thing. I wonder if any other ladies who read those types of novels like them?

    • Anonymous says:

      As a guy, I think that it’s cute when children want to be spoiled.
      Even if that child is 18, if that person has the brain of a 5 years old, their behavior is perceived as “cute”.
      The same is true for children who are boys or girls, when they fawn at people like kitties, it’s hard to think of them anything other than “Adorable”.

      But, the same as you, the problem stems from the pointless sexual tension <_<
      I have no issue with "Children are cute", but what's up with "These children are HAWT"?

      The fuck.

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