Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 3.3

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Chapter 3. Ahh… I’m Screwed… (3)

3.5 Their Story

[1]Hawel Ril Rein: Eh, what’s this… I’m screwed…


A blonde hair that flows down to the shoulders.

A face that might be mistaken as a woman’s.

Lastly, a voice that is able to enchant countless women of the empire. That is me, Hawel Ril Rein.


And… Today, today is the day I get to teach my juniors as a substitute for the great teacher! And in my right hand, there is… the nightmare from the time when I was a child, the weapon that I had wanted to hold all my life. I have the ultimate weapon that the instructor calls the bat in my hand!


Ahh… the feeling of the bat in my hand is simply indescribable. It’s even better than the time when I first touched the hand of a noble maiden.

And a little later… I forgot that feeling completely, and closed my mouth.


If I were to summarize what I was looking at with one word… Scary?


What the hell? I remember doing the running exercise as a kid… It was a training in which I learned to not trust anyone. It only continued for a month though… And from what I heard, these kids were under the instructor for 3 years… No, before that.






What, is this the apocalypse? The famous Ragnarok? The earth is turning to chains, life swords are flying everywhere, and those energies turn into waves.


If I remember correctly, two of them’s 17, and one’s 16? Wait, isn’t that around the time when I came in? Why do they look like top-class members of the Organization already?



“S, senior?!”


When I turn around in surprise, I can see Cia, my senior. She was one of the generation that the instructor dubbed “the most dangerous generation of them all”, who all became very high ranked in the Organization.


She was also someone who came to the instructor’s training occasionally when I was there. When I began to work in a host club, I met her several times to exchange info. What should I say… she’s quite scary.


“Mm… The ones this time’s quite special.”


She says that with a smile… hey, senior, your gaze towards the girls over there’s quite scary? Makes me want to erase you?


No, I get what you feel about the instructor, but the instructor isn’t a lolicon? No, before that, I don’t see him loving anyone any time soon?


“Ah, yeah.”

“…Right? They seem special? They must be special to the instructor as well…”


Beep~ beep~ beep~

Danger! Danger! The senior’s getting dangerous! A student might die at this raatttteeeeee!


“I, I’m the substitute instructor!”


I tried to be brave. Dear bat, give me strength! Let me become a proper instructor at this moment!




The senior’s eyes curved upwards. I’ve met many women as a host, but… I rarely get to see anyone with a smile this charming.


…But I only get to see that smile from her when the instructor is involved?



I swallowed out of nervousness. S, should I ask for forgiveness? I should, right? The thing is, I’m in the General Affairs Department right now, but I’m also in the Information Department in terms of gathering info.


But since I often get to talk with high class nobles secretly as well, I live in the Spying Department… In any case, I have a lot of bosses. And one of them just happens to be my senior… She’s also the person who covered up a lot of my mistakes, which means she could also be the person to drag me away into oblivion in an instant…


When I swallowed once more, senior pat my shoulders and smiled.


“Yeah… I can see why teacher made you into a substitute instructor. Well, I don’t really want to do anything to my juniors, anyway.”


Mm… Is it just me, or did I just hear her say “for now.” at the end? I just misheard, right? Right?


I felt a little scared even after the senior left. I thought things were going to end with just that, but.


“…Where’s the instructor?”


The black haired girl asked me this with an extremely cold face. I was surprised for a moment, but I smiled in the end.


“He went on a business trip.”

“Then you are?”


Mm… How shall I respond to this arrogant child’s question?


“I… What should I say… I’m your substitute instructor, as well as your senior.”


The three kids exchanged glances, nodded, and asked me this all at once.


“””What about breakfast, then?”””

“Eh? W, well… We all eat?”


Once I said that, I felt an intense murderous intent, which I had not felt in a long time.


“…Why did we suffer so much in the morning, then?”

“…Why didn’t you say anything?”

“Just die.”


W, wait! It’s just breakfast! is what I’d like to say, but I was like that too! I forgot about it because I haven’t starved in a long time?! No, before that, that girl! She just told me to die?!


Surprise Q&A Session.


