Chapter 15: This person is the King!

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This person is the King!

…..I am at the capital.
On my left is an armoured bastard, on my right is an armoured bastard, and behind me is another armoured bastard.

“So annoying!!”
“Um… I’m sorry but please be patient. Since it’s the king’s decree….”

One of the armoured bastards lowers his head apologetically when he heard my shout.

“Speaking of which, why have I been called?”
“No, the king told us to find outstanding users of recovery magic and your name was mentioned when we asked around town.”

So the townspeople were to blame!!

“Even the receptionist at the guild had high praises for you.”

My shoulders slump after being betrayed by someone unexpected.

“And thus we brought you here. I’m sorry it was so abrupt….”
“N-no.. I-it’s alright…”
“Is that so! Then.. there’s something the king has to say so let’s head there now.”
“Waaiittt a momeeenttt!!!”

Did I just hear him say the king!?

“Whoa! Wh-what’s the matter?’
“Don’t just ask what’s the matter!!! Why are we going to the king’s place now!? I’m not prepared at all!?”

The armoured bastard said it in an extremely natural manner but for a commoner like me to suddenly meet the king it’s too intense!

“If you’re that vigorous then it’s fine.”

The armoured bastard grins (so it seems).

“No, how is it alright!? Please explain it! Hey!?”

My protest was in vain and in the end we reached a large door.
The king is definitely in there…. Because these scary looking people are lined up at the door!!

『Please enter』

A voice resounded from within the doors and the surrounding people reacted by opening the large door.

Inside was several common looking fellows like me and further inside I caught a glance of.. this person is the king! I could easily see that.
It looks like I wasn’t the only one summoned, and everyone in the room is here for the same reason.

“The one who called you guys here was me. I’m sorry for not giving you any warning but it’s a race against time so…..”

The king explains to us.
Simply put, it was something along the lines of [his wife and daughter contracted a mysterious disease so he found people who might be able to heal them].
At that point, I suddenly asked a question I was thinking about.

“Um.. Your Majesty. I understand why we were brought here but wouldn’t someone like the Saint have a higher chance of curing them?”

Generally, the Saint is the one considered the most outstanding in terms of recovery magic. Despite this, the Saint is nowhere to be seen.
The king grimaced, and I wondered if my question was too discourteous.

“Actually…. the Saint is my daughter.”

Including me, everyone in the group was dumbfounded at this sudden bombshell.

“Eh, but you just said your daughter caught a strange disease….?”
“That’s right. To be honest, the one who contracted the disease was my wife and my daughter tried to heal her but she ended up being infected instead.”

Everyone froze at these words. In other words, this was a disease that even the top healer failed to cure.
It’s not likely that some slightly-outstanding healers would cure this disease.

“I know that I’m asking the unreasonable….. Therefore, I won’t mind you withdrawing if you think it’s impossible….”

No one could move when they first heard the king’s words but after the first person left, everyone else continued to leave one after another.
If it was me, I might be able to heal them….. Except I have no proof, and no impetus to try it.
By the time I realised, there was no one else left in the room apart from the king and me. Even the guards read the awkward atmosphere and left the room.
I asked the king one final question.

“Your Majesty, if there was someone who succeeded in healing those two….. what would you do?”

The king probably thought that everyone had left the room, he showed signs of astonishment when he noticed me.

“Ah, right. If there was someone with such wondrous skill that he could cure what my daughter couldn’t, then I’d marry my daughter off to them. Of course, I would have to respect their own feelings though…..”
“I-Is that so….”

For a moment, I almost said “I will do it!!” but I don’t think I would make a good partner for such a divine beauty like the Saint.
In that case, letting my recovery magic be known would just be a disadvantage for me.

“As expected, I don’t think I can do it. I’ll be taking my leave now.”

I feel bad for the king but I still value my position. I’m not so good as to endanger myself for a stranger.
Right, the one to do that isn’t me.
If there was someone who could do it, that would be…..

The [Jet-black Saviour]-sama.

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