Running Away From The Hero! Chapter 1.3

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Chapter 1. I didn’t know back then. (3)


After confirming that the kids entered their rooms, I let out a sigh.
Honestly, maintaining a cold aura like this is really annoying. But what am I supposed to do? If I don’t do that, I’d be seen as an idiot.

A long time ago, I acted as a kind instructor, but then the kids saw me as a total idiot. They didn’t even listen to me. It’s like how you enjoy a kind teacher’s class, but have shitty grades in it, and even though you hate a class where a scary teacher waves around his metal bat threateningly, you have good grades there.

The bat is not at fault here. Humans, who refuse to move unless hit by the bat, are the problem here.

Even so, as a person who worked as an instructor for a long time, I have several strategies that work quite well in training children.

Strategy number one!

Act as if you know everything about your students!
Honestly, what kind of an idiot would enter an evil organization? Especially those kids who have talent.
The kids become pretty good at handling tasks after being trained for a few months. Why would they enter an evil organization, when they could be doing something more legal with their newfound skills?

Like all other villains, they all have a similar story. They might want something, or they might want revenge. Or they might have some other story they can’t talk about.

Well, mostly they’re just people who have a degree of hate against the nobles. Sometimes, spies do come into the organization, but when you act like you know everything, they just can’t do anything.

And whenever I reach a barrier while teaching… hehehe, I can just make use of my brainwashing- I mean educating- skill!
There’s no way mere ten year olds can resist something that even older kids can’t take. I didn’t type in “reading” and “psychology” in my hobbies list for nothing, you know?!

Strategy number two! The room that the kids went into!

That room was originally supposed to be made for me. So why am I not going in there?

Well, there are two reasons, with one of them being safety. An evil organization has a lot of hate directed at it, and heroes occasionally attack us for no reason at all. The room that I made to hide away from those heroes was this, my office.

If you look carefully, you’ll find that there are no windows in the office. Then, there are only two entrances one can enter this room through. First, there’s the main door that the kids used to get in, and there’s the other door that leads to my private chambers. If you get in through the other door, you’ll find the children, but if you go through the main door, you’ll find yourself in company with a bunch of alarms and traps.

And as long as I’m inside the office, I can get a sense of what the hell’s going on before anyone else. Adding to that, this office has all the tools required for me to control the traps in the building, and it even has several escape tunnels. In other words, this place is a steel fortress. I can proudly say that this room is safer than the room that the master of our organization uses.

Because of that, I sleep in my office! My waist hurt a bit at first, but I got used to it eventually. My life is more important.

The other reason why I’m not going into my room is because it makes it easier for me to administrate the kids, and at the same time, make them like me a little more.
What’s so good about making them like me, you ask? These kids are like my potential life insurance! If one of them becomes successful, I need to stick by him/her as much as I can, but would I be able to do that if I treat them badly? I’d be lucky if I got out alive.

Because of that, I need to become a tsundere instructor who is both kind yet harsh to his students.

Hm, as expected, the power of tsunderes are amazing. It works particularly well around here, especially because no one knows about the concept of tsunderes.

The point of this would be to say stuff like [Hm, I’m not training you because I want you to get strong. It’s all for the organization!] and [I’m not healing you because I’m worried! This is all for the organization!], to make the kids think something along the lines of [Ah, he’s doing it all for us…]. I have to be careful, though. I might end up becoming a cold-blooded instructor if I make a mistake.

Well, there are many other points other than just that one, but that’s another story for another time. Right now, I need to do paperwork.

I’ve mentioned before that I had no talent whatsoever, but there is still that one advantage I have against others: The Korean buff!

No one can catch up to my office work speed! I, who has been trained by countless sleepless nights in the office, have no equal, other than perhaps the prime minister of the Empire!

Work work work! Infinite work power!

Find the core statement of a paper, and stamp! I am the man who is faster than no other in paperwork!

After quickly finishing my work like so, I do a quick stretch, then enter the kids’ room with a knock.

Knock knock.

“I’m going in.”

And the first thing I see when I get in is… what the?

“What’s going on.”

I said this with a lower voice than the one that I normally use.

Why? Because it looked like these kids were trying to rank themselves already, haha.
17 had a staff in hand, and 46 had a dagger both hands. 102, on the other hand, had a longsword, which seemed a little too big for him.

The kids all simultaneously turned to look at me……. something feels wrong! The moment I thought that, my villainous senses cried out.


The moment I stepped backwards, I was able to hear a small chant from 17’s mouth.

“Burn, hellfire!”

As soon as the words were spoken, a flame rose out of her staff! F*ck! They weren’t trying to rank themselves! This is mutiny!

Shit! It looks like these kids were more prideful than I thought. I didn’t even prepare anything yet, and they get into a mutiny already!

But this is my house! My fortress! I already have several defensive mechanism that I prepared in advance!

The moment the staff got aimed towards me, I lift my foot, and smashed it on a spot next to the door.


“W, what the!”

A vibration that shook the entire room rang out! Huhahaha! This is the power of a cultivator’s attack! ….well, I actually just stepped on a spring trap below the room.

The three most important components of magic are the contract, the imagination, and concentration. Unless one is a magician of considerable power, it is easy to break their concentration with a simple shake like this. A child’s magic like this should…


Easily be destroyed… eh…

A part of the wall flew off. This much vibration should’ve broken a spell of a novice magician though?

I was surprised, but thankfully, my instincts worked faster than my thoughts. I crouched down, and took out a single dagger from my pocket. And at that moment, a dagger flew my way!

A dagger that was in 46’s left hand was flung towards me. Hmph! I struck away the dagger with ease, looked at 46 and 102, and instantly formulated a plan in my head!

First of all, I’ll scare 46 with my dagger….



It felt like my process of thought just stopped right then. When I made a stabbing motion to scare 46, the boy accelerated forward towards me, and stopped the dagger by sacrificing his left hand!

What the hell, did this kid just pull of something that even I, who lived for 30 years on earth and 40 years in this fantasy world, don’t dare attempt?

But this time, my head moved along with my instincts. I quickly gave up my dagger, dodged the one that 46 was swinging with his right hand, and grabbed onto 102’s attack with my left hand.

Kuaa! As I thought, that kid’s completely crazy! Hurts like hell!

I can’t be distracted by pain, though! My life’s more important! In 0.5 seconds, I grabbed the surprised 102 all the while holding onto his sword, and threw him to 17. Then, I threw the longsword in my hand lightly into the air, and sprayed the blood that came out of my left hand into 46’s eyes. I then kicked his abdomen, and made him fly into the other two kids. Ah, of course, I made it hurt a little more than it should’ve as revenge.

And before the longsword it the floor, I kicked it so that it lodged itself right in front of the kids, and walked away towards the kitchen all the while talking in a cold voice.

“I’ll prepare food. Clean the room during that time.”

Ah, my hand seriously hurts.

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