Q1 I just lifted my hands to defend myself. Mm… What do I have in my right hand?

A1 A bat.


Q2 What is the typical response to seeing a bat?

A2 The survival instinct inside you awakens.


Q3 How are the kids responding?




A3 Counterattack!


I cast a defensive magic, and swung the bat out of instinct.


“K, kuaaa!”


The single male of the group tumbled backwards with a scream. The true value of the bat is the fact that it is impossible to block! Either you block with a weapon, or you scream with pain.


“Spear of the earth!”

“Power of the Sea.”


At the same time when the boy fell away, the girls summoned a spear from the earth, and threw a ball of water at me from the sky.




Like the instructor said, I cast a shield across all sides of my body. it’s more effective to stop attacks like these with smaller shields, but according to the instructor, it’s better to layer weaker shields everywhere.

Why? Because.




About 3 shields broke apart with an attack from my back. Only novices cast spells verbally. And although things look like this, this is an Evil Organization.

Backstabbing is the one of the basic of the basics!





Both of them click their tongue and moved back. With this, I understood. These kids never fought the instructor as a group before. Because of that, they were weak at group battles.




The girl with the staff fell backwards from the hole I dug earlier. It’s important to look back at all times!


But the short haired girl jumped back, and avoided the hole at once. It’s going to be troublesome to face her…


I didn’t want to be like this from the start, but… This club… no, this bat… once I began to swing it, I felt my body begin to get more and more excited. Ah… it felt much, much greater than I had initially thought!

My grip was strengthened without me realizing, and I felt something awakening inside me.


What is it? It’s my instinct for destruction?!


It feels like the time when I was a active-duty soldier. Well, I am one now as well… but it’s awkward to call a host that!


For now, I smiled towards the children to confuse them with a huge secret.


“Do you know? There is an object more dangerous than this club, no, bat.”



Everyone widened their eyes in surprise. This was expected. After all, I was unable to even sleep the first time I heard about it.


“It’s a weapon made of metal, instead of wood. According to my senior, a hell unfolds when the silver light flashes? It is the demonic weapon that only appeared in the generation before mine, the weapon that even the instructor becomes reluctant to use, the ultimate weapon that is normally sealed.”

“N, no way!”

“T, that kind of thing shouldn’t exist in the mortal world?!”

“Y, yea… Kyaha!”


The cold girl and the boy both widened their eyes with a face full of shock and fear.

Even the girl who began to float out of the hole she fell in with flying magic fell down, as if she lost her concentration.


“…It exists. I’ve never seen it personally, but… I’ve heard things about it. The weapon that makes this thing in my hand feel like a mere toy. The… metal bat.”


The children in front of me made a dazed face in that instant. They seem to be unable to accept the horrible truth.


But I’ve already accepted it! After all, even Cia and the other seniors made that kind of a face! There’s no way this would be a lie! That kind of a face doesn’t appear when lying!


I understand they weren’t unable to take it all in, and this was exactly what I had been looking more. I swung the bat immediately. Their reaction to this was quite good, but it was too late!




Eh, what the! He endured it! He endured that pain! A, amazing!

I was surprised at the boy’s endurance, but I immediately shortened the distance between them. Come to think of it, they all make magic! What the hell are these cheat characters?!


I know that even peasants are able to use magic, but the magic these kids were using were out of the norm. A, as expected of the instructor?


“Burn, Sutr?”



At that moment, I heard this from a certain hole nearby. Eh? Sutr? Is it really the Sutr I know of? The Sutr that destroyed the world and killed gods?




Ah… it wasn’t supposed to be like this.


Why is such a demon in front of me. Mm, what is it. Do kids make contracts with demons nowadays? Wait, before that, is breakfast really that important to youuuuuuu?!





“What the hell…”


I swung the bat out of surprise at Sutr, and… he’s in a lot of pain. He really is in a lot of pain. That demon? He’s in pain? From a single swing of a bat?


“…This might actually be the weapon of the devil itself.”


I regained my confidence. Right, I have the legendary bat in my hands! I have the weapon that can even defeat demons like Sutr!


“Come at me, you midgets!”


Mm… what was my original goal again?

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